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Text Comments (30)
khanba baba (3 days ago)
Video result is not good
Compact Jam (5 days ago)
American dubbing made this film crap
BigMe (10 days ago)
This movie is wack as hell. 😒
Jami B (27 days ago)
We judged germany, because of what they did to their own people.
Jami B (27 days ago)
Made americans out to look like the murdering nazi's. You need to look how they handled our pow's. Otherwise a good look into the service of a german foot soldier.
M Beamer (1 month ago)
The whole world suffered from many wars since the day Cecil Rhodes decided war was money and power... everyone else is just fodder
Hakim Demir (30 days ago)
Daniel D.Z. (1 month ago)
Excellent production depicting the German side. Unfortunately, this is THE WORST DUBBED MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. An obvious "bunch Uh-mericans" doing post.
rEfLeXl33t (1 month ago)
wtf i just saw? germans speakin murican?!
Mae Martin (1 month ago)
Thank you Brave, Honorable White German soldiers for trying to Save White Europe from Jewish Communism. Germans should have killed more Jew Scum.
Gerald Himmelspach (12 days ago)
+Mae Martin you are scum. I am of German decent. The Jews were just scapegoats. You are a sick twisted piece of shit to think as you do. The world will be a better place when you and your ilk are no longer in it.
Phil (27 days ago)
Jews, Blacks and Russians are your masters now. What a horrible piece of shit you are!
Les Beyer (1 month ago)
Wow what an IGNORANT AAA hole to bad you don't get robbed and raped by a gang of Jewish men your the scum
Mae Martin (1 month ago)
​+Dhiman LuyNo I am Right. Jews aren't White/Caucasian. They are Turk Mongolian Mixed Race Mongrels who are Satan's children. The Jews literally have Satan's blood running through their evil veins. Still Jews but living in Germany.
Dhiman Luy (1 month ago)
You are a wrong and I’m a german the jews were german and shouldn’t have been massacred
SOUR S4G (1 month ago)
This is a big nope for me boss
Michael Hicks (1 month ago)
Should have dropped atomic bomb on Germany !
Mae Martin (1 month ago)
Should drop the Bomb on Israel the Litter Box in the Mid East.
Michael Hicks (1 month ago)
It was march with the nazi's or die with the Jew's.
Michael Hicks (1 month ago)
This damn music is so annoying !
Tommy Patchell (1 month ago)
these hollywood "war" movies today are b******* the Independent films and the films made in sixties and seventies were much better than the garbage they put out today
Adam Missad (2 months ago)
The director of the movie actually quoted himself in the intro lololol and it was a rambling dumb ass quote too Hahahaha what an egomaniac I should have known then how shitty this movie was
Derrick Landers (2 months ago)
This is bullshit. They got exactly what they deserved - whether they were regular army or the rabid dogs of the ss (I won't even capitalize it because they don't deserve any fucking respect). They killed without mercy or even having enough of a brain to question killing millions of civilians! So don't go there with the "...they were doing it for love of country in the end..." bullshit! Those fuckers were professional killers as they left being "soldiers" behind when they started killing innocents...this dumbass movie is for nazis sympathizers and Holocaust deniers! Anyone with half a brain knows that these guys and the populace that supported them got exactly what they sowed...fuck'em!
Richard Robbins (2 months ago)
I actualy Liked this one,it may have been cheaply made film,but it goes to show you that not all the German people were bad,Not all the German Solders were bad( except the SS) the normal German army was just fighting for there People and there Homes,Not all Belived in Aldolf Hiter,but fought in the War None the less and Died,I like Movies like this that Shows Life Behind Enemy Lines and Enemy Eyes,The Mind set of what People How lived in these Countries ,Some were Loyal ,some not so much so,
Huw Edwards (15 days ago)
Not all SS were bad, towards the end of the war lots of men from occupied countries and prisoners were conscripted into the SS against there will, it was that or death.
Philroy littlekip (1 month ago)
the German army did lots and lots of bad ss or not
Sean Padgett (1 month ago)
Das Boat and Stalingrade are well worth a watch, the rest I haven't seen but will track down. I watched Das Boat when it first came out (nearly 39 years ago) and again recently, I was never a fan of foreign films especially with subtitles but must admit now most of my favs are foreign with subtitles. Das Boat certainly let you see the human side of "the enemy" which you dont typically get with the newer Hollywood style movies. +Alan Moore
Alan Moore (2 months ago)
+fAtt sHaDy The winner writes history, strange that I have read a number of books on WW2 written by Germans, Scorched Earth, part 1 and 2., Forgotten Soldier. (written by a French/German, Panzer leader, I flew for the Fuhrer, Auctung Panzer and one by a Japanese, Japanese Destroyer Captain. There are also scores of fiction books that tell the story of the war from the German side, Leo Kessler and Heinz Konsalik and others, There are also a number of German films, Stalingrad, Das Boat, Das Bridge, Last train to Berlin and a band of brothers type series, the Generation war. There is also a number of Japanese films, Men of the Yamato and Kamikaze and barefoot Gene.
fAtt sHaDy (2 months ago)
Bad because they're lost.The winner write HIStory.Look Allies and those Ruskies,are they good people?FYI,some SS volunteer against Bolsheviks because what they had done to their countries.Estonian and Finnish for an example.

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