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Top 10 Most Realistic War Movies According to Military Veterans

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Top 10 Realistic War Movies Subscribe For More Obsev Now! ►► http://bit.ly/SubToOBSEV War movies are not always accurate. Hollywood is known to take some liberties here and there, all for the sake of selling tickets. But which war movies depict life as a soldier most accurately? To answer such a question, it's best to look to the voice of experience. Military vets have weighed in with their opinions in an effort to find out which war flicks are the most true to life. The following are the top ten most realistic war films, according to our uniformed heroes. 00:31 #10 - Jarhead 01:04 #9 - Lone Survivor 01:31 #8 - Black Hawk Down 01:48 #7 - Full Metal Jacket 02:11 #6 - Stalingrad 02:36 #5 - Saving Private Ryan 03:01 #4 - Come and See 03:21 #3 - Band of Brothers 03:42 #2 - Generation Kill 04:05 #1 - Watch and find out! Is there a film that you think should have made the cut? Let us know in the comments below! Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/obsev Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/obsevstudios Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/obsev -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Top 5 TV Shows that NEED to Be Cancelled, Jumped the Shark" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QgfzG72mRU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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sonnycarr1 (11 hours ago)
I don't even know how Das Boot is not include but my opinion - Das Boot, We Were Solders and Cross of Iron
Linda Sykes (14 hours ago)
Put fury in
Linda Sykes (14 hours ago)
Black hawk down is my favorite
Steve J. (16 hours ago)
Considering most WWII and pretty much all of the WWI veterans are dead, or were dead before some of these movies were made, I think this "According to Military Veterans" rating/ranking is a bit skewed if not flat out worthless. Pretty sure Vietnam, and Gulf War veterans have no idea how accurate WWI an WWII movies are, as well as those veterans have little idea how accurate a Vietnam movie was. The only war that really crossed generational lines that could actually see a veteran participating in it, as well as an earlier or later war was The Korean War. Any Korean War vets out there want to comment?
Jay Lee (17 hours ago)
According "US Military Veterans" pff
Saving private Ryan has soo many flaws
M R (1 day ago)
Generation Kill is by far the closest movie to what my unit experienced in Iraq. Rest Repo is real, shot on site so what could be more accurate about the Afghanistan war?
chenks54 (1 day ago)
Has anybody seen 'The Flowers of War' starring Christian Bale. Set during the Nanking massacre of 1937 by the Japanese. It portrays the horrors of war and the atrocious depravity that some soldiers will stoop to. Maybe not one for the top ten, but still an incredible film about war. Certainly not for the faint-hearted. The acting throughout is superb, except, unfortunately for the lead actor, Christian Bale, who seemed out of his depth and lacking credibility considering the enormity of the leading role he had to play.
Svetlana Abramova (1 day ago)
I would here added the film "Brest fortress"( 2010 year). The film tells about the heroic defense of the Brest fortress, which took the first blow of the Nazi invaders on June 22, 1941. Events that took place in the first days of the defense are described with documentary accuracy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u7u_rx9uRY
ReadingforWisdom (2 days ago)
Battle for Algiers
ed johnson (2 days ago)
Cross of Iron, Gods and Generals.
raghavendra babu (3 days ago)
Where is 1. downfall 2. Rommel 3.schindlers list
WarDaddy Industries (3 days ago)
Restrepo doesn't really count it's a bunch of go pro footage combat footage and documentary, as for Generation Kill I fully relate to it even down to SgtMaj chewing my ass for my mustache. That dumb cunt.
krutonic (3 days ago)
Where is "The Pacific"? How about "Full Metal Jacket"?
Marcin Mos (3 days ago)
The thin red line, Stainer iron cross, American sniper
Steve Clark (3 days ago)
Never understood the “dilemma” in Operation Redwing (Lone Survivor). They could 1: let them go and they’d alert the Taliban. 2: Tie them up and leave them there, but “risk them getting eaten by wolves or freeze to death”. Or 3: kill them and go to the exfil point. Why not make the choice of option 4: take them to the exfil point with you, and once the helo is there lightly tie them up just to slow them down for a few minutes until you’re out of the area and the helicopter is clear of the LZ?
Robert Haller (3 days ago)
Good list don't forget to add the Cold War next time the best movie made for the Cold War was definitely The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy thank you very much Robert Hall your have a great day and don't forget to call War
I agree with Zulu. What about the Green Berets w/ John Wayne? or Kelly’s Heroes? or Troy?
00Beowulf00 (3 days ago)
I found "When Trumpets Fade" (1998) a very good movie. Other movies not mentioned in the video I enjoyed were "When we were soldiers" "Die Brucke" (The Bridge) "Saints and Soldiers"
Stian Myrdal Laursen (3 days ago)
American "hero" movies are NOT realistic.... And WHY ain't DAS BOOT on this list.....
Shaun Broderick (3 days ago)
Memphis Belle & Windtalkers should be on the list.
WarDaddy Industries (3 days ago)
Windtalkers really? I tore that movie up before I joined for how fake it was. Now it's litterly unwatchable for how retarded and fake it is.
Jon Aichs (3 days ago)
Das Boot!
Randy Solberg (3 days ago)
Das Boot - the most realistic look at diesel subs ever made.
STEVE R (3 days ago)
'Tora Tora! Tora! Is a picture everyone should see. The producers did everything possible to be historically accurate in this movie about the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The USA side was Directed by Richard Felescher while the Japanese side was Directed by Fukasku & Masuda. 'The Battle of Midway' also is a must see. 'Too Hell and Back' about the most decorated soldier of WWII, actual stars Audie Murphy! Also a must see. Plus read 'To Hell and Back' Autobiography by Audie Murphy. I also like 'The Longest Day' While the on line scenes are not as gripping as those on top ten, these are great movies.
Paul G McDuffee (3 days ago)
What about "The Pacific"????
Gordon Music (3 days ago)
Appocalypse now?
Gordon Music (3 days ago)
From cement boogers to scorpions to snakes in the shutters to assaulting someone with a football because he was kicking a dead man head around like a soccer ball freezing to death in the desert finally a ice cold shower that was better than gold
Donald Allen (4 days ago)
Tora, Tora, Tora, (to my knowledge the most accurate depiction of the Pearl Harbor attack), 30 Seconds Over Tokyo ( wartime film but basically accurate and uses real B-25's), Flags Of Our Fathers, Das Boot, The Pacific, Platoon, Hacksaw Ridge.
Jack Nakash (4 days ago)
Again another mini-series "The Pacific"
FireHitPanic (4 days ago)
Wow, Documentary is #1... no duh it’s realistic. It’s the real thing. There are so many others choices of studio recreations that could go on this list in its place. Listen... when you say movies, we expect ACTUAL movies like the other 9 on this list. It’s like if you were making list going for most realistic Hockey movie and putting at #1 a <insert year> Stanley Cup winner dvd of all the games played. Or going for most realistic toy recreation of guns and including an actual gun. Jeez I could keep going with examples in other genres of why #1 is invalid for this type of this list. I’ll just leave it at this. #1 seriously makes me want to dislike the video and I usually never dislike videos. I usually just ignore ones I don’t like and neither like or dislike them.
Haley Verhagen (4 days ago)
American Sniper? Act of Valor? Patriot?
ted johnson (4 days ago)
#1, "Hamburger Hill"
Lynn Mcbee (4 days ago)
The Boys in Company C a Vietnam movie , Iwo Jima , Burt Lancaster in Go Tell the Spartans a Vietnam movie , John Wayne in Green Berets a Vietnam movie , there’s 4 off the top of my head, another hasn’t made into a movie yet , about Navy Seal Mike Day for those of you that haven’t heard of him , You Tube actually has 4-5 good interviews with him in my opinion probably the best was done at the Shot Show in Las Vegas I think at a retailer I’m thinking called Shit Head booth as in Gear Head or gear nerd the surrounding booths just made way for about a 30 minute interview, unbelievable, i know these Navy Seals are making this stuff up it can’t be true,,, folks you can’t even make this story up , trust me listen!!!!
Steve H. (4 days ago)
Hamburger Hill, Vietnam edition. When asked by a reporter why he attacked the hill again and again the Colonel replied "because thats where the enemy is!" After eventually winning the hill and inflicting and recieving many casualties, the hill was abandoned 2 days later. It had nothing to do with capturing the hill but everything about killing the enemy. That's why it is true reality!
dane vasko (4 days ago)
‘The Best Years of Our Lives ‘ is a masterpiece about coming home after war. Highly recommend!
CAS (4 days ago)
The pacific is also great.
Jacob Morales (4 days ago)
I had the honor of speaking with a WW II veteran. He was the pilot of a B-17 bomber with multiple missions under his belt. He told me to watch ‘12 O’clock High” and that he felt it was an accurate depiction of his experience.
Mario Palma (4 days ago)
Full Metal Jacket isn’t anything like modern day Marine Corps boot camp. Drill Instructors are waaaay more intense now, even if they’re “not allowed” to hit recruits. R. Lee Ermey was physically abusive, yes, but it was really only to the shitbags, and he was usually trying to teach some kind of lesson. Aside from how to drill and how to make a rack, modern day drill instructors don’t teach anything but chaos and pain. They punish everyone, everytime, for everything. I’m not saying one is better than the other, but I watched FMJ for the first time on the bus to MCRD San Diego in 2007 and for 13 weeks all I could think of was how chill the DIs and the op-tempo was in the movie. The fact that you can understand most of what Gunny Hartman says is crazy, good luck making out anything when there’s 3 DIs screaming at you point blank at the top of their lungs @ 20 words a second, honestly half of it probably isn’t even English or any other known language. Just my .02 Mike Co. 3265
Redneck322 (4 days ago)
The Pacific
usmcjamesb1965 (4 days ago)
Had a Gunny while I was In the Marine Corps, who was a decorated Vietnam Vet, thought the Movie Platoon was crap, and said that Hamburger Hill was the most realistic Vietnam war movie that he had ever seen. As a Desert Storm Vet, with I MEF and 7th Marines, I had a lot of problems with the movie Jarhead, even thought their are many factual parts to it. Semper Fi!
zeus66061 (4 days ago)
dale carney (4 days ago)
Gods and Generals
chitownBigfella (4 days ago)
What about "We were soldiers" who made this list???
Axuelii (4 days ago)
Wheres American sniper?
The thin red line, American Sniper, could enter in this category?
Jeff Mills (4 days ago)
all the veterans who would know about other movies are dead... half of these movies were bullshit.. Stalingrad was excellent... iron cross.. many more
Brian Haley (4 days ago)
Jaime Lannister at 1:39 😂
Rodney Payne (4 days ago)
Taking fire documentary. https://youtu.be/pefJ1_aYoG0 REAL!
General Kienzent (4 days ago)
12 strong should be in list
Faith Content (4 days ago)
The siege of jadotville
Faith Content (4 days ago)
+ted johnson I was in that movie acting
ted johnson (4 days ago)
That is a good candidate.
Its Juan (5 days ago)
What about Fury?
Jeff the killer (5 days ago)
I should watch Stalingrad is it on YouTube??
Dillon O'Malley (5 days ago)
Feel like generation war should’ve been in there as well as pacific.
Triskelion 1968 YT (5 days ago)
Saving Private Ryan is one of the best together with Wind Talker , Pearl Harbour , The Flag of our Father and Fury 🤔im not satisfied on your gradings of war movies Like this if you agree with me
St. Nick (4 days ago)
Pearl Harbor was a war movie? Did I miss the overly long boring "acting" The fake aircraft flying through the middle of modern mothballed ships. The overly boring hey these are the only two guys fighting this war so the actors can be the heroic magnificent crappy actors they really are? And Fury, was it the scene stealing egg eating, spit swapping what exactly? The tanks fighting a tree line, a tiger ! which would have creamed them. Maybe the final "heroic last stand" of the Tank. Starship Toopers did it better.
Joel Nathanael Smith (5 days ago)
WTF? You can’t just throw a documentary at the top of the list, there’s like 10,000 of them. What about: A) Hamburger Hill B) Platoon C) 13 Hours
hab tech (5 days ago)
Behind enemy lines
hab tech (5 days ago)
Enemy at the gate
Gary Bryant (5 days ago)
The Pacific should have been high on the list. Europe wasn't the only theater of the war.
Augusto (5 days ago)
Aleksandr Barsukov (5 days ago)
You forgot "over there"
Asan Mayi (5 days ago)
71 into the fire .. is also missing in this list
Luke Hinkle (5 days ago)
I went hiking in the Sandia Mountains where some of the scenes were shot for Lone Survivor.  I can't imagine how they got all the movie equipment up there to film those scenes.
IconicMovieMoments (5 days ago)
Every one of these movies are fiction, made up by a screenwriter with no factual documented basis. Made up characters, made up scenes, made up plots, made up stories.
Big Poppa (5 days ago)
Saving Private Ryan should’ve been at least top 3
Panzerjäger Nashorn (5 days ago)
All quiet on the western front? Das Boot?...
A Singh (5 days ago)
Come and see changed me
P V (5 days ago)
Hurry up and wait.
Mayank Bariar (5 days ago)
j willy (5 days ago)
Battle for Haditha. Thought it was docu, first couple mins. Seriously, check it.
Cogzed (5 days ago)
Tears of the sun beats many of these for tactics etc hands down.
Joel Nathanael Smith (5 days ago)
Cogzed you made me throw up in my mouth, because I know you’re serious and an actual human.
Jeremiah Waller (5 days ago)
Need update to include Combat Obscura, it deserves #1.
Richard Anthony (5 days ago)
Platoon Memphis Bell
JJ Kirakdeka (5 days ago)
hacksaw ridge was by far best and most realistic of all time. Also American sniper should be up there.
BigDaddy B (5 days ago)
Miguel Lowe (5 days ago)
Restropo... does not count. It's not a retelling or cinematized production of any military drama; it's a DOCUMENTARY. It IS the story. Let's not get the categories confused here.
Humberto Castro (5 days ago)
The pacific
Michael Tischuk (5 days ago)
Full Metal Jacket, that was a farce, no one would remain in Basic Training like that...it was a stupid movie. The movie Stripes was more realistic.
Fleechy (5 days ago)
Fuck you nnumber 2 and 3 are both series and 1 is a documantary
Robin Duley (5 days ago)
Jarhead wasn't even remotely close to realistic depiction of the gulf war!
St. Nick (4 days ago)
Jarhead was right up there with "the Marine" could stand either one.
Matthew Dagnan (5 days ago)
Robert Wooxward (5 days ago)
How about the big red one and pt 109
St. Nick (4 days ago)
Big Red One, couldn't watch it through the first, second times it came on. But a solid NO. PT 109 didn't have a lot of combat sequences, More about the "man" or the men. Try "Go tell the Spartans" older Vietnam movie, or "Odd Angry Shot" by Australian film makers slow at first, but action scenes get better on in,
Brandon Patterson (5 days ago)
The lost Battalion is amazing war movie. What about Gettysburg? Or the patriot.
mark kelly (5 days ago)
ZULU the greatest war movie of all time
William Hardy (5 days ago)
I would have moved the last out out and inserted the mini-series Pacific. Like Band of Brothers, it is based on true stories and actual people.
William Hardy (5 days ago)
I would have moved the last out out and inserted the mini-series Pacific. Like Band of Brothers, it is based on true stories and actual people.
William Hardy (5 days ago)
I would have moved the last out out and inserted the mini-series Pacific. Like Band of Brothers, it is based on true stories and actual people.
William Hardy (5 days ago)
I would have moved the last out out and inserted the mini-series Pacific. Like Band of Brothers, it is based on true stories and actual people.
William Hardy (5 days ago)
I would have moved the last out out and inserted the mini-series Pacific. Like Band of Brothers, it is based on true stories and actual people.
Aaron Bates (6 days ago)
Just watch combat footage if you want to see people suffer.
Holly Cow (6 days ago)
You sir are an idiot...movies arnt documentaries and documentaries arnt movies...god youre fuckin dumb..hey guys whats the most realistic war movie, then places real footage of war...thats like saying whats the most realistic painting in the world and then taking a picture with a camera
carverboy carverboy (6 days ago)
You left out "The Beast" an extremely well made movie about a russian tank crew in Afganistan.
Chris Holland (6 days ago)
Zulu Downfall Das Boot
Lando Calrissian (6 days ago)
I thought lone survivor was super unrealistic cause I’d have shot that kid while they debated and been like “I guess we will deal with this BACK AT THE FOB.....ALIVE” Foh....
Yola Montalvan (6 days ago)
What about my favourite, The Gladiator? Well it’s a war movie.
Yola Montalvan (6 days ago)
I guess if it wasn’t for Hitler, all these people would be unemployed and homeless.
Ringo Jiro Nicolas (6 days ago)
I dont think number 1 shoulda been there...
Roman Borris (6 days ago)
William (6 days ago)
I watched Come and See a few months back and it is gruesome and dark just as war truly is. So realistic it’s sad. It’s a great movie depicting what people had to deal with in the face of Nazi war.
James Hamlett (6 days ago)
agreed. cop out at #1 with a documentary. that reality sure was realistic.
William Pitcher (6 days ago)
It's been awhile. However, as I remember it, 'Fortress of War' aka "The Brest Fortress' is a Belarus/Russian movie about the defence of the Brest Fortress against the Nazis. What I remember of it, it is one of the most incredible war movies I have ever seen for its realism.

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