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Why Tumblr sucks ep.8: Self-harm glamorizing

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I know this subject is controversial. As I said in the video, I have nothing against people who self harm, since I used to be one - I just don't want them to paint a pretty picture of something very ugly. Let me know your thoughts! ------------------------ Find me on other platforms: PO BOX: Gc Philipp box #12649 WESTMINSTER, CA 92685-9998 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/readytoglare/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/readytoglareYT Snapchat: gcphilipp Tumblr: http://readytoglare.tumblr.com Email: [email protected]
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you suck (2 days ago)
thank you
Kate Black (5 days ago)
I feel sorry for these people because they are in a very dark place and not seeking any treatment. As someone who has delt with depression cutting and self destruction only distracted me from the real issue which was my mental instability and the overwhelming feeling's that I had. My advice to people who are dealing with depression or having problems with their mental health go get help it can be from a professional, a friend or a family member . Just don't try to handle it all on your own because it's better to have some help along the way.
Silver Tonguedd (5 days ago)
I have a compulsive picking disorder. I compulsively pick at any “imperfection” in my skin, this includes my face which has a medium amount of acne. When I am done picking, I am left with bloody open wounds in my skin, bruises for squeezing so hard to try to get everything out of the pimple, Indents in the skin for several hours after due to how hard my nails pressed into my skin ect... My picking mainly takes place on my face due to my acne but I also have many scars from picking on my chest and shoulders along with many larger scars along my legs. I would pick at the same acne spot, or rather it would be considered a wound after picking the first time, for days and days. I either continue to pick because I believe there is still something to be squeezed out or I am simply trying to pick off the scab. My picking does not only include my acne, though, If I have any sort of “imperfection” I will pick at it, this means that I have scars from my childhood that I gained from let’s say, falling on the playground. I gained a scratch or something like that from the injury and I would constantly pick at it to the point where the small scratch turned into a large scar that I will have for the rest of my life. I hate the fact that I do this and I have to remind myself every day to not pick. I hate when I practically black out when I pick, only coming to my senses when my nails are covered in blood and so is my face, or any other body part. As of right now, I have a lot of scaring on my body itself and while my face is also scarred, It is not nearly as scarred as the rest of my body so I can still “salvage” it and have a normal looking face with only minimal, light scarring in certain areas. That is the main thing that prevents me from picking right now, the fact that I still have a chance to have a “handsome” face, something that everyone believed I had already ruined. My scars are not cute and they do not make me quirky or special. Yeah, I would love to find someone that will accept me and my scars but that does not include someone that would fetishize them. I am not my scars, they are not my redeeming quality, they are not what makes me who I am. Mental disorders and mental illnesses are not cute, they are certainly not ugly and should not be treated as such but they are also certainly not some quirky personality trait. Edit; I didn’t mean to type so much lmao, oh well
Rian Elizabeth (9 days ago)
In the seventh grade, I had a friend who would cut herself. My entire friend group started cutting themselves to make her stop; including me. when I told my school counselor they all stopped talking to me. Four years later I still recover from self harm. I regret ever thinking that hurting myself was a solution because it still is a habit that I’m recovering from and the scars are awful to me. I thought they’d be beautiful and romantic or whatever. But I want them to go away, I wish I never did anything like this, I wish I didn’t look for attention with them and I wish I didn’t try to control my feelings my hurting myself. Trust me it’s so much better to get help with this problem then to glamorize it. Because in the end you will regret it even if you don’t now.
Audrey Dilmore (14 days ago)
I know this video is old but I I feel inclined to comment. I made a tumblr back in 2011 and I was 12 and around then was the absolute peak of all of this. I know it probably hasn’t gotten better but I’ve thankfully unfollowed all of those blogs. Anyways, before tumblr I hadn’t even heard of self harm. I didn’t know anyone that did it. But seeing it everywhere lead me to try it and while I never was one to show them off and even while I was cutting I’d see those posts and cringe it still fed into everything. I remember posts like “I just relapsed and cut 7 times” and that blew me away because I’d never been one to count how many times I had cut in one sitting and it was never something I wanted to broadcast but that post in particular helped me realize I had a problem because I went into my room and counted my scars just from the night before and had over 250 fresh ones. I’m so thankful that I kept some what of a clear mind during all of the bombardment of sh glorification but that’s definitely not to say that I didn’t at one point try to glorify it to myself. I remember trying to cut “neater” and not so haphazardly so it would look better and I’d cut closer to the knee because I saw photos of scars and I thought those were cuter than what I was doing on my thighs. I’d even reblogged the first sketch you’d shown. I did and do suffer from bipolar disorder so I’m not saying it’s the sole reason I did it but tumblr most definitely didn’t help and was where I got the idea to even do it. And I’m so sad for that little girl and all of the people that continue to glorify it in these ways. It’s beyond toxic and only feeds into the minds of very impressionable teenagers.
mister disco (15 days ago)
There are two girls in my grade who are both anti recovery and they talk about cutting a lot. They keep talking about how 'satisfying' it is when the blood drips out. I find it disgusting how much they're glamourizing it. One of them said that she would fuck a serial killer and they both like to fetishize gay men.
Jennifer Ferlmann (15 days ago)
i thought that the first pic was of stretch marks and it was about aging positivity, but then you read the words and i just noped out of the stratosphere
Christina P (16 days ago)
Glamorizing self harm on tumblr, years ago was extremely bad. It was a major problem. Tumblr staff had to crack down on it. Looks like it’s gotten lax again...
Charlie Valentino (19 days ago)
I hate to see people glamorise self harm, I can't wait until my 18th this year so I can cover my scars and never see them again They're not "beautiful" they're fucking ugly, they're deep and jagged, and all the do is remind me of the darkest points in my life I've seen people in real life who would do it for attention, constantly showing off their arms and saying that they were pretty and it honestly makes me sick
clo (22 days ago)
I agree with everything you said and this is a very relevant video but I think it was very poor taste to show images of actual cuts, even with the disclaimer
Izzy boola (24 days ago)
I recently told my mom and doctor I was considering self harm, before I told them I would scratch or punch my self whenever I felt bad or weak, I'm glad I did fell my parents. I've been talking to my school counselor and I've felt much better, ever since then i hate it when people glorify self harm, it's not cute or quirky, your hurting yourself and the scars you leave will be negative in the future. (Alsp the picture of that fresh cut was just absolutley disgusting, I hope these people get the help they need.)
Juniper Jay (26 days ago)
I've been self harming since I was around 8 years old. I had a lot of anxiety and depression at a young age. I never glamorized it though. My scars have literally cost me jobs. People see self harm scars and freak out often. I've had parents tell me to hide my arms from their children in public. Cutting to me was a sharp release from emotional pain in my head, a way to direct my anger and frustration outwards. It was never meant to be "trendy" or "pretty". It was me at my worst w/o any regard for my life or the people around me who might miss me. I still struggle with it and suicidal thoughts all the time. It's not cool. It's hell.
Luna (26 days ago)
I know this is not related to this video, but she looks like 2ne1 Bom with this wig. I'm living
Jay Feather (27 days ago)
She is right, if u get comfortable with depression, it's hard to get out. I used to cut, just so I could feel something, but now I don't, because I know that there are people that care for me.
Shelly Stiles (27 days ago)
I’ve always have thought scars and bruises and blood are pretty or cool looks and when I would self harm it didn’t help were I was at or me get better but I have moved past it
Alisha Fairbairn (28 days ago)
I'm late but i've struggled with self harm for over 8 years and i'm finally starting to go into recovery. It angers me that people think that its cool and glamourise it when its far from that. Like I look at my scars and just feel horrid that I ever did that to myself, but they are part of my life now and I am the only want to blame for that.
Sterre Kuijpers (28 days ago)
Im glad your getting better, i hope you feel better and i hope you dont want to do it again Greetings from a stranger
Jovana Kocić (28 days ago)
Those two Christian girls preaching how to post in a God loving way... Talked in circles but their intentions were good, especially when compared to this. What message do you send to your followers.
sunsettah (30 days ago)
i used to suffer with severe depression in 2017 and i just want whoever is struggling right now to know that it WILL get better. it may take weeks, months, maybe even years, but it will get better. you just have to push through. im glad you're alive. you are so strong.
some snaily bois 19 (30 days ago)
Its not pretty. Its a fucking addiction. I remember looking in the mirror with blood on my arms. I wanted to cause the amount of pain i caused by being born but i didn't want to die. I knew that i wouldn't go to a better place. So i got the closest i could get. I was a tired, depressed zombie. Its not fucking pretty.
Baphomet Babe (30 days ago)
I've had many tumblrs in my day ranging from fandom to coping with my illnesses (like a digital diary, not like self harm. I posted it because my mom read my diaries) from age regression to kinks. I went through a lot of shit, but I am proud to say I never resorted to self harm. Partially of my own cowardice, partially because I had my best friend promise me she wouldn't self harm, and I wasn't going to have her relapse because I was self harming. I will say the strongest my urges ever were happened when I saw the pictures and gifs and art glamorizing it. It's not beautiful or brave. It's not okay. I had to change the password of my friend's tumblr account so I could log in, block tags, and even lock her out of it during low periods. Get actual help, please.
A Yam (1 month ago)
Those cutting pictures were very triggering for me, I don’t know why someone would think self harm is beautiful. If anything I try so hard to hide them and I’m so ashamed of my cuts. They remind me of a time when I wanted to do that to myself, and it’s just awful.
I have scars all over my body and I regret every single one but it also motivates me to make my life amazing because I’ve almost lost it so many times
Morgan Nederlof (1 month ago)
My friend almost killed herself because of '13 reasons why' and their romanticized depiction of suicide. She talked about doing it and everything so that people would feel bad. She was going to do it the same way the girl did it (idfk her name) but yeah. Fuck that
Siisi (1 month ago)
"Today we are here for another episode of tumblr sex" Wait what? I must have heard that wrong "Today we are here for another episode of tumblr sucks" Ahh much better
Cassie Kluck (1 month ago)
This is probably really random but I just love ready to glare videos so much because of how calming her voice is omggggg
Jennifer Ferlmann (1 month ago)
in one of my stories, there's a character named maysilee who's first introduced in the hospital after a suicide attempt. it's later revealed that she has a history of cutting herself when she takes off her jacket a few chapters later. she glamourizes it, yes, but she doesn't try to get others to do it. she loves how she can finally concentrate her pain onto something other than her insides. i'm planning on giving her an arc where she finally seeks help and she doesn't bring it up directly, but the mc (vivienne) sees her with short sleeves and notices that there are no new scars on her body and feels so proud that she helped stop maysilee's habit. i'm going to try and drive home the point that it isn't pretty and that maysilee's habit is incredibly self-destructive and dangerous. that's how you properly write self-harm without glorifying it.
Zix (1 month ago)
that is so sad.. i used to self-harm too and regret it so much. i wish anyone who is still doing it to stop, it sure is hard to love yourself when you allow depression, or/and especially someone else to influence and control you so much that they destroy your spirit but it is a fight worth fighting for. fight for your love, every day. it is difficult to think positive, but it is so worth it! find happiness in art, gardening, dancing, whatever <3
A.B 129 (1 month ago)
one of my friends started harming herself because she said the show 13 reasons why taught her. i feel like the show doesnt truly put emphasis on the fact that self harm and suicide is permanent because the girl who died is just kinda there in the second season like shes not dead. (the friend is fine now btw me and some other people helped her get the help she needs) small edit: i just wanted to tell u guys after reading your stories, it does get better. i know you dont believe it but its true. thats all i can think to say without being preachy.
S B (1 month ago)
These blogs were a huge issue in feeding my SH addiction as a very young teen. Now being years SH free and while I've made my peace with it, I wouldn't wish having the scars on anyone. Stay strong and keep fighting
Nicole Whitten (1 month ago)
I went to a psychiatric hospital for a few months after a suicide attempt. I met a girl with self harm scars covering her arms and her upper thighs. I had never seen someone with that many scars, as I only have a few self harm scars on my stomach. I watched her cry and scream that she wanted to get better. I remember her fighting a staff to get scissors out of her hand to hurt herself with. I heard her admit that she cut herself with nail clippers. And I watched her show me the cut, fat showing through the cut, and her telling me she tried to hit a major vein and failed. That image is burned into my head. Self harm destroys people. It isn't a joke and it makes me sick after experiencing what I went through and saw other people experience.
Justine Horton (1 month ago)
Tumblr disappoints me with this type of thing. I struggle with self destructive behavior but not in cuts. It's hell and I don't know why anyone would want to glamorize it
Tina Bobina (1 month ago)
I used to self harm and still struggle with it and never once would I ever try to make it beautiful, romantic, inspiring, or relatable. My scars aren't pretty and I hate it every single time I look at it because while its a reminder that I survived its also a reminder of what I went through. These quotes are the kinds of things that piss me off, because if someone is already struggling you may be the one to finally push them over the edge. Ive been in the position where I thought my cuts were pretty and I smiled when I looked at them. The whole fantasy of someone saving you from yourself is bullshit, and any boy/girl that has ever wanted to come save me has been cut out of my life because you shouldn't rely on someone else to survive and blame them when you dont feel better. If you arent the one to make the change then you won't feel better. Get help from people that are trained to give it, not someone that wants to write poetry about you or kiss your wrists and tell you how beautiful you are. That's not help. Recovery is hard to want but I promise there will always be a reason. Please want recovery. The world was made for you to see, and your body to help you see it. Dont harm it just for temporary relief.
Hannah HS (1 month ago)
My “worse” scars are all on my hips and thighs so no one could see, no photos of them because it’s embarrassing. I don’t understand the culture of showing off self harm... my ex made a habit of kissing my scars and it was just annoying and brought back all the temptations even though they’re over 2 years old now. He was one of the “cool hipster self diagnosed” numpties.
a name (1 month ago)
thx for the skins spoiler alert.
Angie Lopez (1 month ago)
omg she said 10K and now shes at 223k, yessss <3
Mychaela McCarren (1 month ago)
"Scars tell better stories than tattoos" Um no. I personally have tattoos to COVER my self-harm scares, and I'm sure the majority of people who have self-harmed in the past do too.
Llama party (1 month ago)
Can i ask where you where before America? Or Canada or where ever you are now ?
"Scars tell better stories than tattoos" Then why do people cover their self-harm scars with tattoos?
Alesia Kojqiqi (1 month ago)
I hate my scars. Who wants an arm transplant?
marlo s (1 month ago)
A long time ago i had one of those blogs. I was convinced it was helping me but was blinded. When I was forced to shut it down I realized just how much it was keeping me from getting better. Now I look back on my scars with disappointment, not pride. If you’re someone who has a blog like this and is reading this, please do yourself a favor and deactivate it.
Zayn Malik's Girl (1 month ago)
Harming yourself in any way isn't pretty. People glamorizing self harm are terrible people they're encouraging others to harm themselves and making self harmers feel bad for hurting themself. Cutting scars aren't pretty. I tell others to get help if they're hurting themself in any way. I want to cry seeing people hurt themself. You're better than that. You're loved and your life is worth it.
S Alaka (1 month ago)
At least these posts are getting harder to find, either websites and forums are getting better at removing or restricting those types of posts or people are just realising that we shouldn't create a community or culture around self harm being okay.
Annelise Koskiniemi (1 month ago)
Glamorizing cutting bothers me. That was one of the ways I originally learned about it was the weird culture in 2005 that glamorized it somewhat. I was super depressed at the time and desperate for anything to feel better... so I tried cutting. And it helped. It released endorphins, I felt like I had control, and it felt like it did so much for me. But it was so bad for me. I nearly killed myself a few times. I'm doing better now without the cuts and thankfully I have very faint scars where I have scars so I can ignore them most of the time but the memory of the wounds bothers me. I wish I had never done it.
Rian Elizabeth (1 month ago)
I used to self harm, it was awful, I felt awful it hurt and it hurt my mental state even more but as a lot of you know it’s hard to stop. But even then it’s not ok, you’re going to feel worse please try and get better (easier said than done I know) but it will get so much better. I wish I could get rid of my scars and I’m sure most of you guys would too. Hurting yourself will only make it worse. Please try to romanticize getting better.
spill da tae (1 month ago)
This is why I deleted Tumblr
Logan Fox (2 months ago)
I remember when I was 14, and I saw all of the self harm glamour shots. I was already cutting at the time, but it made it so much worse for me. Like it made it feel like what I was doing was something “cool” and that I was beautifully misunderstood. Very unhealthy.
Erebma Dammahom (2 months ago)
As someone who has cut themselves a few times in the past, I don't understand how these people can casually tell people that they cut themselves like it's nothing and take so lightly, let alone glorify it. What kind of mindset do you have to have to think that self harm is "cute" or "aesthetically pleasing"? Or to just post your own scars online and be like, "Lol this looks cool"? Like they just were just doodling flowers and smiley faces or some shit on their arms or legs. I literally can't bring up my cutting/self harming issue without crying, so how these people even make these posts is beyond me.
Laura A (2 months ago)
You know what’s hard? Trying to explain your boss and colleagues “what are those things in your arms”. I convinced them it was my super aggressive cat...
Slurmp (2 months ago)
A broken person can't fix a broken person. That community is toxic. Speaking from experience.
Ari Bridge (2 months ago)
Am massively late to the party. But one of the most disconcerting things I’ve ever encountered was when, several years into my healing, I became aware of someone using a photo of my own wounds (taken from a medical help website) as glorification. They claimed the photo as their own and described t as “beautifully tragic” and “romantic”. It’s so unhelpful and triggering and does absolutely nothing to aid recovery. Just like...stop it.
name last name (2 months ago)
I use to cut *BUT it was cuz that was a trending at that time* Oooooh yesssss Yep, i was too young, too stupid enyways this kind of posts are the ones that push to it and *boi!* I hate the scars they are there to remind me how stupid i was and all the things i lose, i just can't imagine how enyone that really had depression or anxiety would feel Is awfull
Aaron Alvarez (2 months ago)
i find this extremely upsetting. even when i self harmed i don't want to show anyone. i didn't want to post about it or tell anyone it was going on because i knew what the repercussions would be. even when i went to the hospital for trying to end my life i found a way to self harm there and now i have to look at them everyday on the back of my hand and my arms and thighs and remember how desperate i was to feel something. i was willing to hurt my friends and family because i thought i didn't deserve them. i said disgusting things to some of them to distance myself. i understand where these people are but posting your cuts and glorifying your behavior into something you can live with won't change what you did. i feel as though a lot of these people glorify their self harm thinking that they're "accepting themselves" when they're denying the truth. that it can get better. it's unfortunate though that now they will have to live with what they've done to themselves. in the hospital people would give eachother tips on how to harm themselves and while i disagreed with it i still listened and inflicted that pain on myself. eventually i had to give it up bc i knew i didn't want to be that way. i told a staff member about my own self harming but i wish i had told her about the others. i didn't want to be the one who extended their stay though. a lot of the self harm i see is from women rather than men and i wonder, as a guy, what the difference is? men don't want to show or talk about their self harm yet girls are ready to post fresh cuts on tumblr without any consideration for how they can affect others. this is a pointless vent/rant but i just wanted to let it out for once. not many men talk about their self harm struggle, so i wanted to talk about it in a positive way rather than destructive/glorifying way. self harm isn't pretty. when you scratch your skin raw bc you don't have anything else there is a fucking problem with you and you need help, i did. i just hope these other people don't end up as another statistic. thank you.
MaRia_55 (2 months ago)
I’ve had depression, anxiety, ptsd, since I was 9 (because of past family issues and trauma). I used to cut so bad and was suicidal. These posts make me remember those times and hate myself.. thank you for saying this. Posting triggers people. I’m turning 20 in a week and I’ve been 4 years clean. I hate my scars and have been to doctors and sadly they don’t think any surgeries can remove them.. this is a horrible thing and it’s horrible to try and make it “pretty” ..
SIRAH (2 months ago)
Burn that wig sis,I love u but u look like Billie Ray Cyrus and that just doesnt complement u mami
Sophia Marie (2 months ago)
I was part of this community. I am now out, thankfully.
samwich (2 months ago)
i’m actually still struggling with self harm (almost two months clean now) and this disgusts me. these people need to know somewhere deep down that what they’re doing is wrong, right?
Marisol Rodriguez (2 months ago)
When i look at the scars i have i get goosebumps and it makes me physically sick. It brings back pain. Dont hurt yourself people please. Give yourself a hug until you feel better. Just cuddle yourself breathe deeply and let the feelings pass. Fight hard.
Ambra (2 months ago)
It really upsets and disgusts me because it’s been a couple of years since I self-harmed and I never ever want to be in that place again, let alone to see people like this make it seem cool and beautiful. It’s not
CASH (2 months ago)
i agree
Madmaa Carlsson (2 months ago)
As someone who has self-harmed and actually looked at tumblr pictures like these (especially of cuts) I can say that they actually affected me really badly. They made me feel that my own cuts were too shallow. It’s such a fucked mentality and I’m so happy I got out of it. Please don’t look at these pictures or accounts as some kind of community, there’s nothing good of it. Talk to someone instead it’s the best help you can get❤️
Danyella Guerrero (2 months ago)
ive been watching you in parts for days!
jac lyn (2 months ago)
I self harmed for 5 or 6 years..i always covered my scars until after I stopped I think. It's been years now and I never cover them so I forget they're there until a stranger asks me. A little girl (not little but maybe 16 yrs old) working at McDonald's saw them, she looked shocked, said oh, I'm sorry, have a good day, I love you. And ran away 🤣 I was confused at first but I thought it was adorable.
Struudelis (2 months ago)
Self harming is something that people need to take seriously and people who do it really need help. BUT, there is a thing named scar tattooing. I know a person who makes scar tattoos to himself, he does not make those when he feels down or is anxious. He makes those just because he likes how they look. And they are really cool. His pain tolerance is really high, so it's not even that painful and he takes good care of the wounds so that they heal properly. For this kinda thing, I don't think it's wrong, if person has some sense in it and does not do anything that really puts them in danger. But self haming when you're depressed, that is a really bad thing and something I've done pretty much (gotta say that he really tries to help me stop this habit) and something that I really want to stop.
understandings (2 months ago)
i used to self harm a while ago and to this day seeing it glamorized makes me sick maybe its cause its a trigger for me but it just feels horrible seeing people make it out as this romantic thing that is ok to do. its not.
None Of Your Business (2 months ago)
Girl go to r/selfharm omg I’ve encountered several posts that glamorize self harm and it’s pretty gross.
None Of Your Business (2 months ago)
Even when I used to self harm I just felt so queasy, I still liked the sensation and satisfaction but looking at this video, the queasiness is the only thing that stays.
Stien Harwegh (2 months ago)
i cut myself in the past on my wrists for years. i am happy that i dislike it today and find these scars ugly, because there was a time when i felt the opposite. i feel uncomfortable when someone discovers it and i wish that i never did it in the first place and instead tried to get help. so i do hope, that people get help before hurting themselves.
Gsbwb Benene (2 months ago)
I may not post my self harm.. but thank you. I for sure am comfortable with my trauma :( the comment had me self realize my own damage in my growth 💚. I love short sleeve dresses but I sorta ruined that for myself :(
GalacticMastermind (2 months ago)
That's why I got off tumblr it made my depression worse. People like to relate to sadness and dwell in mental illness but I'm like nah fam.
zorin :3 (2 months ago)
when she said eating disorder, i felt like she was degrading me for eating taco bell at 12:22 in the morning
Harmonnie Stockert (2 months ago)
oh boy. This is honestly so hard to watch. I remember when I was younger and super depressed and I would go on Tumblr and look at the deep weird shit that people would post about self-harm because I was doing it and I really was looking to find a friend through that which now I realize is asinine. However, after still struggling with depression and self-harm it really pisses me off seeing people put that shit out. No doubt life is difficult, but when someone goes on Tumblr to see depressing shit (eye roll because why would you look at sad shit just to make you sadder?) and they see someone else self harming, or showing it off, if that person is not already doing it and you are there to show them that bit of depression like honestly fuck you. No doubt if you are going through something like self harm, depression etc. then you definitely need to talk to someone, but you should probably talk to a professional. Also, when I used to hurt myself in high school I dated someone who also hurt themselves and every time I told them I felt tempted to because of whatever reason, he would send me videos of him cutting himself and I honestly feel like that did anything except help. Sorry for the long comment, but I just felt some type of way.
14 (2 months ago)
You look good in bangsss
Mitary K. (2 months ago)
One of my friends that cut once cut behind her left knee and nicked the majour vein that runs through the leg and she was having issues stopping the bleeding and she was feeling dizzy and i kept telling her to go tell her mom and go to the hospital but she didn’t and didn’t go to the hospital luckily she eventually got the bleeding to stop
Ava (2 months ago)
This makes me sick. This makes everyone who are cutting and suffering from a serious mental illness look like a complete joke. It's bad enough that people with a mental health disorder are already stigmatized really bad because it's such a "taboo" subject. Its horrible and the pictures with people showing there fresh cuts are honestly looking for attention. I used to be a self harmer and the last thing I wanted was to post it and show everyone.
smol purson (2 months ago)
*Glorifying* Sounds kinda like 'galoryfying'
Savage Ink Studios (3 months ago)
I was 11 years old when i started cutting. It had been recommended to me by a 17 year old on quizilla.com who liked my poetry. Crazy
Aspie Aunty (3 months ago)
I've self-harmed twice in the past (both times were cutting my wrists although I never cut deep enough to leave permanent scars and my family and friends urged me to call them if I got the urge again) and I can assure you that self-harming yourself does nothing to help you
Kaley Madison (3 months ago)
I have a depression blog there quotes. I never uploaded self harm pictures but whenever I seen someone who did I messaged them and tried to give support. Main reason for the blog was because it helped me not feel alone with how I felt.
PeaceForSkulls (3 months ago)
The wounds will go away, but the heart needs more time.
Megan Dowling (3 months ago)
Anyone who thinks it's cool to hurt them selves infuriates me. Can you fucking imagine sitting in a ball on the floor for hours screaming and crying trying not to bash your head into a wall? It's not fucking cool fuck you
Salty_And_Sassy_Sarcasm (3 months ago)
I really wish I could watch this video. Unfortunately it’s age restricted for me, but I’m sure you must have some very interesting things to say on this subject. I honestly think it’s disgusting when people “glamorize” their self harm, and despise it even more when they post pictures of it. As someone who is elbows deep in a self harm issue, I find it incredibly triggering to see others’ self harm. Anyways, that was just my two cents on this subject, as I’ve seen it floating around for a while.
Grace Law (3 months ago)
I will not watch this video to avoid triggering myself but I am so very happy you’re making this video. But I also feel that more often than not people posting this stuff are blinded by their depression and pain. Idk if that makes sense. I’m proud of you!
Only Mango (3 months ago)
"Scars tell better stories than tattoos"... Idk, I really hate mine. It's been almost 10 years since I recovered but I still have these scars that sometimes people still ask me about (a lot of people just really don't know what it could be from). I wish I could have not gotten them, especially during the summer months...
Paige Hasselbach (3 months ago)
I know this was made a year ago, but I’m sure people still watch this video even in 2019. There is an app called harm calm, or something of that nature. It give you tasks to do when you feel the urge to self harm. You can choose your time and it takes your mind off of harming yourself. The app is free and I’ve read some really good reviews on it. I hope this info helps someone out in the YouTube universe. ❤️
Flumen Stellarum (3 months ago)
Okay, let me rant. I find this horrifying and extremely personally offensive because I currently battle my addiction to cutting. I want to love myself, sometimes I do. I really do. And I care about myself. I want the best for me. But sometimes.. I am driven to doing horrible things to myself. I was not aware of what I was doing. The full realization that I hurt a person I love and care about, myself, did not come until I had calmed down. And to see the blood after a manic episode and to realize I did that to myself, that was the truly tramatic part. The scars may fade eventually, but the memory of the time I cut myself remains. And that's constant torture. Its not pretty or cute or artsy. It's fucking awful. And don't you dare do it for the aesthetic.
Mich (3 months ago)
very daria wig
The DohDoh (3 months ago)
Girl, I love your channel! I'm glad I stumbled upon your channel.
Paige Kennedy (3 months ago)
(tldr: I knew a girl who did this, and posted it because it brought her back to reality during psychosis.) I absolutely do not encourage self harm at all, which makes me very upset to watch this because I've known so many people, who are very close to me, self harm. But only one of those people would actually post it, Granted she was into gore, and had an interest in the maccabre (likewise). She told me that she had quite a few mental issues and that cutting was a way to bring her back to reality and that none of her medications truly worked.. I felt so terrible for her, I found out about 2 years ago that she's no longer amongst the living. It makes me cry but I figure she's handling the afterlife a bit better. Hopefully
Shadia Tolentino (3 months ago)
5:24 I think the girl from that post is an AA fan
Purple Dude (3 months ago)
ive actually had someone i knew tell someone who attempted to od that they shouldve just slit their wrist. it just disgusts me.
you're going to have a joy ride on the BPD community, they're just like this, glamorizing the condition but worse
Rose Handelman (3 months ago)
Tumblr makes me so upset. That's why I avoid using it. I'm someone who is struggling to stop cutting myself and it's not an easy process. I was afraid to tell people I'd been doing it because of tumblr, because people would think I was doing it to be cool. I've been getting better at staying away but it's really hard. Cutting is an addiction. I went for a month without cutting and my emotions went everywhere. I had to leave class and I felt embarrassed every fucking time because I knew it was me being off the cutting. I sadly couldn't keep up the good progress but I'm slowly getting there. Thankfully I've been getting support from teachers, students and my therapist to stop cutting. Edit: Also I've never believed my self harm scars were beautiful. I cut myself as a punishment. They were ugly things. Saying they're beautiful is bad.
Lilith Nox (3 months ago)
Well what scares me the most is that SOME of this people do this things for one reason only: attention. It is a fact. Just like people wanna be i dunno which stupid gender cause they do not grasp the meaning of it at all. People are sick, but this is new kind of sick. This is not depression or anxiety or borderline. This is new version of egotripping. Like how many people are so brain damaged that they think having a normal or decent life is not ok and wanna have that “extra attention” that people with actual problems get. “Oh please feel sorry for me cause my life is so hard, i wanted Iphone X but my dad bought me Iphone 8. This world isnt fair! “ bullshit. it makes them feel important. And not only that doing this is making this things look like a joke. So they are not helping with the stigma but are actually making things worse. Also Everyone is triggered by everything and than they go and post this shit.
maggs (3 months ago)
That is my second biggest regret in life. I stopped hurting myself about 5 years ago. Covering my scars with tattoos now. I hate to think what people think of me when they see it, although I became confident enough to not to hide them and don't give a shit about looks. They not that bad and not as many but still..
yeet yeehaw (3 months ago)
i have a friend whose actions i really don’t like, since she cuts and in school shows me the scars in the hallway in front of every student there. i am very anxious and depressed still, although i have successfully stopped cutting. i am trying to stand the behavior since i consider that friend my best friend. it hurts to see her just showing off her cuts while i’m struggling to hide my scars. that doesn’t mean that i’m embarrassed of them but i’m uncomfortable with them. if you’re struggling feel free to talk in my dm (not my real acc) @aestethicsdaily. i hope to help.❤️ also i don’t mind sharing that account of mine, since it’s not my personal so yeah :)
I Want To Die (3 months ago)
I cut myself once because i was done just done....and i still have the scar and im glad i still have it so when im down i can look down on the scar and remember the pain i felt doing it...
Kipekee Reddington (3 months ago)
Found the faker.
anguis (3 months ago)
The only time I accept cutting is for sadistic/masochistic reasons.
anguis (3 months ago)
+hedone I get your point, but I still dont accept people who cut because of depression. I used to cut, but it went from cutting because I'm sad to cutting because it's a quick way to N U T. Anyway, if someone cuts because of depression it's their responsibility to get over their hardships, whether its through counseling or anti-depressants.
hedone (3 months ago)
anguis i kinda understand but some people just find it as a way to cope with depression or other mental health issues-
chi sanday (3 months ago)
Gurl. That wig is awful
3wayrenee T (3 months ago)
Goodness! Tumblr is crap!
Timber Animations (3 months ago)
I'm currently working on getting over a self harm, addiction? I think that is the right word. I used to post my cuts on IG a few months back before someone reached put to me. Now I see that behaviour was disgusting, I thank that girl for helping me.

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