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Unboxing: OneSky 130 – Best Inexpensive Telescope 4K Video

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SPACE.com's Dave Brody sets-up this amazing tabletop Dobsonian. Nearly half your purchase price ($200) goes to support science education around the world (through the non-profit Astronomers Without Borders). Read Dave's full review: http://www.space.com/31231-best-inexpensive-telescopes.html One People – One Sky! Buy the OneSky 130 and support Astronomers Without Borders here: http://goo.gl/HJn3Yi Video by @DavidSkyBrody & Jeremy Lips Tanzania footage by Kai Staats
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Text Comments (301)
Dan Tyler (1 day ago)
This guy did nothing more than order the scope and videoed himself opening it up and then posted it on YT.
Joey Guevarra (16 days ago)
astronomers without borders and yet they ship to US only!
Gra Xx (1 month ago)
Doing this on a table up high, throwing the box around as you do quite frankly a pretty silly thing to do
Argy Bargy (1 month ago)
Technically, you have 2. You can give me the other one, ok?
Xsauce (1 month ago)
How many persons get this telescope and is satisfied with its performance ?
Dennis Møller (1 month ago)
can you put a camera on it?
Xsauce (1 month ago)
i am not sure if the camera it too heavy it can put the telescope off alignment because the thruss and focuser are not very rigid
Vítor Pagani (1 month ago)
hello, what is the size of the box?
Lupo Solitario (1 month ago)
It seems a nice day for Un-Boxing.
Tyrone Layes (1 month ago)
Your buy link isn't working?
aaron roby (2 months ago)
Hi new to telescopes just wondering what telescope you would use to do photography on jupiter and planets maybe some galaxys and what ever else gets seen with it star wise just got a astrnomical telescope but found out all mirrors were bad in it took it to someone to fix it and they said just buy another one and also the finder scope and the telescope were all upside down which it is starting to make me loose interest in it because everything is in the opposite direction i would love to persue this if anyone can help me looking at budget one so i can persue even after kids have grown up . Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated to what and how to get started.
Rohan Patil (2 months ago)
Can I connect DSLR camera to this telescope?
Robert Johnson (2 months ago)
sorry i fell asleep what was that again
SPACE TECH (2 months ago)
How to get this T-scope
Greg Comegys (2 months ago)
Forget the Keller eye pieces, at least provide some Plossel’s. Also noticed that the eyepiece holder, aka focuser, didn’t seem to have any focusing adjustment knobs & no demo of focusing. This leads me to think that focusing is accomplished by adjusting the position of the truss tubes, changing the distance between the primary mirror & the secondary mirror. If so that is totally unacceptable. Also having only 2 truss tubes makes it very susceptible to vibration, an absolute killer for good observation. Buy a table top Dobsonian, instead.
Pagani Zonda (2 months ago)
what if I just want to pay the real price of the telescope? (200$). I'm already paying for African and Muslim's welfare with taxes here in Europe, I don't think I need to pay more now from my pocket too.
Silviu Angelescu (2 months ago)
Dropping them eye pieces was not cool, dude!
john besmith (2 months ago)
set up may be nice and smooth but you have no real fine control when moving the scope into position... which will be very frustrating
Chris Davies (2 months ago)
Dave Brody; Half of the Incredible Brody-Lucas duo from SpaceRip!
D G (3 months ago)
Your link is broken...
drew hendrix (3 months ago)
Hate to see this guy unwrapping Christmas presents. Fucking about. Just open the shit already.
WildandLiving (3 months ago)
Usa only kind of a dick move
Judith Hitchings (3 months ago)
U did not discuss balance of the tube for altitude adjustment
M Davies (3 months ago)
I built this one with GSO optics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr5-12Bvb80
moeshickenyay (3 months ago)
Good idea.
Anannyo Samayel (3 months ago)
um, maybe not
David Robert Lewis (3 months ago)
US delivery only
Your link does not work
Dariusz Kwietnioczub (3 months ago)
Shitty scope, for 2/3 money you can get decent scole like entry level Celestron's fiving you whole lot more options to upgrade and better wiev.
izzydjinn76 (4 months ago)
Is that a rug?????? It wouldn't look phonier, if it had chin strap.
Ray R (4 months ago)
I believe this is sold in US and then free telescopes are sent to underprivileged in other countries from half the proceeds. Not meant to be purchased by other countries. Counterintuitive.
Ray R (4 months ago)
Assemble telescope with mirror up, truss down., for safety.
Drake Shattuck (4 months ago)
Nearly half goes to a charity that teaches astronomy? Nice, now be transparent and show the books, especially executive pay. And NO, executive pay is NOT "program" funds.
Screww Googlle (4 months ago)
Too bad they don't send any of these little beautiful Telescopes to American Schools...but I guess they are too Busy trying to Convince Little Johnny that he is a little Girl with a Penis... and Little Janie That her 2 Male Mothers are perfectly Normal !
Raimo Lehtinen (3 months ago)
Its same here in scandinavian,almost 20 years, and islam ....its everywhere here.
rar6178 (4 months ago)
looks like the viewing is awkward
Howbout the optics moron! No one gives two shits about how long it took u to unbox the fucking thing! What a waste of 9:28.
wonderwall strumming (4 months ago)
Freddie Mercury showing us the skies.
Lynx Star Automotive (2 months ago)
Onex (5 months ago)
I have that same leatherman from like '97.
GereDJ2 (5 months ago)
MADE IN CHINA, Ooops. Celestron at least should offer a model with rotating tube, equatorial mount and clock drive.
Greg Moonen (5 months ago)
I sold hundreds of Celestron scopes. I tested quite a few in the optical shop and they always had very good optics. That's more than I can say for most other brands.
bradman Swag (5 months ago)
If you keep your knives sharp you don't need tricks like that.
Jenham's Astro (5 months ago)
Is the mirror parabolic or spherical?
tinkmarshino (5 months ago)
Don't like the design of eye piece that far from the fulcrum point.. it leads to shaky site pictures.. although it seems a very nice telescope.. I also do not see the advantage in selling a scope to people that can hardly afford food? But that is your business.. tis a nice scope though..
freethinker4liberty (5 months ago)
How does this sucker compare to the Orion 130mm? Like starblast, starseeker or spaceprobe? They are all the same as far as I can tell right? Except the mount?
Greg Moonen (5 months ago)
It's a short tube, not unwieldy like an f8 or f10, and Celestron's optics are always spot-on. You'd be hard pressed to find another 6" as easy to use, or more affordable for what it does.
freethinker4liberty (5 months ago)
+Greg Moonen it's pretty expensive but if it really takes away all the work and lets you enjoy the sky I don't see why I shouldn't consider it. So, is it really as simple as taking it out, letting it acclimatize or whatnot, and typing in the location you want to see after finding specific stars? How is the tube though, as good as any other 6" long tube?
Greg Moonen (5 months ago)
The NextStar6 is a great little package, but what makes it great is the package. Since it's a catadioptric, it's short - not unwieldy like Newtonians of the same (effective) focal length. It's also kinda pricey. If you want a bit more stability, you can do what I've seen done a lot - rig up a hefty sandbag between the legs of the tripod just in case there's a bit of a breeze. It doesn't take a real heavy-duty mount to secure a light tube assembly like that.
freethinker4liberty (5 months ago)
+Greg Moonen Excellent, thank you. In fact I will not exclusively focus on Celestron, I'll just find the parabolic 150mm that I think fits my needs. That being said, I do need a very good mount/tripod, I heard that most are flimsy, but one in particular from Celestron is very good, or that is included with a Celestron scope, but man I can't remember what it was now. So, what are good 150mm Celestron scopes?
Greg Moonen (5 months ago)
freethinker4liberty, I've always found you can trust the optical quality of Celstron, and usually Meade, too. I've found Orions and others to be hit-or-miss with the optical quality.
Karl S (5 months ago)
Brilliant! Bravo, well done, I'm ordering mine. Thank you so much for such a well conceived educational science project.
Adon Lando (5 months ago)
Great product! Great delivery, but what you need is a smaller table.
kingdom777866 (5 months ago)
Why did you buy two..?
burt panzer (5 months ago)
Your link to purchase one says "200 OK" on a blank page...
NyuuMikuru1 (4 months ago)
burt panzer Try this-https://shop.astronomerswithoutborders.org/products/awb-onesky-reflector-telescope
JDubb (5 months ago)
Moon landings were fake. I use this to investigate Flat Earth. US Govt planning slow release of flat eart inside 5 years. Dont be the last one beleiving in Santa Claus!
Tex Mex (5 months ago)
US Govt planning slow release of flat eart inside 5 years? The news will rocket around the globe!
mikedelhoo (5 months ago)
JDubb You might want to re-read what you just wrote.
Alain Maury (5 months ago)
One would only wish that all beginner's telescopes are like this scope. There are too many low cost telescopes (including sold by Celestron, Meade, etc...) which have a very flimsy equatorial mount which is useless. This one looks like a good purchase.
FRMONSIVAIS (5 months ago)
Nice. I must have one.
kubel83 (5 months ago)
I enjoyed watching this. Hi from Denmark 🇩🇰
JetMechMA (5 months ago)
The building in the background looks like the penthouse has it's own observatory. Upper RH corner of the screen.
Kyco MC (5 months ago)
Teach these kids how to wear condoms and farming, they dont need to waste their time looking at unnecessary things
Tex Mex (5 months ago)
Must they wear condoms while farming? It seems like these could be taught separately.
Kyco MC (5 months ago)
Lol. Telescopes are a waste of money.
Nathan Jeffrey (4 months ago)
And here you are commenting on a telescope video.... Bugger off idiot
Sunil Sharma (6 months ago)
Sam Gibbs (6 months ago)
Whilst overall this scope looks good i can however see serious shortcomings in its design and ease of usage. For one i would never have an educational tool such as this with an exposed secondary mirror. This is an invitation to exploratory fingers from our young and inquisitive astronomers. Red dot pointers work well except on telescopes such as this. I cannot imagine how one would practically align an object and then manage to see it through the eyepiece. Using any table top arrangement will probably make this task almost impossible. Practical approaches to telescope design need to be considered more carefully. Kellner eyepieces whilst cheap to manufacture are difficult to use for any first time observer.
Stacey Ellis (6 months ago)
All the info is here - including the reasons why it is only shipped in the USA. https://shop.astronomerswithoutborders.org/products/awb-onesky-reflector-telescope#general
shamananda singh (6 months ago)
how much cost
Tex Mex (5 months ago)
video wathc price he say many time
sent4dc (6 months ago)
So what can you see with that telescope? (Besides your neighbor's bedroom.) PS. Also your link in the description seems to be broken.
Bird Man (6 months ago)
A real nerd 🤓gift
simba n (6 months ago)
i hope telescope
Michael Jobin O G PYRO (6 months ago)
JazukiÆ (6 months ago)
I was waiting for him to use it
Scott Hildebrand (6 months ago)
Monkeys looking through telescopes can not turn out well.
Stacey Ellis (6 months ago)
I am going to assume you are talking about the black children shown in the video. Science has no place for racism. Maybe study some history, as in the name Benjamin Banneker. Stick to critique of the telescope. Thanks, very much appreciate it. Here is more info on what Harvard is doing through the Benjamin Banneker Institute and some commentary on Neil DeGrasse Tyson's experience. Enjoy.https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/how-can-we-give-black-and-latino-astronomers-foundation-reach-stars-180960213/
oil9vinergar (7 months ago)
nyc = humongous statistical metropolitan shithole.... and filled Obama voting stupid white liberals.....
Xsauce (7 months ago)
Is the truss shaky when observing ? Doesn’t look so stable
melangkoh (8 months ago)
what i dont understand is this telescope offers only x26 and x65 magnification. While i heard the maximum reasonable magnification is mirrordiameterx2, in this can 130mmx2 should be x260. Can someone tell me which eyepieces i need to purchase to reach x260 with this telescope? I want to order them right together with the scope. I know magnification isnt all, but i want at least have the choice. heck, it doesnt even offer x130.
MaW's Domain (6 months ago)
1. While 2xdiameter formula works for Refractor telescopes, I'm afraid that it is too optimistic for Reflector(newtonian) tubes. When people approach it more realistically, you'll usually find the max. magnification for those to be calculated as diameter x 1.5, this is mostly due to the fact that part of the main mirror is being obstructed by the secondary mirror, therefore not being used. 2. As for the choice of in-box magnifications... it all comes down to money, of course. Since it is a low focal/diameter ratio (f/5) telescope, it is considered "bright". The brighter the telescope, the higher quality eyepieces it requires for higher magnifications, because the eyepiece imperfections become more apparent. So to get a magnification of say, 160x, they'd need to add a super high quality 4mm EP that'd cost multiple times the price of the telescope itself. Same goes for a Barlow lens, the ones included in telescope kits are usually the very very cheapest crap ones, and with a bright telescope its poor quality would be very visible. It is not a good telescope for high magnifications because such a tiny focal length EP is very uncomfortable to look through, and for cheaper, or really just affordable ones the image quality would be very poor. That's why you'll find that people recommend to not use with it EPs "shorter" than 7-9mm. If you want a little more, perhaps it'd be better to buy some quality Barlow lens, though you'd need to do some research on an astronomy forum of some kind to see what's the best bang for buck. But 260x? Forget it.
Fernando Schuindt (8 months ago)
Yep, second time I see this scope, search for it and only people in US can buy it. So what's the point? And you folks even show people from other countries as taking benefit from it. Supposing I'm able to buy some to give to local schools here, how should I proceed? I'm trying to make this scope to have its purpose acting and can't do nothing but wonder. Until it can be delivered to other people in the world, it can be a good scope and all, but for me is a lame.
Jeff Berger (6 months ago)
If you go to their website, you will see that the reason for the US exclusivity is that the onesky is identical to the Skywatcher which is a sister company: "We'd love to to ship the OneSky around the world, but a very similar model is sold by SkyWatcher in many other countries. Celestron and SkyWatcher are owned by the same parent company. If we sold the OneSky in those countries we would be competing with Celestrons sister company, and with an unfair advantage because of Celestron's support(see above)."
David Stefanowicz (8 months ago)
Just ordered mine :) thanks for the great review
Thomas Grön (9 months ago)
Nice trash can!!! My binoculars has more "power" then this tube!!Below from another review I looked at, so some parts are not directly related.BUT MOST IS AS WE ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT MICROSCOPE EYEPIECES OR REFRACTOR LENSES LOOKING AT A MIRROR IMAGE!!!!! The mirror mostly seem like a ordinary flat mirror that showed the camera man partly since the secondary mirror obscures the line of sight..So the reflection seen in the eyepiece is only a reflection from a section of the primary mirror that reflects to the secondary mirror that obviously only is directed towards one section of the primary ordinary mirror...And the eyepiece is a microscope eyepiece enhancing the reflection in the secondary mirror that is a reflection from a part of the primary mirror!!! So what we got in these mirror telescopes is basically a refractor lens/microscope where we look and enhance the mirror image!!The mirror in most cases does nothing but reflect the image of the camera man or a part of the sky, and we use ordinary refraction lenses or microscope eyepieces to look at that reflection!!Any convex or concave mirrors will distort most of the mirror image, but since the secondary mirror only is directed at a small part of the primary mirror, with luck the refractor lenses or microscope eyepiece might get a slightly enhanced reflection to focus at.... But it's a common clausal that the mirror "is very sensitive to transportation vibrations and atmospheric conditions... But a average handy person can correct the mirror... But if not, the warrant might allow for a replacement mirror.. IF YOU HAVENT DAMAGED THE ORIGINAL ONE WHILE TRYING TO ADJUST IT"..AND WHEN THE DISTORTION ISNT CORRECTED, and whom will confess to be less handy then a average man??? The telescope ends up on a shelf and collects dust!!!And the power claimed is obviously not any better then what the refraction lenses allows or the magnitude of enhancement of the microscope eyepiece!!! But most more costly mirror telescopes(they are unnaturally expensive for a couple of mirrors, a tube and basically microscope or refraction lenses!!! BUT THE MORE ADVANCED, AND WHOM DOESNT WANT TO SEE THE GALAXIES AND PLANETS IN THEIR SPLENDID COLOURS?? WILL DISAPPOINT THE BUYER, SINCE ITS OFFICIALLY ADMITTED FROM SCIENTISM AND THE HUBBLE SITE, THAT THERE IS NO COLOUR IN SPACE????? But there are photoshop "experts" THAT DUE TO THEIR "EXPERTISE", COLOURS THE HUBBLE IMAGES!????? How can they have ever seen the real colours?????AND WHY ARE "AVERAGE" PERSONS PUTTING OUT "PICTURES" OF SPACE OBJECTS IN VIVID COLOURS????????Well the more advanced telescopes comes with a virtual space software with thousands of pre programmed objects like planets, galaxies and nebulea's.... And if in colour, well someone has put their "expertise" into those virtual objects... Virtual does mean not real.....???????????????????And there are options of online updates and connection to nasa/ESA or affiliated sites where large parts or whole universe is existing in virtual universes........!!!! So it's "fun" pointing the 70x eyepiece, or virtual 200x computer software/online computer screen or digital eyepiece towards the sky, where the digital direction/tracking system GIVES YOU IN FULL COLOUR CGI IMAGES OF "SPACE" objects that you can't see in colour with your own eyes...... I have people I know that has spent thousands of dollars on their telescopes, but when I ask if we can look at the night sky together, THEY SAY ITS SO COMPLICATED TO SET THEM UP, OR THE MIRROR IS NOT FUNCTIONING... So the telescopes stands on the shelfs collecting dust...And at the Hubble site they explain the following.... No colours thus experts puts on the colours........,..........,.,,The mirror(a ordinary but thick as hell and thus heavy) is very bubble free and highly polished.. But why since they have put the foil on the upper side thus the glass has no function besides supporting a surface to the foil??????And the foil is very very thin??? Why thin and not thick and finely polished???A thin foil will render in a see through spy mirror!!?????????????Why use heavy fragile glass when the glass has no purpose??????????????And the aluminium/silver foil so very thin, but no electricity or other electronics connected to the mirror!!!But nasa tells us the mirror collects light and does not enhance the image???How is a thick but ordinary almost see through mirror collecting light???????The mirror should thus become hot and glow??????????????????????????!When is the collected light released???Nope just a mirror that due to its shape reflects and centres the light from every object in the field of view!!!And the secondary mirror further reflects and centres the light????????So the detector must collect a blend of light from various objects????????????How can it make sense of the blend of light?????? And how does the detector know what objects are missing due to the secondary mirror and the spindle THAT OBSCURES THE LINE OF SIGHT?It was only after the implementation of magical mirror telescopes that we begun to see out beyond our own star system????? But go to google scholar or Harvard and look at how galaxies looked like in the beginning!!!!!???????NOTHING LIKE AFTER THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION THOUGH????????????Mirror telescopes is basically hoaxes!!!And nothing but microscopes or refraction lenses looking at a mirror image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'And if coloured objects from private persons, they show digital false versions!!!!!And if coloured objects= photoshop experts that has created them!!!!!!
Markinpuff (9 months ago)
Junk eyepieces..
Andrew Travers (9 months ago)
Wait not for sale anymore?
Dan Slotea (5 months ago)
Note: The OneSky can only be shipped within the United States. That's on the shopping cart page.
Wildart2 (5 months ago)
Sigh Phi Guy (9 months ago)
people... dont buy new scopes. 99% of them are chinese junk. buy a 25 year old or older one that will work properly and wont break in less than a year.
gowd sake (4 months ago)
Maybe where you are ! celestron make good scopes in the real world
Tex Mex (4 months ago)
​+Screww Googlle That a good scope, but I do Astrophotgraphy and needed something that would follow the stars and allow long exposures.
Screww Googlle (4 months ago)
+Tex Mex I bought a new Zhumell Z12 last year for $673.00 at TelescopesPlus
Tex Mex (5 months ago)
+Astaroth You have a new comment?
Astaroth (5 months ago)
This comment is bullshit. I have a new one and it is far superior to any old ones I've kept for over thirty years.
Larry Janson (9 months ago)
well if the cost has been inflated to pay for schooling in country's were the number one objective is to find food to eat...today... then best to buy a different brand of telescope. as i do not want to support someone else. only can just afford things for my self. is this program going to pay my bills by over charging someone else for there wants??
Nathan Jeffrey (4 months ago)
You are truly an idiot
Tex Mex (5 months ago)
nobody is stopping you
Christopher Gabow (10 months ago)
Is this the original voice actor from SpaceRip?
David Knisely (10 months ago)
Uh, no, an achromat doublet (four lenses in two groups) is either a Plossl or a Symmetrical depending on the sizes and focal lengths of each achromatic doublet. A Kellner has a plano-convex field lens followed by a smaller doublet eye lens, so it is a 3-element eyepiece.
rbrtck (9 months ago)
I think that in this case "achromat doublet" refers only to the eye lens, not the design as a whole, which is most likely a type of Kellner. Unless I missed something, no one said there were two achromat (or more properly achromatic) doublets, as in a Plössl or Symmetrical (Dialsight)--just the eye lens of the Kellner design.
J Grant (10 months ago)
I just hate seeing the front mirror so exposed to the elements! If the struts could somehow be gorilla glass enclosed.
Rutger MacDonald (10 months ago)
Does this come with a barrel shroud for light congested areas? If not, does a third-party make one?
Zyx (10 months ago)
That second camera with it's 15 or so fps........
نظیر رستمی (11 months ago)
julho ponde (11 months ago)
Please kindly inform me where I find this telescope to buy over the internet??
Tex Mex (5 months ago)
google is a great place to start. or use the link provided by the maker of the video.
G Hall (11 months ago)
Where can I buy this,and how much is it?
John Darwen (1 year ago)
Get ready! for a sore back!
Basil Brush (1 year ago)
Is this scopes mirror spherical or parabolic.. If it's spherical it's ability to resolve fine details will be hopeless. As this is a short focal length scope, the primary mirror has to be slightly parabolic. This is achieved in the final stages of the polishing procedure.
Peace be to you sir! I teach a boys science class! I plan to purchase one! Thanks for the instructions!
Boogie Man (1 year ago)
What about astronomy education here in the United States? Why are people always going out of their way to help other countries? Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I call all of the hotels in Las Vegas to get them to donate turkeys, hams, stuffing, potatoes, etc so I can cook meals for those in need in Downtown LA. Every year I save about 20 abandoned children (no parents, dumped on the streets to fend for themselves) and find them homes through the city, county and state programs. Trust me - there are A LOT of people in need here in the United States. Anyone giving our countries money to other countries are acting foolish. I'm glad you are helping people in need but don't you think we should concentrate on the skeletons in our own closet before we venture out to find more? Every time I let people at the shelters, neighbors, co-workers and friends look through my telescope they wonder why it doesn't look colorful, vibrant and close-up like what you see in the photos from NASA and Space X? It's gotten to be such a common question after they look through the eye piece of my telescope that I hung a sign saying "The Universe Doesn't Look Like what NASA Shows Us!" on my telescope! Trust me when I say that Astronomy education is needed here in our home country than it is needed in Africa. For this reason alone I'm not buying your telescope.
Hanz Cedric (2 months ago)
+zakaria600 your reply is much more nastier. The reason third world countries are poor is the fact that these countries rely too much on the US than relying on themselves. Give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish
zakaria600 (2 months ago)
@Boogie Man You are one selfish nasty fuck!
Shaheen Ghiassy (2 months ago)
Have you ever travelled outside of the USA? If so, you’d realize the poorest person in the US is still richer than a 1/3 of the planet.
moeshickenyay (3 months ago)
I think it’s because TRUMP declared the earth flat, and that the stars were actually pinholes in the great dome of the heavens.
M. S. L. (1 year ago)
There could have been allot more padding in that box... What's up with people not realizing this is important, especially when it's a precise instrument!
Parker Jeans (2 months ago)
Shut up nerd
Marcus Dyck (1 year ago)
Be careful with the box lift up so you don't scratch the box... drops the box full of eye pieces on the ground ^_^
heyscott73 (1 year ago)
What was the multi-tool you were using?
OMNISLASHER1000 (1 year ago)
I cringed so bad when you pulled the telescope out the box, I hate the sound of cardboard,lol!
ProBroS (1 year ago)
What is the price of it? Site didn't work for me...
Liuon (1 year ago)
The irony is that Astronomers Without Borders, actually have borders with their shipping programms and ship only to the US.
Al Russ (2 months ago)
Frank Klawuhn (3 months ago)
​+Steven So that is Amsterdam NY? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amsterdam_(city),_New_York
moeshickenyay (3 months ago)
Cup half empty kinda guy.
Felipe C. (4 months ago)
+Steven how
Tex Mex (5 months ago)
The irony is they explain this right on their website. The reason for the US exclusivity is that the onesky is identical to the Skywatcher which is a sister company: "We'd love to to ship the OneSky around the world, but a very similar model is sold by SkyWatcher in many other countries. Celestron and SkyWatcher are owned by the same parent company. If we sold the OneSky in those countries we would be competing with Celestrons sister company, and with an unfair advantage because of Celestron's support(see above)."
SoCalFreelance (1 year ago)
The only reason you would have a telescope in NY City, one of the most light polluted cities in the world, is to peer into peoples windows!
Lynx Star Automotive (2 months ago)
Tex Mex very true. I live in Miami, and setting one of these up on a rooftop, is almost like a cheater tripod
Tex Mex (5 months ago)
I live in a very light polluted city and get great views of the planets and moon, comets and other features. Yes it would be better 100 miles into the countryside, but the telescope in you back yard (or roof) gets used 100X more than the one in the garage that you drive into the country side.
Richard bunt (1 year ago)
That's a smart scope
I think it is just dumb that they do not ship this telescope outside the USA. I recently bought my first telescope and would have bought that one no doubt. Nice video, take care everyone!
Tex Mex (5 months ago)
You can buy an identical scope from their sister company.
Christiaan Baron (1 year ago)
look at all dem po' nigguz
Gt Perez (1 year ago)
that was a great video presentation. Thank you for making it.
leos rule (1 year ago)
What a nice program/idea. And what a shame that our own USA children aren't taught these things. Instead, they are saddled down with Common Core math, Hundreds of required federal tests so the States can get budget funding (although property owners are still paying school taxes), and hours of endless homework - so that by 10th or 11th grade they are dropping out of school. But it's nice there are so, so, so many programs to help the children of other countries.
Chris Jones (1 year ago)
I for 1 enjoy my borders thank you very much 😂.
Graeme Lastname (1 year ago)
Silly bugger dropped some parts and nearly dropped the whole lot at one point. What a poor choice of location for unboxing. Think I'll open mine on the bed. ;-)

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