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Toyota Rav4 for sale on Craigslist
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antique mccoy indian cookie jar
Lovely cookie jar from mccoy pottery. Antique and in amazing condition.
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Jacqueline Ferrar Green Skirt Suit for sale on ebay
Lovely green suit from Jacqueline Ferrar
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RARE Bear Bryant pocket knife
excellent condition rare pocket knife
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Mr. Mettie bedtime ritual
Mr. Mettie (short for Mr. Metrosexual) the ebay cat has a bedtime routine. Someone forgot to tell him that ragdolls aren't usually a vocal cat.
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Amazing deal on ebay blouses! Coldwater Creek, Banana Republic, DKNY,
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Meet ANGER MANAGEMENT KITTY. This cat was in this condition when I first met her - meaning I did nothing to provoke her. In this video I'm going in to give her food and water while her owner is on vacation and she attacks me. Her story goes like this, the person who owned her has some pretty deep anger issues which were transferred to the cat. Adding to that, she was basically penned up in a closet since no pet deposit had been paid and her former owner didn't want her found out. She was notorious among the maintenance crew -- a couple of which happened to come in one day to work on the A/C unit and they opened the cat's closet door. Let's just say she went all Pet Cemetery on them. I started working with her and her attitude improved greatly. However, she is still a wonderful barometer to anger. If she senses any anger or tension in the person holding her there is transference to the cat and she will bite -- and hard -- Pasturella and all! Then, the unthinkable happened and the cat was brought to me one night with the promise that I would be paid $50 a month to keep her until the owner could find an apartment that would accept a pet. That was 2 years ago and now I consider the cat as having been "dumped" on me. I can't keep her and she needs a "special needs" home where she will be an only cat. The owner refuses to take her back and has instructed me to put her down (at my expense). I feel she shouldn't be punished for her former owner's lousy attitude and animal abandonment. She is declawed so putting her outside isn't an option. So, if you have anger issues and need a cure -- I have just the thing for you -- anger management in a cat. As long as you show love to her she will serve you back in kind with head bumps and purrs. She responds to both the name SATANIA OR DEMONICA. Free to good home. Please see Anger Management Kitty Cat - After Therapy Part 2 for her current state of mind.
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Howdy Doody Line Marx Jumping clarabelle the clown
excellent antique condition
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Thunder STEAMPUNK Lizard from the planet TAREEN
TAREEN, desolate planet where grows my only hope of redemption. I have escaped the prison with the only hope of clearing my name is to bring back the true criminal - alive. I have followed him to this forsaken place and disassembled the science pod of my research vessel to construct the monstrosity you see before you. This beast is my only means into the desert where I must face the Crid (something of a cross between human and insect) who is the true felonious maggot who killed Bryn, my beloved. The crime of which I am convicted.
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cache sweater coat ebay sale
beautiful angora and mink sweater coat for sale on ebay.
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Amazing lot of Size Large blouses for sale on E bay.
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