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2018 Lastest Action War moives - American soldiers vs German - Best War Movies

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2018 Lastest Action War moives - American soldiers vs German - Best War Movies Please watch more Movies with best quality ! https://bit.ly/2P3Eg3M Facing mounting odds, a small but determined band of American soldiers venture into dangerous enemy territory on a mission to stop an advancing German unit from breaking through the Allied line Stars: Sage Anthony, Corbin Bernsen, Anthony Bowman
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Le Tramy (4 months ago)
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Gordon Illin (38 minutes ago)
WTF are women doing in this movie 💣it for me tuned out 👎👎👎
phongsaly pwreo (2 days ago)
SANG THONG (3 days ago)
Howard Fortyfive (6 days ago)
1:29:21 *It was a REAL TREAT for me to see a BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED STUART LIGHT TANK in this film.* The American uniforms looked to be authentic as well. It is my belief *WWII reenactors supplied their own weapons and or uniforms and field gear.*
Howard Fortyfive (6 days ago)
Cyprian Misana (9 days ago)
Watching from Tanzanian 🇹🇿🇹🇿
Sumant Wagh (10 days ago)
tedtrash (15 days ago)
You have this educated and introspective ranger who can't figure out why the enemy is fighting so much more ferociously after the fighting has crossed the border into their homeland. There is even more distancing with esoteric conversations with medics. It just creates too much distancing in the film to have dialogue that is not an authentic representation of the situation and setting.
Howard Fortyfive (6 days ago)
Those girls were NURSES. Nurses TRAIN THE MEDICS.
Matthe van Daalen (16 days ago)
Green woods in december?
celtic tiger (24 days ago)
don't waste your time...
Mr Meogi (27 days ago)
Outstanding :-)
Robert Pearson (1 month ago)
Thanks for posting. For all you who have nothing good to say about the movie, you don't have to watch. Better yet, join the army and they will give you all the relitity you can handle.
jh liton (1 month ago)
Shit movie
Sierra Hotel (1 month ago)
Sidney Sit (1 month ago)
what a foolish US soldiers !!!
Kyle Burgos (1 month ago)
borring video...
infinity music (1 month ago)
Waste of time
xetra11 (1 month ago)
Yep all german soldiers were fatties right
Dakuo Kire (1 month ago)
Wow I really like this movie thank you
habila mbello (1 month ago)
This is great Movie
Pete Moore (1 month ago)
Binned this movie in the opening credits, for gross factual inaccuracies. Consult United States Military Academy Department of History... Never let BS dilute true effort, you Hollywood intellectual pygmies..
Brianna Bates (1 month ago)
This movie was emotional. This shows us all how important team work is. You gotta cover for each other no matter what situation anyone is or will ever will be in.
iranga dickmadugoda (2 months ago)
this is not real jungle studio
iranga dickmadugoda (2 months ago)
as real soldier i am shame about this movie
iranga dickmadugoda (2 months ago)
fake movie sniper not in short range ....... fail movie .. better for unknown about war
big dikey (2 months ago)
You don't know this movies you sack
Technology Help (2 months ago)
Sofia Stepho (2 months ago)
Is so god
FSGD__DEFENDER (2 months ago)
Nice movie it was great
Johuruddin Ali (2 months ago)
This film plzzxzzzz Hindi upload
WEI DYNASTY MONK (2 months ago)
NICE MOVIE…liked and subscribed …verteran with PTSD
Winston Viceroy (2 months ago)
Prisoners still have most of their gear? Allowed to talk? Gonna execute one at at time with a knife? Not even remotely believable.
Matthe van Daalen (16 days ago)
True, huge pile of shit this movie
richieboy09 (2 months ago)
What a load of shit! The overlook of the filming is good but the film is let down by poor explosions & battle sequences, lack of a story line, poor acting another wasted attempt at a war film..... im yet to see a really good one.
I feel sleepy
Flavio James (2 months ago)
MB Production (2 months ago)
Hi im from philippines plss subcribe my channel ty
Chris Lats (2 months ago)
Soon as the chicks turned up I new it was all over
Nicholas Wetzel (2 months ago)
Reenactors shouldn’t make movies. Even worse they’re FARBs. Change my mind.
N C T (2 months ago)
Good movie
Ervin Romel' (3 months ago)
I’ve never seen such dumb pictures ..might be somebody explains what’s this movie about. Every one in the world knows this war was won by Russia..
Ramos H (3 months ago)
Bored movie
Patrick Kuipers (3 months ago)
Killing all the germans and don't take the guns and supplies?
Nathan van Nek (3 months ago)
why the fuck would we subscribe if u upload shit
Armin C (3 months ago)
Why are airborne and Rangers mixed up in a sqaud
Jas Holden (3 months ago)
OK that is IT. There were no females anywhere near the front in WWII. *Garbage*
Jas Holden (2 months ago)
+Indahnya Indonesia That is right. I was refering to the Western Allies. The Soviets had women in combat.
Indahnya Indonesia (2 months ago)
East Front will surprise you....women are great snipers due to their attention to details.
hjh fhy (2 months ago)
U don't know shit then
nowpa grabi (3 months ago)
Nice.. thank you
alieu kandeh (2 months ago)
nowpa grabi nice
John Scanlon (3 months ago)
Low production values and filled with emotional and verbal cliches. The ending was almost ok except for not knowing whether the German armoured vehicle was blown up. Lighting was good but most German and European forests are filled with birch and alder trees, not dark barked trees. My gut feeling is that this was filmed in North America.
Swathi Kushbu (1 month ago)
thank you
Bilzabs Tv (3 months ago)
Subscribe this chenal # bilzabstv to get letters Hausa movies with English sub tittle
Felix S. (3 months ago)
So fucking unrealistic....
Sato Veswu (3 months ago)
Not good,,,
محمد الباشه (3 months ago)
اريد من الله الحي القادر ينجح ويرزق ويحقق حلم كل واحد يخلي 👍لايك ويشترك بل قناه
Jholo Pornasdoro (3 months ago)
Gabriel Gabor (3 months ago)
Do your self a favour and don’t watch.
Bruce Liggett (3 months ago)
A Thompson machine gun that only shoots single shot? WTF
D.B. Allen (3 months ago)
Probably filmed in Ca. Some wacko gun law.
Jimmy Robberts (3 months ago)
A $0 budget movie. Worthless.
Howard Fortyfive (6 days ago)
+Jimmy Robberts Like your comment is as worthless as tits on a nun slick. 45:27 We got 3 bazooka rounds. Look for more ammo and stovepipe to clobber fuel dump and slow down enemy armor.
Jimmy Robberts (3 months ago)
+M. N. K. hahaha. That wasn't their intention until someone ripped it and uploaded on youtube. Nobody cares to report it because the movie is worthless.
M. N. K. (3 months ago)
That's why it's free on YouTube
John (3 months ago)
19 minutes in and I'm falling asleep.
Howard Fortyfive (6 days ago)
Atlas shrugged when political correctness reared it's ugly head........
Tahanae Rosario (14 days ago)
+James Cowan absolutely true the whole sleeping comment they wrote was ABSOLUTELY unnecessary and disrespectful
skip michaels (23 days ago)
Just like your ole lady's twat, eh? hee hee hee
James Cowan (24 days ago)
If you are falling asleep already then why are you forcing yourself to watch it??? One thing for sure, The American soldiers that fought were wide awake...for DAYS!!!
infinity music (1 month ago)
sir hood (3 months ago)
For a war movie, this one bites the big one!!!
정재학 (3 months ago)
아목아지베 그레서아베 아베
정재학 (3 months ago)
ignacio aguirre (3 months ago)
En Español Man ! gracias
David D. Gutiérrez G. (1 month ago)
Movies are watching on original version!!
Norodin Tago (3 months ago)
Welcome 2k19
Karl Crook (3 months ago)
Typical Yankee movie.cant make war film like the English.
laun stre (3 months ago)
مرحبا منورني ممكن تشترك بي قناتي علي اليوتيوب https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYIiDQraioRPZhUSNlLgVrQ?view_as=subscriber
George Chilidis (3 months ago)
Very fake movie... Germans wasn’t so soft or nice ..you have no idea of what they did in the War II in Europe .. google or YouTube : “The war of Crete” the biggest Greek island and my birthplace.... I’m proud of my grandfather , my 2 uncles and my mother as teenagers..real war veterans 🌍
Eddie Rivas (2 months ago)
George Chilidis no duh are u an idiot or what
George Chilidis (3 months ago)
Louie (3 months ago)
piss poor low budget, bad directing. Too painful to watch.
D.B. Allen (3 months ago)
Equipment inaccuracies also.
EYANG EYANG (3 months ago)
Cheap budget movie ...
Gurpreet Singh (2 months ago)
Bhonsdi k tune kon se paise khrch kr dekhina
Tito Quezada (3 months ago)
29:43 this how me and my cousin argue when we talk about sports
Robert Manning (3 months ago)
It kept me awake so I guess it was worth watching
Xavier Brown Velez (3 months ago)
Slit his throat, literally carried him the worst way possible and hes not dead ?
john campbell (3 months ago)
a lone sniper would of has an mg nest backing him up
john campbell (3 months ago)
and some still have ammo belts on but in war all weapons n amo belts get removed simples
najroe (2 months ago)
Removed, destroyed, disabled, boobytrapped, tampered with (sights bent, levels broken, lenses broken threads deliberately stripped...)
john campbell (3 months ago)
they didnt police up any weopans n ammo oooo not a great movie
Chtis Ponytail (3 months ago)
Thx for good movie & upload ! !
Steve Smith (3 months ago)
Bad movie but good quality and thanks for posting it. My fault for watching....
Wangong konyak (4 months ago)
Bad movie
dave maxa (4 months ago)
Not worth watching, over done. In the first min of dialogue used the F word twice, a sign of bad writing.
Paul Pugh (3 months ago)
Go back to your cave snowflake
44 bitches (4 months ago)
STFU pussy
Jaymes Duhart (4 months ago)
Hood good love it
Sam Sen (4 months ago)
Kill All Germans and Ass Fuck Their Bitches
Mr Pauz (4 months ago)
It was “ok” but you guys made it kinda boring and unrealistic. At 33:40 they were looking right at the soldiers shooting the mortor, in real terms and most good budget movies, they would have shot them up right there and then instead of throwing a grenade.
Paul Pugh (3 months ago)
Your seeing a movie from a modern stand point, wars are fought differently in different era's
Ghulam Haider (4 months ago)
Too slow - hard to watch
Maryjean Delacruz (3 months ago)
I THINk you only watching this movie at the beggining try to fast forward until the end and i think you change your comment lol
Ghulam Haider (4 months ago)
+Wholly talking about movie nor internet
Wholly (4 months ago)
Your internet connection bro...
james rax (4 months ago)
nice movie
Scott M (4 months ago)
What did he and she say at the very last? I couldnt make it out, did you here?

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