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Best Jungle War Movies Of All Time || Hollywood Best Action Movies

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Matthew Mc D0nald (24 days ago)
It was a good flick fuck all those pussy fucks who are USA haters
Sandi Irsandi (25 days ago)
USA lost in Vietnam.. 😀😀
John Spears (19 days ago)
We didn’t lose, we made a strategic withdrawal. No one kicked us out we left on our own. If we wanted to we would have done them like we did in Iraq, twice. We were held back by our own politicians. We DID NOT LOSE!!
Sandi Irsandi (25 days ago)
USA lost in Vietnam.. 😀😀
Donald Tayloe (9 days ago)
Well we did our job and left lol .... we killed commies and then left when the money ran out the USA never declared war in Vietnam the USA hasn't declared a actual war since the 40s we were just there to kill as many commies as possible 3/4 of a million later when they stopped paying us to kill commies we left it wasnt our war we were just hired to kill communists
Sandi Irsandi (9 days ago)
USA vs Vietcong.. Vo Nguyen Giap king of Greliya tactical.. 30 April 1975 USA lost in Vietnam
Donald Tayloe (9 days ago)
United states had a kill death ratio of 25-1 ..... USA pulled out when the south stopped paying we won while we were there then pulled out
John Spears (19 days ago)
John Lz Tochhawng (1 month ago)
Who else watching this movie from Heaven like me??
Best collection (1 month ago)
they are only heros in films, coward ameraican pigs defeated in afghanistan
Best collection (1 month ago)
american coward army defeated in afghanistan
mike hizel (3 days ago)
Best collection if have problem Americans keep yourself no vet is a coward American or other country keep ya snide comments yourself. Obviously ya never served so stfu
Donald Tayloe (9 days ago)
Kill death ratio of 200-1 .... fight them there or fight them here
Lafe Denton (2 months ago)
Folks it's just a movie. I know all you arm chair Rambo generals out there nit pick everything. But it's just a movie. Do you go to star wars and go oh they don't have no death stars. Why can Solo shoot and git but trained combat stormtroopers not hit them?
Fred Jaminson (2 months ago)
This movie is so Dick.
Steven Hall (3 months ago)
It’s quite obvious some people just came to whine and complain, if you do not like the movie turn it off
John Kraken (3 months ago)
More utter rubbish... Would appear the VC couldnt hit a barn door....but GIs. Only have to point there guns and mow them down.. Like Rambo on steroids
Donald Tayloe (9 days ago)
Well the kill ratio was 10 to 1 so.... it's kind of accurate .... communists feed there men to the slaughter
jasper budiono (1 month ago)
democracy on its way.
bee tee (3 months ago)
Good old Vietnam war movie Americans soldiers went through hell young Charlie Sheen brilliant acting 👍🏿
Namra Marcelino (3 months ago)
bee tee hk df
switch official (4 months ago)
Who watching this from Italy 2018 and 2019?🤔
Alankrita Rao (2 months ago)
Masanneh Chatty (2 months ago)
Yes me in torino
mouhamed Sahar (4 months ago)
Really with city
Joram Katana (4 months ago)
2019..not yet
Bubba Keller (4 months ago)
It's a movie moron.By the way it it weren't for white people this world would be a sad place. You would be sleeping in a mud hut
Steven Hall (3 months ago)
Bubba Keller You would think white people invented slavery slavery started over in the continent of Africa long before White settlers a came to America several thousand years to be exact
Rondel Pertillar (3 months ago)
+The Educator Your absolutely right.they destroyed us black people, and when we try to up lift ourselves they destroy that progress,and then say look at these people they can't do nothing. And they are the very obstacles to people of color progress all around the world, just to say look at me I'm white look what I can do.bullshit
The Educator (3 months ago)
Yes it's a movie BUBBA...you are so very write BUBBA, you white people have really done the world a huge favor with your enslavement, massacre and colonization of native peoples of the world like North America, Australia, etc and your slavery, your racism, your raping of colonized countries of their valuable resources, your continued support of other white racist regimes...but the coloreds are getting even slowly but surely with their own colonization of your lands, seducing your daughters and getting even for sins of your ancestors and you....you will have your own mud hut very soon
Andy Jaxon (4 months ago)
You sound stupid bubba kELLER !!! Real fuckin Stupid !!! Pussy !!!
Nurhan Ismula (5 months ago)
Halo way pous kitaon
Atuo Steve (5 months ago)
well.. it's nice spending my time, watching the old times movies😁 guys!! it depends on how u want to deal with ur time😋 m not saying nything that might blamed me for this movie😂😂

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