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Female Armor Sucks

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Text Comments (8156)
Johnny Moore (13 hours ago)
58 59 years old call me of admission I got both don't take give me a call or three 07
The Other Side (2 days ago)
*She failed to see how this can work as nerve gas on a battlefield and alter the concentration of the enemy.*
adrian roed (7 days ago)
the female armor showed at the start is perfect against males, though it doesn't work out great against females. you see, the males can't take their eyes off of the armored part, keeping their strikes restricted to said parts.
Mr pickles (9 days ago)
This remind me of star wars
Clemens Kindermann (16 days ago)
ben bundidsilp (20 days ago)
youtube recommended: big dick birth defect
FBI Undercover Loli (21 days ago)
Why females gotta be angry with female armour sure it shows most of your body parts but dont worry every attack will just aim for your armour while us men have to protected ourselves in all directions
James Frank (25 days ago)
What about the Thong of Truth?
Darth Ballz (1 month ago)
Carl Schleicher (1 month ago)
A good pair of knee pads would help to protect her.
Umaer Hashmi (1 month ago)
shes smokin hot... just tellin it like it is
bintang naila (1 month ago)
Morsurator (1 month ago)
Yeah... VLDL did it better...
s_lx (1 month ago)
95? More like 98.
MoodleDoodle22 (1 month ago)
Monster hunter female armor is good...
ArchAngel121996 (1 month ago)
aaaah wen college humor didnt suck
JMC (1 month ago)
Why is the thumbnail gray
Troll Face (1 month ago)
Since those guys was so jealous I would of given them the female armour so they wouldn't be so ' jealous '
Mittens FastPaw (1 month ago)
And still a problem today.
Ryan Vaughn (2 months ago)
Her armor would work better with a rogue or an assassin.
Ziggy Wynder (2 months ago)
Actually female armor is very useful. It can distract male opponents.
'Tis is I , Man Dick . The titty smithy
Joy Morningstar (2 months ago)
Can someone tell me her name so I can save humanity?
מעין ללי (2 months ago)
totally!! what's up with that?!
Craig Plummer (2 months ago)
Because no females used to fight or barley any
Peter Earp (2 months ago)
Anne Purkey Caulfield (2 months ago)
I love this so much. As a LARPer, good female armor is something admired and sought after.
yamin rahman (2 months ago)
Nope...they shot her in the heart
RetroPanther (2 months ago)
Women have no practical use in war besides their beauty on screen., sad to say. But this is hilarious.
gwirith14 (2 months ago)
Lyudmila Pavlichenko says hello.
Parker Hynson (2 months ago)
I agree with the title! Why can't girls have armor like men? They look like sluts this way.
Carinth (3 months ago)
Right in the shiny part:D
Canes Venatici (3 months ago)
I don't care how they made it as long as it looks good in my eyes it's perfectly fine. Ain't gonna watch ugly things.
Eleeth Tahgra (3 months ago)
Actually...showing up with chainmail bikini would cause all those plate-armored-guys to suffer from the quite a painful experience due to blood flow unable to expand the organ due to the said plate mail. Unless that necessary part is not covered with plate mail.
Chryses (3 months ago)
If you want to make girls in fiction wear skimpy armor, while preserving realism, here's how you do it. When you create a culture, make it similar to that of the Gauls, who were known to go into battle fully naked, with nothing but a shield. That way, you can justify it by saying that the lads are walking around just as scantily clad.
Body goals
Jigsjigz (4 months ago)
God she has a stunning bod tho!
Iklas Sss (5 months ago)
Ooh, its pinching...
Josilinia Plyman (5 months ago)
Henry zebrowski??
Anna Chang (5 months ago)
Connor Stickels (5 months ago)
In the Belgariad, C'nedra requests sexier armor because her job is to moralize troops, not actually fight. That is a fringe case. Most are much more like this.
FullHalfCircle (5 months ago)
Uuh, right in the shiny part.
Hydra Jamm (5 months ago)
Are you listening skyrim modders
Sonic Screwdriver (6 months ago)
So fucking true.
Wout V.M. (6 months ago)
Where's the navel piercing? It's an important defensive armorpiece for the mid-section of the body?
Flarbargason (6 months ago)
WuzNab (6 months ago)
Right to the boob.
Carson Price (6 months ago)
REDLY-MAX vine (6 months ago)
It's doesn't suck it's just sexest
The folafal Waffle (6 months ago)
That’s just wrong That’s level 1000000 armor
The Bi Guy (6 months ago)
. _ _ _ _ _ . _ _
just an unknown person (6 months ago)
So what, women won't have been in battle for those days. Women where lucky and werent forced to battle like men😂
Arc Angelus (6 months ago)
Dragon mail for female where's the rest of her armor she's going to get destroyed out there on the battlefield 😳 how hilarious is they complimenting her that armor I want to see them wear that and see how that goes lol
Inan Chowdhury (6 months ago)
And here come the feminazis.Remember when people used to be able to take a joke properly? Yeah,good times...
Zach Thompson (1 month ago)
What exactly are people saying? I only see comments saying it’s a funny video, which it is.
Dylan Gotshall (6 months ago)
i am the first to comment at this exact time, and on the same video
[TAW] Justabossman (6 months ago)
I mean, you ain't wrong
Freddy Kabuffke (6 months ago)
"Yeah, like that'll stop a sequel." lol
Edriely (6 months ago)
Dear video games, You know what is REALLY sexy? Being ALIVE because your armour actually functions to protect the vital organs. Also, legit, if someone is able to single handedly take down a 90 elite dragon, that's pretty hot. ;P
ExMachina70 (6 months ago)
But pinching where? We must find out!!!
seifer gunblade (6 months ago)
wait until you see the Breastplate of Argon
Shinigami Kitsune (6 months ago)
This is painfully accurate. I'm trying to fight you not give you a boner, for chrissake.
Cometyo (6 months ago)
Anime *cough* *cough*
Andre Linares (6 months ago)
What about girl's armor on FEH
Git Gud Fox (6 months ago)
It'd be more realistic if he actually hit her with the sword, and it caused no damage at all. Most RPGs don't take body parts into account for damage, so as long as the chainmail bikini's stats provide the armor, the sword would just bounce off her regardless of where it hit.
BlackStrey (6 months ago)
Its the Monster Hunter smith
I need sleep (6 months ago)
Well I've played Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Skyrim and in none of them I've seen a difference between male and female armour, there was just armour. What games is this video referring to?
Pham Thien Phuc (6 months ago)
thanks god this video didn't come out in 2018
Zach Thompson (1 month ago)
Blu Dude (6 months ago)
Alright, here are some games that don't do this off the top of my head: Halo (all of them), Titanfall, For Honor, Titanfall 2, Battlefield series, Call of Duty series, Fortnite, PUBG, Ark, R6 siege, Bioshock (maybe), Literally every game that focuses on vehicles (Crossout, World of Warships, etc.), Strategy games, Overwatch (once again, maybe), arcade games (usually), some fighting games, platformers, etc. If youre gonna complain about oversexualization then just play a different game. As my dad used to say, "don't fuss, just fix it."
Aaron Page (6 months ago)
funny thing is it works in games
Radicrash (6 months ago)
I seriously think RPG games like skyrim need an "aesthetic" armor slot so you can still look badass while kicking ass.
Kayn The Cosmic shadow (6 months ago)
Every MMO game ever
The Forever Man (6 months ago)
Finally a cute actress
Cagkiller0 (6 months ago)
Do women in this comment section understand the difference between games and reality?
Christopher Dibbs (6 months ago)
I never got that. Female amour in everything is just so stupid. Did they just throw the whole purpose of amour out the window??
Lord Sodrin AQ3D (6 months ago)
Honestly you CAN MAKE ARMOR that is actually EFFECTIVE AND PROPER while making the female user hot....I actually disapprove with bikini style armor...and I'm a man saying this...those who think it's proper, it's not, it's just gonna give you decreased movement, discomfort, and of course make you easy to kill...armor is made to protect the body and not to be some kind of fashion unless it's cosplay...if your going for real armor I'd suggest a female using leather armor like a rogue (actually that's better, maintaining the hot body and proper protection and such) for a knight style, go with a leather armor with a breast plate for the top, more steel plates protecting the chest of the female, steel plates for knees, same in the elbows, small shoulder pads, and chainmail to have that skirt like part of the armor for them...then the helmet, it's so simple
NITISH KUMAR (6 months ago)
Who is she ?
PugInSpace (6 months ago)
what is her name ?
F3NIX (6 months ago)
realistically women would never wear armor back then because they wouldn't fight. that shit is heavy, very heavy, and most women simply dont have the strength to fight like men fought back in the day
Bruce Wayne (6 months ago)
More like 98%... 😉
Chris. (6 months ago)
*cough 300.
Edge Mastah (6 months ago)
0:19 look at his face. That's the face of fortitude
retro discoboy (6 months ago)
Judging by what girls wear, it would be no surprise if they actually liked this armour and complimented each others ass while wearing it
Snapdragon 9600 (6 months ago)
Even Skyrim has better armour than this..
dixonmixin10 (6 months ago)
Yeah...anyone seen the movie 300? Nuff' said.
MrTyradan (6 months ago)
The Master buttplug of fortified Magica AC +7 Int. +2 Dex. -1
Capissotor (6 months ago)
Wonder woman says otherwise
Andy Zheng (6 months ago)
Men have a lot more upper body strength and can carry a lot more armor is like 40 pounds and also women don't have many roles in war like men do the most they do is shoot arrows during the Mongolian conquests.
DartLuke (6 months ago)
Actually bikini armor has +1000 to enemy disorientation
Mahima Romanoffmw sally (7 months ago)
Yes yes yes. I like the ending!
Phi Dương (7 months ago)
They did be looking at her "importanr parts" so they would be aiming there, FORKING GENIOUS.
NeoSlayerX (7 months ago)
Thus, how the Clash of Clans valkyrie started existing.
JCThete (7 months ago)
Because Kratos has great armor as does Khal Drogo, Conan the barbarian etc etc. It is not just a female thing it is just a generic fantasy armor trope
The Outlander (7 months ago)
**Ahem** mobility **Ahem** Aw crap they made that point
Masudur Saikat (7 months ago)
In case anyone wondering "Jessi Kneeland"
hellavadeal (7 months ago)
Looked fine to me.
Joshua Sim (7 months ago)
The forefathers of EPIC NPC MAN :)
Pak Busu (7 months ago)
2011.... we need 1080p in 2018 ; )
Mia Brantley (7 months ago)
As long as there is a choice in the matter, I really don't care. But nearly all of the time, there isn't one. I'd be SO willing to give them my money if they would 1. give me the choice of skimpy or full armor on the girls. 2. give the choice of skimpy or full armor on the guys. $$$$ given happily! The game companies are fools to deliberately and obtusely miss out on money from either sex.
Mia Brantley (7 months ago)
"NEARLY of the time". One or two out of hundreds isn't much of a change. But I will concede that there are some, just to make YOU happy.
Corvo Attano (7 months ago)
I don't know what games you are playing. Even back in 2011, Skyrim had full armor for female characters. Kingdoms Of Amalur took it one step further, and gave the option to make the helmet invisible (for both sexes), so that you can see your character's face and hair.
jorge cespedes (7 months ago)
In Overlord (the anime) there is a girl with a badass armor Albedo That's good shit
Angelo Aitken (7 months ago)
has anybody seen Conan the barbarian he had less armour and he didn't complain admittedly he got stabbed more but he didn't complain
Doni Mori (7 months ago)
*Laughing in Erza Scarlet*

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