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Text Comments (50)
Ley U. (2 years ago)
You look like a baby in this video lol
Treasure Carelli (3 years ago)
Yeah can't stand those people who post all there personal deets then turn around and say people need to stay out of their business lol
Sherice Willis (4 years ago)
I like the part about not being offended. Valid point!
Amen Victoria (4 years ago)
LMAO "Dick pics" too true. Great Video
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
+Beauty And The Bear lol thanks!
Jocey Vee (4 years ago)
You just earned mad ratings for playing GOMD in the beginning
SimplyUs 7 (4 years ago)
ittakesamaterialgirl (4 years ago)
I freaking love you mcfly
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
+ittakesamaterialgirl <3333333
Keisha Burke (4 years ago)
I'm dead though lol
queenyc (4 years ago)
So many attention seekers on my page🙅🙅
Lucinda Conteh (4 years ago)
Your videos are honestly the best thing ever
Cocoa Gn (4 years ago)
This message applies to the 2 people that disliked the video lol
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
+Letty GN accurate.
NaeDeLaTrill (4 years ago)
Automatically liked it cause of that J.Cole into tho, G.O.M.D
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
Monique M (4 years ago)
Attention seekers always tweeting some depressing as shit then a random person is like 'What happened DM me ' ....falling Into there trapp 😂😂
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
Elbita (4 years ago)
Hahaha Everything was oh so true
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
+Elba Navarro I try to be accurate lol
irocksoyoudont (4 years ago)
What scares me is that know some people will take this literally. ..
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
+irocksoyoudont loool if you find them point em out!
teanbreakfast (4 years ago)
I love u 😢 like since I'm 13
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
+teanbreakfast :O
Emily Jooe (4 years ago)
Or if you're an "up and coming artist" posts links to your music everywhere 😂
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
+Ahlia Math LOL
Ahlia M (4 years ago)
yaaaaa, those people be the online version of the ''check it out, just dropped my new mixtape'' niggas
Lemeece Byran (4 years ago)
Toronto slang may b? x
Daisy Girazi (4 years ago)
hahaha your tongue twister Awesome video :)
Daisy Girazi (4 years ago)
welcome :)
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
thanks :)
nicky88W (4 years ago)
HAHHA "shen this to people that shocks at shocial networks" lol its ok i can't say "Massachusetts" right, we all have that one thing we can't say right. You should do a how to groom yourself- Men's edition video.
sag al (4 years ago)
Maad funny and sarcastic
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
Tyrel Stewart (4 years ago)
Lol spam is all over my TL sometimes -.- like bruhhh stopppppp!!!
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
sooooo annoyinnnnnnnngggggggggansbf.kabfmsnfam g
Dianna Harris (4 years ago)
How to put on make up for the cameras!!!!
Brittney Alford (4 years ago)
Boy got the jcole before it even came out I see you #GOMD
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
Playboy (4 years ago)
Soundcloud - Dalex Dorchester
Playboy (4 years ago)
#NoPicture #Spam lol
the picasso team (4 years ago)
You tripping that j Cole song is Fire
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
+Joseph Woodall lol well played
the picasso team (4 years ago)
+ThatdudeMCFLY I'm just doing what the vid said. To criticize on social media
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
+sosjemal touche!
sosjemal (4 years ago)
+ThatdudeMCFLY it's your intro, it can be deceiving for inconstant viewers
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
........i .....i never said it wasn't.
Manny (4 years ago)
lol great topic. 
Santosh Njr11 (4 years ago)
Yaaa stink
ThatdudeMCFLY (4 years ago)
always a pleasure catching up Santosh 

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