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Sleek Tank Top Arms

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Don't neglect your arms! If you want to have a sleek, sexy body, then you need strong arms to carry all those grocery bags and to lift others up when they need help! Try this super fun arms and upper body workout to firm up your shoulders, triceps, and pecs! Make sure you check out my new videos on Glam here: http://bit.ly/glamsubscribe ♥ CHECK OUT MY DVD: http://www.poppilatesdvd.com ♥ INSPIRATIONAL SHIRTS: http://www.shopblogilates.com ♥ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/blogilatesyt ♥ BLOG: http://www.blogilates.com ♥ FB: http://www.facebook.com/blogilates ♥ TWEET: http://www.twitter.com/blogilates ♥ TUMBLR: http://www.blogilates.tumblr.com ♥ PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/blogilates ♥ INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/blogilates ****** Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, named Greatist's Top 100 Health & Fitness Influencers in the World alongside Michelle Obama. She is the winner of the "Social Fitness" Shorty Award and FITNESS Magazine named her their "Best Healthy Living Blogger". She's been featured on Dr. Oz, EXTRA TV, The Steve Harvey Show, COSMPOLITAN Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, SELF Magazine, NY Times, LA Times, and many more. *** DISCLAIMER: Blogilates and oGorgeous Inc. strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise. You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Blogilates and oGorgeous Inc. from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Blogilates' and oGorgeous Inc.'s negligence.
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Text Comments (987)
MEDOUSA (2 months ago)
02/24/2019 💪💪💪
Lil Bug (2 months ago)
Lizananoo * (3 months ago)
MEDOUSA (3 months ago)
01/13/2019 😕💪
Pavithra Sathish kumar (4 months ago)
No way to cheat ... 😅 it’s all happening in the arms my god ... killer workouts... please let me know if you have arm toning workouts with weights... love to try all your workouts mainly the challenge and burn workouts... no words to say ... but awesome 👍
erika k (6 months ago)
Finished September 2018 calendar!!! 😱😁
MEDOUSA (6 months ago)
09/30/2018 💫
Lans (8 months ago)
I did this without stopping for the first time yaaaaay
Genevieve Youngsma (11 months ago)
Omg Cassey did the May 13th calendar workout. First, THANK YOU for making the playlist. Years ago when I was more of a popster I made my own, but this is soooooo much easier. I’m getting back into working out again after over a YEAR of not working out. I’m DYING AFTER.
ThatOneHammy (9 months ago)
1:08 Getting down far enough isn't the problem - getting back UP is.
neotenousmenace (1 year ago)
who is doing this video in 2018 ;) an oldie but goodie! This one always kills me
Mascha Vermeulen (1 year ago)
I really love how you tell us what to when we are beginners. Cause i really am an beginner! So thank you for that. (Oh and YES) watching old vids and loving it)
main baznat (1 year ago)
You can find it at: http://amzn.to/2ynFSNq baznat product Main website: http://www.baznat.com
Zariana Marie (1 year ago)
Sarcastic Cassey is my favorite Cassey 😂
MEDOUSA (1 year ago)
December 3rd - LEAN 'N MEAN ARMS 2017
Sarah Oh (1 year ago)
Sarathi Kumaresan.T (1 year ago)
make a video on outer tricep n inner tricep workout??
MEDOUSA (1 year ago)
October 21st - THRILLER ARMS 2017
alyssanunyabusiness (1 year ago)
my pushups are so much slower she is on 4,3,2,1 and im still at 8
Wen Qi Leo (1 year ago)
I've been doing pop pilates with cassey for about... two years? And finally today I was able to do the oil riggers! Really happy at how strong I've been getting. Thanks cassey!
Stephanie Allen (1 year ago)
Whenever I do prayer pulses I definitely feel it in my shoulders and biceps, but I never feel it in my chest - am I doing something wrong???
Subaa Shri (1 year ago)
When Cassey said feel your arms ..feel your shoulders..I was feeling hungry😐poor me
Brundha Boora (1 year ago)
You just killed me
MEDOUSA (1 year ago)
September 16th - UPPER BODY 2017
Jayashree Swain (1 year ago)
u r amazing Cassey do some vedio to get fuller arm like yours...plzzzz rply coz am having very lean muscle ...pllzzz do a vedio to enhance nd make at arm look fuller .hope u will do.😊
Nodoxbotoxbishes (1 year ago)
Jul 15, Cassey looks so glamorous, goals and inspiration~
Valerie Grace (1 year ago)
7/15/17 :D
Sam Swanson (1 year ago)
When your elbows can't connect for the chest press. *Cries
Karolina T (1 year ago)
But i believe that you did your best and worked hard, and that is what matters <3
hr lochery (1 year ago)
I made my brother try one of the workouts because he thought it looked really easy. He didn't even make it through the first move haha
study time (1 year ago)
Just finished 15th July calender
Kate D (1 year ago)
How much time should you give yours arms to rest in between arm workouts?
Hannah McKay (1 year ago)
just wondering (probably a stupid question) but does Pilates help improve in sports? cause in the videos she talks more on aesthetics etc and doesn't really mention that (obviously cause it's not applicable to her demographic but just a question!)
sking3225 (1 year ago)
Great desk workout for the arms!!  Thanks!!
MEDOUSA (2 years ago)
and stretchrevolution 21
MEDOUSA (2 years ago)
March 21st - SEXY BACK + ARMS day 2017
Kelsey Scotka (2 years ago)
cassey you look especially pretty in this video idk whats up but im just mesmorized. maybe its cause i cant lift my arms
Christiana (2 years ago)
Says workout is going to be fun, starts off with oil rigger 😂😰
MEDOUSA (2 years ago)
February 12th - ARM BLAST day 2017
Anna Diaz Gonzalez (2 years ago)
those triceps burnsss so cool cassey <3
Fernanda Ferreira (2 years ago)
February 12th!
Naughty Nookie (2 years ago)
gosh, her tights are soo ugly! stop spreading and apply some nutella girl!
beautifulnamjoon (2 years ago)
Your hair looks beautiful here! Love that color!
honeynut clusters (2 years ago)
January 8th done and let me tell you those oil riggers did not look like oil riggers anymore. I couldn't get up anymore after all those baby tigers and half cobra pushups and oh my. The calendar is a killer! We got this posters!
Genevieve (2 years ago)
Jan 8 2017 complete barely my arms are feeling it!
Lyndicals (2 years ago)
woo killing me cassey... but you are so amazing I don't hate you for it...
Luci Bray (2 years ago)
I love the quote "your mind is stronger than your body"!!!!!!
becca chadwick (2 years ago)
arm workouts are my fav
Tammy Tran (2 years ago)
the side plank push ups got me. 😭 I can't even do a normal push up
Felicia Rae (2 years ago)
January 8th done :)) love the burn in the arms today !!
Jordan Storz (2 years ago)
Arm day is my favorite day on the calendar :)
Fernanda Ferreira (2 years ago)
Jan 8th!
Pink Strawberry (2 years ago)
January 8th was hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I definitely became stronger 💪
nerissa (2 years ago)
Jan 8th anyone? This is the last one of today and my arms feel like jelly!
BubblyBrainiac (2 years ago)
I always feel strong after arm day aside from the fact that I missed pushup day in middle school so I struggle with proper form for push up.
TifaYuki (2 years ago)
This is my third month with cassey and her work outs are like drugs now :p If I dont do them I cant sleep well :p
Ashlyn Jones (2 years ago)
BlushingVlogger Same!!!
nerissa (2 years ago)
FallingStar110 yay! Good luck with the rest of the calendar:)
FallingStar110 (2 years ago)
Mine too!! But we made it through it! :D
samira Ansari (2 years ago)
January 8th is done ✅ 😳
Alex M (2 years ago)
Same. New year new me lol
MEDOUSA (2 years ago)
tomorrow again...
Tarnfussel (2 years ago)
This was my last arm workout for the day and my arms were shaking so hard I couldn't even hold a side plank anymore. I feel so good now though! Thank you Cassey for all your hard work xx
Elli (2 years ago)
january 8th anyone?
MEDOUSA (2 years ago)
Zaily Bray (2 years ago)
I feel stronger already
Courtney Rasmussen (2 years ago)
Done with January 6th! (My rest days are Sundays so I switch the videos)
MEDOUSA (2 years ago)
Fernanda Ferreira (2 years ago)
December 18th!
camalia hassan (2 years ago)
Hy I need hip side extra fat burn workout
Karla Beard (2 years ago)
i'm late, but nov. 13th's finally done, yay!! lol c:
rike 🚀 (2 years ago)
november 13th... i stopped feeling my arms after the third video
Lindsey Kar (2 years ago)
haha my arms were shaking by the time i was done!
Nunu Mausi (2 years ago)
Last one on November 13th💦
K. Armstrong (2 years ago)
Good luck guys! ♥ It's soo much fun
TheGirlInSneakers (2 years ago)
Sometimes I'm afraid that if I do push-ups it will make my arm too muscly, while the one i'm having problem with is my tricep fat. Will push-ups make your biceps too muscly?
FrootKat (2 years ago)
TheGirlInSneakers you'd have to work REALLY hard to make it too muscley
Sangi G (2 years ago)
Karla Beard (2 years ago)
Draco Malfoy (2 years ago)
I lost 14lbs following the workout calendar! Thank you Cassie!
princessfox99 (2 years ago)
Miss H (2 years ago)
Hi Cassie! Your videos is very inspiring. Makes me want fitness as a lifetime goal. By the way, for this video, I can't pull myself backup. Is his normal. It looks so easy when you do it. Any tips?
MEDOUSA (2 years ago)
Nicole R (2 years ago)
my arms are burninggggg
Kate Rose (2 years ago)
I'm literally praying during prayer pulses, I've become religious just because of this exercise, because no one can help me then but god. I've turned every religion there is in this world, like one of these gods is bound to help me right?!?!
Ashley Booth (2 years ago)
Carteraa 17 (2 years ago)
I fell flat on my face during the first move😂 August 23
maram (2 years ago)
MEDOUSA (2 years ago)
Mariz Iskander (2 years ago)
august 23 anyone?
Jennifer Truong (2 years ago)
No offense, you look great and all, but I really hope you're not one of those girls who go to the gym with your hair down.
Carol Guo (2 years ago)
don't understand why girls should be judged on how they have their hair at the gym...... It's not bothering you or anyone else, so judging is just something that you take time out of your own schedule to do
Just Riza (2 years ago)
I cant do some push ups anymore because of the previous exercises august 23rd here
Suvi Jokinen (2 years ago)
Same... I kept collapsing :D
J Robby (2 years ago)
August 2nd. neverdone so many prayer pulses in one day!
Emma Robison (2 years ago)
October 2nd anyone?? LOVE arm day!
Jess Perkins (2 years ago)
hey guys! Just as a general tip, the stretches that Cassey is doing are wonderful! But for them to be fully effective try holding them each for at least 20 seconds; trust me, you'll be thankful for it tomorrow!
Niels I. (2 years ago)
Being overweight, I have real problems with the exercises I do down on the mat when I have to hold my weight up with my arms :( My wrists start to hurt, and I mean.. I'm not strong, and I have a few extra kilos I have to lift. Are there any exercises I can do to tackle the same muscle groups without using my entire body weight? I have been thinking of getting some hand held weights.
Ashley Booth (2 years ago)
Are these worth logging into a calorie counter? Or do you not burn enough to make it worth it?
Jade (2 years ago)
August 2nd! woo
Sohini Thota (2 years ago)
August 2nd? Let's kick it!
Negrurismo (2 years ago)
Is anyone with big boobs is able to do the single chest press pulses? I cannot put my elbows together!
Annie Duong (2 years ago)
august 2nd anyone? :') im so tired omg
Kinztuber_Rosy (2 years ago)
ok, ummm, so there's this muscle in my arm now that I didn't even know was there....... ya
pray for jisoos (2 years ago)
August 2?
Morgane (2 years ago)
August, 2nd !
blood dragon (2 years ago)
Anyone on august 2nd ? ^^
Ashley Booth (2 years ago)
I am!
blood dragon (2 years ago)
The oil rigger is just terrible ^^'
almog lahav (2 years ago)
i love feeling my middle back in some of the moves here !!!! thats just everything ^^ it feels so tightened up its amazing thank u ^^
Christine Tarkowski (2 years ago)
Look at those perfect long and straight legs!! How do you do that, Cassey? I will get there!!! Love you!!
ashok swami (2 years ago)

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