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Sky and Telescope magazine visits Stellarvue

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Sky and Telescope magazine visits Stellarvue's shop to see how world class apo triplet objectives are made.
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Keith Nisbet (21 days ago)
Wow Vic. After all these years of following Stellarvue's story I now have a real appreciation for what level effort you put into your optical manufacturing. I still have my 102EDT from the early days. Your level of attention to detail is truly awe inspiring. Thanks
William Moore (27 days ago)
Vic is one kick ass president! Impressive passion for making the best.. Was looking at competitors product.. Not any more. : )
Ben the Ignorant (27 days ago)
Individual lens spacers taylored for each objective?
Stellarvue Telescopes (17 days ago)
We optimize by figuring accurate optics. Messing with spacers is not going to magically make a high Strehl objective out of one that has serious spherical issues. In fact it seems like a crazy thing to do.
Ben the Ignorant (20 days ago)
Cool. APM does it on their chinese 107mm triplets, so I wondered if this was a feature of all optimized triplets.
Stellarvue Telescopes (20 days ago)
Ben: No this is not necessary as long as you keep within the tolerance of the design. Which we do.
C James Cook (1 month ago)
Thank-you both of you. I could listen to material like this for hours. (I also now have increased appreciation for Vic's April 1 "Dial-a-Strehl" announcement.)
John Slinn (1 month ago)
I have always wanted and admired Stellarvue telescopes and after watching this video, I want one even more so! The attention to detail is incredible!
Sean Lynch (1 month ago)
Awesome video. My AT1010 nighthawk from StellarVue is my most used scope! perfect optics, great value, grab and go scope. Vic and company make some of the best value scopes on the market.
Mike Overacker (1 month ago)
Great video, Vic and Dennis. It was cool to see where my Stellarvue 102 was made.
Julian Parks (1 month ago)
Thanks Guys!

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