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200 Globe Proofs: The Complete Collection
200 peer reviewed and scientifically accurate globe proofs that have all been researched and tested by real scientists who went to college.
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Fat Rant
Americans are so fat they need to switch the A and O in the alphabet So it starts out.. O B C D
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Space Rant: Cars to Mars!
This is the Special Collectors Edition of the video.
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Black Chemtrails
Black Chemtrails sprayed over northern Colorado on December 21, 2018.
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As the World Doesn't Turn 3: Drama on the Flat Earth
My thoughts on the 2nd annual Flat Earth Conference and its VIP, Logan Paul.
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5G in Fort Collins
5G towers going up in Fort Collins, Colorado. Video taken on Halloween, October 31, 2018.
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Owen Benjamin 2
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Pangaea: Supercontinent of Stupidity
My thoughts on Pangaea (Pangea) and how it could never have worked on a spinning globe earth.
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Pikes Peak Curvature Test 2
Pikes Peak observed from 117 miles away from street level in Fort Collins. Should the entire mountain be visible at that extreme distance if the land was actually curving? I don't think so. But it is.
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Fat Rant 2
Nick Havok gives his opinion on the new Cosmopolitan cover.
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Globesmackin' Flattards 2: Pikes Peak Debunks Flat Earth
Nick Havok is back to globesmack more Flattards with science! In this volume I show how refraction can lift entire mountains up and over the curvature.
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Stupid People in Rocky Mountain National Park
Watch a group of assholes walk through the middle of Moraine Park with their cameras and scare off the herd of Elk that were down for the rutting season. Then I got sprayed with chemtrails too! September 23, 2018
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Morning Talk: Mo Owen, Shrooms and the Government Shutdown [Explicit Language]
Sorry for the reupload! Topics include Owen Benjamin..again, the decriminalization of psychedlic mushrooms in Denver and the Government Shutdown.
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Pikes Peak 3: The Quest for Curvature
Join Nick as he goes on a quest through northern Colorado and Wyoming on a search for the ever elusive curvature of the earth. Will he be able to see Pikes Peak at a distance of 130+ miles away with over 7,900 feet of supposed curving earth? Watch and find out!
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Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse
Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse - January 20, 2019 from Fort Collins, Colorado
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Water Test 1 - Horsetooth Reservoir
Derek Schofield and Nick Sangetta conduct a flat water test at Horsetooth Reservoir on April 13, 2017.
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The National Space Society Wants ME!
Yes, you read that right. The National Space Society wants me as a member! November 18, 2017
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Stop Global Warming! Prevent Earth Wobble
Do you want the Earth to wobble uncontrollably as to where navigation will be affected and you could get lost? No? You don't? Well STOP WARMING THE FRICKIN' GLOBE THEN!
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Globesmackin' Flattards 1: Mt. Everest Debunks Flat Earth
Do you want to make a Flat Earther cry? Show them this video. Nick Havok takes science to the next level as he debunks the Flat Earth in ways you have never thought of before. Please share this video with family and friends. Let's not leave science behind..
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Flat Earth Movie Review: Capricorn One
My review and opinions of the movie "Capricorn One" from 1977. Capricorn One is a story about how NASA faked a mission to Mars.
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A Blunt Rant
In celebration of 420 2019 I am bringing back a video from 2018 where I rant about tiny blunts and how dispensaries rip people off.
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Chemtrail Rant 2
WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. There, you've been warned. Watch at your own discretion. This video shows the destruction of the sky on November 15, 2017.
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I talk about YouTube comments and demands from Globeheads, the 3 globe earth fallacies and Flat earth evidence.
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Aluminum vs Steel: The Ultimate Showdown
Aluminum vs. Steel: The Ultimate Showdown.. which one is stronger? Watch and find out..
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Pikes Peak Curvature Test 2 - Addendum
A further explanation of the Pikes Peak curvature test from 117 miles away and how it completely debunks the globe earth curvature calculator. This video is for the slower folks who aren't as good with math and need a little extra help understanding the numbers.
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Northern Hemisplane Sun Movement Over the AE Map
A detailed illustration showing how the sun does circles over head in the Northern Hemisplane and an explanation of how the seasons work on the AE map.
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Flat Earthers Hike Devils Head
Join the Denver Flat Earth Crew as we hike to the top of Devils Head in the Rampart Range, Colorado on July 8, 2018. Did we find any curvature up there? No, but we did find a flat earth map!
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Flat Earth Movie Review: Aliens
I will take a fresh look at the classic sci-fi thriller, Aliens and point out some observations I made about the film.
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Questions from Amateur Astronomers
Sky and Telescope's letters from the readers section. Topics include: The possibility of our solar system ceasing to exist, a deep look into the Gallery Section and its inequality across the gender spectrum, blatant disrespect to backyard astronomers and upside down images found in nebulas when you don't know how to operate your telescope.
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How to Scam Insurance Companies (and How They Scam You)
You gotta hear it to believe it.
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Flat Earthers vs Globe Earthers
The war is heating up! The globers seem desperate as they move to telling lies as a last ditch effort to keep the globe earth fairy tale alive.
Views: 178 Nick Havok
A Crazy Story
Tales of my time living in Kansas City, Missouri
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Chemtrail Rant
WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Why the need for profanity, Nick? Because chemtrails, geoengineering and the poisoning of the Earth angers me. That's why.
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Globesmackin' Flattards 3: Curving Land Debunks Flat Earth
Back for some more Globesmackin'! In this volume I debunk the notion the earth is a flat plane and clearly show, with science, how the land drops and curves away.
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I posted a video titled "200 Globe Proofs" that was removed by YouTube and I was hit with a community guideline strike.. because it was a blank screen and didn't really include any proofs. It was a joke. But let's face it, there are no globe proofs. So scientifically speaking, it was accurate. Which is why it was removed.. because the truth hurts.
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Interview with a Freemason
Interview with a freemason.
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Space Rant: The Hairball Sun
Lets talk about the sun!
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Morning Talk: Don't Drink and Drive and Motorcycles
Drive to work topics include drinking and driving and how to ride a motorcycle.
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How I Became a Flat Earther
My journey into the realization that I am not an insignificant space monkey living on a giant spinning pear rock. November 25, 2017
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The Haters Have Arrived
Lunchtime rant topics: Lying Globies and their pitiful videos, taking the globe to court and the insanity of the scientific method.
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Space Rant: The Blue Pill Explosion
I make fun of the ridiculous space magazines that someone sent me. :) December 14, 2017
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No Flights Today
Where are all the airplanes at?
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I'm Back.. Time Travel Explained!
After a 7 month break, I'm back! New channel. In this video time travel is explained with modern science. No joke.. I will share with you the secrets of the universe FOR FREE, the same information colleges charge thousands for. You're welcome.
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The Great American Solar Eclipse: Documentary Edition
DISCLAIMER This video has no eclipse footage. Come with me as I hang out all day in Wyoming and record the solar eclipse.
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Space Rant: Moon Tides and Globular Clusters
Simply put.. Because of wimpy solar tides.
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Sprayed Like Bugs
Just another day in northern Colorado where our blue skies are robbed from us and we get a white chemical haze left from aircraft instead.
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Barbie Dolls in 2019
These are messed up.
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Space Rant: Stephen Hawking and His Prestigious Science Awards
Stephen Hawking was the most intelligent government clone to ever roll the Earth. Straight up.
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