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How to Give Someone a Hickey

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Like these kissing lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1IFNVDX Want to make your lips even more Kissable? 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze Cherry: http://amzn.to/1Oj7uYg Beauty by Earth 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Care: http://amzn.to/1MbsEHS bareMinerals 100% Natural Lipgloss - Cupcake: http://amzn.to/1JQfE4a Lip Smacker Starburst Party Pack Lip Glosses: http://amzn.to/1OWo3Ll L'oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour, Fairest Nude, 0.13-Ounce: http://amzn.to/1jbDRgt Watch more Kissing 101 videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/223520-How-to-Give-Someone-a-Hickey Rites of passage during adolescence, hickeys are an obvious sign of romantic possession. Step 1: Select location Pick the location for the hickey. Hickeys are generally located on the neck where they are easily visible. Step 2: Position mouth Form a circle with your lips and place your mouth against your partner’s skin. Step 3: Use suction Draw your breath inward, essentially sucking their skin into your mouth. Be sure not to use your teeth, and stop immediately if your partner is in pain. Tip Hickeys are bruises and will go away in a week or two . Step 4: Wait for results Wait a few moments for the result. If the redness fades away, try again, but with more force. Did You Know? Hickeys are a result of broken blood vessels and blood leaking into tissues below the skin.
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Text Comments (1125)
_itz_ Adhu Gamer X (4 hours ago)
You are calling death by doing hickey..... Why I'm here????
Lauzie (5 days ago)
I gave myself one
rotaku 555 (5 days ago)
when YouTube 10 years ago had actual quality content even if you didn't have a partner:
Sapphire Bloom (7 days ago)
what if my hickey is purple? is it still normal?
Kookiesover Oreos (10 days ago)
I can’t give my boyfriend hickeys 😂 Help🤣
I am a Taurus (11 days ago)
Wtf I'm tryna be romantic not internally damage my girl's blood vessels... why didn't u just keep that a secret?😧
monothae (17 days ago)
im missing the willing parter
Curtiss Simeon (21 days ago)
Step 5 = cancer
Perhaps (29 days ago)
Why would anyone wanna do that? I’ve never understood hickeys
uwufreya (29 days ago)
i just gave myself a hickey-
Victoria crystal (1 month ago)
I do that to myself on my arm
nehu Xoxox (1 month ago)
*Last line turned me off...* 😒
Andrea Perez gomez (1 month ago)
I searched top 10 delena moments idk how I got here
Yasmin Styles (1 month ago)
When she bit him 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mood_Edits (1 month ago)
I’m watching this because my girlfriend gave me hickeys
I want
Candace You Dweeb (1 month ago)
That’s enough internet for today..
Freaky Girl22 (1 month ago)
I gave myself a hickey on my arm
yOUNG dIARRHEA (1 month ago)
I found this in my little brother’s history
Lauren Pinkie Pie (1 month ago)
did you know, hickeys are a result of literally *WOUNDING your partner and making them BLEED INTERNALLY*
NiD0 Ravensbeard (1 month ago)
I DID NOT NEED TO KNOW THE " did you know?"
Lord Pain (1 month ago)
Imma vampyiree
Jahed Miah (2 months ago)
I remember my gf gave me a hickey and my dad saw it and he attacked me with a shoe. #DesiParents
Seth Rollin's fan (3 months ago)
Step one: get a partner.
Chloe Mcgowan (3 months ago)
i don't know whats worse. the fact someone has taken time to make this video, or the fact over 6 million people has taken the time to watch it
Emma Baddie (3 months ago)
This is lowkey...🔞
sղαԵcհҽժ (3 months ago)
Vincent Judakov (4 months ago)
[insert confused Mark Wahlberg]
Why am I here? 😳
Liji Johnson (4 months ago)
What do you need *_a partner_* Bye!
Mimi 2k18 (4 months ago)
I don't think hickeys are visible on black people's skin like mine... my partner tried but failed #sadlife
Eva Hernandez (4 months ago)
So unknowingly when I was little I would always give myself hickeys in the middle of my arm?
Rhoman Blayze (4 months ago)
Who be trying to give themselves hickeys on their arms
Help Me (1 month ago)
Rhoman Blayze me lmao
Rice Dogg (4 months ago)
Watching this cause a girl wants a hickey from me but she already has boyfriend but I'ma slide in on her neck anyways so yea...
Kari G (5 months ago)
Watching this because I didn’t know how to give my boyfriend a hickey today which was embarrassing 🤧😂 I hope it’s helpful for tomorrow
Tickle My Serf Berd ✔ (5 months ago)
Dang ive been giving my self hickeys since i was in preschool ;-;
wonder garden (5 months ago)
wonder garden (5 months ago)
why am i watching it blame it to my thumbs i don't even fot bf
This seems painful, I would not want it in my handsome body
jaybow1982 (5 months ago)
Key word "willing"
Aliya Ali (5 months ago)
I don't think if we (Africans) can get Hickeys coz of our skin color
Mom (1 month ago)
Aliya Ali you're skin is light so you probably cam
Ahyan Ahmed (5 months ago)
the there're 6.9 likes
Raj Khurana (5 months ago)
Awesome Very helpful.
Jeffrey Patilla (5 months ago)
Who else is giving theirs elf a hickey cause your lonely asf😭🤣
Queen Of Subliminals (2 months ago)
The AG4 (5 months ago)
Jeffrey Patilla How do u even give ur self a hickey?
PopG00Gle B (5 months ago)
*This is showing how am desperate for some relationship*
Ryan Hamachi (5 months ago)
thatsnotmyname (23 days ago)
that totally ruined it for me
Aja onfroy (1 month ago)
kumogii chan (1 month ago)
It's *399* so I liked it to be 400
Sunkissed mari (2 months ago)
💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 how they just gonna act like they didn’t just say that
Penisau (6 months ago)
My dumbass put a hickey on my own arm. I reached real rock bottom
Raven Lee (6 months ago)
2018 anyone?
shaa m (6 months ago)
vizziOn _haydz (6 months ago)
Wonder how many kids came here because they’re girlfriend asked if they could give them a love bite
soft boi clan (6 months ago)
Why am I watching this?
Madiason Baby (6 months ago)
I got a hickey and put toothpaste and brushed it with a toothbrush and now it's burnt been there for 1 week what should I do ????
w o l f h a r d x (5 months ago)
why would u put toothpaste on it
Maya (6 months ago)
Toothpaste probably chemically burned it, that will affect the healing time. Toothpaste isnt ment for the skin
Madiason Baby it shouldn't be black at all. You should go to a doctor 😱
Madiason Baby (6 months ago)
ThatOnePersonWhoCan'tSleep Halp Really? so it will stay there as a burse ? cause since it got burned it's like a black circle on my neck and I'm tiered of hiding it
Grant Clute (6 months ago)
wtf wants to know how this
JMF | Quit. (7 months ago)
Nasra (7 months ago)
I'm single idk why i'm watching this
Maddie B. (7 months ago)
Omg I did it
Me,jessi,and ari (7 months ago)
Isnt a hickey a bad thing
Oaatmeaaal tastesbad (7 months ago)
why did i like this???!?!?!?!!!
Traxxattaxx (7 months ago)
Thanks Howcast, now I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing my partner has broken my blood vessels.
Boots AreC00L (8 months ago)
Why am I here im a kid welp my girl said she would do it to me when we get older and Im gonna get the *"SUPA SUCC!!"*
Tyranitar (8 months ago)
I hate it.Only appreciate bites.
Junior 9562 (8 months ago)
Welling female partner wya??
Monsterhawk 9 (8 months ago)
0:50 that makes me not wanna get a hickey
Charlotte V (8 months ago)
I give my self hickeys cause I dont need no man to do it, I love myself and it's my body.
Ravan Rasan (8 months ago)
nooooo nub
*•weeb •* (8 months ago)
I'm trying to try having a hickey on mah arms and it worked! :D (not gonna be a habit though ;-;)
musers battles (9 months ago)
who is 12 years old?
musers battles (8 months ago)
+Blake Hexyl whats is your Snapchat?
musers battles (8 months ago)
+Blake Hexyl https://youtu.be/addme/eLkCKV8gCMVpht3yB9xMoJMaSGAxDg
Blake Hexyl (8 months ago)
k17 moon me big time rofl XD
OoFf (9 months ago)
I gave myself a hickey on my hand 😂😂😂
Zo Miller (9 months ago)
I've found that alot of my partners like light biting
gwyneth chloe gilana (9 months ago)
Lmao my hickeys red and big asf rn ahh
Johnson Koriontae (9 months ago)
Willing partner hmmm... 🤔 let me go get my arm
Coloplayers (10 months ago)
I did this to my sis hand and then did it to myself
Karan Thakur (10 months ago)
Wtf I just watched 😂
Maddi Mora (10 months ago)
Erin Letman (10 months ago)
Ruby (10 months ago)
Oh god. I'm single yet i'm watching this 😂😂😂
insert name (1 year ago)
Well thats enough YouTube for today Imma sobb bc of my loneliness now haha Goodnight people
Domenic Haby (1 year ago)
Okay, thats discusting
Kích Cá Khang Duy (1 year ago)
co ae nào biết tiếng việt nam ko vậy
daisy iris (1 year ago)
Did you know you can die from a hickey
Adrian Martinez (9 months ago)
daisy iris lol no you can't
xx_.tylerrr._xx (1 year ago)
i accidentally gave myself a hickey on my arm not knowing what it was
ميكج اتي (1 year ago)
If you are single, you can get a hickey with a vacuum cleaner, lmao!
Samantha Gil (1 year ago)
0:38 are hickeys a form of abuse *mind* *blown* 😛
Emma Norfleet (1 year ago)
Time to delete my history!
O L (1 year ago)
People are having legit discussions about this?! This video was weird af😂
alex (1 year ago)
i was just watching led zeppelin videos how did i get here
Oomfle Doomfle (1 year ago)
Why is this a thing....and why am i watching this
Joseph Hsia (1 year ago)
why would you want to know how to do this?
Kjean stacey242 (1 year ago)
Who 😯 why 😦
Aneta Grochal (1 year ago)
Cursed Madara (1 year ago)
Im sorry you lost me at ''Willing partner''
Ewa Reising (1 year ago)
Yarely Garcia (1 year ago)
This video is watched by all virgin's
Rodela Dc (1 year ago)
Why am I watching this? I’m alone.
AJ The RPG gamer (1 year ago)
My boyfriend did that to me and i was moaning for almost 7 minutes
Faith (1 year ago)
.......... I’m single 🙁😭
JUST.sip. THE TEA (1 year ago)
I was just watching elmos most savage moments how did i get here
lxannesiu _____ (1 year ago)
I want a hickey now
lxannesiu _____ .................
moody (1 year ago)
So like leeches
Jungkook (1 year ago)
Well my expectations are too high to get a boyfriend lol. I want a bf though..

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