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New War Movies [ special solider ] - Best Action Movies - Hollywood Action Movies

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New War Movies [ special solider ] - Best Action Movies - Hollywood Action Movies New War Movies [ special solider ] - Best Action Movies - Hollywood Action Movies New War Movies [ special solider ] - Best Action Movies - Hollywood Action Movies I Am Soldier follows Mickey Tomlinson (Tom Hughes), a military chef, who attempts the most dangerous military selection known to man: The Special Air Service (S.A.S.) selection. The S.A.S. Is the United Kingdom's most renowned Special Forces Regiment, tasked with life threatening missions in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Mickey has more military experience than simply being a chef, something he doesn't let on to the other candidates... Mickey is smashed by this selection process - his mind, body and soul scream for mercy as he endures torturous speed-marches over the steepest mountains, running for his life during 'Escape and Evasion' and then facing the most evil interrogation possible, during the deadly phase known as: 'Tactical Questioning.' Even after everything, there is still only one way you can really prove yourself: in combat... Many try to get into the S.A.S. Only the elite make it. Tom Hughes, Noel Clarke, Alex Reid, George Russo, Miranda Raison, Josh Myers, David Goodman, Ian Pirie, Jordan Long, Philip Desmeules, Allistair McNab, Mike Fury, Lee Charles, Joe Egan,
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Text Comments (104)
National Hero (4 months ago)
New War Movies At: https://goo.gl/JDPmHh?
Angelo Caangay (1 month ago)
Weak movie
historier norge (2 months ago)
Rajeev K (2 months ago)
Please add captions
Ranjith Ss (3 months ago)
National Hero .
pordam mosi (4 days ago)
Meaning less
Ajay Jainapure (5 days ago)
Mahadev Ujagare (10 days ago)
Nice movie
M.D: Rasel Mia (19 days ago)
Nice move
Manish Kumar (21 days ago)
Anjel Heena Khan (28 days ago)
shuvo mahamud (1 month ago)
shuvo mahamud (1 month ago)
Gamer Forever (1 month ago)
not good movie
Nei Ahm (1 month ago)
That training only the chosen one can make it If u are one of them congrats 🙋 Nice movie Thnx🤗
qaswa rafraf (1 month ago)
Just a crap
Anup Poojari (1 month ago)
Wow super movie
MyTravel Mysteries (1 month ago)
Mediocre and poor movie
Sachin Mandwad (1 month ago)
Suparb ....tarinng....
Nicki Cruz (1 month ago)
Nice & fantastic movie, Thanks alot for the upload. Thumbs up 3x
Lawrence Lebreton (1 month ago)
cristian joe cagas (1 month ago)
I love it
Deepak Aggarwal (1 month ago)
₩ Pq
Depak Babu (1 month ago)
Good movie
ayah daffa (2 months ago)
sub sunda atth..
Abhishek Sharma (2 months ago)
This movie is nice, movie me jo starting Sean h Bo India ke अभिनंदन ke saath bi hua tha... Jai Hind .... Har Har Mahadev.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.
Rob M (2 months ago)
Apparently jungle and ct training (which are part of the selection) was to expensive for this low budget crap. What a waste of time.
d c (1 month ago)
not part of selection
Alvin Muldez (2 months ago)
Nice movie....
ROGER (2 months ago)
i expected her giving him an other chance ,,, but got disappointed....
Prosper Lazaro (2 months ago)
Mambo !! It's so impressive movie
jay magesa (16 days ago)
Shaakir Laasaawi (2 months ago)
I believe me is good nice
Sourav Sharma (2 months ago)
Just love it man
Michmmmael sesat (1 month ago)
Nice movie
Bharat Baloliya (2 months ago)
Please movies name
Angelo Caangay (1 month ago)
Weak this movie
Bharat Baloliya (2 months ago)
Movies in hindi
Kandla Pathania (20 hours ago)
Bharat Baloliya ¿
Zikhona Dabadini (2 months ago)
Others there saying west of time and other nice movie ,so i wanna found out my self...
Bryan Lawless (2 months ago)
Muslims do not belong in America or other civilized countries. They will not assimilate and try to destroy all they touch. Prophet Mohammed raped nine year old Aisha and they call it marriage. They are pedophiles who beat their women.
Rynhardt Van Rensburg (2 months ago)
Bullshit movie!
Mohammed Abdullah (2 months ago)
íťž příťøm (2 months ago)
Elmer Pastolero (1 month ago)
íťž příťøm good movie
chandankumar sah (2 months ago)
Total waste of time .
Sanju Rana (2 months ago)
very nice movie
ATOKA Sumi (2 months ago)
Imran Gi (3 months ago)
Dont waste your time
Najir Bung (3 months ago)
I look so nice
Ps Alex (3 months ago)
age 1 day can I watched
Maricel Supatan (3 months ago)
atif hussain (3 months ago)
Noce movie fuck it
Info MamasGame (3 months ago)
No subtitel
wow nice movie and im dreaming to become a soldier of united states of america i love it
Saeed Rasheed Advocate (1 month ago)
+Biraj Saha always remember, no matter how long the testis will grow but always remain under the cock. And your example is like the testis.
Saeed Rasheed Advocate (1 month ago)
+Biraj Saha hahahaha you are taking 🍌 🍌 🍌. Dnt be angry.
Biraj Saha (1 month ago)
+Saeed Rasheed Advocate can u say who is ur real dad?
Saeed Rasheed Advocate (1 month ago)
+Arianne mhelle d. Sumensin recently Israel backed India and attacked Pakistan through its fighter jets and in response the whole world watched the massaive destruction of Israel and India. Israeli's and Indian's are heroes only in movies and films. Because they themselves are very big films. 😂
+Saeed Rasheed Advocate oh yeah thats true even here in the philippines many saf and soldier dies for arresting and others way
Dilshad Akram (3 months ago)
American are terrorist
Saeed Rasheed Advocate (2 months ago)
Dilshad akram 100% agreed with you bro.
Bass Mafia Family Vlogs (2 months ago)
And you are a dumb ass piece of shit. You don't know anyone to be able to speak on a whole nation like this. I take it you don't live in the USA cause if you did more than likely you wouldn't say that but once.
carpe noctem (3 months ago)
hahaha this movie is about SAS-English boys you dumb ass
Feeling Anan (3 months ago)
Good job
Manoz Acharya (3 months ago)
very good
kri ssa (3 months ago)
what is this ?fucking training movie of what,,,,,soldiers or terrorist,,,
kali mola (3 months ago)
kali mola (3 months ago)
It's true
BITTU JI CHOUHAN (3 months ago)
Very nice
Rajat Tanwar (3 months ago)
american is my favourite things about the future and the rest are just the best way for me
Sombahadur ptwr (3 months ago)
Why don't give me movies download
Yaotse Noble (3 months ago)
Nice movie 🎥 100/100
jahanzaib Dhillon (3 months ago)
Bastard ,terrorist americanz
Bass Mafia Family Vlogs (2 months ago)
Nice comment 🐐 fkr
Sean Hross (2 months ago)
SAS intel: video "The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil".
vivek p (3 months ago)
+Reffenishan mallai because he is a pakistani, who damns the west, but given a chance would conveniently settle for a permanent residency there....
Reffenishan mallai (3 months ago)
How do you know that n please prove it?
vivek p (3 months ago)
+eric forshee exactly, given a chance to this people for permanent residency, either in the US or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,.. They will definitely choose the US...option..... What say ?
D Storm (3 months ago)
19:21, the girl fighting is a preposterous scene...
jamil F (4 months ago)
Good movie 🍿 I love it
Ajit Sharma (2 months ago)
Nice movie
Dhaity J (4 months ago)
Good movie from haiti 😘😎😎😎
Adnan Khursheed (1 month ago)
I like it movie best teraning.sas good working movie excellent working

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