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Women's Sizing Guide: Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 - What Size Yeezy's to buy for Girls, Men to Women Size

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Women's Sizing Guide: Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V1&V2 - What Size Yeezy's to buy for Girls. Men to Women Size Conversion In this video i go over the size conversions for yeezys from mens sizes to women sizes. this video is for finding your women size in adidas yeezy boost 700 V1 & V2, wave runners, Mauvs, Static, and future color ways. this sizing guy apples to all yeezy 700 shoes and will help you find the correct womens size. I sell a lot of yeezys and have a lot of experience in sizing for women. basically i recommend women buying yeezy 700s to order 2 sizes down from their normal womens shoe size. if you want to play it safe order 1.5 sizes down. Please like, share and subscribe! Please consider making a donation. The revenue goes towards improving my YouTube videos. You can send it via this PayPal link. https://www.paypal.me/gunnertierno My eBay Store: https://www.ebay.com/usr/gunnertiernostore Visit my Online Store: https://worldwidedrip.com Visit my Website: https://gunnertierno.com Follow me on Instagram where I'm most active! Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gunnertierno/ Snapchat https://www.snapchat.com/add/gunnertierno Twitter https://twitter.com/GunnerTierno Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/gunnertierno #womensyeezys #boost700 #yeezy700 #700static #yeezysizing #yeezyboost #700v2 adidas yeezy boost 700 v2 womens sizing guide,yeezy,yeezy boost 700 for women,adidas womens sizing guide,adidas yeezy womens sizing guide,yeezy womens sizing guide,what size yeezys to buy for girls,what size yeezys to buy for girls in mens,yeezy mens sizes for girls,yeezy size conversion,yeezy triple white,yeezy boost triple white,buying yeezys for girls,women boost 700,yeezy mens to womens,yeezy womens sizes, yeezy sizing guide, yeezy 700 sizing vs 350
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Crystal9876543211 (3 days ago)
Hi, I'm a size 9 mens in my 350's and they fit just fine. What size do you think I should get for the 700?
D Marie (4 days ago)
I’m a 7 in women so does that mean I would get a 5.5?
nekrostein (4 days ago)
Hey I’m a size US 7 1/2 what size should I get :0
serena yeh (7 days ago)
Hi, I got US 5.5 for Yeezy 350 V2 and it is a bit too tight for me. What size should I get for 700? :)
Anna voravong (12 days ago)
If I’m a 5.5 us in women’s do I order at size 4 in men’s us
Ella Garfield (19 days ago)
Hey, i’m a UK 4.5/5 what size would you advise going for in the 700 v2s?
Gunner Tierno (18 days ago)
hey I would try a 3.5 UK on your first pair. should be a nice fit. its also the smallest size you can go.
Hayleama just Collins (1 month ago)
Hi I’m an 8.5 in a women what size should I order btw these my first pair of yeezy I’m about to order
Hayleama just Collins (1 month ago)
Gunner Tierno thank you so much
Gunner Tierno (1 month ago)
I would get a 7 mens on your first pair
Kieria Berry (1 month ago)
Hayleama just Collins 7.5 in mens. I’m a size 9/8.5 in women’s and first ordered a 7.5 men’s was tight the toe box is different on the 700s.
Peizi He (1 month ago)
Hi I wear women 6.5 in adidas. What size should I wear in the 350s?
Gunner Tierno (1 month ago)
i have a video on this Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Women's Sizing Guide - What Size Yeezy's to Buy for Girls in Mens https://youtu.be/LCmadUa5T_I
Gunner Tierno (1 month ago)
My GF is same size. She wears 4.5. I say you get a 5 on your first pair
koko campa (1 month ago)
can u plz help me 😣 im 7 1/2 in woman but other video says to get 1 full size up not only half size..is that right? excuse my englis
Gunner Tierno (1 month ago)
no problem if I get some salts in i'll hit you up +koko campa
koko campa (1 month ago)
+Gunner Tierno aww thank u but all i wanted is the salt😣 but ill thing about it thank you so so much🤗
Gunner Tierno (1 month ago)
i do have size 6 Inertia for sale. my website is www.worldwidedrip.com +koko campa
Gunner Tierno (1 month ago)
oh man i just sold my last pair of size 6 salts+koko campa
koko campa (1 month ago)
+Gunner Tierno cant find them any more lol i wanted the salt😣😂
Sarah Alvi (1 month ago)
So if I’m a size 9 in women what size should I get in men?
Gunner Tierno (1 month ago)
I'd say for your first pair try 7.5 mens
Hoi Lam (1 month ago)
so if I'm a uk 6 women i should order a us 6 or 6.5 mens?
Gunner Tierno (1 month ago)
if you're women 6UK you should get a size 4 or 4.5UK Mens
Nesi Field (1 month ago)
I wear a 8.5 In men what size should I get if I want the 700’s?
Gunner Tierno (1 month ago)
if its your first pair i'd say try a size 7 mens
Leon Yu (2 months ago)
If I wear 350 in size 4.5 and it fits perfectly. should I buy the same size for 700 as well?
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
No problem 👍🏻
Leon Yu (2 months ago)
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
Yeah go with the same size. The 700s don’t run much bigger
Taneira Hughes (2 months ago)
Hello, I wear a 8 in women what size should I order in the 700? Btw.. I tried on the 7 & they’re to small so idk if I should get a 7.5 or 8.
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
Man this is a tough one. 7.5 is either going to fit perfect or be just a little too tight. I feel like you should play it safe with a size 8. The 700s aren’t that much bigger in sizing.
Taneira Hughes (2 months ago)
My friend had a pair I tried on hers; however, I couldn’t flatten it my big toe was curled up but my 8 in my 350’s fit perfectly.
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
hmmm ok. how tight were the size 7s? could you flatten you foot?
Merry Chris (2 months ago)
What if im a 5 us size what size should i order in uk size im a girl though
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
No problem!
Merry Chris (2 months ago)
+Gunner Tierno in women size im 5~ anyways, thanks for the info 😊😊👍
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
you're a size 5 in mens or women? either way a US size 5 is equal to UK size 4.5.......UK sizes are a half size down from US
Fleur Barge (2 months ago)
Hi, I'm normally a womens european 38/uk 5 in adidas. I do not have wide feet. what size should i get? the adidas website suggest a 5.5 us man sizing. is that true?
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
hey, adidas is telling you to get a 5.5UK mens? that doesn't seem right if you're a 5UK women usually.
Angella Vasquez (2 months ago)
So is the 700v2 fit like the mauve? I played it safe with those and got my 350 v2 size and thank god I did cause those run tight on the toe area but I do want the 700 static’s and wave runners
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
yeah they do fit tight in the toe area in general. and yeah the V2s fit just like the mauves or wave runners. so if your happy with your size stick with it.
Devin Einhart (2 months ago)
Great to know! Trying to order a pair for my girl 🙏
Henry Hogan (2 months ago)
bit.ly/copSneakers will help you cop those Yeezys/Adidas/Jordans/Nike/limited kicks! Never Pay Resale again.
BonitaHaitian _ (2 months ago)
Im a size 8 , 8.5 in women and i ordered a 7.5 in the 700 and they fit roomy . Question is would i wear the same size in 350's and i also have wide feet so yea 🤷🏽‍♀️
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
hmm good to know for next video +tifara718
tifara718 (2 months ago)
BonitaHaitian _ i also have a wide foot . the front of shoe is very snug, I’m a woman size 10 ,i had to get a 9.5 men
BonitaHaitian _ (2 months ago)
yes i do the 700 are kinda big or look bulky if that makes any sense but look small on my feet and i have enough room to move my toes
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
350 run on the smaller side of things. do you like the current fit of the 700s you have?
Sam Wong (2 months ago)
Finally! A video for the women!
Gunner Tierno (2 months ago)
thanks for watching! more videos like this coming!!

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