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Wet Washcloth In Space - What Happens When You Wring It? | Video
International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield soaks a washcloth, gives it a twist, and...well, you'll see. -- Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide: http://goo.gl/fdgcgU
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How To Make A Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich In Space | Video
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (of "How to Wash Your Hands In Space" fame), now shows the world how to make the tasty sandwich in microgravity from the galley of the International Space Station. -- Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide: http://goo.gl/fdgcgU
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How To Wash Your Hands In Space | Video
ISS Commander Chris Hadfield shows us the fine points of manual digital hygiene in microgravity. A clean-handed astronaut is a happy astronaut. -- Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide: http://goo.gl/fdgcgU
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How Do You Sleep In Space? | Video
ISS commander Chris Hadfield shows how astronauts catch their Z's in Space. -- Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide: http://goo.gl/fdgcgU
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Astronaut Tips: How to Wash Your Hair in Space | Video
NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg shows how she washes her long hair in space while living in weightlessness on the International Space Station. Hint: No rinse shampoo is a must. Read more about it here: http://goo.gl/qlb8YT Credit: NASA
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7 Minutes of Terror: Curiosity Rover's Risky Mars Landing | Video
NASA's Curiosity rover is a 1-ton robot that will make an unprecedented Mars landing on Aug. 5, 2012. See how the risky maneuver will keep rover team members in suspense for 7 fateful minutes. VIDEO SHOW: Curiosity - The SUV of Mars Rovers: http://goo.gl/LB5YzQ
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How To Brush Your Teeth In Space | Video
ISS commander Chris Hadfield explains how astronauts maintains oral hygiene aboard the International Space Station. -- Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide: http://goo.gl/fdgcgU
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Astronauts Drink Urine and Other Waste Water | Video
ISS commander Chris Hadfield explains how astronauts stay hydrated and why Space Station must try to recycle everything. -- Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide: http://goo.gl/fdgcgU
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How To Barf, Puke, Vomit In Space | Video
How do you upchuck if there is no up or down? ISS commander Chris Hadfield explains what astronauts do if they have to vomit. -- Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide: http://goo.gl/fdgcgU
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Spinning Fast In Space Make You Dizzy? Astronaut Experiment | Video
Upon arrival to the International Space Station, astronauts have experienced dizziness and nausea fro the first 24-48 hours of their stay. This is caused by the human vestibular system adjusting to the new environment. ESA astronaut Tim Peake, who has been on the ISS for months, tests how his body responds to being dizzy, after being rapidly spun. --- Tim Peake's Most Amazing Experiences On ISS: http://goo.gl/XKyCsU Credit: ESA
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Virgin Galactic Releases Amazing Footage of 2nd Spaceflight
Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity made its second flight into space, reaching an altitude of 55.87 miles (89.9 kilometers) on Feb. 22, 2019. Full Story: https://www.space.com/virgin-galactic-powered-flight-february-2019.html Credit: Virgin Galactic
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ISS Tour: Kitchen, Bedrooms & The Latrine | Video
Expedition 33 commander Suni Williams showcase the sleeping accomodations, how the bathroom is utilized, brushing teeth in microgravity and the common room with food. Harmony, Tranquility and Unity are the nodes toured.
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Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies Collision Simulated | Video
Using data from the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have developed this simulation of the head-on collision of our Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy. Estimated to occur in 4 billion years.
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Can You Cry In Space? | Video
ISS commander Chris Hadfield demonstrates what happens to tears if they start 'falling' in Space. -- Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide: http://goo.gl/fdgcgU
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Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity Soars Into Space for 1st Time
Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity soared to 51.4 miles (82.7 kilometers) above Earth on Dec. 13, 2018. -- Full Story: https://www.space.com/42716-virgin-galactic-spaceshiptwo-unity-reaches-space.html Credit: Virgin Galactic / Mash mix: Space.com
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How to Cook Spinach In Space | Video
Canadian astronaut and ISS Commander Chris Hadfield shows how vacuum sealed dehydrated spinach is prepared to eat aboard the International Space Station. -- Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide: http://goo.gl/fdgcgU
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In Space Everyone Can Hear You Poop | Video
The suction fan on the Space Station potty is so loud that, well, everyone knows when you ‘go.’ Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti explains how to turn on that fan and how-to use the International Space Station toilet. -- Doing Your Hair and Nails In Space: http://goo.gl/1ChkyP Credit: ESA
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SpaceX to Mars: Awe-Inspiring Video Shows Vision for Red Planet Exploration
The private spaceflight company has bold goals of reaching the Red Planet with reusable rocketry. In this just released animation, their vision includes a new two stage rocket and a spaceship/habitat that can land on Mars. They also unveil an on-orbit fuel re-supply and possible terraforming. -- Read more on Space.com: https://goo.gl/P1YjZc Credit: SpaceX
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New NASA Ion Thruster To Propel Spacecraft To 90,000 MPH | Video
NASA's Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT) project has completed the longest duration test for a Space propulsion system (48,000 hours/5 1/2 years). This look inside the thrusters discharge chamber shows how it works.
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Touchdowns! SpaceX Lands All 3 Falcon Heavy Boosters After Launching Satellite
All three boosters of the Falcon Heavy rocket that launched the Arabsat-6A mission landed safely. Two landed on the ground in Florida and one on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. -- Full Story: https://www.space.com/spacex-falcon-heavy-triple-rocket-landing-success.html Credit: SpaceX
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Fantastic Aurora: Inside the Sun to Earth's Poles
Plasma from solar flares or coronal mass ejections travel along solar wind to ultimately produce aurora's in Earth's polar regions. This visually stunning explanatory video takes you on a journey from sun's interior to the Earth's upper atmosphere. Credit: NASA/University of Oslo/Arcticlightphoto
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Falcon Heavy for NASA Moon Shots? NASA Chief Talks Challenges
NASA administrator talks about the challenges of using rockets other than Space Launch System (SLS) to get to bootprints back on the Moon by 2024. -- "Nothing Off the Table": https://www.space.com/nasa-chief-says-nothing-off-table-for-moon-2024.html Credit: NASA
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Doing Your Nails and Hair in Space - Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti’s Tips | Video
The ESA astronaut tours the Space Station bathroom and gives a tutorial on how nails are cut, hair is washed, teeth are brushed and more. - Samantha's Space Station Snacks Video: http://goo.gl/yLaqqM Credit: ESA
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How To Shave Your Head In Space | Video
Astronaut Chris Cassidy shaved his head while on the International Space Station to welcome his new crewmate Luca Parmitano.
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NASA's Voyager 2 Trajectory - 1977 to 2017
The Voyager 2 spacecraft launched in 1977. This animation shows the trajectory it has taken through the solar system since then. -- It's Official! NASA's Famed Voyager 2 Spacecraft Reaches Interstellar Space: https://www.space.com/42680-voyager-2-reaches-interstellar-space.html Credit: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio
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Earth's Cousin Find 'Whispers The Possibility That We Are Not Alone'
And 'how much longer until a new discovery shouts it out?' asks the Science @ NASA video series. In July 2014, NASA announced the discovery of Kepler 452b, a planet slightly larger than Earth that resides in the habitable zone of its solar system. It is 6 billion+ years old, (older than Earth) allowing for plenty of time for life to develop. -- Read more about the discovery: http://goo.gl/0UbsUS Credit: NASA
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Zero-G Guitar: Re-Learning How To Play In Space
Chris Hadfield, Space Station Commander, visited the Larrivée Guitar factory in Vancouver, before his historic mission. [Credit: Larrivée Guitars.] Now watch Chris cover David Bowie's "Space Oddity" while in orbit: http://www.space.com/21105-space-oddity-covered-by-csa-astronaut-chris-hadfield-video.html
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ISS Tour: Russian Segment & Soyuz Spacecraft | Video
Expedition 33 commander Suni Williams showcases the oldest segment (Zarya) on the ISS , the central command post (Zvezda) and takes a look inside spaceship that will take her home.
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Splashdown! SpaceX Crew Dragon is Back on Earth
The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean on Mar. 8, 2019. -- Watch Crew Dragon Undock from ISS: https://www.space.com/spacex-crew-dragon-returns-to-earth.html Credit: NASA
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ISS Tour: Cupola, Weightlifting and A Closet Module | Video
Expedition 33 commander Suni Williams showcases the observation deck, the advanced resistive exercise device and the Leonardo Permanent Multi-purporpse Module (PMM).
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Elon Musk Reveals 'Iron Man' Tech for Rocket Design | Video
Watch billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk pull a Tony Stark as he reveals the future of rocket design, an interactive 'Iron Man'-like computer interface that uses gestures.
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It’s Official! NASA's Voyager 2 is in Interstellar Space
Six years after NASA's Voyager 1 became the first human-made spacecraft to enter interstellar space, its twin, Voyager 2, has achieved the same feat. -- Full Story: https://www.space.com/42680-voyager-2-reaches-interstellar-space.html Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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Earth's Gravity to Slingshot Jupiter-Bound Juno Spacecraft | Video
The NASA probe, that will study how the Gas Giant formed, will use a gravity-assist from Earth on October 9th, 2013 to gain the necessary momentum to reach its destination.
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Space Station Boost Proves Newton's Laws - All 3 of Them!
Expedition 29 crew demonstrate what happens to free floating objects (including people) when ISS is boosted into a higher orbit. Astronauts Mike Fossum, Satoshi Furukawa and Sergei Volkov -- plus one ball -- subject themselves to Sir Isaac's whims.
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New Mars Rover Powered By Plutonium
More power than can be achieved by solar panels is necessary to run the Mars Science Laboratory aka "Curiosity". Heat from the decay of plutonium dioxide will generate 110 watts of electrical power to charge the rover's batteries. To View More Videos About the NEW MARS ROVER - Go to: http://www.space.com/13607-curiosity-suv-mars-rovers.html
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Listen To Martian Wind Through NASA Insight Lander’s Sensors
The seismometer and air pressure sensor on the NASA Insight lander captured vibrations from Martian winds traveling at 10-15 miles per hour (16-24 kph). Listen to the wind rumble in this new video from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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Bigelow Module Opened For First Time On Space Station | Video
The hatch to the inflatable module was opened at 4:47am EST on June 6, 2016. NASA astronaut Jeff Williams wore a mask and a headlamp for safety precautions. The temperature inside the module was a crisp 44° F, as expected. -- Full Story: http://goo.gl/CS4mpK Watch Highlights of the Module Expansion: http://goo.gl/u2A5BR Credit: NASA
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What Huygens Saw On Titan - New Image Processing
For the probe landing’s 10th anniversary, a new sequence has been rendered from Huygens’ Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer (DISR) data. The craft landed on Saturn’s largest moon on 14 Jan 2005. -- Landing Animation: http://goo.gl/6t6XuA Credit: Erich Karkoschka, DISR team, University of Arizona
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Touchdown! InSight Lands on Mars, Mission Control Erupts
Watch NASA Mission Control at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory erupt in applause after the touchdown of the InSight lander. -- Touchdown on Mars! NASA's InSight Lands to Peer Inside the Red Planet: http://www.space.com/42541-mars-insight-lander-success.html Credit: NASA
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Our Universe Has Trillions of Galaxies, Hubble Study | Video
A new study using the Hubble Space Telescope and other telescopes has increased the estimate of galaxies in the Universe ten fold. It was previously estimated that there was 100 billion galaxies in the observable Universe. -- Full Story: https://www.space.com/34382-universe-has-10-times-more-galaxies-hubble-reveals.html Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble
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Astronaut Describes His Shaking Experience During Soyuz Failure
In an interview with Tom Costello of NBC News, NASA astronaut Nick Hague describes the scene inside the cockpit of the Soyuz that aborted its launch during flight on Oct. 11, 2018. -- Ready more: https://www.space.com/42155-soyuz-abort-astronaut-nick-hague-first-interviews.html Credit: NASA
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Peek Inside NASA's Orion Spacecraft - Exclusive Tour
Space.com's Tariq Malik tours the interior of NASA's Orion spacecraft mock-up at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.
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Elon Musk: Building Falcon Heavy Rocket 'Harder Than Expected'
The CEO of SpaceX breaks down the technical difficulties of the new rocket at the ISSR&D Conference in Washington DC on July 19, 2017. Credit: ISSRDC / NASA
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Wow! Amazing Views of SpaceX Rocket Separation and Re-Entry
On May 1, 2017, the private spaceflight company launched the NROL-76 satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office. Cameras on the ground and rocket captured footage of the Falcon 9 rocket launch,1st stage re-entry and landing. - -- Read the Full Story on Space.com: https://goo.gl/x88gaE Credit: Space.com / footage courtesy SpaceX / edited by @SteveSpaleta http://www.twitter.com/stevespaleta Music: "Everything at Once" by William Werwath
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Historic 'Earthrise' Re-Created For 45th Apollo 8 Anniversary | Video
In December 1968, the Apollo 8 crew became the first humans to experience an Earthrise from the lunar orbit. This visualization is based off of the actual photos and satellite imagery. Narrated by Andrew Chaikin, author of A Man on the Moon. Read more here: http://goo.gl/F72E3n Credit: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio
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In Zero-G Static Electricity Walks On Water
Astronaut Don Pettit demonstrated the laws of static electricity on Space Station with the help of a water dropper and grandma's sweater maker: knitting needle.
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'Farout’ Discovered! Farthest Observed Object In Our Solar System
On Dec. 17, 2018, the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center announced that 2018 VG18, nicknamed ‘Farout’, has been discovered. It now holds the record form farthest object observed in our solar system at 120 astronomical units (AU) away from Earth. -- Learn more about 'Farout': https://www.space.com/42755-farout-farthest-solar-system-object-discovery.html Credit: Space.com / produced and edited by Steve Spaleta http://www.twitter.com/stevespaleta
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Space Plants - How Are They Adapting?
Studies on the International Space Station have found that root growth is similar as it is on Earth but the way the plants express their genes has been altered. Learn more about it on the latest installment of the [email protected] video series.
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SpaceShipTwo's Intense Rocket Ride - Tail View and Cockpit Recording | Video
A camera was strapped to the rear of the Virgin Galactic vehicle to capture footage of the rocket engines and feather system at work. The vehicles 2nd powered flight occurred on September 5th, 2013.
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Yo-Yo Tricks In Space - Astronauts Tests His Skills | Video
Fun with Physics! NASA astronaut Don Pettit enjoyed some of his off-duty time showcasing yo-yo behavior in microgravity aboard the International Space Station. Read more from Don Pettit http://goo.gl/FKrO8
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