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Cheapest Telescope for Moon and Sky for Beginners + Giveaway

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http://www.amazon.in/Diswa-Advance-Monocular-Refractor-Telescope/dp/B01N1PCBF0/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1500607116&sr=8-10&keywords=telescope This telescope is will be going on a GIVEAWAY !!!!! All you need to do is like, share and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. As soon as my channel reaches 2500 subscribers, The telescope would be given to one of my lucky subscribers.
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Text Comments (185)
Stesha Khan (7 days ago)
Telescope about stars and planets viewing and its Price etc Can you tell me !??? I'll appreciate it Thank you 😇😇😆😆
Stesha Khan (6 days ago)
+Swas Tech thanks
Swas Tech (6 days ago)
See..... I will recommend you to go with Celestron telescopes.
Johny Wesco (9 days ago)
I feel difficulty in finding moon (I can see but I cannot keep it one position, I loose the object from view)
Swas Tech (7 days ago)
Go for celestron telescopes
Mithilesh Kumar (16 days ago)
Cool yr
Rockster Gamer (23 days ago)
What about cost
Swas Tech (21 days ago)
100 usd by max
Mandeep Kumar (26 days ago)
Kitna mm ka hai?
Rakshanda Sharma (28 days ago)
Bhai ye night me sky dikhata kesa. Hai ?
scart ness (1 month ago)
How many kilometers which can see through this telescope
scart ness (1 month ago)
+Swas Tech pr firbhi lagbhag kitna dur
Swas Tech (1 month ago)
Not too far.
DARK IMMORTAL (1 month ago)
I bought it for rs 1700
Dharmesh Saliya (2 months ago)
Swas Tech (1 month ago)
2500 INR approx
Arpita Tigga (2 months ago)
Is it refractor telescope??🤔
Phonzo Cisne (1 month ago)
ANIL BABU (2 months ago)
Hope i have one
Tinneikim Mate (2 months ago)
Can we see the moon,stars and the sky??????
Arav aahan stylish (3 months ago)
Bhai ye kitne daam ka hai aur kahan se kharida
Randika Mendis (3 months ago)
This one is good for kids under 10 yo
Swas Tech (3 months ago)
Indeed it is
Gurudatta G (3 months ago)
Can we see airplanes flies in long range
Lloyd Ngoro (3 months ago)
Hey. So what do I need. A telescope or binoculars. There is a toposcope with various places ranging from a few miles away to hundreds of miles away. What should I use to view those places. Out of interest what technology is used to establish toposcopes?
żywioł Ognia (3 months ago)
+Swas Tech Sir. Not every telescope uses lenses.
żywioł Ognia (3 months ago)
Go for binoculars if you don't have money for at least 70 az refrarctor. Or at least 130mm newtonian.
Lloyd Ngoro (3 months ago)
+Swas Tech thanks plenty.
Swas Tech (3 months ago)
Go for binoculars. Its more handy. The lens used in telescope are meant for observing very far celestial objects. For example moon. But that will cost you much. So I recommend you to go for binoculars
Pearl And Marina (3 months ago)
wow nice
Emmie D (3 months ago)
Same one how do I see
Amar Mali (3 months ago)
had u bought it from Amazon or flipkart?
J F (4 months ago)
Oh no! I forgot to subscribe!
D Jagpati Rao (4 months ago)
Please can tell uses how the planet is looking in thise
żywioł Ognia (3 months ago)
Bad. You can't even see saturn rings and surface. On jupiter you don't see colors. Mercury is like a star venus too. You can see that mars is orange. And moon looks good
maddog (4 months ago)
i paid 25 bucks for mine at fruths pharmacy black friday! planets are fake holograms! i see dome every sunrise at proper time!
żywioł Ognia (3 months ago)
Go away conspiracy theorist. Planets look like stars in shitty telescope like this.
deren 1140 (5 months ago)
I Waching channel swas tech
Vikas Dubey (5 months ago)
Very good video
Rage craft (5 months ago)
thank you because i have that telescope and i have learnt a little bit of things of how to use it. i also think my mom got me it for 25 or 24 pounds on ebay.
Pratham Singh (5 months ago)
I have bought it
BEAST SANCHAY (5 months ago)
Ihave 26 telescope last range 120x
żywioł Ognia (3 months ago)
I have a 8 inch telescope 700x magnification with barlow 2x
How far can possibly be seen with this telescope??
ايمن المغامر (2 months ago)
+scottanks no one fucking cares just answer hes question you stupid piece of crap
Richard Eberling (3 months ago)
+Challenge? 1000 subscribers without any video its about 450 mm Focal Length its not a bad telescope. These smaller Focal Length Telescopes are nice actually for seeing stars, the moon and star clusters... Some times to big of telescopes can actually be a problem some times for viewing star clusters. You might be able to see venus, mars and jupiter fairly good when the planets are move and shift to our direction in our solar system facing more our way here on earth, on time or date when best seen with back yard telescope you should be able to see the planets moons to if the planet has moons venus has no moons sadly, i find it boring to view in telescope. You can see a lot out their even with a good pair binoculars.... binoculars only get about 75 or 80 x the magnification and at 450 mm telescope it is still very good.
gowd sake (3 months ago)
isnt the sun far enough at 149.6 million km
scottanks (4 months ago)
our visual acuity extends far beyond the horizon. If Earth were flat, or if you were standing atop a mountain surveying a larger-than-usual patch of the planet, you could perceive bright lights hundreds of miles distant. On a dark night, you could even see a candle flame flickering up to 30 mi. (48 km) away.
+scottanks yeah but how far? Can we see?
uday sharda (6 months ago)
The tripod is so small
abi palash (6 months ago)
Is this telescope, clearly show the mood and other???
żywioł Ognia (5 months ago)
+Swas Tech Or skywatcher company.
Swas Tech (6 months ago)
No. It's isn't that good. I m saying after using it. Go for telescope from Celestron company.
abi palash (6 months ago)
How much it is?? Is it work fine???
Banamali Gohain (6 months ago)
Pls give me a suggestion which telescope would be better for watching andromida galaxy n rings of saturn..n it's price also.
żywioł Ognia (5 months ago)
300 dollars for dobson 8 i am not sure about dobson 10
żywioł Ognia (5 months ago)
Skywatcher dobson 8 or 10 is good.
Swas Tech (6 months ago)
Buy telescope from. ...... Celestron ...... company
Tushar Sahu (6 months ago)
Can we see moon and other bodies clearly
Swas Tech (6 months ago)
Not at all ... Go for celestron range of telescope
Syed Rehan (6 months ago)
thum na muja telescope ka stmal kartha I ku nahe daka
Syed Rehan (6 months ago)
why ar you not seen use
TRILOK CHAND (6 months ago)
nice telescope
Nazia safder (7 months ago)
Please give it to me please
Hilaal Yuusuf (7 months ago)
I would like to buy it
Arjun Muraleedharan (6 months ago)
U can get it on Amazon or Flipkart at a range of 1500-2000 rupees
Hilaal Yuusuf (7 months ago)
khemkaran Gupta (7 months ago)
Amazon per yeh telescope ₹1836 ka hai
[email protected] (7 months ago)
Can we see saturn
Swas Tech (7 months ago)
rajesh behera (7 months ago)
How many rupees
Swas Tech (7 months ago)
But go for CELESTRON company telescope. They are far better
Swas Tech (7 months ago)
2500 inr
Shanmugam Shan (7 months ago)
Bare, gud
Technical Chora (7 months ago)
Please make this vedio i. Hindi
Dinesh Jaiswal (7 months ago)
u are begeeneer
Swas Tech (7 months ago)
Nᴀᴛ Gᴀᴍᴇʀ (7 months ago)
I have the same telescope! But can I see other planets with it?
Swas Tech (7 months ago)
Its not that useful
Damayantha Silva (7 months ago)
Please some body inform to me I want to buy star board searching to my son , Sri Lanka can I buy this please can be help to me give me all the details my personal mobile phone number 00966503684912
gurvinder singh (7 months ago)
need telescope kindly contact sandhu scientific all modal ready in stock contact 9999206647 price on request same modal also available
RAZ Enviro Solutions (8 months ago)
Can I see Jupiter by this telescope?
Swas Tech (8 months ago)
Unhad Jaswal (8 months ago)
RezaGamer1800 (8 months ago)
Im from irap. Please I need this end im subscribe irbc givway. Is me emal [email protected]
vivek pradhan (8 months ago)
can we seen planets plzzzzzzzzz reply
All videos for you (7 months ago)
+Swas Tech can we see deep moon ? Or surface of the moon
Swas Tech (8 months ago)
Sebastião Ribeiro (8 months ago)
Tenho vendo ou troco 027998821386
Laugh At Lol (8 months ago)
I have same telescope
żywioł Ognia (3 months ago)
+Laugh At Lol Yes. And you can't see only some of the biggest craters. I see things that are like 1km on moon surface. The moon it was made with the 25mm eyepiece.
Laugh At Lol (3 months ago)
+żywioł Ognia do you see your profile image,that's the exact size I see for moon
żywioł Ognia (3 months ago)
+Laugh At Lol Because i have a 8 inch newtonian and i can't see every crater.
Laugh At Lol (3 months ago)
In addition how can you say that I'm lying ?
Laugh At Lol (3 months ago)
You need to adjust its focal length to see craters easily
Palkhi Waman (8 months ago)
Can we take clicks through this telescope???
Wim V (8 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4vFEQm2foY  get this one..
Wim V (8 months ago)
Better get a 7 cm lens  6 cm is  not enough for the Moon..
żywioł Ognia (3 months ago)
The funny thing is that 6mm or 7mm are more expensive than the telescope.
vaibhav Prakash (9 months ago)
Hi I bought it for 2000
Rohit kumar (9 months ago)
can i see planet from the telescope
Suraj Dahiya (6 months ago)
+Swas Tech so what we can see
Swas Tech (9 months ago)
oDJOldskull (9 months ago)
Swas Tech (9 months ago)
oDJOldskull yes
Chandra Rakeshrjs (9 months ago)
can u upload a video on how to use telescope
LDQ MEOW SNIPER ahsan (5 days ago)
+Epic Squad PlayZ that swastika origin i from india,india hindu logo mean good luck but after hitler use it to his flaq swastika gets worse
Epic Squad PlayZ (10 days ago)
Chandra Rakeshrjs not to be mean or owt but why is his profile pic a nazi symbol
Samuel Clemens (9 months ago)
You've been ripped off. I bought one for £20.
Lucy's Life (9 months ago)
I bought it for £22
Uzair Khan (10 months ago)
I wanted to see how it gets assembled
Uzair Afridi (10 months ago)
where is it available
Eshan Avanti (10 months ago)
Ditto telescope🔭 but color different
mr chawla (10 months ago)
Nice I also have a 60mm telescope f70060
Killerz X (11 months ago)
Thx pro
Eshan Avanti (11 months ago)
My telescope was also cheap
Azo Azo (9 months ago)
How many?!
zulle e (11 months ago)
Could somebody give me one cuz i dont have it
Eshan Avanti (11 months ago)
I bought it for 1600
Prince Jack (11 months ago)
Kaha se kharida aapne ? Plese give me shop address
Being Dengineer (1 year ago)
My 7yrs daughter like it so much...
abbey costello (1 year ago)
Pls watch mr chawla's video he has a 60mm telescope i hope you will like it #mrchawla
Andy Tran (1 year ago)
ashu sharma (1 year ago)
How to use Barlow lens with eyepiece to see moon
GAMING WITH AAYUSH (11 months ago)
ASHU you need patience to see moon with barlow lens because the barlow lens are very sensitive
GARGY SINHA (1 year ago)
Pls....send or upload a video..How to assemble this telescope..?
Mahesh Mahesh (1 year ago)
I have this
y y (1 year ago)
Swas Tech (1 year ago)
$ 45 only
Adhil 07 (1 year ago)
Dip Goswami Indian rupees
what is the zoom power ?
JC monique lulab (1 year ago)
Please me i need it im just a kid plssss That is my dream i want it From Philippines
Kristine De Jesus (1 year ago)
Just search F36050M space telescope
Kristine De Jesus (1 year ago)
In shopee.com.ph
JC monique lulab (1 year ago)
Where do i buy it for just 1200 pesos
Kristine De Jesus (1 year ago)
Im from philippines to and i just buy the same telescope just for 1200 peso
julu Kumar (1 year ago)
I have and its children telescope
tjalexforever (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing
Annam Samayal (1 year ago)
Very nice wow
Rimon Das (1 year ago)
Pls me
Prateik Shinde (1 year ago)
I shared this video to 30+ people
Tanmay Kanse (1 year ago)
Where did you buy this from
Palak Kant (4 months ago)
Tanmay Kanse Amazon ..
Wellyngton Braz (1 year ago)
I bought this same telescope for my cell phone for $ 67 and I was not taxed! Very good indeed! I use an iPhone 6 to take pictures of the Moon with it. It's perfect! I bought it right here: https://www.gearbest.com/binoculars-and-telescopes/pp_802724.html?lkid=12745329
Hiyori Playz (1 year ago)
I badly need this. Please pick me 😄
cheryl bailey (1 year ago)
what is diameter of lens
Habib8100 Habib (1 year ago)
bhai मुजे अहिये 7778062624
all rounder guru (1 year ago)
I want this
But is it introductory astronomy telescope?
Swas Tech can you upload the video of moon through this telescope? please!!
Swas Tech (1 year ago)
+funny videos and comedy scenes Not useful in astronomy actually. Can be used as telescope. Go for Celestron
mr chawla (1 year ago)
Cool i also have 1
Randah .U (1 year ago)
It is really cheap and I bought it I don't know how to use it
BikeR Scientist (1 year ago)
I bought it for 1500
The half man story (2 months ago)
How it's work?
Aparna Soni (4 months ago)
Apne local liya hoga tabhi 1500 me mil gaya
Filip (10 months ago)
toko dewa It is diffrent currency dummie
merpati kentong (11 months ago)
I bought it for $35
GAMERS PALACE (1 year ago)
hey asmith
Tracie Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Would this be good for my 5 year old?
żywioł Ognia (3 months ago)
A pair of binoculars would be better.
Swas Tech (1 year ago)
+Tracie Rodriguez Yes, ofcourse. It's good for beginners 😃
Nice review sir...
AKSHIT BORDIA (1 year ago)
Can i see moon with this telescope?
Wim V (8 months ago)
not very well,   get a 7 cm minimum and with better eyepieces and legs... the tripod is very important, unstable telescopes give bad vieuws...for maybe 60 dollar you can get a small table top newton...
Swas Tech (1 year ago)
Not clearly actually..........
drsushil gupta (1 year ago)
I hv purchase it ,1 month ago and not able to focus it Pls help me And show,how to focus it
DOTA 2 NOOB (1 year ago)
sir can you borrow me the telescope cuz i want telescope i subscribed
Games Chronicles (1 year ago)
Nice video

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