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Why Tumblr sucks ep.8: Self-harm glamorizing

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I know this subject is controversial. As I said in the video, I have nothing against people who self harm, since I used to be one - I just don't want them to paint a pretty picture of something very ugly. Let me know your thoughts! ------------------------ Find me on other platforms: PO BOX: Gc Philipp box #12649 WESTMINSTER, CA 92685-9998 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/readytoglare/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/readytoglareYT Snapchat: gcphilipp Tumblr: http://readytoglare.tumblr.com Email: [email protected]
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Ari Bridge (2 days ago)
Am massively late to the party. But one of the most disconcerting things I’ve ever encountered was when, several years into my healing, I became aware of someone using a photo of my own wounds (taken from a medical help website) as glorification. They claimed the photo as their own and described t as “beautifully tragic” and “romantic”. It’s so unhelpful and triggering and does absolutely nothing to aid recovery. Just like...stop it.
name last name (3 days ago)
I use to cut *BUT it was cuz that was a trending at that time* Oooooh yesssss Yep, i was too young, too stupid enyways this kind of posts are the ones that push to it and *boi!* I hate the scars they are there to remind me how stupid i was and all the things i lose, i just can't imagine how enyone that really had depression or anxiety would feel Is awfull
ki d (3 days ago)
i find this extremely upsetting. even when i self harmed i don't want to show anyone. i didn't want to post about it or tell anyone it was going on because i knew what the repercussions would be. even when i went to the hospital for trying to end my life i found a way to self harm there and now i have to look at them everyday on the back of my hand and my arms and thighs and remember how desperate i was to feel something. i was willing to hurt my friends and family because i thought i didn't deserve them. i said disgusting things to some of them to distance myself. i understand where these people are but posting your cuts and glorifying your behavior into something you can live with won't change what you did. i feel as though a lot of these people glorify their self harm thinking that they're "accepting themselves" when they're denying the truth. that it can get better. it's unfortunate though that now they will have to live with what they've done to themselves. in the hospital people would give eachother tips on how to harm themselves and while i disagreed with it i still listened and inflicted that pain on myself. eventually i had to give it up bc i knew i didn't want to be that way. i told a staff member about my own self harming but i wish i had told her about the others. i didn't want to be the one who extended their stay though. a lot of the self harm i see is from women rather than men and i wonder, as a guy, what the difference is? men don't want to show or talk about their self harm yet girls are ready to post fresh cuts on tumblr without any consideration for how they can affect others. this is a pointless vent/rant but i just wanted to let it out for once. not many men talk about their self harm struggle, so i wanted to talk about it in a positive way rather than destructive/glorifying way. self harm isn't pretty. when you scratch your skin raw bc you don't have anything else there is a fucking problem with you and you need help, i did. i just hope these other people don't end up as another statistic. thank you.
Ria Candy (3 days ago)
I’ve had depression, anxiety, ptsd, since I was 9 (because of past family issues and trauma). I used to cut so bad and was suicidal. These posts make me remember those times and hate myself.. thank you for saying this. Posting triggers people. I’m turning 20 in a week and I’ve been 4 years clean. I hate my scars and have been to doctors and sadly they don’t think any surgeries can remove them.. this is a horrible thing and it’s horrible to try and make it “pretty” ..
SIRAH (3 days ago)
Burn that wig sis,I love u but u look like Billie Ray Cyrus and that just doesnt complement u mami
Sophia Marie (4 days ago)
I was part of this community. I am now out, thankfully.
samwich (5 days ago)
i’m actually still struggling with self harm (almost two months clean now) and this disgusts me. these people need to know somewhere deep down that what they’re doing is wrong, right?
Marisol Rodriguez (8 days ago)
When i look at the scars i have i get goosebumps and it makes me physically sick. It brings back pain. Dont hurt yourself people please. Give yourself a hug until you feel better. Just cuddle yourself breathe deeply and let the feelings pass. Fight hard.
Ambra (11 days ago)
It really upsets and disgusts me because it’s been a couple of years since I self-harmed and I never ever want to be in that place again, let alone to see people like this make it seem cool and beautiful. It’s not
CASH (12 days ago)
i agree
Madmaa Carlsson (12 days ago)
As someone who has self-harmed and actually looked at tumblr pictures like these (especially of cuts) I can say that they actually affected me really badly. They made me feel that my own cuts were too shallow. It’s such a fucked mentality and I’m so happy I got out of it. Please don’t look at these pictures or accounts as some kind of community, there’s nothing good of it. Talk to someone instead it’s the best help you can get❤️
Danyella Guerrero (13 days ago)
ive been watching you in parts for days!
jac lyn (15 days ago)
I self harmed for 5 or 6 years..i always covered my scars until after I stopped I think. It's been years now and I never cover them so I forget they're there until a stranger asks me. A little girl (not little but maybe 16 yrs old) working at McDonald's saw them, she looked shocked, said oh, I'm sorry, have a good day, I love you. And ran away 🤣 I was confused at first but I thought it was adorable.
Struudelis (16 days ago)
Self harming is something that people need to take seriously and people who do it really need help. BUT, there is a thing named scar tattooing. I know a person who makes scar tattoos to himself, he does not make those when he feels down or is anxious. He makes those just because he likes how they look. And they are really cool. His pain tolerance is really high, so it's not even that painful and he takes good care of the wounds so that they heal properly. For this kinda thing, I don't think it's wrong, if person has some sense in it and does not do anything that really puts them in danger. But self haming when you're depressed, that is a really bad thing and something I've done pretty much (gotta say that he really tries to help me stop this habit) and something that I really want to stop.
understandings (16 days ago)
i used to self harm a while ago and to this day seeing it glamorized makes me sick maybe its cause its a trigger for me but it just feels horrible seeing people make it out as this romantic thing that is ok to do. its not.
None Of Your Business (17 days ago)
Girl go to r/selfharm omg I’ve encountered several posts that glamorize self harm and it’s pretty gross.
None Of Your Business (17 days ago)
Even when I used to self harm I just felt so queasy, I still liked the sensation and satisfaction but looking at this video, the queasiness is the only thing that stays.
Stien Harwegh (20 days ago)
i cut myself in the past on my wrists for years. i am happy that i dislike it today and find these scars ugly, because there was a time when i felt the opposite. i feel uncomfortable when someone discovers it and i wish that i never did it in the first place and instead tried to get help. so i do hope, that people get help before hurting themselves.
Gsbwb Benene (20 days ago)
I may not post my self harm.. but thank you. I for sure am comfortable with my trauma :( the comment had me self realize my own damage in my growth 💚. I love short sleeve dresses but I sorta ruined that for myself :(
GalacticMastermind (20 days ago)
That's why I got off tumblr it made my depression worse. People like to relate to sadness and dwell in mental illness but I'm like nah fam.
zorin gray (21 days ago)
when she said eating disorder, i felt like she was degrading me for eating taco bell at 12:22 in the morning
Harmonnie Stockert (21 days ago)
oh boy. This is honestly so hard to watch. I remember when I was younger and super depressed and I would go on Tumblr and look at the deep weird shit that people would post about self-harm because I was doing it and I really was looking to find a friend through that which now I realize is asinine. However, after still struggling with depression and self-harm it really pisses me off seeing people put that shit out. No doubt life is difficult, but when someone goes on Tumblr to see depressing shit (eye roll because why would you look at sad shit just to make you sadder?) and they see someone else self harming, or showing it off, if that person is not already doing it and you are there to show them that bit of depression like honestly fuck you. No doubt if you are going through something like self harm, depression etc. then you definitely need to talk to someone, but you should probably talk to a professional. Also, when I used to hurt myself in high school I dated someone who also hurt themselves and every time I told them I felt tempted to because of whatever reason, he would send me videos of him cutting himself and I honestly feel like that did anything except help. Sorry for the long comment, but I just felt some type of way.
これらの鍬 (22 days ago)
You look good in bangsss
Mitary K. (23 days ago)
One of my friends that cut once cut behind her left knee and nicked the majour vein that runs through the leg and she was having issues stopping the bleeding and she was feeling dizzy and i kept telling her to go tell her mom and go to the hospital but she didn’t and didn’t go to the hospital luckily she eventually got the bleeding to stop
Ava (24 days ago)
This makes me sick. This makes everyone who are cutting and suffering from a serious mental illness look like a complete joke. It's bad enough that people with a mental health disorder are already stigmatized really bad because it's such a "taboo" subject. Its horrible and the pictures with people showing there fresh cuts are honestly looking for attention. I used to be a self harmer and the last thing I wanted was to post it and show everyone.
smol purson (25 days ago)
*Glorifying* Sounds kinda like 'galoryfying'
Savage Ink Studios (26 days ago)
I was 11 years old when i started cutting. It had been recommended to me by a 17 year old on quizilla.com who liked my poetry. Crazy
Aspie Aunty (28 days ago)
I've self-harmed twice in the past (both times were cutting my wrists although I never cut deep enough to leave permanent scars and my family and friends urged me to call them if I got the urge again) and I can assure you that self-harming yourself does nothing to help you
Kaley Madison (28 days ago)
I have a depression blog there quotes. I never uploaded self harm pictures but whenever I seen someone who did I messaged them and tried to give support. Main reason for the blog was because it helped me not feel alone with how I felt.
PeaceForSkulls (29 days ago)
The wounds will go away, but the heart needs more time.
Megan Dowling (29 days ago)
Anyone who thinks it's cool to hurt them selves infuriates me. Can you fucking imagine sitting in a ball on the floor for hours screaming and crying trying not to bash your head into a wall? It's not fucking cool fuck you
I really wish I could watch this video. Unfortunately it’s age restricted for me, but I’m sure you must have some very interesting things to say on this subject. I honestly think it’s disgusting when people “glamorize” their self harm, and despise it even more when they post pictures of it. As someone who is elbows deep in a self harm issue, I find it incredibly triggering to see others’ self harm. Anyways, that was just my two cents on this subject, as I’ve seen it floating around for a while.
Grace Law (1 month ago)
I will not watch this video to avoid triggering myself but I am so very happy you’re making this video. But I also feel that more often than not people posting this stuff are blinded by their depression and pain. Idk if that makes sense. I’m proud of you!
Only Mango (1 month ago)
"Scars tell better stories than tattoos"... Idk, I really hate mine. It's been almost 10 years since I recovered but I still have these scars that sometimes people still ask me about (a lot of people just really don't know what it could be from). I wish I could have not gotten them, especially during the summer months...
Paige Hasselbach (1 month ago)
I know this was made a year ago, but I’m sure people still watch this video even in 2019. There is an app called harm calm, or something of that nature. It give you tasks to do when you feel the urge to self harm. You can choose your time and it takes your mind off of harming yourself. The app is free and I’ve read some really good reviews on it. I hope this info helps someone out in the YouTube universe. ❤️
Flumen Stellarum (1 month ago)
Okay, let me rant. I find this horrifying and extremely personally offensive because I currently battle my addiction to cutting. I want to love myself, sometimes I do. I really do. And I care about myself. I want the best for me. But sometimes.. I am driven to doing horrible things to myself. I was not aware of what I was doing. The full realization that I hurt a person I love and care about, myself, did not come until I had calmed down. And to see the blood after a manic episode and to realize I did that to myself, that was the truly tramatic part. The scars may fade eventually, but the memory of the time I cut myself remains. And that's constant torture. Its not pretty or cute or artsy. It's fucking awful. And don't you dare do it for the aesthetic.
Mich (1 month ago)
very daria wig
The DohDoh (1 month ago)
Girl, I love your channel! I'm glad I stumbled upon your channel.
Paige Kennedy (1 month ago)
(tldr: I knew a girl who did this, and posted it because it brought her back to reality during psychosis.) I absolutely do not encourage self harm at all, which makes me very upset to watch this because I've known so many people, who are very close to me, self harm. But only one of those people would actually post it, Granted she was into gore, and had an interest in the maccabre (likewise). She told me that she had quite a few mental issues and that cutting was a way to bring her back to reality and that none of her medications truly worked.. I felt so terrible for her, I found out about 2 years ago that she's no longer amongst the living. It makes me cry but I figure she's handling the afterlife a bit better. Hopefully
Shadia Tolentino (1 month ago)
5:24 I think the girl from that post is an AA fan
Purple Dude (1 month ago)
ive actually had someone i knew tell someone who attempted to od that they shouldve just slit their wrist. it just disgusts me.
you're going to have a joy ride on the BPD community, they're just like this, glamorizing the condition but worse
Rose Handelman (1 month ago)
Tumblr makes me so upset. That's why I avoid using it. I'm someone who is struggling to stop cutting myself and it's not an easy process. I was afraid to tell people I'd been doing it because of tumblr, because people would think I was doing it to be cool. I've been getting better at staying away but it's really hard. Cutting is an addiction. I went for a month without cutting and my emotions went everywhere. I had to leave class and I felt embarrassed every fucking time because I knew it was me being off the cutting. I sadly couldn't keep up the good progress but I'm slowly getting there. Thankfully I've been getting support from teachers, students and my therapist to stop cutting. Edit: Also I've never believed my self harm scars were beautiful. I cut myself as a punishment. They were ugly things. Saying they're beautiful is bad.
Lilith Nox (1 month ago)
Well what scares me the most is that SOME of this people do this things for one reason only: attention. It is a fact. Just like people wanna be i dunno which stupid gender cause they do not grasp the meaning of it at all. People are sick, but this is new kind of sick. This is not depression or anxiety or borderline. This is new version of egotripping. Like how many people are so brain damaged that they think having a normal or decent life is not ok and wanna have that “extra attention” that people with actual problems get. “Oh please feel sorry for me cause my life is so hard, i wanted Iphone X but my dad bought me Iphone 8. This world isnt fair! “ bullshit. it makes them feel important. And not only that doing this is making this things look like a joke. So they are not helping with the stigma but are actually making things worse. Also Everyone is triggered by everything and than they go and post this shit.
maggs (1 month ago)
That is my second biggest regret in life. I stopped hurting myself about 5 years ago. Covering my scars with tattoos now. I hate to think what people think of me when they see it, although I became confident enough to not to hide them and don't give a shit about looks. They not that bad and not as many but still..
yeetyeet bangtanboiss (1 month ago)
i have a friend whose actions i really don’t like, since she cuts and in school shows me the scars in the hallway in front of every student there. i am very anxious and depressed still, although i have successfully stopped cutting. i am trying to stand the behavior since i consider that friend my best friend. it hurts to see her just showing off her cuts while i’m struggling to hide my scars. that doesn’t mean that i’m embarrassed of them but i’m uncomfortable with them. if you’re struggling feel free to talk in my dm (not my real acc) @aestethicsdaily. i hope to help.❤️ also i don’t mind sharing that account of mine, since it’s not my personal so yeah :)
I Want To Die (1 month ago)
I cut myself once because i was done just done....and i still have the scar and im glad i still have it so when im down i can look down on the scar and remember the pain i felt doing it...
Kipekee Reddington (29 days ago)
Found the faker.
anguis (1 month ago)
The only time I accept cutting is for sadistic/masochistic reasons.
anguis (1 month ago)
+hedone I get your point, but I still dont accept people who cut because of depression. I used to cut, but it went from cutting because I'm sad to cutting because it's a quick way to N U T. Anyway, if someone cuts because of depression it's their responsibility to get over their hardships, whether its through counseling or anti-depressants.
hedone (1 month ago)
anguis i kinda understand but some people just find it as a way to cope with depression or other mental health issues-
chi sanday (1 month ago)
Gurl. That wig is awful
Nikki Tenniswood (1 month ago)
Goodness! Tumblr is crap!
Timber Animations (1 month ago)
I'm currently working on getting over a self harm, addiction? I think that is the right word. I used to post my cuts on IG a few months back before someone reached put to me. Now I see that behaviour was disgusting, I thank that girl for helping me.
L0sty (1 month ago)
I did it once, and now I hate myself for doing it yeah I still have things wrong with me but now I don't have to cut which is good.
Butt Nugget (1 month ago)
Tattoos are also scars- they’re colored scars.
rebecca 666 (1 month ago)
when I self harmed I followed a ton of blogs like these to justify my actions and find a "community" that would "help me"
Mariah Montana (1 month ago)
Some of my friends do this shit... I’m not friends with them anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️😭 Glamorizing depression and things like this disgusts me
DoUNo TehFuckinWae (1 month ago)
I just got one of my friends out of this habit about half a year ago. She started because someone in her family had been touching her in bad places. They thankfully can't get to her anymore. Her arms were all scarred and I check them every time I see her. It's a serious thing. I can't check any other parts that well. But I just hope that she hasn't been lying to me. That's all I can do right now. I used to be pretty deep in my own hellhole of social anxiety and depression and never let myself start this because I know what happens when you start. And seeing it happen in front of me and be helpless to stop it for about a year. To see my friend hurt herself for that long. I just feel grateful that I never did that to my family. And I feel grateful that I could be there for her as much as I could in my limitations. Just...There is nothing pretty about them. I know people won't stop because I ask but just please, please try to think of the people who love you or will love you in the future and wouldn't want to see you do that to yourself. Just try to help yourself in any way possible. My friend would have continued hurting herself if she hadn't told me. It would have continued for God knows how long and she could have ended up dead. It may seem like no-one is there. But there are people. Who will see you and will help. You aren't alone.
Nightime Luna (1 month ago)
Love this video sister!
Sophia Sings (1 month ago)
Glamorizing self harm honestly undermines the whole issue of self-harm. It makes depression or any other disorders seem like an accessory that is cool to have. It doesn't help that guys or girls sometimes fetishize "Damaged people" e.g. self harmers, anxiety sufferers etc. To anyone who self harms or is just in a dark place right not it DOES get better. Trust me, it has for me. Know that what you're feeling isn't healthy, seek help. Please. We care about you. I know you might feel like no-one knows what you're going through right now- but you are NOT alone. Talk to a friend, a family member ANYONE. But if it's too difficult to talk about, write a note or just show someone you trust your scars. If anyone needs to talk, I know most other commenters (including myself) will listen to you. Just hang in there :) x
Sopha The creator (1 month ago)
When people talk about how they it themselves and act like this it makes me so angry and I just wanna yell at them because what they're saying is wrong, but I don't because they are mentally ill and are depressed and don't need that. They just shouldn't be venting on the internet and nit get help, cause it looks like they want attention, but I'm sure most of them don't.
French Toast (1 month ago)
I appreciate this video and find your Tumblr series to be super necessary. Thanks.
Lia Romano (1 month ago)
Ok I know this is off topic but at one point (unless I misheard you) you said you didn;t know what something was called in english. Do you speak another language?
hedone (1 month ago)
Lia Romano i think she spoke spanish, but i could be wrong,, and she meant to say stitches
meaghen (1 month ago)
i had a friend cut herself in elementary on the playground and when i tried to get her to stop she'd push me away, laugh, and say "it's a joke". she stayed my friend in 6th grade until i dropped her bc she was actually a backstabbing me. nowadays i have to sit in my room and listen to her laugh with my sister because they both hate me lol i dont understand how people can take something that is serious (especially things that i had to deal with) and make them a joke?
Mary Claire (1 month ago)
Also I HATE it when people draw pretty rainbow Band-Aids on OCs that selfharm bc it doesn't look like that and it glorifies selfharm
Dolly (1 month ago)
i used to self-harm (not because i thought it looked cool) and i tried to stop but it was so hard because everyone around me was like "how do you cut yourself i really want to try it too" or they made fun of me they called me names when i said please don't do that to people who said they wanted to do that they didn't listen to me and laughed. i'm clear for 1 month now but i saw a girl last week at the bus. i was sitting and she was standing. she opened her arm and her arm was so close to me there were fresh cuts. it triggered me so much i had flashbacks of me doing it. i got out of the bus and cried outside. it's really wrong that people thinks its pretty because it is not.
I am amazing. (1 month ago)
Thank you for posting this, I personally find this kind of thing absolutely disgusting. Tumblr is littered with pictures of people's self-harm cuts and people pretending to self-harm because apparently putting a knife to yourself or hurting yourself is something to aspire to. Not only is it extremely triggering for those who do self-injure (I can't count how many times I relapsed because I stumbled upon these kinds of pictures) but it also could normalise it for younger people and trigger them to start. It's just not ok - self-harm isn't artsy so stop posting artsy pictures of it on tumblr. I self-injured for 7 years and it's not cool and it doesn't feel good.
Dakota Isham (1 month ago)
I can tell some of these people are not even suicidal they're trying to be cool and edgy and it makes me very angry this is just plain out . Some of these people want a Attention At home or at school whatever the case might be so they Decide to Self harm to get more Attention
Emma Judges (1 month ago)
2:35 one of the hashtags is “#suicidal” or something related to that.
Delia Hachmann (1 month ago)
To answer your question, I used to be part of this community about 5 years ago and it used to be very comforting to know that I was not alone. At the same time I always felt like I needed to cut more and cut deeper since that was the aspired aesthetic and otherwise you felt locked out of the community. Thinking back it makes me sick to be honest.
evangeline (1 month ago)
the thought of doing that makes me feel weird idk why i just think it would feel like ripping flesh and i c a n ' t with that. like i thought about it then i was like nope, even when i'm really depressed i can't imagine even doing that. aaaa
OhNoIt'sLauren (1 month ago)
5:32 Goddammit thats a lyric from a band called Asking Alexandria and I love this song but now all I can think about when I hear that lyric is that image
Hannah Thery (1 month ago)
I have suffered from self harm for years and I'm almost 6 months clean...and girls at me school just show there cuts off....it's hard really hard not to but I know cutting solves nothing....I cut and ruined my body and I hate my scars...but it's hard to not think about it because people shove it in my face...even tho it hurt I didn't care but people just do it just for attention it horrible because it's not pretty and it's not romantic it's ugly and I can't wait to get tattoos to cover all my scars(I am 17)
i used to be one of these people that posted their cuts and things, and i did it as a vent (my parents didn’t allow me to get help and i was too socially anxious to tell my friends) and the venting got out of hand and turned into glamorization
Jewel Mine (1 month ago)
God dang some of these are just pyschotic. Its not ok to glamorize these things and They should seek help on what their doing and get help on self harm to get them to quit.
Lani Velez (1 month ago)
I started self harm when I was in 5th grade and continued on to 7th grade. I used self harm as a way of punishment and then I got addicted to it and I felt euphoria from it. I cut myself on my arms, thighs, ankles, and wrists. Whenever I see/hear self harm, I get really sick and nauseous, and I don’t get squeamish easily. Especially when they’re glorifying self harm. I still have urges but I fight back. Whenever I see my scars, I get really sad and I feel regret. I’m hoping that when I have enough money, I’ll be able to cover them up with tattoos.
just monika (1 month ago)
I used to cut. I would do it all over my hand and then cover my cuts with an ace bandage. Now, I look at them and I think I’m glad to have survived those times, but I also feel so sad for having done that to myself.
Mark Bither (1 month ago)
Watching this video and seeing that girl showing off her open cut my me physically sick and I couldn’t look at my arms in fear of looking at mine . People who romantasize self harm are discussing people
Archer Elyse (1 month ago)
I can’t watch the video because it’s age-restricted (which is probably a good thing cause I don’t wanna relapse lmao) but I’m just gonna say that glamourizing self harm is a horrible idea. There’s a big difference between accepting yourself/what you’ve done and literally encouraging it. I had tons of people not care at all that I was a serious self harmer (I just started recovery) because they thought it was cool and literally said to my face that I was just trying to be emo and popular. I almost killed my self cause of that shit. So yeah. Thanks for bringing awareness to this
Max Magnus (1 month ago)
shit like this is why I barely use any social media anymore. It's just really upsetting.
Nanichi Rosa (1 month ago)
I've been struggling with severe depression that developed into postpartum depression im still struggling I've self harmed before and ive been starving my self and I've been having problems sleeping and its been getting worse soon ill get help but it suck to see that people think it's pretty its not im ashamed of dealing with this and not being able to give 100 percent to my daughter and my husband despite that i have support from my husband a lot of times i just feel lonely and empty and seeing this angers my whole soul i can not comprehend how this is beautiful at all
Kat Rump (1 month ago)
Can definitely relate, I never was open about my self-harm (I mean I never tried to hide it which is why it hurt that it took my parents MONTHS to notice but I also didn’t openly broadcast that I was a cutter to anyone and everyone) and looking back I definitely regret every single mark. I still struggle with those urges to this day and I’ve only cut once in two years. Once you start it’s so hard to stop. So please anyone who sees these post and wants to try it, I beg you not to. Take it from me, you don’t want to go down that path.
Cheyanne Starr (1 month ago)
I self harmed for years I plan on getting tattoos to cover them because they are ugly to me.
Cheyanne Starr (1 month ago)
Sarah Allder (1 month ago)
This whole glamourizing makes me so angry. When I was thirteen and fourteen years old I would cut the HELL out of my thighs. So now, several years later in college it is intensely embarrassing to have to explain or hide those marks when I go swimming or wear shorts.
Claudia Contreras (2 months ago)
I've had a friend who cut herself, but she didn't saw it as a problem, she thought she was "edgy" for doing it or something smh. Now I think I get where she found the "inspiration" and it makes me sad that people try to glamorize something that's not okay and could lead people to kill themselves. If they really wanted to help, they would encourage people to get medical or psychological advice, instead of romanticize such a serious topic.
Makaylee Wahl (2 months ago)
There’s a lot of this with people trying to get others to do it and anti recovery groups on instagram as well :’(
Jess H. (2 months ago)
I don't know if this counts as self-harm or not, but let me tell you a little story. I've been bitten by a lot of mosquitos since babyhood, and as a kid, i can't stop scratching them until they blister and scar. I guess I find them "satisfying" now the itch is gone and I can't scratch them anymore. One day when I was 19, my parents fought and yelled at each other. They had been perfectly fine before, happily married, but it was one of those days where everyone's mood is shit and they want to kill each other. They forced me to witness them fight, asking which one of them I'd like to stay with when they legalize their divorce. I didn't remember much, but when I stopped crying & everything is done like 2 hours later, I realise the skin in the corner of my thumb is gone. I scratched them off during the whole ordeal. That's when I think I can relate to some of the (non-romanticizing) self-harmers, and why I try to talk people out of doing it. I feel like shit in that moment, and they probably did too. (My parents never fought again ever since, still happily married. Thank god. I'm not prepared for drama in my own house. )
TrashLord Ciel (2 months ago)
So, I personally own an instagram vent account and theres a lot. A lot of accounts similar to mine that post self harm and they are actually really supportive, everyone is always there for one another and they don't try to glamorize it because they just show the disgusting truth. This community exists and I have met many people that helped me, I helped them or we set goals together to stay clean. But almost overlapping with that community theres these "tragically aesthetic" people and they just really annoy me. They are making depression and self injury a competition, self-diagnose themselves with tons of bullsh!t and pull each other deeper into it. I have seen people asking some of the more supportive accounts that are trying to do the exact opposite of glamorizing how to cut deeper. I have seen people being jealous of others wounds. And I just really don't get it. Metal illness and self injury isn't pretty, don't try to make it seem that way.
Fu Inlé (2 months ago)
This disgusts me. I self harmed for 7 years and haven't since 5 years ago. I used to think I was hideous so I didn't care that I was scarring myself. Now that I have escaped childhood abuse, I am not depressed and I am confident and think I am beautiful for once. But those scars are the only thing I am self conscious about. I wish I could have tattoos instead, but the scar tissue is too thick to tattoo over. I did it once over a minor scar, and the tattoo ink bled through, ruining the image. Honestly, it can get better. Life always has its hardships, but people grow stronger and learn how to handle life better
Max Winters (2 months ago)
when i was young i would read fanfiction a lot of things i enjoyed online and everytime i did....the characters would get miserable because of the situations they were in and would cut. in every single fanfic. i used to think about cutting when i was younger, but i never did. the worst ive done was drag knives lightly across my skin or made a mark with a mechanical pencil, only once though. im very glad i never did it, and i hope so much that places full of this stuff get taken down and discouraged. i dont have markings on my arms, cause my reminders are in my memories. i dont need to make the pain ive gone through worse than it already was. no one does. i hope so badly that these people get help. and people can say it doesnt get better all they want, but it really does, but only if you try to make it better. sitting and waiting does nothing.
Zara Jones (2 months ago)
These kinds of communities are genuinely the thing that kick started 3 years of self harm. I'm late to the party but I'm glad you spoke on this👏
PeachyCub (2 months ago)
Oof I think girls with thigh cuts are pretty, like, I’d want to date a girl with thigh cuts but I wouldn’t force someone to cut themselves and stufffff Sounds weirder than I thought oof
malu martins (2 months ago)
i honestly love what you do. thank you sm for bringing this up!! your arguments are factual, straight to the point, & overall, you are very firm & civil at the same time. you have gained a new subscriber. i love you so much. i agree with you on this & all the other important topics. *subscribes.* *turns on notifications.* *sends love.*
Michaela Albury (3 months ago)
I don't think any kind of scars should be romanticized. Scars are nothing but painful reminders of past trauma.
Kat Gal (3 months ago)
Love the bangs. It would look really good with your hair pulled back, which shows your face. So, Thanks for sharing this topic. In today's generation it's so out of control. It's so sad to me that they feel they have no one to go to, to feel better. It really is a sad topic.
Laura Barnes (3 months ago)
self-harm is not pretty a lot of those wounds need stitches it's extremely important to keep going and get help I wish I hadn't self-harmed and once your in it it's extremely hard to get out of don't even do it once if you feel your going talk to someone
Kiara Snapper (3 months ago)
I'm covered, head to toe in self harm scars. The word 'fail' is only now faded. I always chose burning over cutting. I'm trying to stop, but its hard to kick a habit that's so old
rebecca finn (3 months ago)
I used to self harm and seeing posts & images online that encourage it or even just images of self harm.... oh boy it made it so so so much worse
literally trash (3 months ago)
2:23 I also think if you don't associate this message with cutting, it's kinda true. For example, I have a scar on my lip from getting attacked by a sea anemone, it's a very funny story and also a good memory because it reminds me of a beautiful vacation.
literally trash (3 months ago)
& about the thing with people sharing their feelings online, it's better to just write it down. When I was severely depressed, I used to write how I feel in my journal. It felt good to let it out, I just didn't want anyone to know what I feel so that's a good option I think.
Morgan Schodlatz (3 months ago)
My cuts were never beautiful to me! Fuck man, either I didnt give a shit when I saw my cuts or I would actively be ashamed or hate myself for them towards the end of my active period. I won't lie, I've relapsed, my most recent relapse I can still see the scar for and I hate it, whenever I see those scars I remind myself how stupid I was and I how pray I never relapse again.
Crysta Dawn (3 months ago)
Hey! In case anyone here is struggling, I simply wish to tell you that it WILL GET BETTER. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week. But it will get better. You are. Beautiful, you are handsome, you are good enough. YOU ARE WORTH IT.
Olivia D'Angelo (3 months ago)
Misery loves company

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