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2019 Latest War Movies - Sniper - Best Action Movies - Hollywood Action Movies

8800 ratings | 3484449 views
2019 Latest War Movies - Sniper - Best Action Movies - Hollywood Action Movies 2019 Latest War Movies - Sniper - Best Action Movies - Hollywood Action Movies 2019 Latest War Movies - Sniper - Best Action Movies - Hollywood Action Movies Matthew Reese, Nichelle Aiden, Kevin Sorbo When Kyle Matthews, an elite Sniper from the World Defense Force, is trapped in enemy territory - his skills are put to the test as he attempts to survive against a whole armada of Cerulean soldiers, Hell bent on wiping all humans from existence. But when a beautiful Cerulean woman is shot and left for dead by her own kind, Kyle must chose between his own life and the life of one of the very beings he is out to kill
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Text Comments (365)
National Hero (2 months ago)
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raquel soriano (2 days ago)
wow army
Ngọc Huấn (3 days ago)
National Hero thank you ad god
Shara Benolerao (1 month ago)
Shara Benolerao (1 month ago)
Merwin Deguzman (4 hours ago)
What he say? Takbo
Mashood baig (11 hours ago)
This movie has no logic at all. The ppl sitting in the head quater watching him were assholes and were sitting behind and watching while eating popcorn. Fuck u
Renjith Renju (1 day ago)
Nyc one
JHOMARK (3 days ago)
pls help my tiny channel
harun khan (3 days ago)
Good movie
VinTech (3 days ago)
awesome movie. 9/10
Ariz Pugaw (4 days ago)
1:35:13 this earthly weapon is amazing😆😆
Ariz Pugaw (4 days ago)
Had the director let the alien woman bear a child..This movie could have explained the origin of the blue child..😁😁
Ariz Pugaw (4 days ago)
It’s a unique movie..coz human technology is better than the alien’s..😁😁
NAGA PUBG (4 days ago)
The only thing I like about this movie is the girl and the villain..They way the hero kills the enemies are like BOT in PUBG....
Godwin Okon (4 days ago)
20:40 why didn't he kill the man before he kill the woman??
Godwin Okon (4 days ago)
14:32 what's that thing he use to view enemies at night
Ariz Pugaw (4 days ago)
Godwin Okon it’s called NVTD (night visual telescopic devise) used by earthly soldiers to spot blue blooded alien at night..
Arif Reja (4 days ago)
Please! can anyone tell me this movie name ?
Miemie KS (1 day ago)
Title: one shot
Lionel Shiva (4 days ago)
Its pure drama. Hero keeps hitting a guy how come others not reacting just watching what logic.
Supzz 12 (5 days ago)
If pubg was a movie!😂
Avius Kaizz (6 days ago)
.oh, the lead actor can talk at 39:45
tamara shaheen (6 days ago)
See you😍😍😍😍😍😍
tamara shaheen (6 days ago)
ILike this soooooooooo much
qwerty asdf (8 days ago)
What he says?? Takbo?? Ahaha.. What is he Filipino??
Stone Nation (8 days ago)
Best movie ever
Abdoalhak Qatabi (8 days ago)
This movie is the best
Bangkit _Clp (11 days ago)
1:25:30 I Like This
jackie luo (11 days ago)
Ariz Pugaw, I'm getting ur point haha.
Ariz Pugaw (4 days ago)
They put up together many earthly languages to coin an alien language for this movie..
jackie luo hahaha narinig ko rin yun
princess driz (12 days ago)
Look the girl, the blood and eye and she cry blue color she's beautiful 😍
joenie bajenting (12 days ago)
nice one takbo
Denver Boado (6 days ago)
Bobo let's go Sabi niya
tata sohata (12 days ago)
can some one give me a like?
movie name
crazy love boy (13 days ago)
I read all comments thank god
Ning Rei (13 days ago)
Fucking and boring movie..dont waste your time..and i wonder how people like this movie..may be you guys doesnot have any sennse of movie..this movie is rediculous
ibnu abdull (14 days ago)
what kind of this people? whre are they from
Babai Lew (13 days ago)
They're from planet Movie. Their religion are Acting. Their races are known as Actor.
Mohamed Lahlouh (14 days ago)
ibnu abdull i would like to invite you to islam only
Mohamed Lahlouh (14 days ago)
ibnu abdull . OK . muslim its good.
ibnu abdull (14 days ago)
+Mohamed Lahlouh i am muslim bro why you ask me this question?
Mohamed Lahlouh (14 days ago)
ibnu abdull 2. What is your roligion?
cj rapal (15 days ago)
nice movie I like it
Slumber Rock420 (16 days ago)
ok i go to play pubg
Thee Silent (16 days ago)
Anyone know if there's a trailer for Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan I think it's a based on true story movie
I love Disciple (16 days ago)
sai sai (17 days ago)
Superb movie 👍👍👏
Pantha Roy (18 days ago)
Dejan Jevtic (18 days ago)
This movie is amazing.Its hard for snipers.
Kapangkhui Ps (18 days ago)
Video game .... Nonsense film
Ravi dutt Dutt (19 days ago)
Nice movie
John Johnny (19 days ago)
DHAREN MOVIE ZONE (19 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EN_0sdO1xY best movie in the world
Dennoh De Midas (19 days ago)
Dennoh De Midas (19 days ago)
Wow, I like it
billy garcia (20 days ago)
Please upload american sniper..
Maniac Reigns (20 days ago)
1.06.54 it would be epic if he did that and picked the gun midair
Payyra BD (15 days ago)
Its Not Possible.... if he do that it could be the pure sci-fi heheehhehe
Kunal Sharma (20 days ago)
Nice movie
Indra Kumar Yadav (21 days ago)
What is the original movie name plz 😊😊
ChessMaster (21 days ago)
V7 A6 M7
Akum (21 days ago)
Nice ❤️❤️ worth watching
tech lakshan (22 days ago)
Wahidi Jiffriya (22 days ago)
Pubg miramat
Sry Wahyuni (23 days ago)
Moviss crezi
alraffy adji (23 days ago)
Takbow kanahh😂😂😂
Hshsh Hshd (23 days ago)
😂 wow.. hahaha. (i dont know what to say)
jackson tumwine (10 days ago)
Cool movie but scarly to those who are not used to this movies
Russell Calimlim (23 days ago)
Ano pamagat ng movie na to?
Gawilan Joy (13 days ago)
One shot
Abdallah Al-Ghoodra (23 days ago)
شباب ابي الرابط حق الفلم كامل هدا. https://youtu.be/EMt-MhyhNOo
Vishal Rana (23 days ago)
Nice move
Maooz Ahmed (24 days ago)
Due to very low audio, I can't understand the movie
Rovin Singh (24 days ago)
Rolland Hou (24 days ago)
Best movie
Armin Santana (24 days ago)
It is not new
Macr Thur (25 days ago)
HAHA ano language nila? May sinabi kanina "Takbo!" 😂 BTW Good Movie thanks for uploading !😊
Denver Boado (6 days ago)
MGa bobo kayo let's go Sabi bingi animal
Denver Boado (6 days ago)
Sabi niya take go di po takbo.. MGa bingin Pakinggan niyo Mabuti.. MGa vuvu
Kim Castro (16 days ago)
Kaya nga haha
Crafting Crafter (22 days ago)
1:24:14 ahahahhahaa
Crafting Crafter (22 days ago)
Anong time what time
Sib Sib (25 days ago)
1:24:14 he says "takbo" in english "run" in the philippines "takbo"
Patrick Padernal (6 days ago)
Hahahaha naa pud diay mga Pinoy dre
in waray dalagan
VELLA LUCNOD (15 days ago)
In bisaya dagan
fun/com videos (25 days ago)
evos pro ANAK GG (25 days ago)
winnie Njoga (25 days ago)
Wow! Thought it was a lowly budgeted movie but I was wrong! Lovely
Mohamed Lahlouh (14 days ago)
Peace. Can i ask you m'y sister ?
rimitchi cube (25 days ago)
like indonesia
Yana Liana (25 days ago)
Dont have substitle?
Joy Singh (25 days ago)
Aku Aku (26 days ago)
Lah tainini ngak sama ama judul nya banyak yg sama filem ini
abhi lash (26 days ago)
movie name
lemmy jefa (26 days ago)
All was well till the 24th minute where an alien from nowhere to attack the two ustadhis.😂😂😂
rong ree (24 days ago)
Light Yagami (27 days ago)
What is the title pls
dipesh shah (24 days ago)
One Shot
kiran laddu (27 days ago)
Super movie... super enjoyment
Timothy Koch Teron (27 days ago)
Jay Arr Resico (27 days ago)
Some filipino words used.
Lourdes Son (20 days ago)
Yes she seed takbo
Ultra Gamer (27 days ago)
Salute No Ads!👋🏻
othox nakulo (28 days ago)
what is the name of movie?
Rodgers Nyange (28 days ago)
Movie so good big up
Movies Masala (28 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xnfwKHy6II FOR MORE SUBSCRIBE IT THANKS....
like miramar
Syed Yousuf (28 days ago)
One man killed hundreds of enemys but no body kill one man wow hahahahahaha. always big
JOVET RANGER (27 days ago)
Syed Yousuf (28 days ago)
Foolish film
Tula Bag (14 days ago)
lucky Saini (28 days ago)
plz translate in hindi
Gurjeet S (29 days ago)
Comments are good but don't know why it seems a cheap movie in starting..🧐
kiti banra (29 days ago)
Nice movie
SweetDeath Music Mix (29 days ago)
movie name?
Yuvraj (30 days ago)
I totally love this movie , thank you for uploading.
Ismael Moywela (30 days ago)
very wow
Jhunina Alsab (30 days ago)
Vicky Jungco (30 days ago)
I Love This Movie 🎦 😍😍
Eden Tamirat (1 month ago)
liam khalif (1 month ago)
very very nice films
Hero Jason (1 month ago)
Great movie thank you very much
JM PHILLIPS (1 month ago)
0:21 takbo!..in philippine Tagalog word it is "takbo!" ..in English " run!" Hahaha
Ambot Ambot (28 days ago)
Well played
Ambot Ambot (28 days ago)
Pilipino ako
Narinder pal Singh (1 month ago)
Please this movie in Hindi translate
Bimol Singh (1 month ago)
Amazing Great movie 👍👍👍
B Arya (1 month ago)
Love it.
Demba89 Sabaly (1 month ago)
Un bon films

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