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WBTM 1330 AM/102.5 FM Tribute to Jim Crawford
WBTM 1330 AM/102.5 FM Tribute to Jim Crawford. an audio tribute that aired on WBTM in November, 1966 - shortly after the death of 38-year-old Jim Crawford, the President of Piedmont Broadcasting Corp. You'll hear the voices of Bill Schwarz, Leon Smith, Ned Richardson, a very young Philip Watlington, Paul Harvey, and Jim Crawford himself. Lots of history and memories here!
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Averett's Cougar Christmas
I made this montage of Christmas wishes from Averett University's faculty, staff and students in 2011 using Sony Vegas.
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AVERETT IS...Averett Admissions Branding Video
I made this video while working as webmaster for Averett University in 2011 for their Admission homepage. I used Averett's own photos and creative commons audio, wrote the copy, edited and produced the entire video in-house at no cost to the university.
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DSO Holiday Pops 2014
The Danville Symphony Orchestra performs the 2014 Holiday Pops Concert "Santa Claus is Coming" 12/06/2014. Guests include the Twin Springs Elementary School Choir, Conductor Emeritus Charles Ellis, and Santa Claus himself!
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BC makes his move
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Bon Chance Beatrice
While searching the dusty corners of the house for an entirely unrelated item, I can across an oldie but goo-die from my college days. This is a children's story I wrote and illustrated for my French 101 course at Averett under Genevieve Moene. I so loved her! I wanted to impress her with every assignment so I ended up pretty proud of this one. This is "Bonne Chance Beatrice", the story of a little girl with a friend who makes life difficult...or does he? TRANSLATION: Good Luck Beatrice This is Beatrice. This is her friend, "Bad Luck". Bad Luck likes to follow her around and go shopping with her. Beatrice went to a cheese store to buy some cheese. Bad Luck made the cheese stinky. Beatrice went to a bakery to buy some bread. Bad Luck made the bread hard/stale. Beatrice went to the grocery store to buy eggs. Bad Luck broke them. Beatrice went to buy apples. She received onions instead. She went to the florist to buy flowers. Bad Luck filled them up with snails! But Beatrice wasn't unhappy! Beatrice went into the kitchen and cooked all day. She used the cheese and bread to make a wonderful fondue. She used the eggs and onions to make a beatiful quiche. She took the snails from the flowers and cooked them in butter and garlic. Then she put the flowers on the table with some lovely plates. She invited Bad Luck to a fabulous dinner and he behaved himself very well! What luck to have a good friend!
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