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15 Minute LEG Workout - Fitness Series With Romee Strijd

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15 Minute LEG Workout - Fitness Series With Romee Strijd 1) REVERSED LUNGE into SINGLE LEG HOP(30 SECONDS) + OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS) 2) SQUAT + HOLD(10 REPS) 3) 4 POINT LUNGES(60 SECONDS) + OTHER SIDE(60 SECONDS) 4) STEP UP with REVERSE LUNGE(30 SECONDS) + OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS) 5) BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT + PULSE(30 SECONDS) + OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS) 6) SINGLE LEG ROMANIAN DEADLIFT(30 SECONDS) + OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS) 7) INNER THIGH LIFT + PULSE + HOLD(20 SECONDS) + OTHER SIDE(20 SECONDS) 8) CLAM SHELLS + PULSE + HOLD + BURN(30 SECONDS) + OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS) 9) SUMO SQUAT with CALF RAISES(40 SECONDS) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE for NEW VIDEOS: https://bit.ly/2ID4evA Here's where I get my music from: http://share.epidemicsound.com/njDwH Personal: http://instagram.com/romeestrijd Business: [email protected] Special thanks to: @Rjathayde & @Dogpound
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Text Comments (509)
Zahid Islam (44 minutes ago)
Looking very beautiful hot sexy strong gorgeous girl 😘💪🏻🤟🌹
Oh69lancelot (10 hours ago)
love it, i will add to morning routine it :)
Shakomi (11 hours ago)
Mc Fed (1 day ago)
Le Le (1 day ago)
More Workouts please !
sarah (2 days ago)
ok, can i say now we workout together??? hahah
Skyler Islas (2 days ago)
Dont know how she managed to do this so gracefully
V Rakz (3 days ago)
I got you,romee 'cause my legs are on fire 🔥!
yee peng (3 days ago)
Just😘luv it!!!
산타쁘 (3 days ago)
Thank u Romee!!😀 I really love your workout video!!! I'm totally every morning do this!!! Thanks Thanks!!! 💛😍
Mariza Penilla (4 days ago)
Yo quiero un entrenador así😍😍
Kendra Luster (5 days ago)
Does this slim my legs or bulk them up
葛琳 (5 days ago)
I like🌹🌹 Thanks for sharing👏👏
Isabel Menendez (6 days ago)
I lovee your workout videos too much, not just how you make me sweat, but the way you edit them, feels like if we are making it with you, please upload an arm workout love youuu
Vijay Pahal (6 days ago)
Thnx for leg workout 🙏
I love it!!❤️❤️❤️
Pawel Dgi (8 days ago)
I want to be a personal trainer
Turgay Ungoren (9 days ago)
Body is great👏👏
andreea Ghebu (9 days ago)
Hi I have been doing your leg work out and my legs are burning can please do a work out just for thigh as is the part of my body I need to work on the most? Thanks you look amazing 🤩🤩🤩
Filippa (11 days ago)
been doing this for about two weeks + an ab and slim arms workout - and i've never seen my body this lean but strong! so grateful <3
Idzell N. Blanc (12 days ago)
I've done some of those exercises, the others I'm going to do it. I loved!
Simonas Dailidė (12 days ago)
denizypinarci (12 days ago)
Finally some dogpound tutorial, ive been harrassing them about it for years 😂
Abrish Fatima (12 days ago)
onelastjulie julie (13 days ago)
is those kind of exercises good for sliming your legs or is it only for toning and getting that muscle?? someone hit me up pls
onelastjulie julie (13 days ago)
Rachel Ponting thanks a lot!
Rachel Ponting (13 days ago)
Toning up legs and getting muscle tends to make them appear slimmer but if you want to make your legs actually to be slimmer normally cardio is the best bet x
Daria N (14 days ago)
My legs are BURNING 🥵 it killed me
overgrownturnip (14 days ago)
Paying £30 an hour for a stopwatch.
Saba Jahanzeb (15 days ago)
why does squat makes my knees painfull and each time I am failed to continue more than 10 squats
Missceylon (13 days ago)
+Saba Jahanzeb not at all. Glad to help if I can. :)
Saba Jahanzeb (13 days ago)
Missceylon thank you for your reply
Missceylon (13 days ago)
It could be your form? Make sure your knees stay above or behind your toes when you squat down. You may need a mirror to make sure your form is fine. If your knees push forward in front of your toe line, you'll injure your knees. Think of the movement like this: when you squat low, push your butt out and behind you whilst you keep your back straight, as opposed to your knees moving forward so that you go low. Hope that helps. YouTube might have videos specialising in the correct form for squats, too. Good luck. :)
Lisette (4 days ago)
I'm going to do this workout Idk how long I will do it but I'm going to try to update (I'm French so sorry if my English is bad❤) Day 1: my knees hurt really bad and my inner thigh a bit. I think this is a great workout because it's not too hard but it's very effective Day 2: this time my legs hurted but that was only during the exercises Day 3: started eating healthier and the exercises were a lot easier Day 4: my legs are looking so pretty already😍 Day 5: exercises were easier to do and my legs are looking amazing Day 6: didn't do the full workout because my legs were really hurting Day 7: did the whole workout Day 8: didn't have time to do the workout😓 Day 9: did the full workout again Day 10: measured my legs and I have lost almost 1 centimeter on each leg!😱 I think I gonna stop updating and continue doing the workout, maybe I'll update after a few months or something
E G (13 days ago)
Lisette go girl!!🔥
Borjika (15 days ago)
ilham ilham (16 days ago)
Video mobil mobilan
Kelly Ung (16 days ago)
Marbella DF (16 days ago)
My legs are actually burning somebody help
Sesame Makgatlhe (16 days ago)
legs are burning!!!
Thepomafame (16 days ago)
must be cool being the personal trainer of a Victoria's Secret model
Matselane Maphasa (16 days ago)
Wow............. ♥
Alyson N (17 days ago)
She makes it look effortless. And how tall is she.?
Marta Sirvent (16 days ago)
Alyson N 1.81
Abigail James (17 days ago)
Love this quick workout! Post more Romee, I enjoyed doing it 🔥
Anna L (17 days ago)
Yay, I really felt the burn🔥🔥🔥 thank you, bombshell 😚💕😘
Fahiima Cabdi (17 days ago)
Anyone tell me the name of song that’s playing I tried this workout tonight my leg are burning Thank you for the great content ❤️🌹
Ash JR (16 days ago)
can you feel me - love beans
Alyona Zhuhyn (17 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥 thanks!! Waiting for new workouts 👍🏻
Akansha Nathaniel (17 days ago)
I hate lunges 😪
Rafiq Rafiq (17 days ago)
Its difficult😅😅😥
Seth Brolsma (18 days ago)
She got nasital
roush anwar (18 days ago)
Like the 4point lunges
Boo McLean (18 days ago)
I love your workout videos makes me so motivated to do more gym so thanks to u I am working out every day and enjoying every minute !! Please post more videos on workouts xx
Sabarina Bengok (18 days ago)
Legs workout! Amazing!
Lou Happy (18 days ago)
My legs burn totally💪 I did your ab workout too and I’m out of breath right now
Sam L (18 days ago)
I did this yesterday after a couple weeks of not training legs, and man oh man, the DOMS are real!! 😂🔥
snsd french fan (18 days ago)
I like your outfit
Lulu Leimapokpam (18 days ago)
I can do diz daily..
aina mardiah (19 days ago)
demm i hate lunges!
Naushaba Saleem (19 days ago)
I really liked all the exercises. I am doing some of these already.
Li-Ja Love (19 days ago)
So is this to gain leg muscle?
Maria pierremont (19 days ago)
I would like her to be able to breathe between exercises. Is that too much to ask?
hellohowrubye (19 days ago)
Either she's too tall or he's too short
porque no la quitan a ella tan flaca nooo😖.. y El que de las rutinas
shiva ponduri (20 days ago)
Omg she is really like animated girl .so cute
Summer Goulding (20 days ago)
Anita Nowak (18 days ago)
Summer Goulding they look like gymshark vital seamless
fashionspy96 (20 days ago)
Thanks for writing it all down!
fashionspy96 (20 days ago)
Wouldn't all this bulk up legs? (Lunges and step ups)
twinkie winkie (18 days ago)
I thought the same 🤔
Oumanana Fatima (20 days ago)
شكرا جزيلا
Alice K (20 days ago)
This is really helpful, thank you!!
shweta anand (20 days ago)
If you really want to lean your belly with a disciplined diet plan, please go through this link https://bit. ly/2IFRXX7
Lu 22 (20 days ago)
Can you maybe upload a video where you explain/describe your whole training plan? Like how often you train per week and what body part, how many rest days you have,..? This would be awesome!
Vijay Chafle (16 days ago)
Thepomafame (16 days ago)
we all want to have Victoria's Secret body
Vicky// Msp (3 days ago)
Day 1: I did it & it was a bit hard but I pulled through Day 2: I did it again and it’s BURNING & I don’t see anything changing but I feel it Day 3: REST Day 4: REST Day 5: I just finished the workout and my legs are pretty sore. I see somethig like my legs have lost some fat. I’m maybe going to do it one more time but I’m like 20 minutes, cause my legs hurt. + I’m not working out on Saturday and Sunday. But if you want you can workout. You’ll see the results faster. Day 6: Im really starting to love this workout, day 1 was hard but i pulled through. Now i do it like its nothing. I still struggle somewhere but its easier and i sweat allot. I see a liitle bit of diffrences and im proud im gong to keep doing it! I feel like my muscles have become stronger and im proud of that! + Im not on any diet! I just dont eat pringels and etc.. and sweets. I also drink a lot of water! Day 7: SKIPED Day 8: I did only 8:30 minutes of the workout, because I didn’t have much time. But I’m pretty sore and I see some differences on my legs. Like where the part over my knee is, has gone slimmer now. But I don’t see anything on my thighs :( Just going to keep on doing it. Day 8: Finished! I really love it and It isn’t that hard anymore. I see some differences Day 9: I finished and I’m not tired..somehow... But I see some differences, my legs are slimmer and I have a little thigh gap. Day 10: Wow I can’t believe it! We are on day 10! I’ve never done a workout this long. I just finished and I see the same results as yesterday. No workouts on Saturday and sunday Day 11: missed Day 12: missed Day 13: I only did it one time but I’m going to do it one more time. So that I have done Monday and Tuesday but tomorrow I’ll do it 2 time again Day 14: 2 weeks! I do see results my legs have gone stronger and simmer. I love it! I’m going to stop updating this because no one really reads it and I’m going to keep on doing it but just not updating.
Vicky// Msp (20 days ago)
Goda I will! I want to show people that it works but it takes time! ❤️ Tomorrow is coming day 3.
Goda (20 days ago)
Vicky// Msp finally found a review 🥵 keep this going please
167 mood (20 days ago)
Could you please do a exercise video without equipment please i have no time to go to gym maybe i could try to do that at home
the video we were all waiting for yessssss. More videos like this queen <3
Manju Rabha (21 days ago)
Omg you have the perfect body on this earth😯😵
Jess (21 days ago)
An arm workout! PLEASE!!!! 💕
HelloSunshine 12344 (21 days ago)
Can u do a hip/curve workout
HelloSunshine 12344 (21 days ago)
Thank you sooo much!!!
Sheila Hunter (21 days ago)
She is a giant!!!
Mari Labuddah (21 days ago)
He aint feelin like correcting her bad postures???
Jennefer Abanag (21 days ago)
😍🥰 i try this
Cream sugarrr (21 days ago)
4 point lunges killed me
marbella (22 days ago)
The trainer is sooo hot
Awaken VIBING (22 days ago)
Is this also warm up ? Or you have to do other warm up before this session ?
EvasWay (22 days ago)
Nah you dont need a warm up
Kanwal Nasir (22 days ago)
Does squat increase hip size or make butt look bigger?? Please tell. What is the use of squatting? There's a confusion.
Momma From Scratch (22 days ago)
very good workout, did it with you and Yes please share more!
Simplicity H (22 days ago)
Today I was suppose to only go for 40min intermittent run and then I saw your video on my youtube feed and I decided end my workout with this leg workout sooo good thank you! you are the best 💕
priyanka jha (22 days ago)
When is your yoga video coming?
Kalinda Lin (22 days ago)
Sweating after this!Feeling GOOD
Imagine doing this with weights🔥🔥🔥
Lili White • 릴리 (23 days ago)
Only watching this video I feel the burn now and for the future 3 years ahah
J. Laffan (23 days ago)
Loved this!!! Please do more workout vids 💕💕
CLAIRE LI (23 days ago)
Love all of your workout videos and I would love it if you did an arm workout routine too!
Wendy xxx (23 days ago)
please do a back and arms workout! <3 kisses from australia
Vanessa Christidis (23 days ago)
Im just laughing at myself, this will be a challenge not because I am unfit, I have crappy balance and would most definitely fall over perhaps more than once trying this out, but I will give it a go. Romee has amazing balance, this isn't easy.
Nino Tsereteli (24 days ago)
i did that too but no why don't I feel the burn after this working out? :( :/ but the firs one was hard ^^
Corto M. (24 days ago)
She got some booty, maybe I would hit that! ;)
I just did this wirkout and im sweattttiiiiing and my legs are buuuuurning
Otgoo Otgoo (24 days ago)
Love u so much😍❤️
陳凱文 (25 days ago)
Maju Costa (25 days ago)
Can someone please tell me if I do these Rome exercises everyday but just one, I am going to have a body like hers or a muscular body because I really don’t like women with muscle
Sanne Van Markensteijn (25 days ago)
Where did you get the aqua leggings ?💞
Aden Yavuz (25 days ago)
MA Prod (25 days ago)
A good workout program: http://www.jeuxvideo.com/forums/42-78-59429308-1-0-1-0-programme-de-prise-de-masse-musculaire-pour-debutant-avec-une-diete.htm
Abhilasha K R Renjala (25 days ago)
Just loved hard exercises....but result is worthy

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