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Perfect Height And Weight Chart For Men And Woman.

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Perfect Height And Weight For Men And Woman. You can see this chart and confirm the perfect weight for your height. Click This Link & Subscribe This Channel for more helpful video https://www.youtube.com/my_videos?o=U If you already subscribe then please Hit the Bell Icon. Like My Face Book Page For More Update : https://www.facebook.com/GenuineBeautyAndHealthTips/ See More Video:: Top 10 Fairness Oil:: https://youtu.be/-Qry-wfWogs Top 10 Aloe Vera Gel: https://youtu.be/SIVuOsOyJBM Top 10 Anti Pigmentation Cream: https://youtu.be/5Y4u3474l7A Top 10 Vitamin C Serum:: https://youtu.be/CMzGT2GdYoU Top 10 Fairness Cream :: https://youtu.be/YzKphEA5JVg Top 10 BB Cream:: https://youtu.be/8VD4rQCsen0 Top 10 Liquid Foundation :: https://youtu.be/nFrqKsawhFk Top 10 Tooth Paste :: https://youtu.be/3-euOOQcyGs Top 10 Peel Off Mask ::https://youtu.be/5wAdmPJjEqM आपकी चेहरे को खूबसूरत बनाने के लिए Best Serum: video देखने के लिए link को Click करे https://youtu.be/TxEkfpzJFZw #IdealHeightAndWeightChart #PerfectWeightAccordingToYourHeight
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Text Comments (1776)
*दोस्तो यह वीडियो आप सभीके लिए बहती Helpful है, तो इस वीडियो को एकबार जरूर देखलेना* 👉https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg 💖💖💐💐
Rajesh Khaspur (6 months ago)
Sir meri hight 5 ,1 h or wt 63 h pr m itni Moti nhi lgte kya ye wt jyada h , age h 35 y
Ashraf Ansari (7 months ago)
Nasima Khatoon. Asllam alaukum
priyo# channel (7 months ago)
Hlw vhi
OHBHCYZY DKKJKJKJ (7 months ago)
Genuine Beauty & Health Tips sir meri height 4'9 hai mujhey 5'2 tak apni height baradni hai or meri age 21 hai...kya aap koi remedy bata saktey hai..meney sab kuch try karkey dekh liya hai but koi farak nahi hota
Sachin Saini (7 months ago)
Genuine Beauty & Health Tips uske liye koi diet Ke Upar video banao
Habiba Mahin (5 hours ago)
My height 5'5..weight 60
madhavi oruganti (3 hours ago)
Sana Khan (13 hours ago)
Welcome Dear
Ayaan smarty (1 day ago)
I m a girl Muje zada lambi height psnd nhi hai... Meri height 5 '4 h but mai usse zada lambi lgtii hu 😭😭😭😭😭 Or mera weight h 59 kg or meri age h 15 please help me ki mai zada lambi naa lgu Or mera weight kitna hona chahiye plzzzzzzzz reply me.....
Shahid Khan (1 day ago)
My height is 6'0" and weight 85 kg perfect
Ally Winson (1 day ago)
5'8'' 55kg
Rahul Chaudhary (2 days ago)
My height is 7.3 wieght110
DEBASHREE Debnath (3 days ago)
Good news
Avii Chuhadhary (3 days ago)
4.10 weight 38
Domo Daso (3 days ago)
What about me im 6ft 3 and i have 88kg
Check this video👉 https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg
Nazma Begum (3 days ago)
4.7 10 year
Ajaykumar Kashyap (4 days ago)
Good information
Shahnada Abdul Gafoor (4 days ago)
Parvathy Adharsh (4 days ago)
My Hight. 5,3 weight 53👍👍
Ultimate Player (4 days ago)
6.2 ke upad bhi height hoti hai Mr.genius
Malum hai Dear. Isliye is video ko dekhlena 👉https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg
Rani Singh (5 days ago)
Mera to bhut jada h
Is video ko dekhlena Dear👉https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg
Faouzia Abdul Kareem (6 days ago)
Arey yaar mujhe b batana plz Mera height h 5.2 r weight h 69 Kya krna h yaar r age h 25
Kiran Saini (6 days ago)
My height is 5.7and my weight is 50
JAY Cyborg (7 days ago)
5'5 height 65 kilos is that ok ?
khushi joshi (5 days ago)
chaudhary music (7 days ago)
My height is 5.10 inch and weight is 70 kg i am perfect
Yes absolutely perfect 👌👌
MacKenzie Plays 6150 (8 days ago)
My height is 5’8 and I weigh less than 52 kg
Mr Beast (9 days ago)
5'11" ,78 kg 🙌
himanshu srivastava (9 days ago)
I m 5,"9" and weight is 67kg... May i have to increase my weight ans..plz...??
Yes you can increase your height.
Melanie Coleman (9 days ago)
I'm around 30 pounds over wieght in 5,3 and a half
EM SAYEED (10 days ago)
my height 5'7½" and wet 60 kg..I feel perfect..
Roman Rang (11 days ago)
Bhai meri height 5.8 hai mera weight 55kg
Harsh Singh (13 days ago)
Agar 6.1 height hai or 70 kilo weight hi par 57 kilo karna hai to kaise hoi ga ki nhi hio ga
Jarur hoga
Aditya Mishra (13 days ago)
I am perfect.. My height 6-2" and weight 156 kg
raj rajesh (15 days ago)
Useless what about more then 6?🤔 My height is 6 fits 2.5inches How can I know about me
Dear ap is video ko dekhlena apko complete information miljayega👉 https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg
Rimi Saha (15 days ago)
My height is 4'9" and i m 40kg
Rahat R (16 days ago)
5'8 and weight 65
xHimegamix dd (16 days ago)
I'm 5'7 and my weight is 70, phew thought I was overweight
Jayvie Olivar (16 days ago)
5'10 77 kg..
crystal roberts (16 days ago)
Charlotte Mears (16 days ago)
Im 5'8" and im 60kg I always thought I was over weight
Dear is video ko dekhlena👉https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg
Live Subcounts (17 days ago)
6.3 inch ...................
Dear is video Ko dekhlena👉https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg
Sidhant Malik (17 days ago)
Meri height 6.4 weight ??
Dear is video ko dekh lena👉https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg
Fatima Alhassani (18 days ago)
I’m 152cm so what should my weight be??
[Insert name here] (18 days ago)
I'm 5'11 but just 55Kg
5feet 1 inch weight 95kg only ☺
Distressed Gamer (19 days ago)
Lol, am 5'11 weigh 70kg
Sanchit Dhaulta (20 days ago)
What about people who are 6”4 ?? Pls tell the perfect weight for Male
Dear is video Ko dekhlena👉https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg
ThePGW Slice (20 days ago)
My height is 6,1 and i'm 15 so it means that i should have 90 kgs at this age?
ThePGW Slice (18 days ago)
+[Insert name here] 😭
[Insert name here] (18 days ago)
It means you a giant and gon' die single
Dipa Muhammed (20 days ago)
Wtf....y everyones height here is more thn 5
Mousin Shaikh (20 days ago)
Im 6'2 my weight is 95
Ankit Jat (20 days ago)
It's mean am perfect.. 5' 9'' height and 74 kg..
Harpreet Singh (20 days ago)
my height 5,7 but my weight 60
Pussy Colley (20 days ago)
*i'm 15 years old now, I'm from vietnam, when I'm went to USA, people thought I'm only... 9 ( wtf people -_- )* *my height is 147cm and weight 35kg*
XxJackx X (20 days ago)
4.9 33K
Anirudh Yadav (20 days ago)
My height 5.1 and weight 43kg ..fhir kyu main etni kmjor dekhti hu🤔
Gulati Nanda yadav (20 days ago)
My hight is 5.9 and size .7inch
Atul L (20 days ago)
5.4 weight 59kg
bhupinder singh (20 days ago)
5.8 weight 74 kg
yogesh gurjar (20 days ago)
My hight 5 fut 9 inch w8 61
shanu edpl (20 days ago)
Total height minus -100 = dat s perfect weight
shanu edpl (20 days ago)
Total height minus -100 = dat s perfect weight
shanu edpl (20 days ago)
Total height minus -100 = dat s perfect weight
Bikram Sinha (21 days ago)
Yaar age भी तो matter karta hai
Jaldhi iske upor video mil jayega yr.
Vicky Official (21 days ago)
My height is 6'
King Willie (21 days ago)
5’10” 74-82kgs depending on whether or not I am lifting weights.
Farooque Malik (21 days ago)
ALHUMDULILLAH my height and weight is perfect 5.5 height and 55 weight ❤❤
naidu patta (21 days ago)
I'm 5.80 and 85kg
Olaf Koster (21 days ago)
Height 6.2 weight 80kg
ikram khan (21 days ago)
My height 5.11 weight 73
Chelcea potshangbam (21 days ago)
5.1 weight 35 😓
Lilly Jani (21 days ago)
5.7 height and weight 54
J J (21 days ago)
Mine is 5'9" and weight is 70
Rishman kaur Maan (21 days ago)
I am 5'10 and 66 kg😎
ViniByte (21 days ago)
5'8" and 102kg :( im obese
yasir shaikh (22 days ago)
My 5.8 58
Svn Sastry (22 days ago)
My height is 5'1 and weight is 53kg
jhonnycage1627 (22 days ago)
My height is 6.1 and weight 90
Kunal Nandal (22 days ago)
very nice video
Thanks Dear Keep Supporting 💖💖💐💐
Parminder Singh (23 days ago)
My height is 55 kg and weight is 5'5".........oh wait!! What?? 😜
PUBG NOOB (23 days ago)
Lawda lelo
uber channel (23 days ago)
My height is 5.5 weight 50 :/
Zeee Tubee (23 days ago)
My height iz 5 ft and 6 or 7 inches weight is 80 kg
G.S WORLD SALMAN MALIK (23 days ago)
Bhai मेरी हाइट तो लिस्ट में हि नही हैं 😁😁😁
G.S WORLD SALMAN MALIK (22 days ago)
6.4 inch
Dear apki height kitna hai?
T Talk (23 days ago)
My weight 56 height 5.7
Dipali Bhowmik (22 days ago)
9 Yearold hight kotue
Adrian Oprea (23 days ago)
My height is 5'6ft
JhayEm Stack (23 days ago)
5'5" 49kg ^_^
Rana Muzammil (22 days ago)
Hi sweetie
Miriam (23 days ago)
4"8 but 45kg :((
Gizmo Grid (21 days ago)
Are you Hadassah Caroline's mother
Rana Muzammil (22 days ago)
Mariam Ji
Hasib YouTube (23 days ago)
Yeeeet I’m 6.5 95 kg
Dear is video ko dekhlena👉https://youtu.be/Q5sXnSAb2xg
Or 1 bhaiya mere village me 6.5 ka h or uska bhai 6.3
Tofik Kodhiya (24 days ago)
meri height 5.8 he our mera weight 61 hai
cricketer list (24 days ago)
I'm 5.7 and my weight is 46
Gaurav Mudgal (24 days ago)
My height is 5'11" and weight is 78...
Siddhesh Wagh (24 days ago)
mine height 5'9" and weight is 71.78kg
mhontso kinghen (24 days ago)
As per my weight i should be 6'2", sadly I'm 5'7".
My height 5'10'' weight 68 kg..
A square (24 days ago)
my height is 5.4 weight 56
Prashant Sharma (25 days ago)
My height is 5'10 and weight 72😇
Kanheya Sisodiya (25 days ago)
My hight is 5.9 and weight 74kg.. perfect combination😎🤘
Arsl Ak 47 (25 days ago)
My hight 5.8 And weight 70. Waoooo
Mayank Srivastava (25 days ago)
My height is 5'11 and weight is 55 lol😭
spinning spinner (25 days ago)
My hight is 6,5inch weght 95kg
Gustavo Rodriguez (25 days ago)
I'm 6'5 😅
Ming Pertin (26 days ago)
Video start fron0:51
Ming Pertin (24 days ago)
Thanks apki video achi lagi issliye ache se dekha
Thanks Dear Video ko Carefully dekhne ke liye❤️❤️
Yuxuan Li (26 days ago)
Chinese standard would be minus 10 from those. and guys with a milk face.
Dikshit Sharma (26 days ago)
Mine is 5.8 and weight is 55😑

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