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Oracle SES and Perfect Search's Search Appliance
http://www.perfectsearchcorp.com -- Nathan George, Senior Engineer at Perfect Search, compares Oracles' secure enterprise search with Perfect Search's search appliance.
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Enterprise Search in Action
"In the enterprise, "search" is about a lot more than just matching words in a sea of text. It's also the foundation for intelligent applications that classify and cluster information; parse, transform, and augment content; and exchange data with human users as well as software systems. Enterprise search architects need to master many cutting-edge technologies, including search frameworks, ESB and integration patterns, automated document manipulation tools, and more. This session explains the typical features and architecture of an enterprise search solution and shows you how to implement a complete enterprise search solution in popular Java-based open source frameworks such as Lucene/Solr, Mule ESB, and OpenRDF (semantic search)." Copyright © 2013 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
DataFacet for Oracle - Trailer
A short video showing an overview of DataFacet taxonomies and taxonomy management software for Oracle Universal Content Manager, Oracle Fusion MIddleware and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search.
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Google Cloud Search: A Fully Managed Secure Enterprise Search Platform from Google (Cloud Next '18)
Enterprises are faced with suboptimal choices to handle the ubiquitous problem of searching and gaining insights from data they accumulate. Google is bringing together our rich experience in search and machine learning to offer a turnkey, fully managed, secure search offering that will allow enterprises to ingest content from any number of data sources and experience an elegant Google search experience complete with auto-suggest, and natural language understanding and answers. In this session, we will unveil the product to the world, demonstrate its power, and walk through the product's APIs CP107 Event schedule → http://g.co/next18 Watch more Collaboration & Productivity sessions here → http://bit.ly/2LldTsw Next ‘18 All Sessions playlist → http://bit.ly/Allsessions Subscribe to the Google Cloud channel! → http://bit.ly/NextSub
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How Does Enterprise Search Differ From Internet Search
http://www.perfectsearchcorp.com -- Nathan George, Senior Engineer at Perfect Search, explains the difference between enterprise search and internet search.
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Enterprise Search
https://store.theartofservice.com/the-enterprise-search-toolkit.html Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES), Oracle's enterprise-search offering, gives users the ability to search for content across multiple locations, including websites, file servers, content management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management systems, business intelligence systems, and databases.
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Enterprise Search with Varonis DatAnswers
Learn More: http://www.varonis.com/products/datanswers/ We have been helping organizations manage and protect their unstructured, human generated data for a long time. One thing we have realized is that with over 2500 customers, very few of them are able to search this valuable information, which is the most basic requirement to get value out of it. We started to ask why. Many of the existing solutions are either too expensive, don't deliver quality results, don't deliver them fast enough, and expose sensitive data to employees that shouldn't see it. We saw a huge need for an affordable search engine for file systems and intranets that could deliver highly relevant, secure results -- and deliver them fast. And we knew that our metadata framework would allow us to build it effectively. That is why we created DatAnswers - a fast, secure search engine that deploys easily and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We are experts in harnessing metadata, and have years of experience analyzing and classifying it. With DatAnswers we have used our technology, experience, and expertise - to perfect search for the enterprise, and make it a reality. Think about how many times a day you use an internet search engine to instantly find information you need. Imagine having the same ability to unlock the enormous value hidden in your organization's data without the downside of risk. With DatAnswers, you can -- quickly, securely, and affordably realize value from this critical information.
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Enterprise search requirements
A four minute video about requirements for enterprise search systems. The video provides information about dissatisfaction with enterprise information retrieval and provides a path forward for procurement teams.
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Oracle Corporation
Oracle Corporation Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation, headquartered in Redwood Shores, California The company primarily specializes in developing and marketing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products—particularly its own brands of database management systems In 2015 Oracle was the second-largest software maker by revenue, after Microsoft4 The company also develops and builds tools for database development and systems of middle-tier software, enterprise resource planning ERP software, customer relationship management CRM software and supply chain management SCM software Contents 1 History 11 Technology timeline 2 Products and services 21 Software 211 Databases 212 Middleware 2121 Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 2122 Oracle Beehive 213 Applications 2131 Third-party applications 214 Enterprise management 215 Development software 216 File systems 217 Operating systems 22 Hardware 23 Services 231 Oracle Cloud 232 Other Services 3 Marketing 31 Sales practices 32 Competition 321 Oracle Oracle Corporation Click for more; https://www.turkaramamotoru.com/en/oracle-corporation-32607.html There are excerpts from wikipedia on this article and video
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Oracle WebCenter
Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g and Oracle WebCenter Services 11g at its strategic core, the portfolio simplifies the development of secure Enterprise 2.0 enabled portals, composite applications, Websites, and much more WebLogic Portal, WebCenter Interaction, and Oracle Portal can be enhanced with interoperable products such as Oracle WebCenter Services and Oracle Universal Content Management
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How to connect Oracle database to SharePoint 2010 & FAST search
This short video demonstrated how to connect Oracle database to SharePoint 2010 and index it with FAST Search.Oracle OOB sample HR database schema used. All source code can be downloaded from http://oraclebcs.codeplex.com/ Video demonstrated how to: - Setup oracle HR demo database schema - Download and Install BCS model - SharePoint Secure Store Service Application setup - Setup FAST Search Content SSA - Indexing - Search page result No audio yet.
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Secure Confidential / PII PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications Data in Non-Production Environments
Speaker: Tony Damiani Cornell's IT and Security This webinar explores elements of masking PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications data at Cornell University. Data masking processes are used in non-production environments to ensure sensitive information is not exposed and thus avoiding the risk of leaks. In this session, Tony Damiani from Cornell's IT and Security will demonstrate the university's strategy for safeguarding sensitive data such as social security, student information etc. The session will also focus on how Cornell University implemented of data masking processes in non-production transaction and reporting systems using Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite. Learn how to use data masking capabilities to be in compliance and create a risk-free transaction environment on the campus. Discussion Topics • Data breach risks and compliance in universities and higher education • Issues of data breach and typical challenges • How data masking can help mitigate risk • Criteria for choosing a data masking solution • Managing the complexity of PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications data during data masking • Implementing rules for masking • Validating the secured data against IT objectives
Delivering a Secure Enterprise Workspace
Secure Enterprise Workspace "We are excited to be launching industry's most comprehensive enterprise mobility solution yet! It offers a secure enterprise workspace on mobile devices that provides the security that CIOs demand, the user experience that employee's expect and all the apps that one needs..." Andy Smith, VP, Product Management, Bitzer Mobile http://bitzermobile.com/press-release-secure-enterprise-workspace-for-todays-mobile-devices/
Enterprise Search - Konica Minolta's Enterprise Content Management Solutions
dokoni Find is an enterprise search solution enabling employees to locate the information they need to do their job more efficiently. It combines a powerful enterprise search engine with an intuitive user interface, along with integrated security providing secure access to content, and delivers the search results directly to users wherever they are.
Using Digital Assets with Structured Content in Oracle Content and Experience Cloud
This short video highlights Oracle Content and Experience Cloud features for adding and managing assets to structured content for robust delivery options. For more information, visit https://cloud.oracle.com/content - - - 17.4.1 ================================= To improve the video quality, click the gear icon and set the Quality to 1080p/720p HD. For more information, see http://www.oracle.com/goto/oll and http://docs.oracle.com Copyright © 2017 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Other names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the “Materials”). The Materials are provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
Data Security Essentials
Data is central to computing, and data security remains the biggest concern of application customers. Data needs to be handled securely at all stages, from transmission to computation and persistence. This presentation bootstraps you with the basics of applied cryptography, a choice of relevant algorithms, and the various secure data transport and storage options. It illustrates the trade-offs between cryptographic strength, performance, and storage size. It also covers the application of specialized hardware cryptographic processors for scenarios involving the most-stringent data security. Authors: Manish Maheshwari undefined View more trainings by Manish Maheshwari at https://www.parleys.com/author/manish-maheshwari Anirban Mukherjee Anirban Mukherjee is a Software Architect at Verisign and has over 15 years of industry experience designing and building large-scale applications. Over the years, he has acquired expertise in distributed systems, SaaS, text search, database systems and internet security, and has been involved in building and maintaining leading software products and platforms at Verisign, SuccessFactors, Oracle and IBM. He has a BTech, ECE from IIT Kharagpur and an MS, CS from UMass, Amherst. He has done regular presentations and technical talks at various events including JavaOne, Verisign Technical Symposium and Oracle Open World. View more trainings by Anirban Mukherjee at https://www.parleys.com/author/anirban-mukherjee Find more related tutorials at https://www.parleys.com/category/developer-training-tutorials
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Google Search Appliance Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content Version 3.0 - Web Demo
This video provides a brief demonstration of how you can transform the WebCenter search experience using the Google Search Appliance and Fishbowls GSA Connector Version 3.0 for Oracle WebCenter Content. The searches shown in this demonstration use the built-in user interface included with Fishbowl's Connector, but all functionality can also be exposed through SiteStudio website or WebCenter Portal. This integration allows WebCenter customers use Google's machine-learning relevancy algorithms to securely index and search enterprise content stored in Oracle WebCenter Content. The Connector also allows users to take advantage of additional search features provided by the GSA including Document Previews, Dynamic Navigation, User-Added Results, People Search, Spelling Suggestions, and Advanced Search Reporting. To learn more or to schedule an in-depth demonstration, contact Fishbowl Solutions at [email protected]
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Confidential computing with SQL secure enclaves  - BRK3157
Imagine a database system that can perform computations on sensitive data without ever having access to the data in plaintext. With such confidential computing capabilities, you could protect your sensitive data in use from powerful adversaries, including malicious machine admins, cloud admins, or rogue DBAs, without scarifying database system’s query processing power. With the Always Encrypted and secure enclave technologies, such as Intel Secure Guard Extensions (SGX) and Virtualization Based Security (VBS) in Windows, this powerful vision has become a reality. Join us for this session to learn about these game changing technologies that are now available in SQL.
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Oracle Internet Directory Installation & Configuration
Blog Link : http://prasaddomala.com/oracle-identity-management-oid-11-1-1-7-installation-configuration/ Vmware Player: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free#desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_workstation_player/12_0 Weblogic Server: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/weblogic/downloads/wls-main-097127.html IDM http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/downloads/oid-11g-161194.html RCU: Login to Oracle Software Cloud and search for RCU or higher
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Oracle Unified Directory Installation and Configuration
Blog Link : http://prasaddomala.com/oracle-unified-directory-installation-and-configuration/
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Building Secure Applications with Java EE
Everyone knows the importance of software security, but does everyone know how to build a secure application? This tutorial provides best practices for building secure applications with Java EE. It presents the fundamentals of secure software development along with the most prominent security vulnerabilities according to The Open Web Application Security Project Foundation (the OWASP Top 10). In a live demo, you’ll learn how to exploit common security vulnerabilities in session management, authentication and authorization, unvalidated input, and various types of injections. You’ll also find out about common mistakes and omissions, Java EE mechanisms, and best practices for implementing secure applications. Author: Patrycja Wegrzynowicz Patrycja Wegrzynowicz is the Head of Software R&D Department at NASK, Research and Academic Computer Network. At NASK she shapes the future direction of technological research in software as well as acts as a chief architect and consultant on the projects from the field of Internet domain names and DNS, Internet security, and large-scale digital archives together with semantic search. Patrycja holds a master degree in Computer Science and is currently finalizing her PhD at Warsaw University. Her academic interests are focused on language semantics and automated software engineering, particularly on static and dynamic analysis techniques to support program validation, verification, and comprehension View more trainings by Patrycja Wegrzynowicz at https://www.parleys.com/author/patrycja-wegrzynowicz Find more related tutorials at https://www.parleys.com/category/developer-training-tutorials
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האם חיפוש ארגוני יעיל מעניין אותך? - שאלות עזר להחלטה
http://www.pcon.co.il/WhichTech - איך לדעת איזה טכנולוגיה מתאימה לך? - סדרת סרטונים קצרים על הטכנולוגיות האטרקטיביות ביותר בחינם!!! ושאלות שיעזרו להחליט - מי מהן מתאימה לך? לחצו עכשיו להרשמה!!! חבל להחמיץ http://www.pcon.co.il/FindFast - האם "חיפוש יעיל" מעניין? מסקרן? מקדם? מושך? מה מרוויחים? להשקיע בו זמן? איך להמשיך? רוצה לדעת יותר?- הסרטון והקישור יעזרו לך להחליט. מה אתם מחפשים?- חיפוש טלפון, חיפוש אנשים, חיפוש עבודה, חיפוש דרושים? בכל אלה יכול לעזור חיפוש יעיל. בסרטון המצורף שאלות שמסייעות לבחון כמה כדאי לכם להשקיע בחיפוש יעיל? מה חדש בעולם החיפוש? כיצד משתלבות בכך המגמות הטכנולוגיות השונות? מה הוא הדבר העיקרי שכדאי לעשות, כדי לייעל זאת? תמצית מתוך תחקיר מקצועי בנושא, תמצאו בקישור -- http://www.pcon.co.il/FindFast במסגרת התחקיר תוכלו לגלות את הדברים הכי מעניינים על חיפוש יעיל - מגמות, חידושים, יישומים, שימושים, עלויות, מחירים, שיקולי בחירה, ספקים, מוצרים, שירותים, המלצות מומחים, טיפים, שיטות, קיצורי דרך, התראות, הפניות, אתרים ועוד מידע מעניין על הנושא . בין היתר פרטנו בתחקיר מידע על ספקים ופתרונות לחיפוש שכוללים את • גוגל - Google Search Appliance • מיקרוסופט - Sharepoint 2010 • מלינגו - מורפיקס (Morfix) • Attivio -AIE (Active Intelligence Engine) • HP - Autonomy • EMC - Documentum Search Server • IBM - Enterprise Search v-3.0 • Oracle - Secure Enterprise Search 11g • SAP - NetWeaver Enterprise Search פרטים והפניות לכל אלה ניתן למצוא בתחקיר - "להתייעל בתחום החיפוש". http://www.pcon.co.il/FindFast רוצים לקבל מדי שבוע עדכון חינמי וקצר על טכנולוגיה מעניינת וחשובה אחרת, מוזמנים להירשם כאן - http://www.pCon.co.il/free נושא חיפוש יעיל יכול להיות רלוונטי לכל מי שמחפש מידע במסגרת: חיפוש יעיל חיפוש ארגוני חיפוש טלפון חיפוש מספר טלפון חיפוש דרושים חיפוש אנשים חיפוש עבודה דרושים אתרי חיפוש חיפוש מוצרים פתרונות חיפוש
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Oracle, FireEye, & Mimecast - Enterprise Security Weekly #101
This week, Endace and Ixia partner to secure and monitor networks, Oracle brings autonomous security to identity with Trust Fabric, NetSpectre attack could enable remote CPU exploitation, FireEye boosts endpoint security with MalwareGuard Machine Learning, Mimecast snaps up Solebit for $88 Million, and more on this episode of Enterprise Security Weekly! Full Show Notes: https://wiki.securityweekly.com/ES_Episode101 Visit http://securityweekly.com/esw for all the latest episodes!
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Migration experience from an on-premises enterprise data warehouse to Azure - BRK3327
In this session, we take you through the challenge, lesson learned, and best practices from migrating an on-premises enterprise data warehouse workload to the Azure services.
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Tutorial: Free SSL Certificate Installation in CentOS 7 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
Step-by-Step instructions available at: https://www.linuxtrainingacademy.com/install-ssl-certificate-centos-rhel-apache INTRODUCTION TO INSTALLING AN SSL CERTIFICATE ON CENTOS 7: In this video lesson, you’re going to learn how to install a valid SSL certificate on a CentOS Linux Server running the Apache web server. By the way, the SSL certificate you’ll install will be issued by Let’s Encrypt entirely for free. Traditionally, you’ve had to pay for SSL certificates and renew them every year. With Let’s Encrypt that’s all changed. SSL CERTIFICATE INSTALLATION STEPS OVERVIEW: In this tutorial, you will learn how to install an SSL Certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt on a CentOS Linux system running the Apache web server. You will start out by installing Apache with mod_ssl. From there, you’ll add firewall rules to allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Next, you’ll enable the EPEL repository by installing the epel-release package. That will enable you to install the Certbot application and the Apache Certbot plugin. You will then create and install an SSL certificate using the Certbot utility. Finally, you’ll automate the certificate renewal process so that your site is never without a valid SSL certificate. WHY INSTALL AN SSL CERTIFICATE? (DO I NEED AN SSL CERTIFICATE?): Before you start configuring your Linux server, I want to give you some important background information. As a quick reminder, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it allows for encrypted communications between a user’s web browser and a web server. It’s important to use SSL any time sensitive data is involved such as credit card numbers, personal information, and authentication credentials such as passwords. Even if your web server is not handling sensitive information, using SSL can enhance the trust of your visitors to your site. Some web browsers now warn users that the site is “not secure” if it’s not using SSL. Also, search engines such as Google, rank SSL enabled web sites hiring in search results, so there is an SEO or Search Engine Optimization, benefit as well. PREREQUISITES AND INFORMATION NEEDED FOR AN SSL CERTIFICATE: By the way, this video makes a couple of assumptions. The first one is that your Linux system is running CentOS or RedHat Enterprise Linux. The second one is that your system is accessible over the public Internet. The last assumption is that your server has a valid DNS entry that points to your Linux system. For example, if your domain is www.example.com, when someone types in that domain in the web browser, they are actually connecting to your Linux server. I’ve included some additional information about the DNS configuration in the project documentation. NOTE: This tutorial demonstrates the installation of an SSL certificate for the demo.linuxtrainingacademy.com domain. Even though this domain will be used throughout this tutorial, you must use your own domain when following along. Step-by-Step instructions available at: https://www.linuxtrainingacademy.com/install-ssl-certificate-centos-rhel-apache
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Oracle Apex 5.1(2)- Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5.1 Installation in hindi( By JavaInHand)
Download Oracle Database: ------------------------------------------------------- http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise- edition/downloads/112010-win32soft-098987.html -------------------------------------------------------- Download Oracle Apex ---------------------------------------------------- http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex/downloads/index.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this video we have explain that how to oracle apex install
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Oracle Online Shopping Network powered by eMallGuide.com Search Engine 2.0
eMallGuide.com Shopping Guide Search Engine 2.0 powers Oracle Online Shopping Network
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Oracle IRM quick 2 minute explainer
A short video explaining how Oracle IRM works, for more information on Oracle IRM visit Simon Thorpe's blog at http://blogs.oracle.com/irm/
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conceptClassifier for Google Search Appliance
This short recording examines the release of the conceptClassifier product platform that supports Google Search Appliance. The new release of conceptClassifier was driven by customer demand, and requests to deliver the market leading metadata generation and auto-classification platform integrated with Google Search Appliance. Enterprise search is becoming a high priority in many enterprises. Organizations are now evaluating add-on tools, to improve search engine results and provide auto-classification. conceptClassifier provides the same, rich features available in all Concept Searching platforms, including automatic conceptual metadata generation, auto-classification, and robust taxonomy management tools. The new release runs on a separate Windows server, so the classification processing has minimum impact on the Google Search Appliance indexing performance. The product extends the standard Google Search Appliance connectors with a web services call to conceptClassifier in order to insert metadata into the Google Search Appliance index. The product is designed to work with the latest, version 4 connectors. conceptClassifier supports a range of sources, including websites, file shares, and SharePoint, and there is no limitation on the number of taxonomies that can be developed. The resulting metadata is displayed in the refinement panel, where it can be used to filter search results.
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Oracle Apex 5 with ORDS in Apache Tomcat in Linux
This video demonstrates how to Deploy Apex5 with ORDS in Apache Tomcat in Oracle Linux 6.5
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Security for the Autonomous Warehouse Database Cloud
Many customers still have strong reservations about moving critical workloads to the cloud. Learn how Oracle's Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud integrates automation to help deliver a self-securing data management platform.
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Oracle Distributed Document Capture 2-Minute Explainer
Enterprise image capture and storage for remote offices
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Deploying PeopleSoft on Oracle Compute Cloud Service
Deploying PeopleSoft on Oracle Compute Cloud Service
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Extend Your Oracle Applications through Microsoft SharePoint
One of our clients, City of Lethbridge, was selected by Microsoft to be featured in a webinar hosted by the IOUG on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. The Microsoft SharePoint team and City of Lethbridge, a PeopleSoft and JD Edwards customer, talk about the benefits of connecting Oracle applications with SharePoint to create business-critical solutions that improve business processes, boost team productivity, and increase return-on-investment.
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Oracle PeopleSoft Database Security
This webinar is a repeat of our successful session at the recent Collaborate16 conference. Go beyond database security features and step-by-step instructions to learn how to effectively and efficiently secure and protect Oracle Databases supporting PeopleSoft. This presentation discusses best practices how to implement these security capabilities to achieve optimal database security. Starting with a discussion of common database security risks and attack vectors, learn why and how your databases are under attack by both insiders and outsiders and the processes, tools, and techniques frequently used to compromise Oracle Databases. The goal of this presentation is to show you database security in a different light in order for you to understand the most effective approach to securing your PeopleSoft environment and highlight limitations and issues you may encounter.
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UCM: Creating search and check-in profiles with custom metadata
Customizing Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM), you can add more search and check-in profiles associating them with new metadata fields. This video shows an example of adding a new profile for "Training Documents" in the Content Server. More info at: http://hfolguera.blogpost.com http://studentsatoracle.blogspot.com
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JPA Inserting Records into ORACLE Database using JPA | JPA TUTORIALS BY RAJASEKHAR REDDY
JPA Inserting Records into ORACLE Database using JPA | JPA TUTORIALS BY RAJASEKHAR REDDY. In this video we will learn how to insert records into oracle database using ECLIPSELINK JPA.
MDM Webcast 003 - Simple and secure metadata management for Oracle® Hyperion EPM Suite
Do you find the manual process of managing the financial dimensions and hierarchies in your Oracle® Hyperion Performance Management Applications error-prone and impossible to audit? The hodge-podge of tools you are using, ETL, email, and spreadsheets do nothing to facilitate workflow, audit trail, or security. And end-users who want to author their own hierarchies and dimensions only exacerbate the problems. There is a solution. In this MDM Webcast, learn how Orchestra Networks' MDM for Oracle Hyperion EPM solution can be used to manage both the workflow and distribution of Hyperion metadata, and provide easy to use, browser-based access for your business users.
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Analytics | DataStax Enterprise 5
Learn more at https://academy.datastax.com/resources/whats-new-datastax-enterprise-50 | DataStax Enterprise Analytics integrates real-time and batch analytics capabilities directly in DataStax Enterprise (DSE). With DSE Analytics you can easily generate ad-hoc reports, target customers with advanced personalization and process real-time streams of data to create intelligent applications. Because DSE Analytics is a core capability of DSE you can utilize powerful transactional, search, and graph functionality without having to implement the complicated and time consuming processes of keeping multiple data silos in sync. DSE Analytics frees you to focus on delivering transformative real-time value at the scale your business demands. ABOUT DATASTAX ENTERPRISE 5 DataStax Enterprise 5.0, the database platform for cloud applications, includes Apache Cassandra 3.x with materialized views, tiered storage and advanced replication. Introduced in 5.0 is DataStax Enterprise Graph, the first graph database fast enough to power customer-facing applications, scale to massive datasets and integrate advanced tools to power deep analytical queries. Learn more at http://www.datastax.com/products/datastax-enterprise and https://academy.datastax.com/resources/whats-new-datastax-enterprise-50 CONNECT WITH DATASTAX Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/datastax?sub_confirmation=1 Site: http://datastax.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/datastax Twitter: https://twitter.com/datastax Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/datastax http://feeds.feedburner.com/datastax https://github.com/datastax ABOUT DATASTAX On the DataStax YouTube channel, you can find tutorials, webinars and much more to help you learn and stay updated with the latest information on DataStax Enterprise©. DataStax, the leading provider of database software for cloud applications, accelerates the ability of enterprises, government agencies, and systems integrators to power the exploding number of cloud applications that require data distribution across datacenters and clouds, by using our secure, operationally simple platform built on Apache Cassandra™.
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Executive Perspective - In depth view of OneBox
A new feature of the Google Search Appliance, Google OneBox for Enterprise delivers relevant, real-time information from enterprise sources, such as CRM, ERP and business intelligence systems, based on a user's search query. Google OneBox for Enterprise can provide users with secure access to everything from simple phone book listings to graphs of inventory levels and sales trends. Current OneBox partners include Cisco, Cognos, Employease, Netsuite, Oracle, Salesforce.com, and SAS - and the list keeps growing.
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Meet Sharperlight your ENTERPRISE WIDE data analysis tool.
Allowing you access to data across multiple enterprise systems helping to make truly intelligent and timely business decisions ahead of your competition. It's a secure "Out of the Box" solution, featuring personalised dashboards, report packs and a powerful engine and integration framework delivering simplified intelligence. www.sharperlight.com
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CRUD Enterprise Application in NetBeans using EJB, JPA and JSF
In this video, i will demo how to create CRUD Enterprise Application in NetBeans using EJB, JPA and JSF. To download all sources code for this demo please pay for me $5 at my PayPal Account: [email protected] ====================================================== You can see and download source code demo from my Apps at https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=PMK+Lab ====================================================== You also can buy my apps in http://codecanyon.net/user/octopuscodes/portfolio ====================================================== You also can read my blog in http://learningprogramming.net/ ====================================================== You also can learn Microsoft Office in https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFrMOR6KF4cpa92OOPRyOng ====================================================== TODAY IS A GREAT DAY TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW! ====================================================== Finding Software videos help you watch reviews for Open Sources:Joomla, wordpress, drupal, magento, html template, free admin template, free bootstrap admin templates, SilverStripe, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Concrete5, Modx, ExpressionEngine, Alfresco,TYPOlight, laravel, magento, angularjs, node.js, html, css, javascript, jquery, java, .net, wamp server, xampp, php, mysql, sql server, oracle, open sources, android, hibernate, jpa, html5, jquery
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How to Create a Secure JSF/JPA Web App on Glassfish 4
Describribes how to create a JEE 7 Web App on Glassfish 4 using Netbeans and Maven, connecting to a MySql Database for user accounts and using a JDBC Realm. Also discusses storing passwords as SHA-256 hashes. IMPORTANT NOTE: one thing I forgot to mention in the screencast is that you must be sure to copy the most current version of the ConnectorJ (MySql JDBC driver) jar file into the "lib" directory of your Glassfish domain folder. You can get the jar file from the MySql web site. But the jar file should be copied to the lib directory in Glassfish that can usually be found at: glassfish_home/glassfish/domains/domain1/lib To verify this location in Netbeans go to menu: Tools - Servers - Glassfish 4 and then look at the entry for "Domains folder" Also, the source code is available on GitHub at: https://github.com/jlombardo/jsfsecure.git There are two branches: the master branch has the source code covered in the video. It uses the standard security setup in Glassfish via the JdbcRealm. There is another branched, called "springversion" that uses Spring Security instead. The video doesn't cover that one but the main difference is that there is no need for a JdbcRealm configured in Glassfish. Also, the database has changed slightly, replacing the groups table with an authorities table. Naturally there's also a Spring config file called "applicationContext.xml". Maybe I'll do a followup to this video in the future explaining how that one works. Have fun!
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PeopleSoft 9.2 Virtualization
Oracle offers pre-built PeopleSoft 9.2 VirtualBox virtual machines that enable you to have ready-made application environments for upgrade, maintenance and demonstrations in minutes rather than days.
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Transparent Data Encryption (SQL Server)
SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016 TDE implementation for data at rest encryption. The steps are available at following link too: http://www.swarndeep.com/2017/02/sql-server-tde-data-at-rest-encryption.html
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