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Galaxys and Nebulas through my Telescope (Deep Sky Objects)

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---------Cameras and Gear Used To Shoot This Video ------- Telescope: http://amzn.to/2AgfxUi Mount: http://amzn.to/2i7ktpL Camera: https://amzn.to/2Ltbw2V Planetary Cam: https://amzn.to/2M6UmJz Barlow Lense: https://amzn.to/2Lq6Z1p DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and buy anything on Amazon, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this video I want to show you how I capture Deep Sky Objects, like nebulas and galaxys. It's the most complicated part of astrophotography and you need to prepare your telescope before you can image distant stars. In the end of the video you can see some Deep Sky Objects I captured, like the Orion Nebula and the Dumbbell Nebula. Hope you enjoy! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/j.w.astronomy/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jwastronomy/ Website: http://jwastronomy.com/ To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]
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Text Comments (6634)
ASTROmagazine (19 days ago)
Like this Comment and subscribe, if you want to see a video where I photograph all of these Objects without a Telescope :]
Parth Agarwal (1 day ago)
I love your work. Even I have a telescope but it's a small one🔭. Just enough for seeing bright things upto magnitude 5.😃😃😃
Stellvia Heonheim (4 days ago)
What software did you use to color these?
Victoriousin (5 days ago)
Show real live video of you viewing these galaxies through your telescope, that would be real stuff, otherwise it looks like you just took pictures from Hubble and inserted them in your video, where is proof that these are real unedited pictures from your telescope! We demand real live footage of night sky through your telescope! Don't take it the wrong way man, but I'm just tired of these fake pictures from NASA, I want real stuff from people like you.
Pritesh Barsikar (6 days ago)
Someone should put telescope in his ass...bloady asshole...Nasa and other space agency spending billions of dollars for the space picture and ghis bastard got clear image from his telescope???... Bloody SOB....
atsume tyan (16 days ago)
What music did you use in this video? (After setting up the telescope)
cool TNT (38 minutes ago)
The galaxy look like apple
WolfKip Wolfkip (10 hours ago)
No way you can look so far in space with that little telescope
Fane Dybla (13 hours ago)
some one can tell how much is that telescope
kong (14 hours ago)
And yet we are all so wrapped up in our little lives, stressing over work and social image when all it takes is a look out into space to show how tiny and meaningless everything we can even think of is
Halluxinate (12 hours ago)
thats what i say all the time
Lawrence Debes (16 hours ago)
Setting up scope in whole Video and then uploading videos stolen from internet. Fake.
Lma (16 hours ago)
This is mind blowing to me. It makes me think of things we take for granted and how petty issues will never amount to the scale the universe contains. Hopefully that makes sense and no, i'm not high.
GeekTube (18 hours ago)
The video starts at 4:31
you get these pictures after shooting 100 or so frames one after another.. the more the better.. and stacking the images and edit in a computer program such as pixinsight else you won't see much with taking pictures. in case people think taking single pictures to get this.. 😉
Luke Webb (1 day ago)
How much did he spend on this bad boi?
Kim (1 day ago)
It makes me sad thinking that in 100 years all the people in this comment section would be dead and we would still never be able to go to other galaxy
Black Hole (1 day ago)
I can believe so many light years to explore nebula
Video starts 4:30 into it
Veritas (1 day ago)
this video went from real to hubble cartoonish smh
I think this is fake there’s no way a telescope can see more than 12 million light years and even with the mass there is no way
Mikus (1 day ago)
How many dose a Telescope like yours cost? And to what mark it belongs to?
Mikus (2 hours ago)
+biggyjupiter Oh, thanks for the Information
biggyjupiter (8 hours ago)
He sent a link to amazon, its ranging to around $800
Dweeeeeezy09 (1 day ago)
Nobody actually believes that Earth is flat. The people claiming that they do literally only say that because they think telling other people that they believe something outlandish is a substitute for a personality.
Floyd James (2 days ago)
I’m not gonna lie but all these photos look fake as fuck lol
Idiot on 2 wheels (2 days ago)
Bit much to spy on the girl next door
eribaldo Yes (2 days ago)
I thought you would show it in real time, not in photos.
Clarence Alfonso (2 days ago)
Just imagine you're in the woods or somewhere away from civilization and viewing the night sky with a telescope. What a wonderful experience would that be
or very scary.. in the woods.. at night... 🤔
Basaltic Life (2 days ago)
There are a hundred billion galaxies out there.. so do astronomers name each and everything that exists out there?? Is so then it's funny
Jenny Markova (3 days ago)
Flat earthers be like the Milky Way is flat
Xyphoes (19 hours ago)
Not a flat earther here but the milky way is kinda flat I mean the planets, stars and other crap is all spherical but the milk way? nah its flat
jake lame (3 days ago)
Comment section 60% compliment 30% flat Earther 10% other
BigDaddyCool42 (3 days ago)
A real astronomer find the objects in their own. Not with the use of pressing buttons and have a computer do all the work. No fun in that
Devansh Trivedi (3 days ago)
I don't think these images are taken by this telescope. I may be wrong. I am not a flat earther 😂
Dweeeeeezy09 (1 day ago)
You're a moron.
Wayyy too much video time of you setting up the telescope. Should have just gotten to the point and shown the pictures...nobody here cares about the telescope setup.
+Robert Cook it's all good man, I understand the frustration that those moronic Flat-earthers cause to us all.
Robert Cook (2 days ago)
+Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!! Ok that's fair enough. Thanks for your reply. I'm probably wound up from too many flat earther comments, lol.
+Robert Cook  I have an interest in many things, including telescopes. But that wasn't the title of this video..if he would have named the video "setting up a telescope and pictures of the Galaxy" then it would have been completely fine. But it wasn't, which is why I say the video wasted alot of time on something for which it didn't advertise itself.
Robert Cook (2 days ago)
Kidz Bop 38 Plenty of people are interested, especially those who like to learn and see the effort it takes to enjoy a passion. Maybe you should take an interest in something.
Devansh Trivedi (3 days ago)
Hey man I may be wrong But aren't those NASA images ? Which are developed with proper techniques through various processes . I may be wrong But I don't think we can see that through our normal telescope Don't get angry at me . I am just asking . Plzz correct me
Dweeeeeezy09 (17 hours ago)
+Xyphoes Yeah, I'm incapable of reading. That's how I typed a response to his comment. If he doesn't know what he's talking about then he should simply ask the question and leave it at that. Not follow it up by postulating about how it's impossible to see that stuff with the telescope in the fucking video. All that does is fuel the ignorant fucks in the comments who are already jerking off to each others "this isnt real" comments. You should probably fuck off too, asshole.
Xyphoes (19 hours ago)
+Dweeeeeezy09 Are you incapable of reading? He said he was just asking bruhh
Dweeeeeezy09 (1 day ago)
You're incorrect. There. You've been corrected. Now fuck off and learn something.
Jesse Cole (3 days ago)
If i got a telescope and seen these galaxies myself I'd probably cry&laugh at the same time
Jesse Cole (3 days ago)
That telescope looks hella expensive
SidTheKid (3 days ago)
i need to know this song at the beginning of the video
Cool Guyz 4 Ever (3 days ago)
Aliens could be a thing because we r tiny compared to the whole universe and it would be impossible to explore all of the universe so all the way out of space places that we didnt know existes can have all sorts of creatures of all kinds of appearence and sizes like if u think about out of the whole universe we cant be the only things that exist no one has ever left this galaxy we are alive in and there are billions of different galaxies spread out in the infinite space and there is a possibility that there are creatures of all kinds but we will never know.
PProGamer67 (3 days ago)
You should make a video of you just setting up the telescope and what parts and how to use them
PProGamer67 (3 days ago)
+Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!! like a 20 minute video of how to use it how to find the things all of the we stuff you need to know
That's basically this video
ala Taraireh (3 days ago)
Oh shit , do you need to show us how you install your telescope, just do it man
Michael Lomax (3 days ago)
Beautiful... Thankyou for sharing.
RedPz (3 days ago)
how can you see so clearly? where did u get the images from (like why is there so little light pollution)
Kevin Lucey (3 days ago)
4:25 for what you clicked for
Shugi (3 days ago)
Hahahahahahah what a fotomontage
Aniruddha panda (3 days ago)
Hello man we see those galaxy through telescope. The distance is very high. Imagine that a light comes from a galaxy. The distance the Galaxy is 15 thousand light years. So we see the Galaxy by catching the light which left the galaxy 15000 years ago. We don't know what happened today in the galaxy. To know what happened today we waited for more 15000 years.
jagatpati rao (4 days ago)
It's all fake. Those images does not seen actually in the present telescope. Said images prepared by computers.
Chickencrisp (4 days ago)
It’s not fake. You can’t prove anything
J AWRR (4 days ago)
Can someone explain the distance of light years😁😂
Xyphoes (19 hours ago)
1 light year= 1 year for light to reach us or anywhere for eg- if something is 10 light years away, we see the Planet(or any object) 10 years in its past cuz the light hasn't reached us yet
Gabriel Felipe (3 days ago)
A light year is about 9.461.000.000.000 km, because it is the distance that light travels in a terrestrial year
Karmyn Sanchez (4 days ago)
Who else wants to be an astronaut?😤
Jhon Dumaop (4 days ago)
Wonder why flatearthers can't buy one.
Xyphoes (19 hours ago)
cuz they poor asf
sylk adam (4 days ago)
I can’t believe the telescope only costs 700$! Cheaper than the latest iPhone And an iPhone would never capture this!
Mr Oliver (4 days ago)
Lol , pictures of NASA
Dude Dude (3 days ago)
Lol,go and put in the effort to capture these images you uncultured uneducated twat
Supreme Stylez (4 days ago)
Hört sich nach einem Deutschen an 😅
StonedNoob (4 days ago)
Man, those pictures are mesmerizing. I wish I could own a telescope like that. I would just love to sit and gaze into the endless sky and look at all the things that are beyond our imagination. We're so tiny and irrelevant. It's beautiful and eerie.
Farhan Utshaw (4 days ago)
Illya Muromets (4 days ago)
Are these photos from your telescope?
Chickencrisp (4 days ago)
Illya Muromets yes
Djati Mulia (4 days ago)
Who is maintain galaxies? God. Which God? Find your self.
Twe Foju (4 days ago)
it's still hard to believe that a piece of hardware of human creations are able to capture something that is 27 million light years away from Earth, like... mind blown.....
Simon Warwick (4 days ago)
How much is that telescope?
Chickencrisp (3 days ago)
Simon Warwick I’m not sure though, it’s just what another comment said
Simon Warwick (3 days ago)
+Chickencrisp 700 that's cheap cheap, I thought thousands 🤔
Chickencrisp (4 days ago)
Simon Warwick 700 dollars I think
Casey Nichols (5 days ago)
I’m actually surprised your telescope can get that clear of a picture with those galaxies. Maybe I just haven’t been keeping up with telescope technology.
Driftergamez93 (5 days ago)
Hey we have just discovered a planet! Estimated 9473 light years away just 48* to the right of the topography one of the nebulas Please do a video and try find this planet it’s unknown to man kind but I call it kelper 25klid so hope u find it! Very red and white planet
Ulysses Tang (5 days ago)
Dr. Dick Foggetson (5 days ago)
Fake. I can Google better photos than this ones.
Chickencrisp (12 hours ago)
Dr. Dick Foggetson not like you could do better anyway. Just shut up. No one actually cares wether you think it’s fake or not
Dr. Dick Foggetson (18 hours ago)
+XyphoesNo, actually I'm about to finish my masters, but i bet you did drop from school. If you believe this guy took this detailed photographs with that telescope you are a moron. I can Google better images and "say" I took the photos with a crappy telescope that he is using in the video. You people believes garbage this morons from YouTube feed to you, no wonder our generation is a fucking mindless zombie generation.
Xyphoes (19 hours ago)
jeez, did you drop out of school?
Chickencrisp (4 days ago)
Dr. Dick Foggetson it’s not fake
Believed Gaming (5 days ago)
How is that’s telescope?
Typical PS4 Gamer Z (5 days ago)
Meanwhile on andromeda people from a solar system are watching us
Sword of the Morning (4 days ago)
Now that's horrifying.
josh huff (5 days ago)
How much did this telescope cost? Lol
DexDark (5 days ago)
How much would a piece of equipment like this cost?
Xyphoes (19 hours ago)
about 700-800$
Gaurav Singh Yadav (5 days ago)
Hey tell me the cost of this telescope
Graywolf304 (3 days ago)
About $770
Akhi Akhi (6 days ago)
Mint tea (6 days ago)
5:55 Is there a possibility that they will merge? Like the milky way and andromeda in the future?
Missy Missy (5 days ago)
Mint tea Yes, our galaxy and andromeda are set to collide in about 4.5 billion years
Bryan Bortyko (6 days ago)
sidgdansk (6 days ago)
the Jesuit's hired this dude to keep dividing us.. space is fake; science fiction.. they made up the round ball earth shooting through empty space at 66600 MPH; hmm - Vatican devil's!
sidgdansk (3 days ago)
+Chickencrisp read Revelation 9:11 and Genesis 3:15..3:22-24..selfishness and despotism.. research Jesuit Black Nobility
sidgdansk (4 days ago)
+Chickencrisp until all things be fulfilled; friend.. it's just the truth - peace
Chickencrisp (4 days ago)
sidgdansk I really hope you’re joking. If you’re not then how is the world how it is
Reyhan Farabio (6 days ago)
I thought you record it real time with your telescope and capture the video from it. Turns out it just captured images 😂
MaxK2 (5 days ago)
Reyhan Farabio if he recorded it I would just look like a picture.
Sub 2 pewds (6 days ago)
Nice telescope
_John Mark_ (6 days ago)
bruh u took all that just from that tiny ass telescope?
Gurosama Bltch (6 days ago)
This is so beautiful. I'm tearing up. I really want to see this in a telescope. It's so crazy, I'm baffled. One day maybe I'll live somewhere with very little light pollution and I'll get a good telescope.
Gurosama Bltch (6 days ago)
It's so crazy because when you see those pictures you don't even process the fact that you're actually looking at something real, a real gigantic "explosion" of stars and gas that's bigger than you can even comprehend. I really need to see this IRL, it's most likely totally different when you see it in reality.
Kazi Raihan (6 days ago)
feel like dust 😭 how powerful u are? oh my creator
DeathMumblez (6 days ago)
Dude we're on the milky way we're inside of it so you don't need a telescope
DeathMumblez (3 days ago)
+Chickencrisp ohhhhhhhh ok got it
Chickencrisp (4 days ago)
He’s taking pictures of other galaxies and nebulae
Dhruv Patel (6 days ago)
Which telescope is this ???
Mickael (6 days ago)
i would rename this video as "How do i setup my telescope"
Julian Cherkawi (6 days ago)
The video you came for starts at 4:25 Thank me later
Costas Max (5 days ago)
+Julian Cherkawi Thank you 😁😁
Julian Cherkawi (5 days ago)
+Costas Max yes
Costas Max (5 days ago)
Can I thank you now?
Melvin van Galen (6 days ago)
Imagine what could be roaming around on those planets in those galaxies while we are just oberving it..
Sword of the Morning (4 days ago)
Perhaps there is life at an equal stage of technological development. Perhaps a race that sent out its first radio waves in hopes of contacting other life. Perhaps this is the case in every galaxy, one race of intelligent life that arises and is doomed to never come into contact with other intelligent beings.
mango pickle (6 days ago)
M mesmerised
Igoł (6 days ago)
I would like to watch these galaxies while tripping on mushrooms
James Mackie (7 hours ago)
Good luck operating the telescope in that state. I'm lucky if I can use my cellphone. 😂
faith malik (7 days ago)
I am now having an existential crisis
Petra (7 days ago)
Your telescope can see galaxies and nebulas that clear but can barely see the planets of our solar system
CaptSlapster (6 days ago)
That's easy. Galaxies and nebulae are very far away in comparison to our planets. Due to the distance differences it's easier to get exposure on a camera for far away *slow moving* objects than closer faster moving objects.
NBA Access (7 days ago)
Shits is scary like where the fuck are we? Meanwhile we killing each other. I think we need to find the creator
frostieez (7 days ago)
if only we can just go there and look aroumd, that’s so pretty
Everton Flores (7 days ago)
I really dont think the pics are real
Xyphoes (19 hours ago)
then go see them for yourself. Buy a cheap telescope. At least you can see the truth
Everton Flores (7 days ago)
Or atleast that His camera took them
Ander Twenty (7 days ago)
How are you seeing super far away things while you can't super zoom on saturn
Craser G (6 days ago)
Planets in our solar system move to fast to get a clear picture. But these galaxies are insanely far away and thus are easier for the camera to focus.
SAM SAMMY (7 days ago)
Thats the biggest telescope I'd eversen
Dr. Sohel Rana (8 days ago)
Most of the image from hubbles space telescope
Xyphoes (19 hours ago)
You ever gone to school?
MKB 144p (8 days ago)
this should be called how to set up your telescope not the fancy galaxy and nebula bullshit through my ass kind of title
ISuper Gam4rI (8 days ago)
Where's Andromeda from this video???
Istiak Ahmed Mahim (8 days ago)
How much cost this telescope bro .?
Fayebe Russell (8 days ago)
So beautiful 💙💙
Robert Mailloux (8 days ago)
Thanks for all of those efforts for posting Reality ! There are a lot of delusional idiots and flatards who post comments all over.The all suffer from cognitive dissonance and should consult as soon as possible..
Daniel Jensen (8 days ago)
Wow.. How much does a telescope like that cost
E Rico (8 days ago)
so where can Red-Shift be identified?
William 12 (8 days ago)
awsome background music
Olly Hanbury (9 days ago)
M51 is a hexagon.
Cesar Baez (9 days ago)
Looks like an expensive computer imager that's takes digital images that are already installed in telescope. I'm not buying these images . Take a photo instead, or how about you record it in real time zoom from your tree house and out 2 million light years away and show us in real time.
CaptSlapster (6 days ago)
Can't. These kinda images need exposure for all the light to hit the camera. If not it'll be a blurry mess
Renan220227 (9 days ago)
Can u shoot planets?
Generic Latvian (9 days ago)
So from what I understand the light years and all that... Basically we're recieving light that has already travelled and is constantly travelling to us and it's actually just an image in our eyes of how that object in space looked like in x amount of time in the past. Like the photo of the blackhole is just a photo of what it looked like ~55 000 000 years ago?
Generic Latvian so it’s much different right now or what is right now VSAUSE MUSIC STARTS
Shanu kalra (9 days ago)
Here after black hole image
Dhruv Shinde (9 days ago)
This is totally fake . Bullshit
Aadhithiyan -AEIOU (10 days ago)
Nebula 😂

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