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Izabel Goulart in Tank Top - Victoria's Secret

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A sexy Victoria's Secret model discusses tank tops. Check out all the Victoria's Secret models' pictorials at: http://www.esquire.com/women/women-we-love/victorias-secret-0208?src=syn&mag=esq&dom=youtube&chan=home&link=rel_13 Read the diary of one awestruck visitor as he wanders around the set of the VS covershoot: http://www.esquire.com/women/daywithangels0208?src=syn&mag=esq&dom=youtube&chan=home&link=rel_14 Visit with more Women We Love at: http://www.esquire.com/women/women-we-love/?src=syn&mag=esq&dom=youtube&chan=home&link=rel_15 -
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Text Comments (8)
mayaaisabel (8 years ago)
is she argentine or brazilian?
GreyBillie (9 years ago)
Omg her hands are so big!!! Im sure she's like 6 feet... Lucky : (
alernest (9 years ago)
Mamita, Izabelita... te espero aquí... Lo que dé mi vida de sí, todo pa tí, cuando quieras...
Maschalagnia 79 (9 years ago)
Since I was a little kid I got crazy when I see a woman wearing a tanktop it is my fetish.
ezra goggles (10 years ago)
i love her. she's amazing:-)
Miurial1 (10 years ago)
biancanera (10 years ago)
it? She IS human.
Holloway (11 years ago)
I really like her, she is beautiful and down to earth!! love her!!:D

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