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Ultra Boost Uncaged Men's to Women's Sizing

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Struggling to get the Ultra Boost Uncaged? Go with the women's version! Links and Stuff! My Unboxing Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zkdW7h5JV8 Adidas Size Chart: http://www.adidas.com/us/help-section-size_charts.html My Twitter: https://twitter.com/RamOfTheRose Instagram: https://instagram.com/ramoftherose/ Snapchat: RamtheGrandSlam
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ChickenTM (8 months ago)
Yesterday, almost 2 years later after this video, Adidas had a crazy sale with 40% off on the uncaged 4.0 and they had a discount on all colorways except the one I wanted to get. The women's version of the shoe was exactly the same and I got it for almost half prize just because it said W on the box and not M. Went 1 size bigger and fit just like my old Ultraboost for men. I bought the white ones so even the colors were the same since the inner lining of the women's shoes was black and not a "Girly color"... Exactly the same shoe but 40% cheaper! Thanks for the video!
Patrick Wong (1 year ago)
I get a women size, if You know your Adidas UK size, then no need to convert. exp. I wear UK 7, I get a women UK 7. Same!
Braxton Bartz (2 years ago)
Thx but don't u add two to ur size in woman's?
Ivan (2 years ago)
Thanks this helps mate!
DaveMhmm (2 years ago)
I feel like you're from Deadmonton. If you are lit fam
cfloorz (2 years ago)
hey i have a question do i have permission to recreate youre how to breath under water video... if so thanks!!! plz respond
Cindy Pham (2 years ago)
No more funny videos?!?😭😱🤕
Night Shade (2 years ago)

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