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Sky and Telescope magazine visits Stellarvue
Sky and Telescope magazine visits Stellarvue's shop to see how world class apo triplet objectives are made.
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Stellarvue selected as one of the World's Greatest telescope companies
H2M selected Stellarvue as one of the world's greatest telescope companies. Their film crew visited Stellarvue and filmed the process in a short 4 minute video. This is not the detailed video where Sky and Telescope visited us. That will follow soon.
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MVI 1860
Stellarvue's new temperature compensating lens cell for our SV152T Apochromatic triplet refractor. It tooks two months to design and fabricate this new lens cell that will not pinch as most others do, when the temperature drops. The cell made with this ferrous material would normally weigh about 5 pounds but light-weighting we have reduced it to 2.4 pounds, a significant improvement. The blind windows maintain absolute rigidity while reducing weight. This cell will be specially treated to avoid corrosion and to darken it. SV152T's delivered after this date will include this significant innovative improvement. Have fun out in the cold!
Neaf 2016 edited web
New Stellarvue Astrograph and eyepieces shown at NEAF 2016
Stellarvue 80mm 102mm polishing
Our optics shop is busy polishing 80mm and 102mm lens elements today.
Vic parts for 35SV focuser
Vic cuts custom parts for Stellarvue's 3.5" focuser. Yes, he still get's his hands dirty.