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TOP 10 | War Films

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http://www.smashingukproductions.com/ Welcome to Smashing UK Productions's Top 10! Episode 13: Top 10 War Films Dear viewers, a lot of people are still suggesting 'Lone Survivor' and 'Fury', whilst both were enjoyable flicks, 'Lone Survivor' was released 2 months after this video was made and 'Fury' was 11 months after. This list is over a year old now, so a couple months back we took to creating individual war genre lists to give it another shot at these films, so if there are films missing on this list, please view the following three as chances are high the film of your request will be on there, thank you very much! We have avoided the appearance of historical dramas like 'Schindler's List', 'Braveheart' and 'The Pianist' as we have covered those in another list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fycvDZ__Y7c World War II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn9HLhTMVjY Vietnam War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFTXT4FYM-k Modern Warfare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3_tO5cfutM The following films are solely the opinions of the Smashing UK production team! Have your own opinions? Post them in the comments below! Smashing UK Website - http://www.smashingukproductions.co.uk/ IMDd - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5436236/ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SmashingUK Disclaimer: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act? 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Text Comments (1895)
bang terry (1 day ago)
you kidding me buddy !!? why not "The Thin Red Line" & "behind the enemy LINE"
Rama Kotireddy (6 days ago)
Where is the FURY u idiot....
Noreen Paul (13 days ago)
Fury by Brad Pitt
gris186 (19 days ago)
Nothing beats The Thin Red Line in my book
Silwat Mahmud (21 days ago)
My list: Fury Saving private ryan The great escape Enemy at the gates The patriot We were soldiers My honor was loyalty Kelly's heroes The pianist ... Oh yeah, War machine
Kinsey Ritterbush (1 month ago)
We were soldiers didn't make it...... there fore I will give you a thumbs down. My opinion and my opinion alone. However that is why I personally give you a thumbs down.
Sinan (1 month ago)
Heroic yankees.
Murtaza Haideri (1 month ago)
Fury deserves a place in the list!
Keith Schultz (1 month ago)
The hurt locker you are joking right????
morethanjustforkicks (1 month ago)
Ice cold in Alex, The Eagle has landed, Saints & Soldiers, To end all wars, Schindler's list, Tobruk, The Guns of Navarone, The big red one, U-571, Das Boot, Paths of Glory, Fury, All quiet on the western front...to name but a few.
Azhar Khan (1 month ago)
SPR Enemy at the gates Fury Apocalypse now hurt locker
Azhar Khan (1 month ago)
Enemy at the gates Fury ??
Avinash Anandhu (1 month ago)
Inglorious bastard is a best movie,it is only a comedy drama,just writers creativity.
i recommend to fury
Ambro Lol (1 month ago)
Dave Harris (1 month ago)
You cannot talk about films depicting the horror of war without mentioning ‘Come and see’ . A film about the horrors of the eastern front that stays with you long after... Go see if you haven’t!
Kitty Neung (1 month ago)
my list Saving P Ryan Platoon Enemy at the gates U 571 Lone survivor Hamburger hill White tiger “Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War” Battle of the bulge Jarhead Tunnel rats “Letters From Iwo Jima” Full metal jacket The killing fields
Batu Han (1 month ago)
There are more realistic films and also they are not just American they are Turkish. For exp: The Breath(2009) The Mountain 1,2 The Wolf(2018) those films are so good but the breath is different than the others.
9 company🇷🇺😉
Hedu Soto (1 month ago)
None of these films would have existed without All Quiet on the Western Front
christopher troy (1 month ago)
Body of lies?
Marc Holler (1 month ago)
1. Saving Private Ryan 2. We Were Soldiers 3. Platoon 4. Fury 5. Hacksaw Ridge 6. Windtalkers 7. Full Metal Jacket 8. Pearl Harbor 9. Inglorious Bastards 10. Jarhead
Ludwig Hampel (1 month ago)
A ranking of war films without "Paths of Glory" and with the totally overrated "Saving Private Ryan" at the top of the list is a joke. Besides the first half an hour "Saving Private Ryan" has nothing to offer except of American patriotism. Instead of this "Paths of Glory" is a piece of art.
Al J Pelayo (1 month ago)
No Bruce Willis war movie?
citehman (1 month ago)
1. Apocalypse Now. 2. Platoon. 3. The Last Samurai. 4. The Longest Day. 5. Tora Tora Tora. 6. Full Metal Jacket. 7. Memphis Belle. 8. The Deer Hunter. 9. A Bridge Too Far. 10. Glory.
Filip SE (1 month ago)
Pearl harbor
Gary Drake (1 month ago)
But lone survivor needs to be here
Gary Drake (1 month ago)
Fury is the worst movie it’s fucking bullshit doesn’t deserve list
Aswin Sr (1 month ago)
Fury should be there too
abninder pal singh (2 months ago)
So many of them each one better than the other ,hard to keep a count
abninder pal singh (2 months ago)
BASS_Ü (2 months ago)
Enemy at the gates Hacksaw ridge
centurion GAMER (2 months ago)
Number 2 (:
j t (2 months ago)
My top ten: Stalingrad Downfall Genration War Letters from Iwo Jima Enemys at the gate Full metal jacket Black hawk down Before the fall Valkyre Apocalypse now
The_lone_wolf (2 months ago)
You mist hacksaw ridge
RAHUL Singhh (2 months ago)
Where is .war horse
The Anadromous Life (2 months ago)
The Russian film Come And See should have been number one. The rest is a fair list. Though I would say I'm not sure Inglourious Basterds deserves the top ten, enjoyable as it is.
Devyn Killion (2 months ago)
Field of lost shoes is a good movie about the US civil war
Sandip Neogi (2 months ago)
Have you ever heard of the Soviet war movie 'Come and See' (1985)? If not, you don't know much about war movie genre.
J A (2 months ago)
No fury
rinaldi ichsan (2 months ago)
dont forget pearl harbor dude..
Hacksaw ridge 😒
Andysparrow (3 months ago)
these films is a joke to world
amy clarke (3 months ago)
Schindler's list
arish rajput (3 months ago)
Republic of MAC (3 months ago)
I find Saving Private Ryan overrated. And Ryan is annoying as hell.
Soma Meena (4 months ago)
Hacksaw Ridge is the best
83glacius (4 months ago)
brit top 10..wtf you expect;))
Muraly navy (4 months ago)
act of valur , there is so many movie still people dont know their existing
Rajat Singh (4 months ago)
American Sniper should have made the cut!
Shao Xun Leong (4 months ago)
Lone Survivor ❤️❤️❤️ For me, Saving Private Ryan got Normandy Landings 200% right, but the rest of the movie got a little boring.
Logo Film (4 months ago)
I would submit that the 1967 war film "Beach Red" and "Anzio" would be in the top 10. Others that I enjoyed and will list here include. "Raid On Rommel", "Flight From Ashiya", "Breakthrough", "The Sand Pebbles", "The Hanoi Hilton" "Tora! Tora! Tora!".
Logo Film (4 months ago)
I disagree with your list. Here's the list of war movies that you forgot. 1. Grand Illusion (1937) 2. The Bridge At Remagen (1969) 3. Anzio (1968) 4. Sink The Bismarck (1960) 5. Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970) 6. Flight From Ashiya (1964) 7. 633 Squadron (1964) 8. None But The Brave (1965) 9. The Sand Pebbles (1966) 10. Beach Red (1967) 11. Castle Keep (1969) 12. Raid On Rommel (1971).
Alnore om (4 months ago)
No. 6 wins ‪😍💘💙💚💕❤️❣️💘💖💝💟🧡💛💗💓‬
мать Россия (5 months ago)
The deer hunter is wrong. This movie makes Vietnamese look like the killing machine, no emotion . American looks like the victim of the Vietnam war but actually not. This shit is so damn wrong, not the truth about Vietnamese.
Leigh S (5 months ago)
All Quiet on the Western Front is my favourite. It's so underrated probably because it's so old (1930)but it's brilliant in every way
NiceN ́Easy (5 months ago)
Im still waiting for a movie as good as Saving Private Ryan...
JEAN PARK (5 months ago)
Missing - A Bridge Too Far, Stalingrad (1993), Waterloo, Passchendaele, Joyeux Noel, Midway.
ahmed omar (5 months ago)
You miss some movies, Then red line , war generation
David Magnusson (6 months ago)
This is before Dunkirk?
Suhaib Hakeem (6 months ago)
The pianist
Sercan (6 months ago)
All the films about the fake heroism of american! 👎😑
Building Your Empire (6 months ago)
Hurt locker #4? What a joke. Shouldn’t be on this list at all. And where is fury?
Jamie James (6 months ago)
Random criteria sport cbzfare mistake profit south review model or typically.
444suse (6 months ago)
Americans just ridiculed themselves when not even knowing that there are just two war films worth of watching: Elim Klimov's "Come And See" plus Wolfgang Petersen's "Das Boot". I won't waste a single cent for watching American war films. You can get war propaganda every day without paying it anyway.
Mats Hagglund (6 months ago)
Who ever put this list is total idiot. All these films are total bullshit. American bullshit. And generally speaking all war films are boring and misleading. There only two films i somehow accept as watchable. None of them American. The first was made in Belarus in 1985 and second in Germany few years earlier.
frankandersson76 (6 months ago)
Tarantino was thinking to be radical and show courage when running Jewish propaganda.
World View (6 months ago)
All American war films are over hyped bullshit and more or less just war propaganda.
Harry B (6 months ago)
What a fucking joke
Fadhil11 (7 months ago)
Band of Brother is the best war movie
Van Wilson (7 months ago)
This list suffers from narrow-mindedness and propaganda. When I think of the hundreds and hundreds of war films just in my personal collection, I just have to laugh at the populist list. Some truly fine films are on it but so many other great war and anti-war films are not on it due to lack of popularity at the box office or they are simply just not American. 10. The Liberation Series (Russian Quadrilogy) (OK so these are four films but one must see these colossal monster epics) 9. Zulu (Just a brilliant film that focuses on a small group of men facing thousands of the Zulu Nation during a siege) 8. Stalingrad (1990 German film that conveys the horror vividly and emotionally of the hell that was Stalingrad) 7. Full Metal Jacket (Quote from the film says it all, "Hard core, fucking hard core") 6. The Great Escape (Bends the truth a bit but was truly a wonderful movie) 5. Waterloo (As accurately portrayed a battle as ever was. This film has powerful lead performances and realism) 4. Das Boot (tense, awesome and total realism of life and death in a German U-Boat) 3. Apocalypse Now (stylish, awesome and "the HORROR, THE HORROR") 2. Cross of Iron (Until #1 came along, nothing touched this film for pure realism, horror and anti-war sentiment) 1. Saving Private Ryan (No argument here. Simply the best and still the victim of the greatest ripoff at the Oscars ever) Honorable mention Fury The Train A Bridge Too Far Winter War (Finnish) Black Book Black Hawk Down Come and See Dunkirk Sink the Bismarck The Dambusters I also would not feel right without mentioning four television mini-series that for me are as great as any of the films I have mentioned 1. Band of Brothers (For me it is greater than Saving Private Ryan because I was so invested in the characters) 2. The Pacific (Almost as good as BoB) 3. Generation War (A German mini-series about five friends whose lives will change because of WW2. Brilliant) 4. Sharpe (The series of Sharpe tv movies depicting riflemen in Wellington's army fighting against Napoleon)
Max Cockram (7 months ago)
all quiet on the western front
MAX WORLD (7 months ago)
my beast Film (war) Fury
Michael Flynn (7 months ago)
Red Tails, Memphis Belle
I suppport crypto (7 months ago)
Enemy of the gates the best
Asutosh Patro (7 months ago)
I think hacksaw ridge and fury should also make into the list. Atleast hacksaw ridge
CHEVY BOY!!!! (8 months ago)
Saving private ryan #1 is the best 1 then Full metal jacket
Niksa Milisic (8 months ago)
Where is FURY???
Peach Ringd (8 months ago)
Aldo the Apache
Siddhartha Saha (8 months ago)
you forgot hacksaw ridge
Rami abdo (8 months ago)
TEARS OF THE SUN doesn't get any love man! That movie was fucking intense!
Aso (8 months ago)
Where is fury?
Aneez Aliyar (8 months ago)
Really? Inglorious bastards...? And where the **** is "enemy at the gates"..
Mrki (8 months ago)
The Enemy at the Gates???
Kuzan Smith (8 months ago)
No Stalingrad ??
Wayne Ciro Thomson (8 months ago)
classic good morning vitnam
Juan Escoba (8 months ago)
lol only fuckin.. us army films propaganda
Vinnie Bolisetti (8 months ago)
Where is American Sniper?
martin vos (8 months ago)
My favoriete movies are dunkirk and the longest day
Grosvenor Lester (8 months ago)
Australia needs a HMAS Sydney II movie
F Zain Psyche (8 months ago)
Enemy at the gates Thin red line Saving the private Ryan Pianist Are my top 4
Potter's Bar Grime Media (8 months ago)
Apocalypse Now is definitely much better than Saving Private Ryan
Sergio Gonzalez (8 months ago)
Hi I’m sorry but you are all wrong the best war movie it was and will be TOP SECRET. Lol.
حسين السعدي (9 months ago)
Saving private Ryan and fury are brilliant
Sir Mo Hassen (9 months ago)
Enemy at the gate best ever
asmcriminaL (9 months ago)
I really disliked Private Ryan. I just don't get it.
raid _ksa (9 months ago)
I watched it all from your list (: it was great films
Syed Usman (9 months ago)
YES my favorit movie Siveing private ryan 1998 i love this movie bcz when i was this movie after i was crying nd feeling sadful ...
Nitish Kalia (9 months ago)
Fury ain't bad.
jack bell (9 months ago)
How about 'Fury'.

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