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Lyn Slater: 63 year old fashion icon
Lyn Slater: 63 year old fashion icon Lyn Slater, a 63-year-old woman who became a fashion icon when she was an ordinary college instructor, waged a fight against age-old obsession with fashion. Lyn Slater, a faculty member at Fordham University in the USA, was not aware that during his New York Fashion Week, a friend near the Lincoln Center where the defenders were made would completely change his lunchtime homemade life. Foreign journalists took photos of Slater, a 63-year-old, who thought they were fashion icons. Slater, which has become an accidental icon, has launched a blog called 'Accidental Icon' (Kazayla İkon). Thanks to his famous blog Slater has become a rising voice against the age obsession in the world and the fashion industry. "Fashion and styling are helping me fight against becoming invisible because of age," said Slater, acclaimed for his unique style of clothing. "If you feel comfortable in your own clothes, there is no such thing as how old you are," Slater says, now she is registered to Elite, one of the most important modeling agencies in the world, and models for many brands like Mango, Uniglo. Here are examples from Slater's fashion photos, which have close to 150 followers in Instagram ... Lyn Slater pictures, Lyn Slater videos, Lyn Slater's career, Lyn Slater biography, Lyn Slater interview, Who is Lyn Slater, Lyn Slater news,
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What You Need to Know About Candida Auris
C. auris is a mysterious and dangerous fungal infection that is among a growing number of germs that have evolved defenses against common medicines. Here are some basic facts about it.
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A jeweler who fits the world into the rings he has made: Sevan Bıçakçı
A jeweler who fits the world into the rings he has made: Sevan Bıçakçı You will admire these rings! Moreover, it is not just a ring, but a very interesting design in many categories ... Consider that a part of Istanbul is fitted into a ring ... Designed by world renowned Sevan Bıçakçı, was born in Samatya. Çıraklığa was started in 1982 at Çuhacıhan where he was still 12 years old and where there were jewelry shops and manufacturing facilities. Master Hause Çatak ... Bıçakçı's jewels are sold in many boutique jewelery from America to England to France to Maldive Islands. There are 8 collections he has worked on so far. Only 1 sample of each design is available. He says that technology can not get in the store. Designer Sevan Bicakci, who participated in the Couture Jewelery Conference in Las Vegas, returned to Turkey with the first name "Rain in Sultanahmet". Couture Jewelery Conference was awarded with the name "Samatya Fisher" in the Nur-u Osmaniye collection at the awards ceremony on 31 May 2007. New York Magazine chose Sevan as the best old jewelery designer on the number of bests he made annually. This is Whoopi Goldberg who wears the ring designed by Sevan Bicakci, who is most talked about during the last Oscar night!
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She Survived a Slave Ship, the Civil War and the Depression. Her Name Was Redoshi.
New research suggests that Redoshi, who became a free woman in 1865, may have been the last living survivor of the trans-Atlantic slave trade..
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2 thousand 670 tons of tellurium were found in the mountain below the Atlantic Ocean
2 thousand 670 tons of tellurium were found in the mountain below the Atlantic Ocean A discovery made 500 miles from the Canary Islands gave excitement to the world of science. According to the BBC, the discovery of the Canary Islands at a distance of 500 kilometers revealed that the underwater mountain was "surprisingly rich". Scientists at the British National Oceanic Science Center say that the samples they have taken from the mountain are observed to have the density of telluride about 50,000 times higher on land. It was stated that the samples included the wind turbine and the rare elements used in electronics. Team Leader Bram Murton said he hoped to find plenty of minerals in the mountains below the sea, but he did not expect to face a discovery at this density. Murton, who calculated 2 thousand 670 tons of products in the mountain, said that your total supply in the world corresponds to one in 12. While Tellur is used in advanced solar panels, the question of whether discovery, renewable energy can encourage mining in the controversial seabed is raising questions.
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Marilyn Monroe's house was offered for sale.
Marilyn Monroe's house was offered for sale. The house where the legendary US actor Marilyn Monroe lost his life will be sold for $ 6.9 million. The house in Los Angeles, where Marilyn Monroe lost her life in 1962, was sold out for the second time. The house, built in 1929, is being sold for 6.9 million dolars. The four-bedroom, three-bath, villa with swimming pool, citrus garden and guest house is located in the Brentwood area of California. The house was sold for $ 5.1 million in November 2012. Monroe, who lost her life when she was 36 years old, opened her doors to Life magazine in 1962. The iconic actress made the statement, "I am confident that I will get along well with my family." On August 5, 1962, Monroe was found to have lost her life in the end-of-the-house, taking an overdose of sleeping pills. Here's the display from Monroe's sale house.
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If you want your baby to be male, eat alkaline foods and stay away from acidic foods.
If you want your baby to be male, eat alkaline foods and stay away from acidic foods. It will probably be strange to you, but you can have a baby boy on your singles days and try to get pregnant. The reason for this is believed that male sperms are faster than female sperms in those days. If you want boys you can also use a Chinese Calendar. According to the research, the calculation rate of Chinese Calendar is 99% correct. To find out, it is enough to calculate the age of your mother, the day your baby falls down on the occasion of masturbation, or the day that will be positive in your pregnancy test. You need to pay attention to what you ate for a baby boy. Both mothers and fathers must eat red meat, grapes, fish and salty foods when they are trying to get pregnant. Especially consuming alkaline foods increases the chances of male babies. If you want to have your son, let's just say, stay away from the acidic food. We can say that this rule is very valid especially for women. Do not miss breakfast for a baby boy. If both partners want to have boys, breakfast should not be missed. According to the belief, couples who do not have breakfast are having a lot of baby boys from boys. If women want to get pregnant with a boy, they should consume far more food than they would have if they were pregnant. By doing this they will be more energetic and we will increase the pregnancy rate for this boy. Another tactic is that your left side is turning and sleeping. If you say you do everything for a boy, you will have to sleep on your left side and sleep in the North. At the same time, according to an old belief, when a full moon is in a quarter time, the boy is more pregnant than the child. If you want to increase your chances of having a boy, give your partner coffee. According to research, caffeine helps to be a baby boy owner. The underwear that your partner wears is also one of the situations that affects this possibility. The tight and sticky lingerie keeps the women's sperm, while the lingerie has the men's sperm more comfortably. Women are orgasms during sex and they are increasing the pregnancy rate of male children due to the release of alkaline fluids. Finally, if you are going to be pregnant with a male baby, be sure to penetrate deeply into your vagina to pass your sperm through the walls of your vagina while trying to get pregnant. This will both help you get pregnant and increase your chances of becoming a man.
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Neslihan Atagül's timeless style
Neslihan Atagül's timeless style He recognized him as the Sea of ​​the Fallen Sequence. Little bitch. It was even old age to be called ergen. However, with his playful and beautiful looks, he was both throne and became one of the faces of the screens.   After the marriage with Kemal Doğulu, there was a big change. Of course the conditions are what you need! After you got married and set up your nest, it looked more feminine. We are watching Neslian Atagül in the Kara Sevda series now. I like his most timeless style. This style, which is simple, suitable for any situation and not out of your own identity, is so aligned with it that it is impossible to ignore. When he was about to announce the new name, the relationship with Kemal Doğulu was sitting on the agenda like a bomb. The success of these news and screens did not lead him to be a different person. Even the style has not changed.   Always childish and natural. Even with a pair of jeans, a blouse and colorful sports shoes, he went to day trip and posed for his camera breast. The last time he went there further developed Neslihan. Married. As a result, the natural style has escaped childishness and has become more feminine. This femininity did not make Neslihan a man of prejudice. Again, a fun girl in a feminine style hid the child. The sneakers she finished with floral-inspired dresses, cowboy boots, and bold colors gave her a 'cool woman' look. Neslihan Atagül is one of our rare celebrities who are able to be both stylish and simple even in the invitations. Neslihan seemed to have added only extra pieces to his wardrobe instead of using his work and fame as a result. As far as I can see, he has not made a radical change in his style. He just threw away the snekarlar and put stilettos instead. In fact, Neslihan Atagül played this woman by simply touching her style with a little touch. He did not give up on being like himself, just in the way he applied the detail that could affect us. It was successful. Yes, maybe we will see the steps in the future as a 'fashion icon'. Why not? Neslihan Atagul: Player Neslihan Atagül, Turkish, White Russian and Circassian actress and model. In 2005, Erberk Agency was in an advertising film 2 months after registering. He is studying at Yeditepe University Theater. Wikipedia Neslihan Atagül: Birth: 20 August 1992 İstanbul Neslihan Atagul: Height: 1,68 m Neslihan Atagül: Education: Yeditepe University
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'Little Monet' Kieron Williamson became a millionaire.
'Little Monet' Kieron Williamson became a millionaire. The 19-year-old English painter Kieron Williamson, whose style reminds of Monet, is expected to sell the entirety of the 19 paintings in his new exhibition. Little Monet has earned up to 2.5 million pounds so far. Kieron Williamson, a 14-year-old tiny painter who began painting at the age of five, earned £ 2.5 million (£ 9.75 million) from his paintings. At the first exhibition Kieron opened at age 6, whose style was likened to the famous French painter Claude Monet, 19 tablets were sold at 14 thousand sterling (55 thousand TL) at the auction. On Friday, the tiny painter who opens his new exhibition in Ludham, Norfolk, is expected to sell at least 300 thousand sterling (1 million 407 thousand 870). The BBC's "Little Millionaire Monet" documentary, which will feature the rise of the painting since Kieron's childhood, was released the previous evening. Though rich at the age of 13, the young painter will be in the hands of his entire wealth family until the age of 18. A book telling the story of discovering the talent of a family tiny painter who founded a company and showed his sons "common" even took the memorial to the market. The biggest dream of my English painter is now going to the countries where he can paint other landscapes. Here are some of Kieron Williamson's pictures ...
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Art from sea shells
Art from sea shells In Çanakkale, Muzaffer Mut, a retired agriculture high-engineer at the age of 70, transformed sea shells into works of art, revealing nearly 200 animal figures. Mut liked her first personal exhibition, which opened her works. Agriculture Higher Engineer Muzaffer Mut, who retired from the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry as a control branch manager, began to work on animal figurines from sea shells with a rabbit and dog figure he saw during his trip to the Far East. In his official life he continued his interest in the sea and water products by transforming the sea shells into artistic masterpieces in retirement life. Throughout the winter season, she made an animal figure of nearly 200 shells in the section of the house that she made into a workshop. Most of his works used the shells of sand mids such as oysters, mussels, mullet, pina from the Canakkale coasts. In a small part of it, it gave place to sea shells imported from abroad to give diversity. Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry The works of Muzaffer Mut, who opened his first solo exhibition in the name of 'Sea Shells' in Çanakkale House, won great interest and appreciation of the exhibitors. During the summer season, visitors to the exhibition, who expressed that they did not think that such a variety of animal figures could be made with the sea shells they see every day on the seaside, celebrated Muzaffer Mut with this ability and success. Muzaffer Mut, owner of the works, said that the interest in creating figures from sea shells started 10-15 years ago. Stating that his underwater interest is his life and that his accumulations have caused him to transform the sea shells into pieces of art today by combining them like pisces, Mut said: "This effort has caused me to not enjoy the time and the sport in retirement because I used to stick lots of animal figurines on the feet and necks of some animal figures, but 90 percent of the figurines I did it entirely with shells. " "I have used crab tongue or minarets even in the beaks of bird species, I usually collect the most precious and desired shells from the shores of the Dardanelles. "I give life as if it were a chance for a second life, I do not have a soul in sight, I do believe that they are so similar to medicine, I usually work on bird species, but there are many different animal figures. "After I started this work, I began to examine each animal individually on the internet and in the living environment, and then I said, 'Can I make this animal?' I look at the material in hand, and then you look at a figurine of an animal. " Muzaffer Mut, who underlined that animal figures brought from the sea shells may have attracted some of the environmentalists, said: "I do not harm any creatures when collecting these animal shells. I do not kill any living creatures. I do these from dead, dead waste fossils and dead dead sea shells. I do not give, "he said. Here are some of the works of Muzaffer Mut .
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‘Partly Alive’: Scientists Revive Cells in Brains From Dead Pigs
In research that upends assumptions about brain death, researchers brought some cells back to life — or something like it..
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A dreamy hotel in the private island of Indonesia
A dreamy hotel in the private island of Indonesia Australian resort businessman Andrew Dixon's resort hotel opened this year after many years of preparation in the small private island of Cempedak in Indonesia is completely different from the ones we know. The concept hotel that Dixon starts out with the purchase of the island offers its customers all the luxury in a natural setting. There is no construction material in this luxurious hotel, where no human settlements have ever existed before, instead the materials like bamboo, teak tree, local stones have been used. The hotel has a condition for customers who want to hold one of 20 private rooms without television: They do not accept their child's family (under the age of 16). Starting from $ 600 per night, the rooms do not include drinks and transportation. Those who came to Cempedak Island, which is named after the local fruit of the region, also meet here with the wild life of the island. Otters in the natural environment, cuckoo birds, pangolin, mammals, dolphins and turtles that frequent the sea promise a natural holiday for their customers. For guests who stay in bamboo villas, there are pools, tennis courts, spa, canoe, sailing sports facilities and cricket area for every room. It is also possible to find any kind of richness in the hotel bar and kitchen.
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Why is the name of the RH blood group coming from the Rhesus monkey?
Why is the name of the RH blood group coming from the Rhesus monkey? When we say our blood group, we add the RH expression to the end. Where does this RH phrase come from, what is it about the Rhesus monkey? The discovery of blood groups and the beginning of blood transfusions had not been fully realized due to some mishaps of thinking that the medical world would undergo a great development. Some people who had blood transfusions were losing their lives so they could not be identified. A lot of research was done to find out what was the cause of death in blood transfusions. WHERE IS RH EXPRESSION COMING? Karl Landsteiner and Alexander S. Wiener made a research that was initially unremarkable. Research on the blood of rhesus monkeys later gave the medical world the expression of the RH factor. The research on Rhesus monkeys revealed that there was another protein that was not identified. It was understood that this protein was an important factor for transplantation besides the blood of the AB group. The RH phrase is indicated as negative (-) or positive (+), which means that it contains or does not contain the "D antigen" and is an indispensable factor in blood transfusions. This discovery is called RH to commemorate these apes for exploration after research on Rhesus monkeys. So, every time we say our blood group, we remember Rhesus monkeys.
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The cat who snatches in the mosque.
The cat who snatches in the mosque. Funny cat videos, The most funny cat videos, The most downloaded cat videos, The most shared cat videos, Cat videos that make you laugh so much, Newest cat videos, The latest comic cat videos, Most viewed cat videosu in the world, The most funny cat videos ever,
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A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy
The rise of Candida auris embodies a serious and growing public health threat: drug-resistant germs..
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Fossil Site Reveals Day That Meteor Hit Earth and, Maybe, Wiped Out Dinosaurs
A jumble of entombed plants and creatures offers a vivid glimpse of the apocalypse that all but ended life 66 million years ago..
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Romanov sheep breeds twice a year.
Romanov sheep breeds twice a year. Romanov sheep, known as the lamb machine, was closely followed by the universities. The Romanov sheep, who gave birth to 2 to 6 lambs that were breeding twice a year, were under the spotlight by the universities. In Turkey, most of the domestic breeds weighing 40-50 kg do not exceed one and two puppies per year. Romanov sheep brought from Russia and Ukraine with special permission give birth 6-8 lambs a year. Romanov sheep are growing rapidly, reaching 70-80 pounds. The sheep, which are a lamb factory with their fertility, are able to adapt to the climate conditions in our country without any difficulty. Students who visited the breeding Romanov sheep farm located in the Yenişehir district of Bursa became acquainted with the sheep closely by seeing lessons here. Uludağ University Yenişehir İbrahim Orhan Vocational School Veterinary Zoo-Teknist Assist. Assoc. Dr. Emin Karakas, "We sometimes take our students to farmers' farms. We were delighted that this farm was the Romanov sheep. Because in recent years the producer of this sheep has begun to grow. We tell the students theoretically this lecture in the lessons. Here they found the opportunity to see themselves personally. The Romanov sheep is one of the four special walks in the world who give birth very much. It is bigger than the similar of this Russian sheep. This means more meat is available, "he said. Farm operator Oktay Öztürk, "We brought our roots from Russia. There is a great demand all over Turkey. Universities and students are studying here. A fertile animal, I would recommend anyone, "he said.
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Who is Başak Parlak
Başak Parlak, who returned to the screen with the adaptation of the series "Tenderness Place", said: "I have never had a comedy on TV, it was the first time. I want things like that in my career. My tears are dry! More fun to play comedy " Virgo Parlak, which we watched in the drama series until today, will play comedy on screen for the first time. "Sincerely Your Place" is the name of Mr. Filmin who plays in the television adaptation of Mr. Bright. I met at the CAS Hotel. On Fox TV, we talked about the new project coming to the screen on Friday, the goals of acting and love life. Is it the first time in Turkey to adapt a filmin list? I think it's the first time. In general, they end up with the final of a series of films. But I know it's the first time Filmin has moved to the screen. How did the idea come about? Actually he was on the agenda before shooting his second film. But we did not want to, we thought it would be more enjoyable to go on film. Then we pulled out the second one, and such ideas were again spoken. It was like we could not stand the insistence. He took the lemon production rights. The small staff continues. Ozgurcan Cevik, I, our director Bülent İşbilen ... We agreed to make the series on condition that we are all together. All of us outside of us have changed but we never had any problems with adaptation. "I love to be alone" Pelin in the movie moved to the screen as Esin. What other changes are there in the story? The story starts from the beginning. Filmin may not be the continuation, only the similarities. Esin returns from Paris 10 years later. Accidents happen again, they meet Shevkat, the end of chance. The Pelin on the film was a iconic figure. It is not so. The painter is sculpting at the same time. The biggest dream is to open a picture gallery and make it in Istanbul where it is rooted. This girl is a little different, not in my pocket, but I did not feel like starting a new job. What did you do when you paused the screen? It is thought that I have made a break, but in fact we have been taking "Sincerity Yerimdar" since agustust. It was planned to start in November, the channel was appropriate to start at a different time, and now we are on the screen. I do not work for a month because we have 13 stocks, I am listening. I do sports and painting, I spend time with my family and friends. The shootings, like the end of July, will probably start again. I want a nice holiday in advance. You have been in sets since the age of 12-13. What is the advantage and disadvantage of starting this work at an early age? Today I compare with someone who is a child actor, but there are more disadvantages for the present. Sequence times are long, there may be some projects built on children, unfortunately not very healthy in terms of set hygiene. Just me For those ages the difficulty was like this; The first series was shot in Kayseri. My middle school days ... We lived in Tekirdag and I always went to Kayseri. But I love this job. I was feeling good on the settees at those ages too. The same feelings are still going on. What are your dreams for the future? I have been performing since 2002. I always played drama. I have never had a comedy on screen, it was the first time. I want things like that in my career. Showing, watching and watching yourself in different characters ... "I always played in dramas" How to make comedy after the drama? My tears are dry! It's much more enjoyable and fun to play comedy. What does beauty mean to you? Do you think it is an advantage for the screen? Absolutely advantage. People want to see beautiful on screen. I think my eye color has contributed to me. Maybe if I live in Russia they would not look but I am a little different than general Turkish type. Your Immigration. The father side is Bulgaria, the maternal immigrant to Greece. I think that difference gives an advantage. "Something I find attractive to be talented" What influences you in a man? I'm not someone who cares about outer appearance. I never fell in love with the first sight. It's something I find very attractive when someone is talented in any subject. Of course, it's also important to be intelligent at a reasonable level. Is your heart full now? I have a boyfriend with whom I'm long gone. It's going well, everything's fine. Do you think about marriage? We never think. There was a debate about "Killing a child or marriage career?" What are you thinking? I do not think so. If you make the right marriage with the right people, you will not have such problems. Basak Parlak pictures, Virgo Bright videos, Virgo Bright career, Virgo Bright biography, Virgo Bright interview, Virgo Who is Glossy, Virgo Parlak news,
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Only in Turkey: 16 endemic plant species.
Only in Turkey: 16 endemic plant species. It is said that the Earth is endemic to only living species or species whose life area is limited to a certain region, which is spread only in certain regions. There are many examples of this coverage from Turkey. Here are the types of plants only seen in Turkey; Anatolian Glade Anatolian gladiolus, as its name suggests, is unique to Turkey, ie endemic. It grows in the forests of red pine, maquis and limestone. It is found in some parts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean.   Istanbul Kardeleni Nergisgiller (Amaryllidaceae) family is a subspecies of snowdrop endemic in Turkey. It is located in Bolu, Bursa and Kırklareli together with Istanbul naturally in Turkey. It is seen on the edge of fir and beech forests. January-April is the flowering period. Zambakgiller It is known that there are 44 genera and 430 species belonging to them in Turkey. Cappadocia Onion There are six petals on the flowers. He likes rocky-wooded areas. The height from the ground is 30-40 cm. It is suitable for training 900-1400 meters. The flowers that bloom in white color when matured. A perennial herbaceous plant that blooms between June and August.   Antalya Çiğdemi It is a perennial plant. It grows in scattered quercus forests at altitudes of 900-1250 meters. Blooms in October-December. It is also located in Antalya.   Van Ters Lalesi Symbol of Suffering Tars Tulip, the oldest ornamental plant known, is a family of onion plants. It has been recognized as a symbol of sadness for many religions and cultures, and has been the subject of legends.   Bell Flower Common name for one, two or perennial plants. It takes its name because its flowers are bell-shaped. Campanula in Latin means little bell. It is grown as an ornamental plant in the gardens and pots for flowers. Love Flower Papatyagiller (Asteraceae) family is a species of flower which is unique to Turkey and faces the danger of extinction. The love flower, also known as the turn of the people, the bridal button, the tomb or the flower of the red prophet and the flower of the mockery, is only grown near the Haci Hasan Village of Ankara's Gölbaşı district. Nesli was protected under the Bern Convention when faced with the danger of extinction due to pesticides. It was first collected by Pierre de Tchihatcheff in 1848 from Ankara: Gölbaşı, Gölbek-Yavrucak. Afyonkarahisar-Mehmetköy record mentioned in the work of Turkish plants is mistakenly written. Piyan, Eber Sarısı Legume (Fabaceae) family, rhizome, upright, perennial, herbaceous plant. The genus is the only species in Turkey and was discovered in 1982-1983. For the plant which is named Eber sarısı because of the yellow flowers in the written sources, the local people use the name of bitter piyan meaning "bitter" or "piyan" for the meaning of "meyan". The bluish purple flowered root, made from roots, is a separate plant. It is known that the endemic plants of Turkey are in the species that will soon disappear in the nature and are in the category Critically Endangered (CR). Dişotugiller The family, consisting of adjacent petals, such as gypsum and plants usually grown in warm and dry places. Istanbul Renewal On the north-western side of Turkey, Istanbul has rich populations on the Asian shores. It is important that the protection of Istanbul nazendes, a rare plant throughout Europe, is taken under protection.   Musk Onion It is a perennial herbaceous plant with white flowers. The onion of the plant is 0,8-2,5 cm in diameter. Flowering period is between March and May. The plant commonly found in Amasya, Niğde, Adana and Erzincan in Turkey is usually grown at altitudes of over 1500 metric tons. Milkweeds It's a family of flowering plants, mostly grassy. They are represented by 240 genera and 6,000 species. Especially the tropical species are the shrubs or trees. Leaves are spiral or dekussat arranged, some species are thorn. They usually have branched milk pipes. Anatolian Carnation It is a perennial plant. 500-2200 meters high, rocky places, stony meadows, bushes and masculinities are grown. It blooms between June and July. It is distributed in Western and Central Anatolia. Taslik Çigdemi It is a perennial plant. At an altitude of 750-1300 meters, the rocky hill edges grow in quercus-pinus mahilikleri. It blooms in January-March. It is found in South and West Anatolia.   Kazdağı Göknarı It is an endemic fern subspecies that grows only in Kazdağı in Turkey. It can be up to 30 meters long. Buds are plenty of resin. The number of buds on the tips of the side shoots is between 5 and 7. The cones are formed on the shoots one year earlier at the top of the hill. The outer scales of the cylindrical cones are longer than the inner scoops and the ends are curled backwards. In old trees, the crust is thick and cracked.
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Top 7 Hotels in Cappadocia.
Top 7 Hotels in Cappadocia. Cappadocia attracts many local and foreign tourists with its natural beauty and attracts attention with its features to be visited and explored in all seasons. Cappadocia, with its unique activities such as underground cities, horse safari and balloon tours, and delicious local food, such as Urgup, Goreme and Avanos, are places that should be seen absolutely. Of course the share of the chosen hotel in this pleasant holiday plan is great. We searched the top 7 hotels in Cappadocia for you. Cappadocia Cave Suites Cappadocia Cave Suites, which combines the chipped home of the Hittite, Roman and Byzantine periods with the residential architecture of the cave with the luxury of the 21st century. To explore the possibilities of the hotel guests in the town of Goreme, one of the most beautiful and original settlements of the Cappadocia region. Hezen Cave Hotel Hezen Cave Hotel, which presents the history and natural structure of a dream city of Cappadocia to its guests under the view of Ortahisar Castle, draws attention with its service understanding that emphasizes Turkish hospitality to its guests. You will be able to enjoy the unique view of Cappadocia while staying in modern decorated cave rooms. MDC Hotel MDC Hotel is surrounded by peribacals and Cappadocia's extraordinary natural beauties, which are located in the picturesque view of Ürgüp in Cappadocia. The owner of the cultural heritage, the owner of the style welcomes guests with an experience blended together with luxury and traditional design. Ottoman Cave Suites Ottoman Cave Suites is the ideal choice for honeymooners or those who want a romantic holiday escape at the weekend. The hotel consists of authentic cave rooms that reflect the fascinating history of Cappadocia; Double, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, splendid suite rooms and elegant rock carving rooms that fill the eye with huge bathrooms offer all comforts for guests' comfort. Satrapia Hotel Cappadocia The Satrapia Hotel Cappadocia reflects the country style of the 1940's and offers a perfect blend of stone and wood. The attention to detail starting from the entrance of the hotel, the garden landscape, the first and only Minia Cappadocia project of Turkey, the cave room with a swimming pool, each with its different color and concept rooms promises a perfect accommodation experience. Traveler's Cave Hotel The Traveler's Cave Hotel, consisting of a traditional decorated cave and stone rooms, offers guests a sense of the magic of Cappadocia with its terrace with its Turkish bath concept and magnificent peribacals. Cappadocia Vera Konak Cappadocia Vera Konak, a boutique hotel that is used as a part of the monastery in the 1800s, is a part of the monastery. Today, it is a boutique hotel with its historical structure reflecting the original and magnificent architecture of the stone and cave process.
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Who is Bensu Soral
Who is Bensu Soral Bensu Soral (26), who said goodbye on the days when we were in the 'inside' series, is as beautiful as his talent. 16 YEAR IN DIET It turned out that the player got a disease for the sake of losing weight in high school years and was treated for a long time. Bensu Soral was fat when he was 16 years old. His father was very upset when he admonished him to "pay attention to the money." These words hinder eating and eating. PROHIBITED LIST Bensu Soral, who entered the informal consciousness, was taken to the hospital after being faint 3 times in a day. The doctor diagnosed epilepsy and applied medication for 1 year. Bensu Soral "The diagnosis of the doctor is wrong. I'm not epilepsy. I do not have a life-threatening danger in my heart, but I have a discomfort that I will bear for life. " "The unconscious diet I've been triggering has triggered this situation and I am not allowed to play sports that are over-excited and uplifted," I say. Bensu Soral is now 34 bodies. Bensu Soral Series player Bensu Soral is a Turkish actress. Wikipedia Date of birth: March 23, 1991 (26 years old), Bursa Siblings: Hande Soral Bensu Soral pictures, Bensu Soral videos, Bensu Soral's career, Bensu Soral biography, Bensu Soral interview, Who is Bensu Soral, Bensu Soral news,
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Beyonce, Kim Kardashian has returned the $ 150,000 baby gift.
Beyonce, Kim Kardashian has returned the $ 150,000 baby gift. Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, who are known to be broken, came up with an indication of the increase in tension. It was claimed that Beyonce sent back $ 150,000 worth of gifts Kardashian sent to Beyonce's twin babies to soften the search. The fight between Kim Kardashian and Beyonce is not stopped. Beyonce claimed to have returned the gifts Kim Kardashian sent to the hospital for his newborn twins. Kardashian sent his baby products to a gold box and learned that he gave Beyonce a gift worth $ 150,000. It was suggested that Kardashian prepared special baby clothes for designer twin babies named Beyonce's Rumi and Sir Carter. Those who have lived recently have ended Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with Beyonce and Jay-Z friends. In November, Kanye West said that his close friends Beyonce and Jay-Z did not call themselves after his wife Kim Kardashian robbed in Paris during a "Saint Pablo" tour. Kanye West, "Do not call me, do not ask how you are after the heist. You wonder how I am? Come home. Bring the kids home. Our children never played together ". It is known that Beyonce is particularly angry with Kardashian, which has caused tension among his wives. Kim Kardashian-Kanye West, which took place in 2014, did not attend the wedding of Beyonce and Jay-Z. At that time, it was said that Kardashian was very angry that he did not attend Beyonce's wedding, which is in constant competition. Kardashian, who left the hall during Beyonce's performance at the 2014 MTV Music Awards, refused to sit side by side with the famous singer in the Made in America festival a week later. Sources close to Beyonce and Jay Z say that the couple liked Kanye West more than Kim Kardashian before.
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Karen Uhlenbeck Is First Woman to Win Abel Prize for Mathematics
Dr. Uhlenbeck helped pioneer geometric analysis, developing techniques now commonly used by many mathematicians..
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When you cry, what happens in your body.
When you cry, what happens in your body. A wet face. Red eyes. We can easily say that person wept to see them. Moreover, the reason for this weeping may be just an emotional song that takes you back in time. Who knows, maybe you feel like you're carrying the whole world on your shoulders at the moment. This is also a good cry. Why do we prefer to cry instead of mixing my nose when we feel that way? What's changing in our body? A cascading reaction starts in the body as they cry. And once this is done, it's a bit difficult to prevent flooding. Because when you feel an intense feeling, a wide variety of signals start to fly in your brain. The reason for this can vary. It's like getting bad news, destroying your business on your boss, seeing your newborn nephew for the first time; Such as sadness, anger, stress or even extreme happiness, are chased by a bear in your brain or treated as a sign of danger as if you were after a bad killer. The amygdala, a pea-sized gland that controls the emotional process and is connected to your autonomic nervous system in your brain, sends signals to the hypothalamus in the face of intense conditions. The autonomic nervous system carries out any uncontrolled functions such as body heat, hunger, thirst, and crying. In the meantime your heart starts to throw quickly and a lump is formed in your throat. The autonomic nervous system initiates the sympathetic nervous system and accelerates the number or response of warfare. In order to be ready for the upcoming danger, it is tried to prevent unnecessary functions such as eating and drinking from being performed. As a result, glottis - the gap between the throat soundtracks - swells and causes the throat to become full. Your body attempts to protect you from accidental nasal secretions or tears in your lungs. What are you doing in your body when you cry All this feeling tells your hypothalamus that acetylcholine produces chemical messengers. Acetylcholine binds to receptors that send signals to the tear glands in your brain. These are small gauzes that live under the bony mouth of your eyes. When these cloths are warned enough, they start to produce tears and the reservoirs quickly fill up. When the tear is too dense, it also finds its way through the nasal cavity and flows from there. Experts do not yet know exactly why intense feelings make us cry. But there is plenty of theory in this regard. Some psychologists think we're doing it to tell them that we need help from others. What are you doing in your body when you cry Tears, on the other hand, are also used as a protective mechanism. In a dangerous situation, it looks like a shield and surrounds your upper layer and reduces the chance of being aggressive or defensive by blurring the eye during a fight. The best thing about it is that it can give an endorphin release signal called leucine enkephalins, which sometimes act like pain meds to shed tears. So you feel a lot more relaxed.
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The kilogram of rose oil is 50 thousand TL
The kilogram of rose oil is 50 thousand TL Getting the rose oil, the raw material of the cosmetic industry, is a difficult process. To obtain a kilogram of rose oil with a weight of approximately 50 thousand TL, 1 million 400 thousand rose buds need to be processed. In Isparta, which accounts for 65 percent of the world's rose plant, rose oil is one of the most important raw materials of the cosmetics industry. With a price of approximately 50 thousand pounds in weight, carrying 1 million 400 thousand pieces of rose bud should be processed in order to obtain a weight from rose oil. In the early hours of the morning, roses gathered in rose gardens are taken to the reception centers by putting them in a bag. After weighing, 400 kilograms of rose petals are poured into a 1.5 ton water-filled boiler and the lid is closed and steam is started to boil. During boiling, the oil sachets in the rose flower burst. It evaporates, passes through the tube together with the water and meets in the cold environment. Condensation is gathering the rose fan in a disintegrated glass fan. Then the bottles are taken from the bottles and taken to the oil chamber. It is filtered here and rose oil is obtained. GÜL YAĞI COSMETIC SECTOR'S MOST EXPENSIVE RAW MATERIAL Gülbirlik General Manager Hasan Çelik stated that the roses that came to the rose oil factory were weighed at the entrance and then the rose flowers were moved to the boilers. "After making the weights, rose oil is obtained by distillation method by adding 1.5 tons of water and 400 kilograms of rose flowers to each boiler according to its capacity. Rose oil is one of the most expensive and most important raw materials of perfume and cosmetics industry. There are 11 boilers in this factory. Two boilers are used for the second distillation. We have a processing capacity of over 80 tonnes of rose per day. Rose oil produced in different factories during the season is brought together in our center to make rose oil of one type and quality. This rose oil is the rose oil of Gülbirlik which we offer to the market. We produce rose conkret as well as rose oil. Other names of rose konkretin are rose oil. Concrete, which is fluid in hot condition, is used in perfume and cosmetic sector with its beautiful fragrance doner in cream consistency after it is cooled. " COMPLETE IS EXPORTED The price of rose oil is 12 thousand euro, while the price of rose konkretinin is 350 thousand euros. "It obviously notices the productivity. While 1 kilo of rose oil is obtained from about 4 tons of rose flowers, 350 kilograms of rose flowers are obtained 1 kilogram of rose concretes. A kilo of rose oil is obtained from the processing of approximately 1 400 000 rose buds. It's really a laborious, forehead, work-seeking job. It's like digging a well with a pin. We expect 8,000 tons of harvest this year. We are expecting that a thousand 500-thousand 750 kilos of rose oil will be obtained with this smile processing. As konkret we expect about 20 tons of production. All of them are going to export. The entire production is going to export. It is exported to all parts of the world such as USA, Canada, Japan, India, Gulf countries, mainly European countries. This is also a serious contribution to the regional economy. We think that the harvest season will go into July due to the weather conditions going well. This means that a comfortable season for both producers and us means that quality and efficiency are excellent. " USA   European   world   Euro   rose   India   Isparta   Japan   Canada
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At 71, She’s Never Felt Pain or Anxiety. Now Scientists Know Why.
Scientists discovered a previously unidentified genetic mutation in a Scottish woman. They hope it could lead to the development of new pain treatment..
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The first hybrid car produced in Turkey is on the world roads!
The first hybrid car produced in Turkey is on the world roads! Toyota C-HR is the first crossover and hybrid car produced in the Toyota Turkey plant in Sakarya and exported to 47 countries in Europe, North America, North and South Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Toyota C-HR, which is the first crossover and hybrid car produced in the Toyota Turkey plant in Sakarya, is exported to 47 countries. 65 percent of C-HR exports are made to Europe, 32 percent to North America and 3 percent to the Middle East, North Africa and other countries. The Toyota C-HR model, which started mass production in the last quarter of 2016 at the Toyota Turkey plant in Arifiye district, continues to meet its buyers in various continents and dozens of countries. The steel sheets brought to the Toyota Turkey plant in rolls are combined with the necessary parts with the support of state-of-the-art robots and transformed into modern automobiles after the press, welding, painting and assembly phases. The high quality parts shaped in the press fabrication are assembled in the welding plant. With the most advanced equipments in manual and automatic lines, the bodies produced with the slogan "zero defect" go to the paint factory to make coatings to ensure long life against coloring, sound insulation and corrosion. A total of 22 different colors are being produced, 10 of which are metallic, 2 are solid and 10 are dual colors. As the painted bodies enter the assembly plant, other necessary parts arrive at the assembly stations. After the assembly of the necessary components in the assembly section and the chassis line, the final vehicles in the final lines are ready after the controls. Corolla, Verso and Toyota C-HR models are produced in Toyota Turkey plant, one of Toyota's production facilities in Europe. The mass production of the Toyota C-HR model in Sakarya in the last quarter of 2016 is the first crossover and first hybrid vehicle in Turkey. With an additional investment of 350m euros for modernization and capacity upgrading for C-HR, Toyota Turkey was the first overseas factory to produce vehicles in the Toyota New Global Platform (TNGA) with the C-HR model. Toyota C-HR produced 28 percent of the 155,000 cars produced in 2016 in the plant. This year, plans to increase production share of C-HR as well as production of 280 thousand vehicles is aimed at the factory, and 63% of the cars to be produced will be Toyota C-HR. Additional employment of 2 thousand people with C-HR model With the C-HR production, Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, which started exporting to countries such as USA, Canada, Taiwan for the first time, the total number of exported countries increased from 52 to 97. Of these 97 export markets, only 47 countries are exported C-HR. 65 percent of C-HR exports are made to Europe, 32 percent to North America and 3 percent to the Middle East, North Africa and other countries. Toyota Turkey, where 3,000 people worked last year, has recruited 2 thousand more people after the C-HR model is released to the band and employs 5 thousand people. In 2020, every Toyota model is targeted to be a hybrid version. Toyota's global hybrid sales exceeded 10 million in the last 20 years since 1997, when it began mass production. In the hybrid vehicles where the power of the petrol engine is used as well as the power of the electric motor, the powerful petrol engine provides long-distance and high speed, while the powerful electric motor provides efficient results in short distance and low speed. According to the need for the most efficient results can be obtained with hybrid vehicles, about 50 percent savings in fuel consumption is provided. Hybrid vehicles produced in the UK, France and Turkey factories in Europe are targeted to be versions of each Toyota model in 2020.
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‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’: Finale Reveals New DNA Test Results
The HBO series made good on its promise to deliver big revelations about the 20-year-old murder case that “Serial” made famous..
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The Lost History of One of the World's Strangest Scientific Experiments
The hummingbirds were dying. Cockroaches were everywhere. And then Steve Bannon showed up.
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A fairytale-like house: Nautilus House
A fairytale-like house: Nautilus House Located in Mexico City's capital city, Mexico City, and 15 km from the city center, the Nautilus House in the town of Juarez in Naucalpan, amazes visitors with its unusual design. The house, which was designed and built by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain in 2007, draws attention with its notil style design from the outside. Inspired by notilustry, a sea creature from the same family as octopus and ink fish, this design bumps into one of the most interesting uses of the underwater world in architecture. In 2006, a family with two children living in the city center resorted to Senosiain to get rid of their homes and the city's crowd where they found their design too "classical" and "boring". Known for its innovative and sounding designs in the field of bio-architecture, the Mexican architect designs this house in the form of a notilus just outside the city center for the family, and the house is delivered to the family in 2007. No walls and no doors between the rooms! While designing this house, Senosiain is inspired by the circular lines that resemble the spiral of Notilus, and this sea makes the folds of living creatures dominant in the house. As a disadvantage of this, he can not use the land he has on the house at all efficiently. However, this is not a problem as the priority of the host family is not productivity. Curved design, on the other hand, offers Senosiain an extraordinary opportunity: the Mexican architect does not build any doors or walls between the house rooms. Because the house is in the form of a spiral, a person sitting in a room can not see the side room already. Thus, there is a spontaneous separation between the rooms. A person following the stairs starting at the entrance of the house can walk through all the rooms in turn, following the steps that merely descend with the curves, without deviating at all. Nature has infiltrated into the house! The front of the house is made of many rounded glass in different colors and gives a magnificent view to the house especially when the light is lit at night. On the other hand, the day opens for those who see the lush green garden. Moreover, nature is infiltrating into this house which is surrounded by a wooded land. Lots of green herbs and small trees rise up from the floor where there is a seating group of four. This allows the guests to feel like they are sitting in the garden. The blue tones, which remind you that Notilus is a sea creature, show itself in the banyoda. The curved structure of the exterior walls of the house does not allow the use of conventional windows. As Senosiain's solution to this problem, the windows facing the side façade and the sky at 45-degree angles are bouncing. Moreover, thanks to these angles of the windows, the house is getting more sunlight at a more appropriate angle. The result is an architectural structure that is unusual but does not compromise usability.
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Review: Adam Driver Heats Up a Wobbly ‘Burn This’
In this imbalanced revival of Lanford Wilson’s play, also starring Keri Russell, Mr. Driver unleashes the full, scorching power of his talent..
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The Startlingly Flavorful Dressing That Will Boost More Than Just Your Salads
Stir together a few ingredients, and you have a sauce that will improve boiled broccoli, leafy mustard greens, even pizza crusts..
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Eren Özmen ranked 16th in the US "The Richest 50 Women Who Made Their Wealth" List.
Eren Ozmen ranked 16th in the US "The Richest 50 Women Who Made Their Wealth" List. Forbes magazine reported that Forbes magazine has included the wealthiest female entrepreneurs whose husband, Fatih Özmen and Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), owns the business woman Ozmen this year, not inheriting his fortune but starting from scratch and making his own efforts as a billionaire. One of the three companies that the US Aerospace Agency (NASA) has given the authority to make spacecraft to carry human and cargo at one point is Forbes' US $ 50 billion list of "The Richest List of His Own 50 Performers" It was ranked 16th. It was originally on the Forbes list in previous years. Eren Ozmen's wife, SNC, is among the 10 most innovative companies in the world, apart from working with NASA and the European Space Agency. Buying the SNC in Nevada in 1963 with 20 employees in 1994, the company has now transformed the company into a multinational company with 3,000 employees operating in 18 US states, 34 different locations and in Turkey, the United Kingdom and Germany. The Ozmen couple, which received all the intellectual property rights of the German "Dornier 328" aircraft, are carrying out the development of the space ship named "Dream Chaser". The couple also has a joint work with the United Nations Office for Space Affairs (UNOOSA) for developing countries. Forbes 'list of Little Caesars and Detroit Red Wings' owner Marian Ilitch is in first place with $ 5.1 billion net worth.   In the second step of the list is Diane Hendricks, who is the greatest supporter of the Republican Party and a net asset of $ 4.9 billion in the committee of the US President Donald Trump's swearing ceremony. Oprah Winfrey, whose net asset is $ 2.9 billion and net assets of $ 2.9 billion, And store chain owner Judy Love shares the third place in the list.
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In the sea bottom, gold was found on SS Minden ship.
In the sea bottom, gold was found on SS Minden ship. The wreckage of the sinking god was reached on the Icelandic openings while the Nazis were carrying gold. The gold value at 1500 meters depth is calculated as 465 million TL. While the first days of the Second World War were under way, the 115-meter SS Minden received anchorage from Brazil's Rio de Janerio on 6 September 1939. The place to go was Germany, which was under Nazi control. The ship was buried in the waters of Iceland on September 24th. The load of the ship has always been a matter of curiosity. According to one claim, the ship carried about $ 465 million in gold held by Germany in South America. LAST YOUR COUNTRY For many years the impetus for the treasure, a major target for the treasure, reached an English team after 78 years. The team, which has been conducting ocean-based screening for months, has found the debris of the ship about 1,500 meters below the surface of the water. The crew requested permission from the Icelandic administration to start the wrecking work. But the Icelandic government has not yet responded to this student. The debate about who will belong if the gold is removed ... EMILY ADOLF HYDROTHER TRANSMITTED The crew of SS Minden is alleged to have been ordered by Nazi Germany's leader, the fascist dictator Adolf Hitler, to "sink the ships if they notice you". The crew of the ship was rescued by the British ships around. It even suggests that the crew played some of the gold and plunged the ship. ALLEGED 'SCRAP STONE' Some historians claim that the ship does not carry anything of value and that it is only loaded with scrap.
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What is Lotus flower? Where does it grow?
What is Lotus flower? Where does it grow? Lotus flower is a rare flower. Lotus flowers live in muddy and dirty places. Although the protected lotus flower in Europe grows in such a dirty and muddy place, the leaves are immaculate. When the smallest piece of dust comes on the lotus plant, the dust drifts to another area. Besides, when it starts raining, it is cleaned using rain drops. Lotus flowers also grow in rain forests, which are called Nelumbo. Lotus flower features: The most important feature is to strengthen the heart and protect the health of the heart. The height of the lotus plant reaches 3 meters. Lotus flowers also represent important symbols in mythology. For example, the blue lotus flower symbolizes sexuality, abundance, rebirth, birth, and pure passion. At the time of Ancient Egypt, blue lotus flowers were accepted as sacred flowers. More than one area has been used, especially in religious ceremonies. It is known that the blue lotus flower accelerates blood circulation. The smell of Lotus flower gives people sleep. Lotus flower is also effective against microbe. It is responsible for killing microbes. The most important task and feature is clearing itself. Lotus plants reduce headache, which in turn increases sexual desire. The roots of the flowers are used against diarrhea. Lotus flowers are protected in Europe. Religious lotus flower Lotus flower also has a religious significance. The Lotus flower is peculiar to Buddhism. When entered into the Buddhist temples, they are seated in pre-emptive lotus and smiling bodisatbalar devoted themselves to serving foolishly.
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3 Black Churches Have Burned in 10 Days in a Single Louisiana Parish
Officials said that they had found “suspicious elements” in each case and that “there is clearly something happening in this community.”.
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Date Diet - Slimming with Yoghurt, Oat, Date.
Date Diet - Slimming with Yoghurt, Oat, Date. The date palm grows in warm climates, the root of which is based on 8 thousand years ago. It is a very nutritious diet because it contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and useful oils. Cancer, heart, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, such as a lot of healing is a source of healing. At the same time research has shown that it facilitates birth and is very useful for pregnancies. In addition, thanks to the very nourishing and saturating features of the hurman is making a palm diet by those who want to weaken. We have been given details about the date of the palm diet. Date What are the Beneficiaries? It regulates the candy. It's good for memory. It is healing against diabetes and high blood pressure. It provides easy opening during delivery. It provides the nutrients that the body needs during the puerperium period. It is rich in potassium and contributes to the development of infants. It is a powerful antioxidant source. Maintain cardiovascular health. The endless palm is also preferred by those who diet by the fibrous structure at the same time. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it provides the nutrients that the body needs and helps to weaken without getting too much calories. It helps to lose weight when not consumed excessively and taken with the right nutrients. HURMA DİYETİ - Tok Tutan Yogurt Slimming with Oat Flour Directions. Oats are a rich nutritious fiber food in protein and carbohydrate maintenance. Only 1 cup of oatmeal can cover most of the protein and fiber that your body needs daily. It is also rich in carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and copper. Because oat content is so rich, the body needs many nutrients on its own. Yogurt is an effective food for fat burning. It strengthens the muscles, allowing unnecessary fat to be expelled from the body. When you combine these three nourishing nutrients with the palm diet, it will be very beneficial and will help you to weaken by the qualities like holding fat and burning fat. It is a good idea to consume the stomach during the Ramadan as well as the consumption during the diet. Ingredients: 3-4 dates, 1 bowl of yoghurt, 1 cup of oatmeal Divide the pieces into several pieces with the help of a knife. Combine with all the other ingredients in a bowl and mix. At the main meals when you are on a diet and you can consume this mixture you have prepared on the shelf with peace of mind.
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The world's first captainless ship.
The world's first captainless ship. Nowadays, when air pollution directly affects human health, marine vehicles in which diesel engines are used start to become electricity. The first step is much closer than expected. In every new electric car model that comes to light, the point that the producers have underlined is the contribution they make to the airless air field nowadays where environmental pollution reaches serious levels. A period in the automobile world will gradually come to an end with the prohibition on the diesel engines in recent years. One of the most important parts of the use of these engines is the marine vehicles. In particular, the fact that large cargo ships can be driven by clean energy is of vital importance in this process. The two long-established companies that have already come up with this idea are joining forces to bring down the world's first fully electric autonomous cargo ship project. We will not have to wait too long for the electric autonomous cargo ship project, which was founded in 1905 and brings together Kongsberg, a Norwegian-based wound and marine craft technology advocator, now serving in 160 different countries. The first landing date of the ship to be produced in the name of Yara Birkeland is the last quarter of 2018. In the first period, the ship to be controlled by a certain number of crews will begin to fulfill its mission autonomously in 2020, The driving technology of the gates is promising for the future, but the most important feature of the first step in the absence of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide emissions. According to the same Log as the automobile sector, the GATT will serve with autonomous construction, among other details. We hope that such projects will be developed as soon as possible and used more actively in maritime transport.
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How a Chicago Woman Fell Victim to Candida Auris, a Drug-Resistant Fungus
The mysterious infection has appeared at hospitals around the world but few institutions or families have discussed their experience..
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‘A State of Emergency’: Native Americans Stranded for Days by Flooding
On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, extreme weather and bad roads have left some residents stranded for nearly two weeks with limited food and water..
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The Rapture and the Real World: Mike Pompeo Blends Beliefs and Policy
America’s top diplomat stands out in the Trump administration for brazenly inserting his evangelical Christian beliefs into discussions of foreign policy..
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5 times stronger than steel and flexible hydrogel fabric was produced.
5 times stronger than steel and flexible hydrogel fabric was produced. Scientists have produced fiber-reinforced hydrogel materials that are five times more fragile than carbon steel. But the material is still easily bent and twisted and can be regressed. This means that the fibers can be welded to the artificial ligaments and tendons and can contribute to the healing of the body - or can be used for production purposes when a very robust but elastic material is needed. Scientists from Hokkaido University (Japan) named fiber-reinforced soft composite (FRSC), a material that combines high-water-containing hydrogels with glass wool fibers. One of the researchers, Jian Ping Gong, says, "The material has a lot of potential application areas due to its reliability, resilience and flexibility." Combining the properties of two natural materials together is something people have been trying to do for a long time - to make tiles from mats and mud, to produce paper clay from paper and glue. The idea here is to make a new and superior material that combines the best features of both of the source materials. Researchers are considering building a material that can withstand heavy loads, and this material should be very resistant to breaking, something that combines the best qualities of hydrogels, and additional durability and stiffness are derived from glass wool fibers. The team says that the unbelievable strength of the composite material comes from dynamic ionic bonds. Atoms are drawn towards each other and this kind of filming takes place between fiber and hydrogen, as well as between hydrogels. Scientists have increased the hardness of the hydrogels in the laboratory and the average hardness of the composite material.  Inspired by previous hydrogel studies conducted at Hokkaido University, researchers can use the same principles to increase the hardness of other soft components such as rubber. At the end, it was 25 glass wool, 100 hydrogens and 5 times stronger than carbon steel (the numbers indicate the energy needed to break the materials). Hydrogels are already known to be suitable materials for wound healing and soft robot production, but their low hardness has so far affected their application area, but with the operation in question, the situation will change "This work is a good example of the design of FRSCs with exceptional fracture-resistance capacity," the researchers say in their publication. The findings of the study were published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.
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Anthony Comello: What We Know About the 24-Year-Old Accused of Killing a Gambino Mob Boss
The arrest of Mr. Comello has led investigators to suspect Wednesday’s slaying on Staten Island had more to do with a personal beef than mob ties..
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Sandy Hook Victim’s Father Dies in Apparent Suicide in Newtown
Jeremy Richman, 49, was found at a movie theater and event space, according to a statement from the local police..
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The world's water, the cleanest 34 beaches.
The world's water, the cleanest 34 beaches. Dominican Republic - Bahia de Ias Aguilas This magnificent place, also known as Eagles Bay, has a sandy beach of 8 km length. It lies on the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The visitors most like this isolated state from civilization. Sardinia - Italy Sardinia, one of Italy's islands, has one of the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. Turquoise is known as the pearl of the Mediterranean with its water. San Andres Island - Colombia San Andres Island is one of the most unique spots in the world, combining iguanas, tortoises, rare bird populations, spectacular fish species, and the crystal and crystal waters of countless colorful creatures. Comino Island - Malta Comino Island, a full paradise for amusing and divers, is also a favorite spot for filmmakers. Unique nature has hosted Troy, Swept Away and Monte Kristo Kontu films. Torch Lake - USA Lake Torch, 31 km long, is the tallest lake in Michigan. A frequent stop for cancas, fishermen and divers. Exuma - Bahamas Exuma with sapphire blue water is a paradise. One of the most famous stars of the world. Bora Bora Bora Bora is home to luxury hotels, the most romantic and most beautiful honeymoon locations. Apart from swimming in clear waters and sunbathing in clear white sand, it hosts exciting activities such as feeding dogfish. Culebra Island - Puerto Rico Culebra Island for Puerto Ricans is one of the most popular weekend escape spots. Culebra Island, one of the clearest spots in the world, is a paradise with white beaches and houses surrounded by palm trees. Dog Island - San Blas, Panama As if out of the postcards, the white sandy beaches, the extremely friendly native people and the Dog Island is one of the heavenly spots of the world. In the island, tourist boats come to the shore and serve the visitors with generators. Belo Sur Mer - Madagascar The sights from Belo Sur Mer come face to face with miles of white, white sandy beaches and impeccably clear waters. But the situation in the waters of Madagascar is also valid here; Swim is risky as Belo Sur Mer waters have strong tides. Tioman Island - Malaysia Tioman Island, Malaysia's tiny island, is an ideal spot for those who like to dive. Tioman Island, which has eight main natives, is actually a dense forest. The island is a popular scuba diving spot for being surrounded by coral reefs. The island, which has duty-free status, is surrounded by numerous resorts and mountain houses. Arnensee - Switzerland Arnensee, a lake in Switzerland's canton of Bern. Wishes can swim in clear but cool waters, fish or picnic. Also Arnensee is the ideal place for walking. Playa Blanca - Colombia Playa Blanca is about 1 hour away from the main port of Cartagena on Baru Island. We can call it the pearl of the Caribbean with an immaculate beach. It is a tremendous place for quiet and hot water, snorkeling and swimming. Koh Phi Phi Don - Thailand The largest island on the island of Phi Phi Islands is Koh Phi Phi Don and the only permanent settlement. In addition, the only volcanic non-volcanic island of the island is a limestone island. The visitor rate is very high between 11.00-15.00 hours on the island where ferry transportation is provided. Aitutaki - Cook Islands Aitutaki is one of the 15 islands forming the Cook Islands. It has a population of about 2,000 people. And Cook Islands is the second most visited island. Corfu - Greece Corfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea and depends on Greek history from the beginning of Greek mythology. Rio Azul - Argentina A short river in the Patagonia region in Argentina. It is very cold because it is a glacier-fed river. Due to the predominance of wild fluctuations, it gives very aggressive responses during the rainy season. Because it has a fast flow, it is the reason for preference for water sportsmen. Hanauma - Hawaii Kahana Bay in Hawaii's Oahu Island has a well-preserved natural beauty. Hundreds of tropical fish species, calm and clear waters are a perfect reconnaissance spot. St George - Bermuda St George is located at the eastern end of Bermuda and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Primosten - Croatia Primošten is a town in Croatia. It is located in the south between the cities of Šibenik and Trogir on the Adriatic coast. Primošten's largest beach, Raduča, is a small part of Mala Raduča, one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Cayos Cochinos - Honduras Cayos Cochinos or Cochinos Cays are a group of two small islands 30 kilometers north of La Ceiba on the northern coast of Honduras and a group of 13 small coral baths. The islands are part of the world's second-largest coral reef system, known as the Meso-American Barrier-free Reef.
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The football world did not remain silent in slave trade in Libya.
The football world did not remain silent in slave trade in Libya. In the football world, slave trade continues to come. After Gomis, Pogba and Kondogbia, Cedric Bakambu showed his reaction. The football world is not insensitive to people who are on their way to European countries for a better life than Africa, but who appear to be sold in the slave market in Libya. In the past few weeks, Bafetimbi Gomis and Paul Pogba have been playing golden, while Kondogbia has been reacting to this after the match. Lastly, a reaction came from Cedric Bakambu, who played in the former Bursasporlu Villareal on the Villareal-Astana struggle played in the UEFA Europa League yesterday evening. Bakambu, who won the team by scoring 2 goals in the match, was liked by the fans for not being silent about this. Villareal has secured a 3-0 away win over Astana on the road.
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Turkey will produce the first battery technology and civilian sector will be opened.
Turkey will produce the first battery technology and civilian sector will be opened. General Manager Ferhat Ozsoy stated that ASPİLSAN, which was established with the donations of Kayseri in 1981, is in need of the battery systems of the defense industry within the framework of Turkish Armed Forces Strengthening Foundation and stated that they are aiming to cover the need of the country in battery technology with AR-GE center starting from January. . General Manager Ferhat Özsoy stated that AR-GE Center was established with the support of Orta Anadolu Development Agency since August 2016. "Our main goal is to establish an AR-GE center in Turkey, especially where battery technology is being worked on; Here to develop domestic technologies and make it marketable and contribute to the energy needs of our country with national solutions, "he said. CIVIL SECTOR TO OPEN General Manager Ferhat Özsoy expressed that the defense industry meets the battery needs till today and also stated that after the change of the name of the operator to Aspilsan Energy last year, the civil sector will work to meet the needs of the civil sector. General Manager Ferhat Özsoy said, "While researching and developing these technologies in our AR-GE center, we will contribute to our country by meeting the needs of the defense industry and civil sector in the direction of our mission. We will go to a system that will produce national batteries and cells, which is the national technology, and this will be the first in Turkey. " FAR EAST WILL BE FOLLOWING AR-GE Manager Samet Altinay stated that they worked with 22 engineers to carry out 17 projects in the AR-GE headquarters. Saying that Kayseri is the third AR-GE centers, AR-GE Manager Samet Altınay said, "Turkey is a bit behind in battery technology. We especially know that Far East is very dominant in this issue. In this regard, we also aim to increase the infrastructure of Turkey and produce projects ".
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The first image came from the T-625.
The first image came from the T-625. TAI's original design, the helicopter T-625 general purpose helicopter appeared the first image while waiting for the day to appear. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with armed and unarmed versions ANKA, training and mild class attack aircraft Hürkuş, attack and tactical helicopter T129 ATAK is now attracting attention as the three works in the sky of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAIAS-TAI). After about a year, the T-625 will be added to the general purpose helicopter, which is the TAI's original design. T-625's CONCEPT TAI General Manager Temel Kotil explained the name story of the general purpose helicopter: The T-625 was named as the "T" for Turkish or Turkish launch because the helicopter had a maximum take-off weight of 6 tons, 2 engines and 5 pallets. The T-625 helicopter, designed to operate effectively in challenging climatic conditions and at high altitudes and high temperatures in day and night conditions, is equipped with TAI's ATAK helicopter program with knowledge, skills, abilities, structural and avionic systems It is aimed that the designs and productions of critical prefabricated systems such as row transmissions, rotors and landing gears will be realized by using completely national resources. 12 PASSENGERS, 2 PILOTS FLIGHT Designed as a twin-engine, original, general-purpose helicopter, the T-625 is primarily developed for VIP, ambulance, search-and-rescue and many other versions. After the helicopter comes into service, it will be added to the civilian models and military types. However, the priority now is to bring the T-625 as a helicopter for civilian purposes to Turkey in time according to the contract. In addition, the T-625 can be marketed abroad as well as the European civil aviation authority EASA certification to be in operation for the time to work in parallel.
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Opinion | Britain Is Drowning Itself in Nostalgia
Brexit has exposed my country as a solipsistic backwater..
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The woman named Jamie Chua has one of the world's largest designer handbags collections.
The woman named Jamie Chua has one of the world's largest designer handbags collections. Jamie Chua, who lives in Singapore, has one of the world's great designer bag collections. Formerly a cabin attendant, Chua was married to a Malaysian million when she was working at Singapore Airlines. The couple has two children, one of whom is 21 and the other is 17. Chua, who died in 2011, is receiving about $ 245,000 a month in support from his ex-wife. Chua shares her luxurious lifestyle with her followers in Instagram, who says her monthly beauty spending is about $ 10,000. It is thought that the old hostess has the world's largest collection of designer bags. Chua's $ 2 million collection includes more than 200 famous brands such as Hermes and Channel.
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