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Why Tumblr sucks ep. 4: PRO ANA/PRO MIA

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Thank you again to (instagram) https://www.instagram.com/wwwwwwwwera/ !! I know this is a tough subject as well but it's so dangerous to have people acting like this!! ------------------------ Find me on other platforms: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/readytoglare/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/readytoglareYT Snapchat: gcphilipp Tumblr: http://readytoglare.tumblr.com Email: [email protected]
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Fisch TV (3 days ago)
I think many of them use this posts to reach their goals, to stay motivated. And I kinda can't blame them for that because I understand the mindset they are in... Because if they don't manage to reach their goals they feel horrible... But I know that doesn't excuse it.
Amber Shade (3 days ago)
Recovery, for me, is eating no more and no less than what you’re supposed to eat. If you over eat, then you’ll just end up being on the other unhealthy end.
Spun Hunnie (3 days ago)
For me it was like, how long can I wait between eating and how little can I eat more so then calorie restricting. For that reason exercising allowed me to pack on about 50 lb and I now look womanly but fit. I let my competitiveness at exercise allow me to gain but I had to control the urge to involve numbers too much, including looking at the scale. It's been almost 8 years and I feel really happy with my body, and really happy with my soul. Recovery is possible and it may not be a straight line but it can be a state of mind. Love and prayers to anyone going through this. 💜
Spun Hunnie (3 days ago)
Have you seen the show Hill House? It's the Red Room.
The Raven (4 days ago)
I'm A & B and I'm crying while watching this. I'm too far gone.
eau de corn (3 days ago)
The Raven don’t give up on yourself. Suffering with an ED is the worst suffering I’ve ever known, and I’m sure you feel similarly. But you deserve to be happy and healthy. Recovery is extremely hard, but still possible ❤️
Pixie Pets (6 days ago)
When I was anorexic I was OBSESSED with numbers. Count calories and how much I’ve burned off. I’d work off until I passed out. Or almost passed out and if I didn’t want to pass out I’d keep going. And it was horrible!! I was encouraged by people in pro Ana and they would make me FEEL horrible about myself cuz I was NEVER EVER enough
Amanda Szynkowski (7 days ago)
When i was anorexic i used to look at these things when i was hungry
Amanda Szynkowski (7 days ago)
Also, 10% of people diagnosed with anorexia nervosa die because of their disorder. That is 1 in 10 people. I dont believe most of the people posting these things are actually diagnosed, because i used to see a lot of "overweight people can be anorexic too" in nearly EVERY BLOG with their weight attached, when it literally doesnt fit the diagnostic BMI criteria. Theyre creating these posts and hurting sick people because they dont understand how it actually affects people, because they arent actually anorexic. I reached under 90 pounds and could feel my body withering away(over 20lbs heavier today but will probably always be underweight no matter how hard i fight), and if i hadnt stopped i wouldnt be writing this comment. Their encouragement helped contribute to my eating disorder, and i still cant look at it without reverting back to that mindset. Tumblr now makes posts under these tags offering help, so they are at least doing something, not that it will discourage many people
Shann’s World (9 days ago)
You know what the sad part is? If anyone speaks about ED topics people will be mad at you no matter what.
Gabriela Contreras (12 days ago)
As a person who still suffers from anorexia since middle school, this makes me so sad that people would encourage this behavior.
Anna McL (14 days ago)
Oh lord, this makes me so uncomfortable. Hearing you, as someone who experienced this, need to go through these things... I can just hear your pain. It hurts. It makes it no better that my name is Anna so hearing my name connected to a 'slang' term for something so unhealthy just... ugh.
Washiplant (15 days ago)
Honestly, when I was anorexic I used to look at those posts just to make myself feel shittier. Once I acknowledge my problem, I started to unfollow those accounts and I deleted my blog eventually bc they would pop up all the time on my feed. That community is so toxic and i'm just glad I got out of it..
Morrigan (16 days ago)
like a month ago I watched this video and was really shocked about the community but now I'm in it and delevoped an ED and I'm numb to this video and all the comments. I feel like I did this to myself and it's my fault but at least I'll be skinny right? ill recovery once I'm skinny.
Lalina Vanturez (17 days ago)
I have a genuine question: *would anorexia be a form of self harm?*
Morii (1 hour ago)
Milk Duds (4 days ago)
Yes. Anything that intentionally inflicts mental or physical harm, (especially prolonged) to oneself is self harm. Sadly, anorexia does both.
Mommy Salami (20 days ago)
Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of ANY mental disorder. Did you know you could die in your sleep because your heart beat slows down so much? Or that people under a certain BMI legally are not allowed to drive because their reflexes become too slow to drive safely? Or if you are too underweight and you take a hot bath, being submerged in hot water can make your heart rate increase so quickly you could have a heart attack? Or that, if you begin to starve yourself, your immune system becomes so weak catching a cold could be a death sentence? Please get help if you are suffering from an eating disorder. I have been there, and I know it's Hell. Fight it with every bit of strength you can muster, your life counts on it. https://www.eatingdisorderhope.com/
Cristina Renteria (21 days ago)
I just started watching your channel, and I love it!! Keep it up!! 💕
princess hannah (24 days ago)
They also have this for self harm..i honestly used to always see that when i was younger and it got me started on cutting...now im 21 and my arms are covered in scars starting from age 13 and i have a huge one on the side of my leg from when i broke a bong on my head and had to get staples on my head and i also cut myself with the glass from the bong. Anyway tumblr started me on self harm and i still do it today sometimes!!!
J Meis (24 days ago)
J really love this channel and I know it is an old vid, but this girl has a lot to deals with. Former drug addict, had an eating disorder and I think she mentioned depression and suicide attempt in another vid... that’s a lot
Mikayla Stephens (24 days ago)
The truth is when I was in such a dark place I got sucked into this community and looking back now after deleting my account, it makes me so sad I was a part of it. The ED community on Tumblr is probably the most toxic part of the internet I’ve seen, so thank you for bringing light to this subject.
Lisa Musterman (28 days ago)
I just deleted my thinspo blog that I created to trigger myself because I don't want other eating disordered people triggering themselves with those pictures. Thank you for pointing that out again. I don't want anyone to suffer like I do.
Mikayla Stephens (24 days ago)
Lisa Musterman ❤️
Captain Lakie (1 month ago)
I love your videos 💜 I really admire you and your level headedness
A. (1 month ago)
Can you please do a video about your own eating disorder? I am currently struggling with my own bulimia. It would be nice to hear about how you are getting along. Ofc, do so when you are comfortable 💞
versaitzi (1 month ago)
Honestly, i can't stop watching your videos! You are amazing, honest and trasparent about your thoughts, i love it! Keep doing these thing❤ also, englosh is not my first lenuage but your english is so understable to me, and that helps me a lot!
Deja Boo (1 month ago)
Those poor girls will never know how good Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets are..my ass goes once a week, and my husband can't seem to keep his hands off my fat ass either.
Alice Gallagher (1 month ago)
yo- i know i am super late the party here but pro-ana and pro-mia communities existed back when xanga was a thing! that's when i was first introduced to it all- wild to think that was over 15ish years ago omg!
Crystal Boyett (1 month ago)
Back when I was like 14/15 (I'm 22 now) I was going through a period of major depression, probably the worst depression I've ever experienced and I was also starting to develop an eating disorder. I found the pro ana, pro mia, and the self-harm "communities" and I'm ashamed to say that I became an active part of them. Luckily, it didn't take too long (maybe half a year) for me to realize that this was just making me worse, I ended up leaving tumblr for a few years and within that time it somehow became an even more toxic place. I really hope these people come to their senses at some point and get the help they need <3
Fatimah Ibrahim (1 month ago)
I don't think I will ever understand people who promote this type of shit. I saw a documentary about people suffering from eating disorders and one girl was so bad she was scared to drink water. That is not normal and promoting that shit is sick.
Annie Adelina (1 month ago)
I just want to be skinny and pretty.. but it’s always ends up with me nearly dying
Annie Adelina (1 month ago)
I’ve tried to recover but I can’t help if it’s the only thing that keeps me comfortable. Idk.. it’s like once you get it it’s impossible to separate from that mindset 😭 I hate it
Yasmine Ozhatay (1 month ago)
I developed disordered eating from pro-ana. Now, I can’t let go.
ang (1 month ago)
this community always pisses me off. ive had an eating disorder for almost 3 years and have been hospitalized twice. one of the main reasons my ed started is because i was so naive when i saw this community and got sucked into it. little did i know there was no leaving. i hate these communities so much they are so toxic. these people truly have no idea the effects that an eating disorder can really have on you. it fucked my life up and still is. im currently struggling to pass the 10th grade because i was in the hospital for half the school year. i just wish these communites didnt exist because wow
RX500 Android (1 month ago)
As someone who had anorexia nervousa and is struggling with binge eating... those blogs are awful. It's so fucking wrong and terrible. I... I don't have words for this. I'm just shocked.
Nicole Opeku (1 month ago)
you look so dead inside i live for it
amrnda (1 month ago)
"everything's cool as long as i'm getting thinner" was taken out of context from a Lily Allen song. It's actually a tongue in cheek line. Funny how they took it and twisted it :/
French Toast (1 month ago)
I got into this community after a traumatic event. It gave me a community to talk to and on top of that I was losing weight. I didn't see the damage until I ended up in the hospital multiple times for psych issues and losing weight was the only thing that made me happy. I forgot that there comes a time when losing too much weight could kill you. I didn't care. Thinspo became my life. This community is honestly just a suicide cult. I still want to lose weight but I don't want to look like the images I admired on Tumblr anymore thankfully. I was honestly very depressed and losing weight gave me this weird high that made me forget my internal pain. I know so many people struggle with this. Just look at the number of times the thinspo images are reblogged. It's very sad.
H (1 month ago)
Ikr, its so fucked up. Everyones is miserable and not mentally there.
hope.c burmeister (1 month ago)
I’ve had anorexia for 4 years now and I’m guilty as charged of having run thinspo blogs. I was trying to recover so I downloaded tumblr as an attempt to vent about my struggles in recovery but Gould thinspo instead which made me spiral. I completely understand why people start these blogs but it doesn’t make them ok
Leo Hoglund-McGuirk (1 month ago)
There is a really big "malespo" community as well now, its often aimed at young transgender men such as myself. I have struggled with an eating disorder for a little over a year now, and the pro ana/ malespo community has made it so much worse. I really want to break the habit of going on these blogs, but it is sooo addictive. This community really needs to be shut down.
Bethany Jacob (1 month ago)
Thank you for not showing screenshots
Nanichi Rosa (1 month ago)
I have postpartum depression and i have gotten to not eating or eating very little my husband is helping me to get better but it breaks my heart to hear people promoting unhealthy eating it is not a joke people it is very serious and life threatening
jessicajohn92 (1 month ago)
I was never diagnosed with an eating disorder, since I would hide it from my family. However, coming from a Hispanic family, I was used to my relatives talking about how much “bigger” I was than my mom when she was my age. My mother was always below 100 lbs but it was due to the fact that she was living below poverty level and didn’t always eat more than 1 meal a day. Even pregnant with my brother she was 100 lbs or so. Up to this day, my family still comments on being being “fat”. I used to weigh about 100-105 lbs during my very early 20’s and began to gain weight after I began school and got a job as a nurse. I’m around 130 lbs and although I don’t consider myself super big, they do make it seem as if I’m 200 lbs. it’s sad that it comes from relatives sometimes... not so much social media.
woodland wicca (1 month ago)
I remember I was struggling with body issues a while ago and I hated my body because I am trans I wanted to get rid of my figure and I decided to stop eating meals and I once came across a page like this when I wanted to see if people felt the same about me and the page made me sick and made I realise I shouldn’t be doing this.
jean G (2 months ago)
I've had the opposite to the ANA and MIA , cause as an genetically thin person I look like i'm at the verge of anorexia , and my family (which is latina) always alienated me as the kid who never ate cause I was skinny and would make me push my food and eat it , i've always hated some parts of my body for being so thin , I makes me disgusted , and I eat a lot trying to gain weight but like it's almost useless as it just goes to my stomach , sorry for the strong language. But I'm starting to plan a rutine to gain weight/muscle in some parts of my body and getting abs .
f e r (2 months ago)
now those communities are kinda dead but 2012-2013 were their peak and omg they were so fucked up
zoe (2 months ago)
ive been through ana/mia and i hate thiis crap. theyre also into anti-recovery and they make fun of you for recovering. it fuckin sucks.
Vanessa Pardun (2 months ago)
I don't think I can even watch this video. I've had bulimia since right before high school and I'm a junior now. I lost 60 lbs over the summer before high school. I may have needed to, since I went from 190 to 130, but that isn't healthy. I'd give anything now to not have an eating disorder. There shouldn't be communities that promote eating disorders.
BLHAIR (2 months ago)
Eating disorders are becoming pretty prevalent with the gays now and it makes me sick
sara plazinic (3 months ago)
I suffered from anorexia 3 years ago and i successfully recovered. I had my personal thinspo folder in my computer, that I just watched regularly, but I never posted any of that shit on Internet. I think it's mean, I think it's absolutely horrible to do so and I'm sick and tired of ppl encouraging other to be unhealthy or even die. Great video! I couldn't agree more.
dylan Flanders (3 months ago)
So my sis was both and I suffered from a condition that made me vomit every time I ate or drank to the point that I was bedridden and couldn’t eat of drink ended up pretty bad for both of us. We were both size 0s and I’m naturally a 7 and her a 5
Actual Trash (3 months ago)
I just want to look pretty
Irdina Syaurah (3 months ago)
hey are you ok? you don't sound so happy.
MuppetMollyStarGleek (3 months ago)
I used to horribly overeat, so I went on a weightloss kick, and I healthily lost 25 lbs in the last few months. Unfortunately, I started making myself throw up every now and then, like once or twice a month, to maintain if I lost control and binged. Now it's fucking daily, man. I hate it. I fucking hate this. I think I currently have an eating disorder. Fuck.
Rosie (3 months ago)
tumblr is a main reason for my eating disorder
BringerofBacon :3 (3 months ago)
My best friend keeps telling me how much she wishes she can starve herself because she wants to be skinny like me, and i honestly feel so guilty because i have been anorexic since i was in 5th grade (im a junior in high school now) and i just hate hearing her say that and i feel like i directly effect the way she sees herself and her self confidence. Its an awful feeling knowing someone you love wants your sickness because they dont understand how bad it is no matter how hard you try to explain it to them. Im currently trying to recover but there is always that creeping feeling in the back of my mind that fears being normal again. Its something i never want anyone to go through.
Berlin Vandlilje (3 months ago)
I found a few of these blogs a couple years ago and started thinking it was okay. I used to be like 127 im a small girl so a fast metabolism is normal but I began to stop eating or just eat once a today. If I did eat id sob and freak out and belittle myself for hours until I was sure I wouldn't eat again. I got over it a little bit I still struggle with it. Im somewhere around 100 pounds and im doing a lot better. I hope everyone who has been struggling breaks free and realizes how very beautiful they are.
I don't even have an ED, but I feel depressed looking at those posts. (Cause honestly I'm kinda chubby)
Panda_ Party22 (3 months ago)
But these people wanna say how society makes them this way. NO THEY DONT! Not being so thin you can’t walk. Hey only promote wait loss if you have a tummy and don’t want it. Like at a “healthy” weight...... Not to be extremely thin or extremely fat. Like it’s fine if you got a belly. It’s just saying for the people that wanna lose that. They make it sound good by saying “better looks”. But all in all just don’t force yourself to do that.
Kaya Elizabeth (4 months ago)
The last time I visited Ana tumblr, I was brought into tears. I just hate this is happening to people, I wish I could take it all away...
Legolas's Wife (4 months ago)
I was anorexic for 3 years and have now fully recovered. Looking at these makes me cringe so much and I can't believe anyone would want this for themselves or others
Cupcaek (4 months ago)
As someone who looks borderline anorexic without being anorexic, I would give ANYTHING for your body. I love the photos of you in a bikini that you posted; I think you’re absolutely stunning. I hate my shape. I wish I had curves and the hips you do. Idk if this helps you with your dysphoria (I heard compliments can sometimes backfire with eating disorders?), as idk how it is to deal with an eating disorder. But I hope this comment makes you feel better about yourself anytime you feel like you’re not good enough. Because you are. You are some people’s goals, in a good way. Remember that. 👌🏻
Aranea Nox (3 months ago)
With the right diet and exercise you can really get yourself some booty. Staying healthy is the most important thing, always.
trinthetrex (4 months ago)
I do not hate people who have an eating disorder. I hate that people promote eating disorders. It’s like saying cancer is good.
Alien Ryya (4 months ago)
I was recently diagnosed with bulimia and I went to tumblr to vent my feeling. When I saw people actually supporting this I felt disgusted. I can’t even come to terms on why they think this is okay.
Delightful Pisces (4 months ago)
When I first heard pro Ana and pro Mia I thought they were people, oh how I was wrong. Pro Ana/Mia is terrible.
Lace 7 (4 months ago)
Why is it they want to be so thin? It doesn't look attractive, like at all. Especially the twig looking people, I could never date someone like that.
CatNugget719 (4 months ago)
Lame. Anorexia is awesome. Just stop shoving burgers down ur fat gullet and u may see the light
Kit (4 months ago)
I’ve noticed there’s two sides of the pro ana community: the side that glorifies it, posts thinspo, runs groups of ‘ana buddies’ and is literally pro ana, etc... then there’s the side of people who are just venting their pain, who are pro recovery and use the pro ana tag to reach others struggling, who stay the hell away from ‘ana buddies’, and who post about the more gruesome (and real!) side of EDs. I can understand that for some people, it is therapeutic to just vent, but it’s a fine line.
Phallus Cranium (4 months ago)
I dont have an eating disorder but i have had an eating problem since 7th or 8th grade. Kids were picking on my for always bringing subway so i decided not to eat during school because if i brought it i thought theyd talk about it again, and if i didnt i thought theyd talk about how i finally didnt have subway or suddenly couldnt afford it or whatnot. It lead to me eating two "meals" spaced out by man hours. 6am id eating like a hot pocket and by 7-8pm id actually have food. And then after my mom talked to me about it, i started bringing my lunch to school again. But my problems with a lack of eating didnt stop there. I eat very little throughout the day if i end up eating three meals. A lot of the time i usually eat two meals and from time to time ill only eat once throughout the day. For whatever reason i cant bring myself to eat much even when im starving. Sometimes i look at a fridge full of food and convince myself there's nothing for me to eat. Another thing that happens is me feeling too unmotivated to move to actually go try to make myself food or just heat up what i have. Happens much more when i go through a depressive episode and have no motivation in general. Aside from all that, though im not really concerned with my weight and i think this is more of one of those invasive thoughts, sometimes i will wonder if ive lost weight after not really eating, and less than that will check my stomach in the mirror. Crazy how this all started just with some kids picking on my for eating subway.
sloth plays (4 months ago)
React to furries pls
Aranea Nox (3 months ago)
Nah they aren't that bad
Deaf 1989 (5 months ago)
I honestly have come to the point where recovery seems impossible. It's been almost 4 years. I've gained, I've lost, I've gained, I've lost...and gained again.I am trying so hard to stop it, but I just can't. 800 or less calories a day, exercise, going to classes on foot or by bike, going back home when it's cold or hot af Just to lose those additional 200 calories and then fainting at home, throwing away food my parents gave me, chewing and then spitting food, giving all your food to your friends claiming you are "full"...it's a hell. I am scared. But I am just losing motivation and desire to go back. I guess it will never go away. 6'1'', 60 kilograms right now, but number is going down...
Aranea Nox (3 months ago)
Are you in therapy?
ronron (5 months ago)
Yah let's not go down that rabbit hole.
Katarina wtf (5 months ago)
i followed one of this blogs once. or more one of them who reblogged things from there. usually they posted kinda aesthetic things and that's why i followed them in the first place but at last once the week they had some sort of run to just reblogged extremly underweight people and tagging it as goals and stuff like that. and because of that alot of the recommend blogs i got were thinspo blogs. i'm overweight myself and unhappy how i look and i try to lose weight so this blogs hurt me especially when the host of the blog posted own pictures and they had completly heathly bodies and they called themself fat. they made me angry but at the same time sad because i know they are mentally ill and need help. sometimes i found myself scrolling tru that blogs and i need to say that it also had a few who realky posted heathly people and told their follows to eat and take care of themself and posted exercise tips. what i found okay but then it had also this blogs who posted pics of people who resembled skeletons where you aren't sure if this people are still alive right now and post how long thwy haven't ate and what you can consume to not gain weight. i feel so worrying for this people because they need help but choosed to drown in a community of toxic values. ling story short i end up unfollwing this person. we never interact anyway but i felt bad but i needed to think about my own mental health. i hope they're fine. dunno why i wrote this but wanted to share. sorry. it's long.
Zesty Milk (5 months ago)
My name is Mia
Anna TheMemeLover (5 months ago)
Lol I know I shouldn't be looking at this shit but I still love thinspo
amsayyy (5 months ago)
I know this is a video that’s a year old but as an active and diagnosed bulimic, here’s my take on it(though I’m biased because meanspo is something I actually use). It’s rarely encouraging people to start and more seems like a whacked support group.
Jimothy (5 months ago)
I’ve been struggling with different eating disorders for about 5 years and when I was struggling the most I only hated my body and myself. I would never discourage another persons body because I knew how it felt for someone to criticize your body! Wtf is wrong with people.
Oompa Loompa (5 months ago)
Searched up this tag just out of curiosity and womp womp i've been infected °-°
Hi 123 (5 months ago)
The scariest thing I have seen in the pro Ana community was a grown man that would give hundreds of tips to young girls. He had programs and would give people “diets” to follow. I saw 13 year olds asking him questions on how to lose weight and he said “message me privately and I will give you a workout and Calorie intake. You will have to update me everyday on the food you have eaten and how many calories you have burned.” I was so creeped out I reported his blog and blocked him.
Mimiroo (5 months ago)
I've been dealing with an eating disorder for 12 years now and I do feel slightly sympathetic towards this but in no way do I condone the community either. I regularly was on pro ana/mia sites when I was dealing with it at my worst (PrettyThin for one example but that site no longer exists) and in a way it did make me feel less alone and that there were others who were dealing with similar things. The difference I find with the forums vs Tumblr is that if you want to just talk about how today you are really struggling emotionally, if you are having depressive points or suicidal thoughts or hell even if you want to discuss different recovery and treatments then you can in a more supportive environment. You can filter out the weight loss competitions, the thinspiration and all of that (which yes looking back I realize how horrible and unhealthy it all was and still is) but in a way I felt like having that when I was at my worst and talking with others did help me in my own recovery. THAT BEING SAID when I started seeing the new wave of people joining asking for tips and tricks to hide this "lifestyle" and glamorizing a mental illness even at my worst I was disgusted by that. THAT is how I feel Tumblr treats these blogs, it's not a tool to help but it's just disgusting and harmful.
It really sucks that people on Tumblr are acting like mental illnesses are fun and cool. I struggle with OCD and it really fucking sucks to see people praising it and acting like it's a privilege to have it. I struggle everyday and it's sucks that people think that what I have is fun.
Kaley Lopez (6 months ago)
i just wanted to correct you because you said the anorexia community is a group of already underweight girls trying to get even skinnier when in reality it's mostly normal/overweight girls trying to become skinny. no hate, just saying that because we're often invalidated and underrepresented :')
bunnybeanz (6 months ago)
ive seen a lot of things from these blogs, and they honestly help some of them feel sm less alone
Liz W (6 months ago)
sorry one more thing... we have to remember this is a mental illness.... these people are not well.... we were once like this, we just have to have hope they get the help they need, but yeah, they are not in the right frame of mind rn and their weight is the only thing they can think about it.. focus on.. it's obviously the only thing they can "control" or that they think they can control. people do it in many ways, some clean obsessively, some study a lot, some work overtime. and some control their eating.
Liz W (6 months ago)
I can tell you are very emotional through this episode. I totally understand. It makes me sick to think these places exist. I really hope these people get/got help., listening to some of these, hit home as well. :( I am so glad I am better now.
Liz W (6 months ago)
I used to follow some of these communities on tumblr and back when livejournal was popular and use some of their "tips" to not eat and to hide food and such. It is very real and very sad. I would put up pics for "thinspiration" and such.
TheRealJew (6 months ago)
For me jokes really helped with recovery since it was so grueling. I used to restrict then binge/purge, but now I'm getting therapy. Im most happy about the fact I can do more for myself and others since I'm not starving anymore :)
DweebieRose (6 months ago)
Just an announcement Being thin isn’t as fun as it sounds. I have very low metabolism....sounds great right? Not really. Fat= energy, and when you have no fat you have no energy. There’s no glitz in it, I’ve been made fun of for my body. Everyone is made fun of no matter what kind of body you have. End of story.
Cait The Great (6 months ago)
I definitely remember this toxic thinspiration crap going all the way back to the Xanga days. Everyone being obsessed with Fiona apple and such. Definitely contributed to some of my friend’s eating disorders in high school. It’s sad that this is still a thing.
Robbie Snow (6 months ago)
I had and ed, thank fuck I didn't know about tumblr romanization of it, other wise I don't think I would have even tried to get better
Venus Amore (6 months ago)
You might have noticed us commenting on all your videos today, we found your channel and love you. We (I have DID, so when I say we I mean me+alters), have had an ED for over 10 years and are just now getting the hang of recovery. Sending you so so so so so much love..
jennifervan75 (6 months ago)
I think people promote these because they wan't girls to be weak,skinny and feeble
The Dark Siren (7 months ago)
Honestly, when I had tumblr I was so bad. It encouraged my eating disorder and self harm, once I deleted tumblr I got so much better. Its honestly such a toxic place
That's LMFB (7 months ago)
Another problem with these communities is it can trigger relapse. I struggled with bulimia starting in high school and relapsed several times until I was in my late 20s and have been purge free for 5 years. I always found my way back to these "communities" and started gaining more "strength" to continue my ED. I first stumbled across them on Xanga (anyone old as me??? 😂), and continued to follow them on Tumblr later and then other sites. It wasn't until my parents starting making remarks about my son's (who was 10 at the time) and my daughters weight (who was 5 at the time) and it just broke me. They could end up like me, they could possibly wind up in the broken state; feeling so completely lost. I used to always describe myself as just a crumbled devastation, I just could fake it very well. That's the outlook I wanted my children to have? Its weird, I was disgusted with myself which would usually lead to a binge and then we know what would follow that, but that disgusted feeling must have lit a fire under me, cause I haven't even come close to relapsing since that day.
LadyofSwearsalot (7 months ago)
I never had an eating disorder, but still it scares me. I remember when I was in a psychiatric institution for a a few weeks, there was this one girl who started to cry at breakfast because her slice of bread was bigger than it usually was, and that moment just kind of hit me. Being this deep in into the disorder, the mere idea horrifies me. It been about six years since then and I really hope that she is better now.
Jasmine Wallace (7 months ago)
Mia is my friend but not a very good one
Trisha Talbot (8 months ago)
Also if i could request a wig tutorial and like breakdown on how to pick them... where to go.... what to avoid if buying one online.... i really wanna try a wig but idk none of the tutorials ive seen have given me the answers i need 😣
READY TO GLARE (8 months ago)
What're your questions? I know this video helped me a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE61kOxxGoo
Trisha Talbot (8 months ago)
Congrats on your recovery. You have such a beautiful soul. You seem so strong and an actual inspirtaton 4 girls of all ages to live thier truth...and thats dope... haha sorry im totally licking ur ass everytime i leave a vommrnt i just really enjoy seeing someone so down to earh and self aware gain success and like ive mentioned before so many of the topics u cover i have also recently ruined sny happy thoughts i once had and i have no one to talk sboht them eith most of the time cuz no one wants to hear that shit lol so its nice to feel like im vicariously venting through u. Thanks for doin you! Keep stayin a baddy!
Julia :D (8 months ago)
I don't know if I have a disorder but always when I'm counting calories I tend to eat only 200 or less, when I don't count I eat maybe 500-1000, I can't eat more without feeling guilty, I also burn around 500 a day with work outs. I used to be over 230 pounds (5'9-10?/176cm) and now I'm like 170 pounds, But I still want to lose 20 pounds bc technically I'm still overweight. I don't know if my eating behavior is "dangerous" or something.
Julia :D (8 months ago)
I kinda think I can't have an eating disorder because I'm overweight
LadyLunoma (8 months ago)
I'm disgusted people are like this. Most of these people who encourage it have never experienced it or never know someone who did.
jellyfishboyy (9 months ago)
People on tumblr who tag as pro Ana, you will never find them wishing it upon another. As a person who spends a lot of time on tumblr on that side of tumblr, a lot of it is people wanting to use it for themselves
Anna Banana (9 months ago)
These communities are disgusting and need to be shut down. Btw, I really like these videos, keep it up! :)
AWEtistic (9 months ago)
This is so sad. I don't have an eating disorder, but I do have an unhealthy relationship with my body and my weight and those pictures are triggering me a lot. I found myself going from blog to blog because it actually made me feel less hungry or just kept me so distracted that I could skip meals. Yeah, these blogs are made by mentally ill people, but I would never ever post self harm pictures or give tips on how to hide it, why would you hurt other people who are going through the same hell?
cats2cute (9 months ago)
I never had a eating disorder but i still think it fucked up promoting a eating disorder.
Avril Marion (9 months ago)
i have an eating disorder but i would never post about it in a way to promote. I've been through the anorexia tag on tumblr and i hate it sm. i especially hate the ones who post meanspiration/thinspiraion and pictures relating of anorexia yet still say that they don't promote anorexia or that they're not pro-ana. Yes maybe some of them don't want/mean to cause other ppl to have an eating disorder but it's not right bc it can trigger someone. My eating disorder came from me being overweight most of my life and getting bullied about it, but i had searched up anorexia on tumblr and it honestly just encouraged me to not eat. and it happened so slowly too. i cant even pinpoint the moment i had an eating disorder. i just slowly stopped eating and kept looking at those posts on tumblr. I can't stand the ana community on tumblr.

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